As Above, so Below

The view from 40,000 light years

If you walk around downtown San Francisco right near the X aka Twitter headquarters it’s a zombie apocalypse...It’s have to see it to believe it...
You have to say, ‘What philosophy led to that outcome?’ And that philosophy was being piped to Earth. So, uh, you know, a philosophy that would ordinarily be quite niche and geographically constrained – so that the sort of fall out area would be limited – was effectively given an information weapon: An information technology weapon to propagate what is essentially a mind virus to the rest of Earth. And the outcome of that mind virus is very clear if you walk around the streets of downtown San Francisco. It is the end of civilization.”

Elon Musk, interview with Joe Rogan, Oct 31, 2023

Note: This essay assumes that intelligent life exists beyond the boundaries of our solar system. This is not an unwarranted assumption considering that the Milky Way galaxy has at least a hundred billion stars, and probably more planets than that. To create all of that and only endow life on one tiny planet seems silly.


Exobiologists and others who speculate on what life is like “out there” often assume that all planets in the galaxy that are similarly situated to their suns are rich in natural and biological resources, just like the earth. The earth has an astonishing number of species and so much biomass, an abundance of natural resources and many different ecosystems. But is this a common feature of planets in other solar systems? What if most planets in the galaxy are far more resource poor than earth? Either because of low biomass and a paucity of natural resources, or because, in their development, they have used them up? (This is where the earth is heading.) In that case these civilizations must certainly have command and control economies and top-down dictatorial governments that that strictly ration natural and biological resources.

These planets would need to band together into trading networks to supply the lack on individual planets. In this way corporate Collectives would form, mirroring the multinational grouping of corporations that run our planet, taking resources from one country and supplying it to another country that lacks those resources.

As above, so below.

What’s It like Out There?

Is the galaxy filled with benevolent space brothers and sisters, ready to welcome the earth into a prosperous galactic society of spiritually advanced beings as soon as we get over our primitive, war-like tendencies? Perhaps. After all, the galaxy is billions of years old, and if there is intelligent life out there most of those societies have probably evolved far longer than we have.  

Hmmmm... not so fast. In our unacknowledged special access programs we have reverse-engineered ET craft that have been shot down using powerful scalar, longitudinal EMP weaponry. According to Dr. Steven Greer, we have technology that is so advanced it is beyond the imagination, such as CAT – consciousness assisted technology. Supposedly, in these hidden programs (which have been under development since the 1950s at least) we have learned to teleport within our own third dimension, and to other dimensions as well. Anti-gravity (electro-gravitics) craft is just one of the many advances in technology that have already been perfected within these hidden programs. Perhaps Star Trek the original series was a Disclosure operation!

The argument used by those who favor the idealized view of the galaxy is that only those with advanced consciousness are able to discover and use planet- and dimension-hopping technology. If Dr. Greer is right then primitive, low-consciousness, warlike creatures like humanity on earth – hardly advanced spiritually beyond the primitive hominids that walked the planet 200,000 years ago, before the Uplift – can understand and use this unimaginably advanced galactic tech. If this is true then it does not require advanced consciousness to develop super-advanced technology.

It appears, then, that advanced consciousness is not a requirement for the development of advanced technology.

In fact, I would say that there is an inverse correlation between technology with consciousness. Take a cursory look at what we are doing with satellite implemented Directed Energy Weapons at Schriever AFB, the V2K (voice to skull) remote neural-influencing technology, neural implants, Smart cities, nanodust, the internet of things and the currently-under-construction internet of bodies... the list is far more comprehensive than this. These are dystopian control technologies used in the collectivization of a civilization into a dumbed-down hive mind.

As above, so below. I would argue that the corporate structure on earth mirrors that of societies in the galaxy as a whole. Just as a small percentage of human beings have attained advanced consciousness, so too for the civilizations in the rest of the galaxy. The spiritually advanced space brothers and sisters are out there – but perhaps are not so numerous as we think.

Humanity’s Spiritual and Religious Practices

Evolution does not necessarily guarantee an advance in consciousness, particularly if the biology – which contains the gateway to higher energies and awareness – is polluted with electronics and chemical/medical adjuvants. Civilizations that follow the route of technology may dead-end, or fall into a sort of no-growth stasis, even if they are much older than ours. (This idea has been a part of many of my science fiction books and essays.)

All of this is an argument for humanity’s religious and spiritual development.

Our spiritual and religious traditions are our most important assets. If we follow these spiritual impulses to their conclusion, we can avoid a dystopian future and the devolution and destruction of our species. I believe we can eventually advance to the point of the Advanced Network beings in my latest SF book, The Intervention.

The Game of Life is Bigger than We Think

If the Game we are playing goes far beyond the atmosphere of this beautiful but tiny little rock, then the earth is surrounded by other stars and planets with civilizations that have been around a lot longer than humanity – which may, by necessity, have long ago developed interstellar relations in business and commerce. It is quite likely that our planet has been visited over and over again over the millennia.

If we fall for the lure of advanced technology from the “visitors” to our planet we are doomed, just like the Native Americans who sold Manhattan to the Europeans for some trinkets. We will have given away our civilization for a few baubles of technology and allowed our planet to be absorbed into the great corporate trading Collectives.

At the present time the Transhumanists and the materialists rule our planet, and are taking humanity down the road to species extinction. Their dark economy, at the time of this writing, controls the world: human trafficking in women and children, massive drugs trafficking that have destroyed large sectors of American cities, and the trafficking in weapons that have turned them into killing fields. AI is now being deployed to run our governments, or at least provide an excuse for criminals and politicians to declaim responsibility for their deployment of anti-human activities and technologies. “It’s not our fault! AI did it!”

A Caveat

Be aware of programs and PsyOps like Project Bluebeam, which is an attempt to frighten the population into accepting a globalist fascist control State using projected and fantastically life-like holograms of invading motherships and “reptilian” beings that are here to destroy the earth. Saying that the rest of the galaxy isn’t completely lovey-dovey is NOT an argument for allowing a group of psychopaths to demonize ETs in order to create their dystopian world. Movies like Independence Day are an attempt to prime the public mind into accepting this nonsense.

The Collectivist Program

The techno-collectivist program is far more dangerous than communism or fascism, which are dystopian, but earth-bound philosophies. Collectivism is a species-destroying death cult that is, in my opinion, the “mind virus” Elon Musk talks about above.

The collectivists’ fear of death is based on their ignorance of the divine nature of the human being. And so they pollute the planet and the human body with electronics and other substances that destroy life and the human biological platform; a platform that, if developed and evolved, can do far more than the dark, dead-end, and anti-human technologies of Transhumanism and transgenderism.

These fools engage in farcical nonsense like “climate change” to impose a top-down system of command and control on the human race. They engage in gain-of-function research and release bioweapons on the human race, and then offer experimental gene therapy products as a “solution” – products that harm biological systems and disrupt our sacred biological evolution.

We must reject these dark elements in human society and create a sane, creative, and prosperous civilization. That can only happen when materialist and collectivist philosophies are rejected, for a thriving civilization has creative energy moving through it that can only come from an understanding and expression of the divine nature of the human being. We must embrace our religions and our spiritual connections to the Creator, not destroy them. Our spiritual development is far more important than our technological development.