Can You Feel It?

Either my meditations are getting more powerful or something is happening in the ethers surrounding out planet. Maybe it's both.

Metaphysically speaking, the planet passed a marker on Dec. 21, 2012. Even though I have been intensely interested in spiritual subjects for many years, a part of me has always been a skeptic. I have great sympathy for those who say, "Prove it!" However, there comes a time when you have to admit the existence of a phenomenon even when you can't explain it.

No one will ever be able to prove that there is life after death, or that consciousness exists independent of the physical body. Until someone invents an instrument that can measure subtle energy. That is coming at some point in the future, and it's going to blow the lid off. But those of us who have believed in metaphysical ideas have often come under ridicule from a materialistic culture. Some of us have been criticized by family members who don't understand why we believe in this "nonsense." We have had to be careful how we speak to others unless we wanted to get into an argument. But now, in December 2017, it is becoming more and more obvious that a shift is occurring in the mental, emotional, and spiritual planes on the earth. Frankly, some people are just going bonkers. Nutcases are becoming unbalanced and committing acts of violence.

The battleground has shifted dramatically. Previously, wars would break out periodically over the planet. The next generation would spend its time rebuilding and recovering. Then in the following generation another war would break out. These wars were fought between States. Emotions within the citizenry would be riled up, patriotic fervor promoted in the media, people would get all hot and bothered to defend the flag. But this is no longer happening to the degree that it did in the past.

This is now a battle between light and dark. It's a planetary battle.

Prophecy is coming true. The Bible talks about a battle at the end of the world between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Many indigenous cultures have similar prophecies. Past the 2012 marker, the paradigm of conflict and war has shifted. No longer is the battle merely between states and governments. This battle is now devolving to the population at large. Governments who wage war are often corrupt. In the new energy, institutions that lack integrity are beginning to fall apart and self-destruct. On a personal basis, people are having trouble with those areas of their lives that lack integrity.

The light is penetrating the darkness everywhere on the planet. Everyone is affected, not just governments. In the past the balance of light and dark was in favor of the dark, and the fix was in. If you had any spiritual awareness at all you stuck out. In past lives you were the shaman or the rainmaker or the lightworker and you lived apart from the villagers. They thought you were weird. They needed you sometimes, but for the most part you were a loner. I noticed this when I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. That was only 50 or 60 years ago.

Change has been rapid after the end of World War 2, even though it appears from the news that nothing at all has changed. That is an illusion. The "news" is becoming more and more divorced from a reality that is undergoing a gradual spiritual awakening. Each generation subsequent to 2102 will experience change even more rapidly.

Can you feel the change? Some people feel it more than others. My meditations are much more powerful now. When I allow myself to sink into negativity I feel it more intensely. The planet is undergoing an ascension, but the ascension isn't going to happen all at once. If it did, hardly anyone would be able to handle it. Awareness of spirit will increase gradually so that our institutions won't fall apart. If the process were to occur spontaneously our civilization would probably collapse and nobody wants that. Therefore the transition will be slow. The transition occurs first on the spiritual (consciousness) level and is then reflected into the physical universe and our institutions.

The process of light infusing the dark leads to greater awareness of God, and greater wisdom. The catalysts are old souls, who have had hundreds (or more) lifetimes on the planet. If you are an old soul your Akash is activating. Good shit and bad shit is appearing in your dreams and in your emotional body. Your linear, 3-dimensional brain is having a hard time coping. The rest of the planet just feels odd or uncomfortable, or senses that "something is happening." Those who have chosen the way of darkness are feeling very uncomfortable indeed. Before 2012, when the fix was in, the old methods of intimidation and violence worked very well to keep people in line. But now humanity is waking up. Violence and intimidation is being looked on less and less favorably.

Within the next ten years, the most corrupt governments on the planet will fall apart. Institutions like Big Pharma will collapse. There will probably be more instances of unbalanced persons going postal. All of this is a natural outcome of the battle between dark and light.

In the United States the election of Donald Trump was the very beginning of this battle reflected in politics. People took sides. Each side thought their side was in the light and that the other side was in the dark. The 2016 election was about light vs. dark, good vs. evil. Interestingly, one of the governments likely to collapse is the one here in the US. Congressional support is somewhere around 10% or 15%. The Congress is considered corrupt by almost everyone, no matter what side you are on. The two-party system of Democrat and Republican has gone as far as the dark can push it. Both parties are endemically dishonest from top to bottom. Such a structure lacks integrity and cannot stand. It must collapse. It is collapsing.

What will replace it? Greater cooperation, greater tolerance, greater compassion. How long will it take? Until the majority gets sick and tired of the old order. In the US, the false dichotomy of Democratic-Republican will gradually be seen by more and more people for what it is: a fraudulent system that allows authorities to manipulate the system for their benefit. This fraud has continued because most people still believe in democracy. However, "democracy" is a stale concept when the vast majority of people are disconnected from the operation of democracy. People no longer believe that the democratic process serves their interests; that's why the Congressional approval rating is so low. It's why Donald Trump got elected. The election of Trump was almost exclusively a backlash against the corrupt and dishonest political system in the US.

Power in the world has shifted from governments to what is being called the Deep State. The Deep State is a collection of corporations in the defense, high-tech, and intelligence sectors. As the years pass by it will become clear that the Deep State is a grouping of dark forces. The darkness on the planet, as it becomes penetrated by the light, will be forced to unite as it can. It has already been forced to do so. The operations of the Deep State will become exposed more and more. At some point this structure will also collapse. At that point there will be peace on earth (or at least tolerance on earth) and the human race will begin to cooperate and begin to realize its potential.

The "battle of dark and light" is a natural consequence of the duality. The duality exists to provide the impetus toward spiritual growth. Without the dark society would stagnate forever.

After 2012 the darkness has served its purpose. We made it past the marker. We evolved spiritually. There will not be world war, there will not be extinction events. We made it past the prophecy that foretold world destruction and another reset of life on the planet.

Now it's time to move forward. We are moving forward and it's being reflected in world events. Pay very little attention to the "news." It's ALL negative. It's one of the last bastions of the dark forces, who will, I predict, become more hysterical as their power erodes. It may appear that the Deep State is becoming more powerful. It's not. It's just organizing for its last gasp.

The way to judge progress is via your own spiritual and emotional state, not politics or the news. The battleground has shifted after we passed the marker. Consciousness and the co-creative power of consciousness will become more powerful. The Old Order will flail away using the old energy methods, but they must fail. More and more people will reject them, and  vibrationally they cannot advance in the new energy.

Expect more unbalance as the graph of consciousness gradually rises. It's a natural outcome of the general advance of human consciousness. On the other hand. Also expect deeper meditations and higher highs to your life. Eventually human consciousness is going to find balance at a higher level of resonance. The period before 2012 will be seen for what it was: The Age of Barbarism.