Looking Beyond the Commonplace

In the September issue we talked about going beyond good and evil, and dark and light. We said that humanity was on an evolutionary path out of millennia of low consciousness, and gradually (but painfully) moving to higher consciousness.

Dark and light are polar opposites, but two sides of the same coin. Focusing exclusively on the light ignores real problems that have been created over the millennia: memes, emotions, thoughts, and intentions that are still rooted firmly within the human psyche. Therefore, “staying in the light” without a cleanup of old energy is nice, but it won’t transform consciousness on this planet. Humanity has created such a huge depository of negative energy that it must be confronted if we are to move to a higher state of consciousness.

A science fiction writer once said, “The first step in handling anything is gaining the ability to face it.”

We are facing a multi-millennia buildup of dark memes and energy created via the exploration of low consciousness. That stuff doesn’t go away. It’s all recorded in the collective consciousness of humanity, and within the esoteric fields that are part of the earth.

Gaia records everything that happens to her. Including the thoughts, emotions, and activities of human beings. That’s because the purpose of a planet – any planet – is to nurture and support life. There’s a record of human experience in human consciousness – the Akash – and one the planet stores as well.

The point is, these recordings don’t go away. They are permanent. Unless confronted and transcended, they leave a permanent stain within the collective consciousness.


Of course, the above section would be regarded as utterly nonsensical and delusional by materialists. A quote from a “meaning of life” website reflects the mindset of such people:

“Human life has absolutely no meaning. Humans are the outcome of blind evolutionary processes that operate without goal or purpose.”

There are many, many people on this planet who firmly believe this. Including scientists.

Here are two more quotes from the same site:

“It is time that we admitted that faith is nothing more than the license religious people give one another to keep believing when reasons fail.” And, “The belief that there is God is based on a bunch of assumptions. We live in the age of science where there is no room for assumptions.”

For those with any spiritual awareness at all, the idea that life occurred accidentally on this planet is preposterous. It is always forwarded by materialists and atheists, people who have no understanding of the divine nature of life. And that’s OK because such do not know any better. It’s simply a limitation imposed by low awareness. As someone once said, “Never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity.”

Gaia was created to support life; that is its goal and purpose. Despite the efforts of humans to pollute the planet, the earth is not, after 4 billion years of evolution, going off into radical climate change that will kill off the life it has worked so hard to create the optimum conditions for. If you question people who believe in catastrophic climate change you will discover (1) they are atheists and materialists (secularists), and (2) they are uniformly motivated by fear. They will make the most irrational and outrageous statements, over and over, despite the fact that their dire predictions for the fate of humanity and the planet never come true. Unfortunately, such irrationality is part and parcel of the collective human psyche.


Oregon governor Kate Brown signs bill in August 2021. Next to her are climate change activists. Image credit: Oregonlive.com

Looking beyond the Commonplace

So – the human race must face the memes it has created over the millennia, which are stored in what Jung called the collective unconscious. These things don’t magically go away until they are confronted and transcended. We’re seeing that now in the financial realm, as the world’s finances are essentially on the verge of meltdown. The budget situation in the US, in which the debt ceiling must be raised by September 30, is affecting all investors in the world who hold dollar-denominated securities. Exacerbating this is the potential $320 billion collapse of the huge Chinese real-estate company, Evergrande. Moreover, Janet Yellin, the U.S. Treasury Secretary, announced in September that if the US does not raise the debt ceiling again (this is like putting more debt on a massively overdrawn $29 trillion credit card), the US will begin defaulting on its debts on October 15th, and the government will have to shut down.

(Update: On September 30, Congress passed a Continuing Resolution to increase the debt ceiling until December 3rd, when the problem will have to be faced again. Nothing has been confronted, nothing has been solved, the can has just been kicked down the road.)

The world has now reached a financial denouement, which will hopefully be the precursor to a spiritual denouement.

A huge battle is now being fought in Congress, as Democrats (who control the entire government) want to “spend” $10 trillion this year – a $5.2T budget, a $1.2T “COVID relief” bill (already passed) and a further $3.5T “infrastructure” bill. (I put “spend” in scare quotes because there is no funding for a good portion of it. The Fed will simply print more money to “fund” the spending).

Where will this end? I’m hoping, in finally facing the fact that the world is in a gigantic debt bubble that must collapse. Once it does, the world will have to decide how to properly run its finances. This will, I hope, lead to a more rational financial system. The financial scare will force people to look inward and ask themselves what kind of a world they want to live in. And what kind of leaders they want to elect.

It will force people to look beyond the commonplace; to look past business as usual.

The Bad Guys Are Always the Problem

In legends and myths (and human history) it’s always “the bad guys” who cause problems. “If only we could get rid of these horrible people our system could work.”  Societal collapse is blamed on the fact that there is always, in any human group, a few percentage points of the population who are sociopaths and psychopaths. The rise and fall of civilizations is explained by “the good guys” building society up, and “the bad guys” tearing it down.

This is fallacious, I think. Societies on earth rise and fall not because there is an inveterate part of humanity that is inherently evil, but because we haven’t yet devised a rational and sustainable way of organizing our societies. If we did, this “bad guy” portion of society would disappear.

The difficulty lies with the uninspected meme structures within the human collective consciousness, most of which are based in materialist concepts that deny the true nature of the human being. Over the millennia, we have built up self-destructive memes and beliefs that have simply become accepted: It’s perfectly OK to smash others to get ahead, when someone attacks you, you have to attack them back, and on and on. These memes all have one thing in common: human-on-human violence and hatred.

The solution is not in the physical, action plane (let’s start a war or take to the streets or pound someone on social media to redress our grievances). It’s in the mental and spiritual plane. Until humanity accepts its divine origins, and begins to confront the meme structures and the negative energy and activity that comes from them, we’ll continue to see the future reflect the past.

The human race can no longer afford adolescent beliefs such as materialism and atheism, unless we want to devolve back to complete barbarism.

I don’t think that is going to happen.

People are fed up with thousands of years of low consciousness and negative energy. That’s why we’re seeing millennia of old karma being resolved. It’s in the news every day; it’s in your face.

The human race is on the path to higher consciousness. But first it must confront its dark past. The financial meltdown is just one aspect of this confrontation, but the solution is the broad recognition of mankind’s divine origin.

We’ve come as far as we can with the old meme and belief structures. What used to be thought of as “pie-in-the-sky,” woo-woo thinking is now a necessity. Spirituality and religion are the most important attributes the human race has at this time. We cannot lose them in a tidal wave of technocracy, statism, and materialism that is sweeping the planet.

The evolution of consciousness is the single most important matter on the planet right now. It is a point of departure to a new world where life is celebrated and people have the freedom to realize their full potential.