The Spiritual System Part II

“Intuition is something that is used outside Beverly Hills to solve crimes.”

— Alex Foley, from the movie Beverly Hills Cop

In a previous post we talked about the definition of consciousness and its relationship to the spiritual system of earth. Today I want to explore the idea of intuition. Intuition is that subtle suggestion in our minds that is almost always ignored.

I used to always ignore those subtle nudges because I thought they were just stray thoughts emanating from the circuitry in my brain. But after decades of ignoring the little “voice” I began to see a pattern: These suggestions were always, without exception, positive and uplifting. I never listened because, as everyone knows, if you hear voices in your head you are crazy. Schizophrenics hear voices, not me! But these intuitive impulses were not “voices.” I gradually learned to distinguish between these positive intuitive flashes, and my mental circuitry.

Almost always my brain circuitry warned me, or discouraged me, or told me I was stupid. Also, my mental circuitry almost always speaks in English. “Don’t kid yourself you can’t do that.” “What makes you think anyone cares what you say?” “A real professional doesn’t make mistakes.” etc.

The intuitive nudges I get are never of a negative nature.

What distinguishes mental circuitry from a nudge of inspiration? The former is kind of like a slap in the face, or a mental bludgeon, but the latter is a soft, benevolent suggestion, dare I say, like an angel speaking in my ear. It’s a thought packet that comes and goes in a flash. If I ignore it, it goes away and I can’t get it back. So I’ve gradually, over the years, learned to listen and be mindful. Unlike the mental slap, it only lasts for a millisecond, whereas the mental circuitry keeps repeating over and over again like an infinite loop or a tune in my player that is set to auto-repeat. Intuition is new and fresh every time, whereas the mental circuit just repeats the “same old shit.”

In this series of essays we postulate a benevolent spiritual system on earth that has its origin on a higher plane of existence – the soul level of existence. The purpose of this system would be to support the human being spiritually during their physical lifetime. Of course this cannot be proven broadly, but it can become real in someone’s personal experience. Science is objective, and looks outward. The spiritual system is purely subjective and can only become real when a person looks inward. But it only works if we listen.

The spiritual system would be a kind of inner technology, as opposed to the outer technology of science and observation and measurement (and judgment). Just as we have smartphones, we also have its spiritual equivalent, intuition.

This is obviously not a new concept. The idea of angels speaking to humans has been around since Biblical times and probably before. But it does fit in neatly with a coherent system of consciousness that we described in that earlier post.

Even completely analytical persons can use intuition. Sherlock Holmes, in “The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge,” complements Inspector Baines when he tells him that “You will rise high in your profession. You have instinct and intuition.” Holmes talked a lot about using the imagination to solve crimes, and not being wholly dependent on physical or forensic evidence.

So how does one access their intuition? By listening, by being attentive and mindful. By distinguishing between the same old tawdry mental circuitry, and that millisecond of whispered inspiration.  

All human beings have souls, so all human beings have intuition, a road map to a more positive future. And it’s intensely personal, because it’s you communicating with you. It is completely outside the realm of science or scientific proof, and so gets dismissed rather peremptorily in our materialist society.

Recognizing the “voice” of our mental circuitry is the easiest part, because that is almost always negative stuff. Ignoring it can’t harm you and it will remove the barriers to that inner voice from your soul. It’s worth a try, anyway! I only wrote this because I got really, really tired of hearing the “same old crap” from my mental circuitry. Now I’m a lot more attentive to the much quieter, but much more powerful and positive voice that comes from my intuition. It’s having a calming effect on my sometimes passionate, emotional nature.