All Lies Contain the Truth

What is Reality? Reality is what you perceive. This means that what you experience in dreams is reality. What you imagine is reality, because you are perceiving it. And of course the physical universe is reality, but it is not the only reality.

There is no such thing as being “crazy.” Crazy is just perceiving outside the boundaries of what is accepted. Every advance of the human race was made by a crazy person, because he or she saw past the status quo and broke new ground. So the first thing to recognize is that you aren’t crazy if you see something or feel something that isn’t “normal.”

Not being “normal” is the psychological vehicle used to criticize people who investigate and talk about issues such as alternative medicine, UFOs, and anything outside the mainstream. For example, if I were to tell you that the Watergate affair – which occurred in the early 1970s and resulted in the impeachment of then President Richard Nixon – was actually a trumped-up set of charges whose real purpose was to prevent the president from disclosing the contact occurring between ETs and certain sectors of the U.S. government, and that Bob Woodward (a reporter for the Washington Post whose mysterious “contact” known as “Deep throat” was at that time an active agent of the Office of Naval Intelligence, you’d probably think I was nuts. That’s because, as I said last month, the corporate-controlled media either ignore or lie about the real issues that lie behind the news. The truth is often much, much stranger than fiction. And if I were to say this even to my friends I wouldn’t be believed.

How is the truth obscured? A great way to do it is to use the internet. For example, if someone in the government actually acknowledged that the U.S. government has had contact with ETs, those opposed to disclosure would simply write disinformation stories and post them to blogs and websites. Acknowledged “experts” would debunk the information. An average person who is trying to understand the truth around this issue would see so many conflicting stories that he or she would think, “It’s impossible to know the real truth.”
So what’s the point?

The point is that nowadays it is so much more important to trust your inner voice, and your feelings about something. The truth is often hidden behind a multiplicity of lies. But if you read my blog post “Is Honesty Really the Best Policy?” (at tttp:// you can see that even a lie MUST be built around a truth. Why? Because the information system known as a lie is designed specifically to cover up a truth! Therefore, within every lie is the truth. This again gets back to an earlier post, where I said that the bad is quintessentially an offshoot of the good. All creation comes forth from the One consciousness, including the duality. Therefore the system is RIGGED in favor of the truth! All liars are actually aware of the truth, and all lies contain the truth. With this in mind you can discover the truth about ANYTHING, if you practice discernment, and if you can listen to your inner voice. You can sift through the lies and trust your “gut feelings” about anything, even if you are reading disinformation.

When sifting facts for the truth, your most important tool is therefore not your mind, but your discernment, which activates your “bullshit” sensors. Your mind will often be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information presented on any controversial subject, so you have to use your intuition to sift through the chaff and find the wheat. A controversial subject may itself be a red flag, for it might be a dialectical setup designed to obscure a hidden truth by creating polarity around the issue.

For example, let’s take the ET issue. In order to obscure the truth about ET contact, conflict is created, a la Hegel: on one side is the “ETs are hostile and dangerous,” and on the other side is “we are alone in the universe.” People argue around the two “sides” and everyone forgets to investigate whether we really are being contacted by extraterrestrials. And, of course, the entire subject is wrapped up in the “you’re a kook if you even think about this stuff.” But the ET issue – fantastical and irrelevant though it may seem – is hiding the amazing, exotic technology hidden within the black programs, technology that is AT LEAST 50 years ahead of what is in the public science journals; technology that could transform our civilization. That is the truth that the lie is designed to cover up, just as the lies “you only go around once,” and “consciousness is biologically based,” covers up the truth that consciousness is divine and eternal, and that every human being on the planet is an immortal being having a physical experience.

But of course, if the masses of humanity were to really understand that, would it be possible to continue an energy distribution system based on primitive fossil fuels, and an economic and political structure that benefits a few and leaves the many in poverty? The good stuff – the truth – is classified and hidden away, to protect an unsustainable, $200 trillion fossil fuel empire. An empire, by the way, that Tesla had already begun to transcend at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The issues that are important to the media – health care, immigration, terrorism, same-sex marriages, to name a few – are indeed important to a lot of people, but also serve to cover up a far more important issue – the hidden technology that could literally transform the face of the earth, end poverty, and resolve the issues that are at the top of the agenda today. That is why it is important to drill down past the lies and the chaff to find what’s really important. Otherwise, we are like Don Quixote, chasing after windmills that seem to us to be ferocious giants, but which do not serve us.