What if we lived in a multi-dimensional universe?

What would such a place be like?

A multiverse would contain multiple universes and dimensions, and would allow communication and travel within them and between them (obviously). That’s a real stretch from current scientific belief, which states that the earth is the only planet with intelligent life, and only one universe exists – the one we see with our telescopes or are able to detect with current instruments.

A multiverse would have to have some sort of barrier or threshold – something that denied primitive, aggressive, immature, or barbaric races from access to it. That barrier would be a barrier of knowledge and physics, as well as spiritual advancement (consciousness).  A multiverse with many dimensions would separate the wheat from the chaff and prevent crazy beings from hip-hopping around, destroying everything in existence. Beings with lower awareness would only perceive one universe and would be contained there.

What would a multiverse barrier be? Well, the sound barrier is around 750 mph. Once you break through the sound barrier you hear a pop and then you are travelling faster than can be traced by hearing. In a multiverse, the access point might be the light barrier. Our physics tells us that the speed of light is constant in all frames of reference – no matter what your velocity in your frame of reference, all reference frames measure the speed of light the same. Our physics  regards the speed of light as unattainable. The Special Theory of Relativity says that as you approach the speed of light time contracts, length dilates, and mass increases. This is a direct consequence of the immutability of the measurement of the speed of light in all reference frames.

But we know that the Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light years in diameter, which means that it takes light 100,000 years to go from one end to the other at the speed of light. To say hi to your friend at the other end of the galaxy and get a reply would take 200,000 years. This physics is clearly absurd and unworkable in a multiverse.

There are hundreds of billions of galaxies just in this universe, and the number of stars is at least 1022, an almost uncountable number. The number of planets is even greater than that. Unless the designer of the universe is a moron, there would have to be a way to quickly access the galaxies, stars, and planets in the universe. And there must also be a way to access universes at higher or lower dimensions or vibrations. Therefore the barrier of light must be crossed before a civilization has access to the multiverse. Moreover, in order to access the multiverse you would need advanced physics, and an advanced consciousness. Without an advanced consciousness your vibe wouldn’t be high enough to access the stars, much less go to other dimensions. You couldn’t comprehend the physics, much less develop it. That is where we are now on planet earth.

Let’s leave out the possibility of temporal travel. Whistleblowers from the secret space programs and other black programs have discussed temporal travel and say that it exists. There must be rules regulating travel in time so that paradoxes and temporal discontinuities don’t wreck the fabric of existence. However, for the moment, let’s talk about communicating and traveling in a multiverse. To access a galaxy on the other side of the universe, some sort of wormhole or “spacetime folding” must exist. But this physics is at a level far beyond the physics in a fossil-fuel matrix. Such a physics is beyond the light barrier, and even the conceptualization of it is beyond a spiritual threshold that cannot be crossed without a shift in consciousness.

In a multiverse it would be possible to phase out of 3-dimensional space and into another location or dimension. To a person trapped within the barrier, this manifestation and de-manifestation would appear to be magic. A being from a higher dimension or location could communicate with a being in a lower dimension even though that higher being would not be fully materialized. A person communicated to in this way might conceive the idea of angels and demons. A burning bush or a cloud might appear, and a voice out of it giving instructions to the inhabitants, who would write them down and declare that they came from God (or perhaps a demon). Entire religions or occult beliefs might be created around this phenomenon. A person who had such an experience might be deemed crazy, and placed in a mental institution.

When a civilization advances in knowledge far enough, an entire genre called “science fiction” might appear. The concepts in this genre would be presented as something unrealized – things that might be attained someday – fictional because of course we are the only planet with intelligent life in the universe, and fossil fuel technology is as high as it gets – even though the concepts presented might already be a reality. A multiverse would be billions of years old, and so would have a continuum of civilizations at various levels of knowledge and spiritual advancement, and advanced technology beyond the imagination of a fossil fuel civilization.

Some planets would be at a very low level of development, and some would be at a very high level. In a previous blog post we talked about one galactic year being around 225 million terrestrial years, and how a civilization at a higher level of vibration would experience time much differently than a civilization at a lower level of vibration. To a very young civilization with a primitive physics, one galactic year would be an incomprehensible period of time, even though the universe itself might be at least 13.5 billion years old according to their own science, with civilizations highly advanced spiritually.

In a multiverse, communication and travel would be possible within universes and between universes and dimensions. A planet like earth, which is just starting out, would be at a very low level of knowledge and advancement compared to other civilizations. In fact, on such a planet the belief might exist that they were the only planet with intelligent life in the entire universe! On this planet, people would also believe that when you die you are dead, which would lead to a frantic competition for scarce resources. Resources would be scarce because fossil fuel technology is as high as it gets, and a fossil-fuel physics would be incapable of extracting energy from the vacuum. Such advanced concepts would be pilloried as laughable “perpetual motion machines,” or “science fiction delusion,” and the people who promoted them regarded as lunatics.

The people on such a planet wouldn’t be able to get along because, as James Stewart said to Clarence the angel, all of their ideas would be “screwy.” On such a planet the inhabitants would be easily led. Billions of people could live out their lives in a sort of “matrix” of false beliefs, even though technology existed from the multiverse that could solve all of their problems.

However, the inhabitants of such a planet would still possess enormous co-creative power. To get beyond the barrier, they would have to understand themselves as incarnated aspects of a divine consciousness that created and maintains the multiverse. Unless and until they did so, the inhabitants would continue to struggle, sweat, and live lives that were much more difficult than they should be.

In a multiverse billions of years old, medical technology would exist to cure all diseases at all dimensional levels, even primitive and dense levels such as existed on a struggling, “new” planet with a very young race.

However, civilizations would exist that wished to take advantage of such a young planet – civilizations that have gotten their hands on galactic technology, but who have not advanced past a primitive, confrontational consciousness. The inhabitants of such a young planet would therefore be very vulnerable to psychological manipulation, and could be easily subjugated, just as Europeans with superior technology conquered indigenous races on earth.

Within the matrix or cocoon of consciousness and belief of a very young civilization, the above discussion and its concepts would be officially rejected as the ravings of mentally unstable persons. Such people would be described as kooks or nuts, because “everybody knows” that human nature is savage and barbaric, and being tough and aggressive is the only way to advance in life. Being a good fighter would be highly admired whereas cooperation, tolerance, and love would be regarded as weak, soft, and “sissified.” The military would be highly regarded, and criticism of the military, or war, would be met with ridicule and contempt.

On a planet with these belief systems, it would be possible for breakaway civilizations to plunder the planet’s economic wealth, building infrastructures on the other planets and moons of the solar system, while the inhabitants believed that the resulting scarcity is “just the way it is, that’s life.” An entire culture or civilization could be built off-planet while the inhabitants lived their entire lives within this planetary matrix, with only a few outliers being any the wiser. Even tangential mention of these ideas would, of course, be regarded as insane by the inhabitants in their matrix.

A corporate network would be a very efficient way of organizing and controlling society within the planetary matrix. By definition a corporation is a separate and independent legal entity, and the people running them would be greatly shielded from prosecution. Therefore a group of allied corporations could act independently and with much freedom from the governments within the matrix. By giving technology to this corporate network, the planetary matrix could not only be maintained, but the network could release dribbles of technology to fund the corporations who manufactured it. Those corporations would effectively use slave labor in their manufacturing facilities (and place netting on the roofs of their buildings to prevent workers from jumping off), thus increasing their profits, and new versions of this technology would come out every so often, accompanied by commercial advertising that claimed remarkable new innovations in the latest electronic devices.

Fossil fuel technology would be maintained by showing primitive fossil fuel travelling carriages, accompanied by commercial advertising showing these vehicles to be the latest and greatest, pointing out features like “blind side” technology, self-guided parking, and hatchback doors that opened with a remote control! The inhabitants within the matrix would be very pleased, knowing that they all had the very latest and greatest technology. The inhabitants would even be encouraged to buy vehicles with remote starters, with apps that could control the vehicle  by anyone in the world through the planetary internet. This appalling feature would be promoted with idea of how cool it is, and commercial advertising would show people with IQs of 90 and the emotional intelligence of children, being very pleased with a new development that would allow anyone on the planet to steal or even remotely control their vehicle, even when it was in motion. Vehicles could be locked, unlocked, or even started from a remote desert island while the inhabitants were on vacation.

Keeping the population occupied would be a masterful way to keep the system in place. Academia would promote the “one world” idea, ridiculing even the suggestion of life from other planets, or higher technology. Religions would also promote the “we are alone” idea, in order to glorify their deities. The primary fossil-fuel space organization on the planet would promote the idea that “someday, we might find microbial life on Mars.” Popular movies would be made, showing how a fossil fuel astronaut landed on another planet in the solar system, and claimed that he was the first human on Mars. The inhabitants would chuckle with glee, knowing that rocket technology was as high as it gets, and hope one day to travel on a rocket vehicle to another planet.

Psychological counseling would be based on talking about ones problems. An artificial compartmentalization of the psyche would be promoted, suggesting that a person had an ego and an id and a subconscious mind, all of which could affect him or her, willy-nilly. Inhabitants who desired to help their fellow human beings would eagerly study various counseling systems, convinced that they were getting the latest and greatest advances in mental health.

A medical system would be promoted that managed disease, with just enough cures to give the inhabitants hope. Diseases like cancer and heart disease would be extensively researched, but decade after decade there would be no cures. People would be encouraged to “stand up” to these diseases, or “fight” them, thus making the inhabitants very happy that they were contributing to a system that was doing all it could to bring health to the population.

When the inhabitants began to get tired of struggling and dying, decade after decade, disclosure of the new technology would be very gradual, keeping the system in place for as long as possible. Those who came forward, suggesting that the people of the planet were being lied to and robbed blind, would be ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists” even as the primary nation on earth had a deteriorating infrastructure and a $20 Trillion debt. “What are you on about?” would be the hue and cry to those who went public. “That’s crazy talk! Shut up and stop whining.”

Distracting the masses would be easy, as professional sports like the “NFL” would promote tough guy concepts, working hand-in-hand with the military, showing fighter planes, soldiers, and flags of the nation before sporting contests, promoting the idea that “fighting for freedom” was the highest calling. The military would be seen as fighting for democratic principles as it conducted brushfire wars in various countries with resources that the corporate network desired for its own use. Persons who protested in any way would be seen as “unpatriotic,” malignant malcontents who do not have their heads on right. Respected public figures such as Supreme Court judges would pillory such people, calling them misguided and stupid. “Just play football dumbass, and keep your mouth shut” would be the cry.

During presidential debates, staged entertainment would be provided. Questions would be carefully chosen, ensuring that nothing of substance was debated. One candidate might be criticized because her husband seduced a woman while still married to the candidate, while the other was criticized because he used locker room language. The inhabitants would be very pleased with this controversy, discussing it at work and which showed that they truly lived in a democracy. Meanwhile the corporate network would ensure that the leaders of the public governments were at least 35 security clearances below need-to-know level, ensuring that no one in the public governments or the fossil fuel militaries rocked the boat, and locking them out of advanced technology.

The inhabitants of such a planet would be entertained by shows depicting human beings as emotionally and intellectually attenuated, or showing them competing with each other in singing contests, or contests of physical strength, or clapping with glee when they won prizes on shows that promoted products from the corporate network. Entertainment that promoted spiritual subjects would be rigorously censured, even though a few might make it to the airwaves. Programs that exposed the matrix would be shuttled off to little-watched channels and networks, and would be roundly jeered for daring to suggest that all was not well.

Civilizations outside the planetary matrix – spiritually advanced civilizations that have already advanced past the barrier – would not be able to interfere overtly. Only that help could be offered that the level of consciousness of the inhabitants had graduated to. Those who looked on would see a population completely ignorant of their power of co-creation, and their complete ignorance of the mental plane. They would see a planet surrounded by a holographic field of subtle energy that maintained all of the ecosystems on the planet, and sustained life. They would see that within this subtle field of energy exists all of the knowledge necessary to graduate to a level of abundance, prosperity, and creative brilliance. They would see that the mechanism necessary to trigger this wonderful data dump for the inhabitants is simply a collective decision to change the direction of their thinking – but the inhabitants, mired in self-defeating beliefs, might never have the intelligence to make this decision. They would shake their heads, wanting to appear on the television sets of the inhabitants and tell them all about it, but they wouldn’t be able to. That’s because free will is the prime directive for all incarnated consciousness, and the inhabitants must make this decision on their own. As a saying goes on the planet, “either use it or lose it.”

The question always is, will the inhabitants of the matrix be able to see past the bullshit that hits their fans every single day?

On this particular planet – which exists in an area of the galaxy devastated by war for millions of years – non-terrestrial races have inserted their DNA into the inhabitants of this very young race, hoping that the inhabitants will discover their spiritual birthright and elevate multiple star systems, many of whose civilizations have degraded to the point where they have lost their spiritual integrity, and knowing they cannot advance without help. This is known as the Great Experiment, and is a very important initiative within this sector of the galaxy. These non-terrestrial races are awed by the emotional range of the inhabitants and their spiritual potential, even as some of them try to take advantage of the inhabitants. On this planet there is a story which illustrates this concept. A scorpion asks an otter whether he can ride on his back to cross the river. “I can help you navigate while you swim as fast as you can.” The otter agrees, but halfway across the scorpion stings the otter and they both go under. Just before they draw their last breaths, the otter asks the scorpion why he stung him. “We will both die now.”  The scorpion replies, “Because I am a scorpion. It’s my nature. ”

The inhabitants within the matrix believe similarly, thinking that “human nature” is savage and barbaric and cannot be changed. Spiritually advanced races see the cosmic irony in this situation, the inhabitants being just a collective decision away from recognizing their incredible co-creative power with the divine consciousness – which fills the multiverse – and is present in every dark nook and cranny, and exists under every rock and in every hermetically sealed prison, whether natural or artificial.

Another irony is that the most recent breakaway civilization, originating from the nation called “Germany,” still operates on a primitive, low level of consciousness and cannot survive the coming energetic shift, despite their advanced technology. Their modus operandi is a top-down, controlling, spiritually dead civilization that resembles the dictatorships of the planet, all of which, without exception throughout the planet’s history, have failed.

This tiny little planet, which the inhabitants have called earth, has been battered for millions of years. Ever since the first vestiges of intelligent life appeared on it, it has been a battleground. The little planet was the focus for the Great Experiment long before the human race was seeded upon it; it has seen planets explode near it, an artificial moon placed in orbit around it, and its solar system infested with races that have agendas on the planet.

But perhaps the little planet that could can graduate, despite the odds against it. From the Great Central Sun, new energies are being released into the universe that travel through every galaxy and every star to every solar system with intelligent life. Perhaps it will be enough. But the inhabitants of the little planet must still make the collective decision to realize their co-creative potential.

The entire sector of this galaxy is waiting with bated breath to see what the inhabitants of the little planet will do.