Beyond the Body Reality

Science, medicine, and mass media do not acknowledge the higher aspects of human consciousness

The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were, and ask why not.

— John F. Kennedy[1]

That is to say, throughout history people who have vision, and who can look beyond the commonplace, have propelled society forward. Newton, Einstein, Curie, Faraday, Maxwell, etc. have advanced our understanding of the physical world. Humanity’s brilliant artists and musicians have inspired us throughout history.

What is the quality of people who can look beyond, as JFK says, the obvious realities?

Wise, inspiring people see beyond the body and the five human sense: they perceive the soul, the divine part of the human being. The ancient Egyptians called the soul the merkaba. The merkaba is a subtle field of energy, approximately 25 feet in diameter, that contains the body. The merkaba connects the divine part of the human being with the material part.

Secular atheists, who dominate the scientific fields, medicine, and the political arena these days, scoff contemptuously at anything beyond the body reality. Maybe that’s why sex, gender, and skin color are so important these days: those who have no awareness beyond their bodies have no conception of spirituality, or the soul, or God, or the higher aspects of the human being. Transhumanism and trans-genderism cannot see beyond the obvious realities, and into the higher realms of the human spirit. That is not their fault, but the rest of us cannot allow such a myopic view to obscure the divinity that is in all of us.

Artists, creatives, and inspirational persons see into these invisible realms for Knowledge and inspiration. Physicist David Bohm describes this invisible realm as the Implicate Order: a substrate that cannot be perceived by the senses of the body, but yet contains the natural and physical laws that maintain our world, and the universe at large.

Imagine the scientist or the artist reaching into this subtle realm for inspiration or Knowledge! The contemplative, the meditator, also does this. This reaching beyond the body is a deep, inner soul urge of every human being.

To see the higher qualities of the human being, one must look beyond the body reality.

Intuition, for example, is that subtle nudge, a very quiet nudge, that, if one is listening, can impart Knowledge. How does one access intuition? Well, as far as I know it can’t be taught. But if one is listening, it can be heard. Intuition is the soul talking to you.

Faith is simply the understanding that something is so without being able to “prove” it to the crude senses of the body. Faith is a reaching toward the higher aspects of life; to the Implicate Order beyond the body’s senses.  

Many people with self-awareness are having a hard time these days as materialists pound their narratives and their propaganda all over social media and mass media. The goal is to destroy the reaching into the higher realms; to squash and invalidate spirituality and the creativity that can only come from beyond. But that is impossible unless self aware persons go into agreement with it.   

The higher realms are there, but are not obvious to the five human senses. However, they can be reached for, they can be taken. So take them.

[1] Address to the Irish Parliament, June 1963.