Something Fishy is Happening

Something fishy is happening on planet earth. It has little to do with clueless politicians or the Right-Left conflict, or crazies with guns, or abortion, or monkeypox, or any of the fear porn we see in media. These are just the tools of the trade.

This is an attack on humanity.

The events we are seeing on the planet have never occurred before, all at once, in the entirety of human history. Worldwide pandemics created in a lab, experimental vaccines pushed on the entire human population, an invasion of the U.S. southern border in which thousands of people are crossing illegally every day from 150 countries, the attacks on women and children via baby milk supplies, threatening to withhold funds for the school lunch program, and gender and trans-gender identity where predatory men are gaining access to women’s bathrooms and prisons and other women’s spaces, and the insanity of Transhumanism, which seeks to replace the human being and the human body with a gene-altered one, or even, as the ultimate goal of Transhumanism, altered or artificial containers for human consciousness. Transhumanism is essentially an attack on human reproduction, and particularly, women and children.

The attacks on food producing plants all over the US. The shutdown of carbon-zero energy plants in the service of an insane zero-carbon energy policy. (See “Another Nuclear Plant Closes: Get Ready For Electricity Shortages” and “Massive Fire Breaks Out at Major Poultry Plant that Supplies Eggs to Major Supermarkets,” and “FBI Warns of Targeted Cyber Attacks On Food Plants After Mysterious Rash Of Fires”).

The mass shootings at schools, especially the attack in Uvalde where, 8 days after the incident, the statements from authorities make no sense. Armed police officers stood around for over an hour while a nutjob was killing kids. Somebody propped open a door at the school a minute before the shooter entered. The 18-year-old shooter spent thousands of dollars buying his weapons and enough ammo to start a war. Where did this kid from a poor neighborhood get that kind of green?

These are not a series of tragic “coincidences.” This is an all-out attack on humanity by the forces of evil.

We are living the Test now, as I talked about in a previous blog post. The Test is something our civilization has never experienced before. It’s a planet-wide clearing of human karma. It is an inevitable spiritual war between the forces of evil and the forces of light.

Where is it all going? To an exposure of the vast, unexplored underbelly of the human psyche.  

All of it.

To the darkness of human trafficking and child trafficking, the vilest evil on the planet.

The Mexican drug cartels are trafficking hundreds of thousands of people over our southern border, and fentanyl and other drugs. All for money. Large areas of southern Texas are now controlled by these criminal cartels, who laugh at the corrupt and criminal government in DC (composed of Democrats and Republicans).

We aint seen nothing yet folks. It’s going to continue until the light of truth and divine grace exposes all of it.

All of it.

How much evil is there in the world? We’re about to find out. My feeling is that the shooting in Uvalde was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The impetus for this exposure is a mass awakening of humanity. It’s not darkness ascendant, it’s darkness on the run. Aint nowhere to hide now. This little planet is connected by a worldwide messaging system. It’s going to be in all of our grilles, even those who don’t want to see it.

The light of truth is shining brighter every day.