Russia Has Checkmated the West’s Arrogant Financial Masters and Their Foolish Politicians

A brilliant article written by Alasdair Macleod shows how the woke fools in DC have triggered the collapse of the dollar, and the entire Western financial system, with their sanctioning of Russia. Here are excerpts from the article, which can be found at This article is well worth the read.

We will look back at current events and realize that they marked the change from a dollar-based global economy underwritten by financial assets to commodity-backed currencies. We face a change from collateral being purely financial in nature to becoming commodity based. It is collateral that underwrites the whole financial system.

The ending of the financially based system is being hastened by geopolitical developments. The West is desperately trying to sanction Russia into economic submission, but is only succeeding in driving up energy, commodity, and food prices against itself. Central banks will have no option but to inflate their currencies to pay for it all. Russia is linking the ruble to commodity prices through a moving gold peg instead, and China has already demonstrated an understanding of the West’s inflationary game by having stockpiled commodities and essential grains for the last two years and allowed her currency to rise against the dollar.

China and Russia are not going down the path of the West’s inflating currencies. Instead, they are moving towards a sounder money strategy with the prospect of stable interest rates and prices while the West accelerates in the opposite direction.”

From the article cited above

Essentially, the Western fiat-money system is going to collapse if present trends continue. The Russian ruble is being backed by commodities such as oil, natural gas, and fertilizer, which Russia exports in abundance. The Chinese currency is also backed by commodities as China’s Belt and Road initiative has captured mines, ports, and farms all over the world.

What is the West doing?

Printing money. Money that is backed by NOTHING, and only exists on an electronic balance sheet. The idiots in DC rely on a fantasy called Modern Monetary Theory, which says (stupidly) that a nation can keep printing money with no financial harm to the economy. This is childish foolishness, which our high inflation is showing us in our stores and shops.

Printing money worked as long as the US had a robust manufacturing sector that produced valuable commodities. In the past, the dollar was essentially a commodity-backed currency. Not anymore. Our multinationals shipped our factories to China to take advantage of cheap labor.

Our fiat currency is supposedly backed by “the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.”

What does that mean? The productive capacity of U.S. workers.

But our working class has been decimated by unscientific lockdowns and insane vaccine mandates that have taken workers and their productive capacity OUT of the economy.

Congratulations, morons!

Macleod says,

Pure finance is being replaced with commodity finance.

It hasn’t hit the main-stream media yet, which is still reporting yesterday’s battle. But in March, the US Administration passed a death sentence on its own hegemony in a last desperate throw of the dollar dice. Not only did it misread the Russian situation with respect to its economy, but America mistakenly believed in its own power by sanctioning Russia and Putin’s oligarchs.It may have achieved a partial blockade on Russia’s export volumes, but compensation has come from higher unit prices, benefiting Russia, and costing the Western alliance.

The consequence is a final battle in the financial war which has been brewing for decades. You do not sanction the world’s most important source of energy exports and the marginal supplier of a wide range of commodities and raw materials, including grains and fertilizers, without damaging everyone but the intended target. Worse still, the intended target has in China an extremely powerful friend, with which Russia is a partner in the world’s largest economic bloc — the Shanghai Cooperation Organization — commanding a developing market of over 40% of the world’s population. That is the future, not the past: the past is Western wokery, punitive taxation, economies dominated by the state and its bureaucracy, anti-capitalistic socialism, and magic money trees to help pay for it all.”

From the article cited above


Printing money only goes so far. Until people realize that your dollar is worthless, and getting more worthless by the day as the Fed prints more and more money to fund our elites’ anti-democratic and anti-worker policies such as open borders, where more unskilled workers flood the zone, along with tons of fentanyl and other drugs that destroy our cities and communities.

Commodity-backed currencies – currencies backed by gold, oil, and other tangible assets – are based in reality. Fiat money – like the dollar and the euro – is backed only by the printing press. To see how commodity backed currencies are far more stable than fiat currencies, look at this graph:

Crude oil prices for fiat currencies and a commodity backed currency

In the graph, “goldgram” represents a currency backed by gold. It could easily be any other valuable commodity (like oil or liquid natural gas) or a basket of commodities. The graph doesn’t show it, but the price of oil in goldgrams has actually DECLINED since 1950! Even as it rises for fake, fiat currency like the dollar, the pound, and the euro.

Russia has tied the export of its natural resources to its currency, the ruble. Further sanctions will only strengthen the Russian currency and weaken the dollar. Because we produce little, and import most of our tangible goods from abroad, expect continued higher inflation as the dollar weakens against the currencies of Asia.

China, through its Belt and Road initiative, has secured vast mineral wealth throughout the world through its aggressive buying campaign. Its currency is effectively backed by commodities, as is Russia’s.  Moreover,

the Chinese have been prescient enough to accumulate stocks of grains. The result is that 20% of the world’s population has access to 70% of the word’s maize stocks, 60% of rice, 50% of wheat and 35% of soybeans. The other 80% of the world’s population will almost certainly face acute shortages this year as exports of grain and fertilizer from Ukraine/Russia effectively cease.”

From the article cited above

I saw a report yesterday that said the cost of fertilizer for American farmers has risen 300%. Think about that this fall when you go to the supermarket.

Our ignorant, stupid elites have destroyed the U.S. economy. Unless the people of this country wake up fast and kick these bums out, it’s only going to get worse.  But we can still turn it around! Get out and vote this fall.