Shift the Debate

We are living in a manic, bi-polar, divided world of disinformation and psychological and information warfare. It is difficult to find the truth (or the source) of anything.

This is all part of the battle between dark and light.

The darkness focuses on racism, class warfare, hatred, separation, and the erosion of faith and ethics. These are the tools of darkness. Their goal: destroy society and humanity. The goal of the dark has nothing to do with Left and Right, liberal and conservative, Democrat or Republican. Debates on these false dichotomies, and which side is right or wrong, just generate more anger and hatred.

The arguments of the darkness are always based in materialism and the denial of the divine nature of the human being. ALWAYS. The dark looks at human beings as pieces of meat. The color of your body’s skin and the body’s gender is, therefore, of paramount importance to them, simply because they can’t see past the materialism of the body. Such persons have very little self awareness. Their intolerance is actually an intolerance of self, for at some level they recognize that the source of their hatred for others is rooted in a denial of the divinity within themselves, which they project on to the rest of humanity.

It is utterly pointless to argue with such persons, for their self awareness is too low to understand. Misanthropists (haters of humanity) cannot see higher concepts like harmony, cooperation, and tolerance, which are based in spiritual principles they either reject or cannot perceive. Low consciousness cannot perceive high consciousness. It’s a matter of simple physics. A low frequency is incapable of perceiving a more nuanced, higher frequency.

However, high consciousness can perceive low consciousness. That is the source of much frustration within the forces of light. “Why can’t these people see the obvious?” you ask. The sad truth is that a person who turns away from the light cannot see the light. But, it’s a free will choice.

The way to deal with  darkness is to quietly stand up to it. Remember, placing your attention on what is not wanted feeds power to what is not wanted. It’s a central concept in the vibrational universe framework. Screaming and yelling and fighting people who literally cannot see or perceive what you are saying is pointless. Attacking the Capitol building because you are triggered by the government doesn’t do anything except create more chaos. Such violent actions are unhelpful to the cause of peace and harmony.

We have all been conditioned to fight (fill in straw-man enemy here). The Left uses Big Tech to censor conservative voices, and has even called for Trump supporters to be thrown into concentration camps by the U.S. military (the resemblance to Nazi Germany is obvious, where race was used to demonize the Jews and murder 6 million). But the Right is just as triggered. It calls for “traitors” to be arrested by the U.S. military and thrown into GITMO. Fortunately, the U.S. military is sworn to defend the Constitution and would never engage in such things (unless it too becomes conditioned. But we’re not there yet). Only totalitarian states like CCP-controlled China use the military against their own people.

The screaming and yelling on both sides is part of the fruitless good vs. evil debate. Each side views itself as right and the other wrong. Of course the solution is a high consciousness one: tolerance for other points of view and taking the best ideas from both sides. This is true diversity, not diversity based on materialist body concepts like the color of the skin of someone’s body, or the body’s biological gender. In the materialist concept, human beings are viewed as meat bodies, not spiritual beings connected to God.

The point is, another person’s lack of perception isn’t your problem, it’s their problem. My advice is: If you find yourself having to talk to or debate with intolerant persons, shift the debate to a spiritual orientation, beyond race and gender. This is an area an intolerant person can’t perceive or understand, so they won’t be able to argue with you! Then you can walk away.

The Great Awakening

The bi-polarization of the world is a step in the process of the Great Awakening. The function of the dark is to spur evolutionary change. Without the contrasting activities of the dark side, society would remain stagnant. The dark offers everyone a choice: Hatred or cooperation?  Anarchy or peace? It’s in your face now; people have to decide one way or the other.

It’s unfortunate that so much misery must accompany a rise in awareness. That’s what happens in a society mired in low consciousness. The human race over the millennia has soiled its own house. There’s a lot of work necessary to clean up the mess.

The problem is that self-aware persons are even MORE aware of what’s wrong. This causes me, personally, a lot of frustration and anger. The temptation is to point fingers at those who don’t get it. I remind myself that this just polarizes my thinking. I can get out of this sometimes by remembering that those who are “causing all the problems” think the same about me. It makes me laugh.

Taking a 50,000-foot view of the situation, I can understand that if there is a divine plan for the awakening of humanity, and the dark is part of that plan, then all those engaged in dark activities are also part of the divine plan. On the soul level, all are participating in the Great Experiment, so all are valuable. As a human being that argument pisses me off, of course, because on a human level it is irrational and idiotic. “Hatred and evil are NOT valuable, and anyone who says they are is a lunatic.” Well, yeah. But this dilemma is only experienced by old souls and those who are awakening to a new consciousness. Those who engage in dark activities are working through ages-old karma, so to them, whatever they do – no matter how destructive or irrational – is perfectly reasonable. You don’t know what you don’t know, but through experience, you can evolve in consciousness. Working through old karma via living and experience eventually leads to higher consciousness.

More and more of us are waking up and literally seeing the light of higher consciousness. Therefore the group in the light is growing stronger, and the energy of light increases to expose more of the darkness. That’s a comforting thought even though the exposure of darkness triggers those engaging in formerly hidden activities, and uncovers more unconfrontable things (and people). In other words, the darkness gets outted, which causes panic. Moreover, the dark group is much louder and much more insistent in their demands, and accuses others of the very things they themselves are doing. So it seems, on the surface, that the forces of darkness are winning.

The uncovering of darkness will proceed until there is no more darkness.

In a society with low consciousness, this could take a while. But the process itself is benevolent. When you mess up you have to confront what you did and face the consequences. Humanity has now, after millennia exploring the dark, decided to do this.

A comforting thought for those in the light: People waking up and working through karma, even though they create chaos for others, can have little effect you if you stay in the light. Unless, of course, you allow yourself to panic or get triggered into their drama. If you have done your personal spiritual work, you cannot be dragged into a karmic group situation unless you consciously decide to do so.

I’m pretty sure that those who haven’t yet awakened are younger souls with little experience on the planet. The recent controversy between the Royal Family and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry illustrates the viewpoint of the young soul versus the old soul.

Old souls must understand that intolerance toward those in the dark isn’t helpful. As my friend Craig says, “If you want peace then you have to BE peace.”

Truth vs. Lies

Truth must always win over lies because a lie propagates itself into the future, whereas a truth is recognized and accepted. A false narrative spreads over the globe before the truth even puts on its shoes. However, the energy of truth stays pure, whereas the energy of lies becomes more convoluted, and more and more lies are needed to cover up for the previous lies. This eventually creates a gigantic energetic mess that collapses in on itself like a poorly built structure, and releases hidden motives and evil intentions for all to see.

Console yourself with the thought that the dark must always fail in their activities, for they are always based on lies. In this time of the Great Awakening, all lies will be exposed.

The dark counters this by attempting to memory-hole their lies, and replace them in the news cycle with other lies. George Orwell talked about this through his character, Winston Smith, in 1984. Smith rewrote the archives of newspaper articles to reflect the new policies of Big Brother. The mass murderer Mao Tse-tung also did this during the Cultural Revolution in China, which denigrated thousands of years of Chinese traditions and culture (destroying the 4 Olds). Now, Big Tech is censoring all viewpoints (both Left and Right) that don’t fit its globalist, warmongering agenda. Here in the US, we have our own American Cultural Revolution with CCP (information warfare) and Nazi (race baiting and race hatred) characteristics. The common denominator of both is cancel culture, censorship, race and class warfare, and intolerance. These are all lies because they do not reflect the diving nature of the human being. They are the tools of the dark. But the tools of the light are far more powerful, for truth, by definition, exposes lies.

Love Is Quiet

The dark actors are being exposed. How do you recognize a dark actor? By their intolerance and their contempt for others. Those who embrace the service-to-self concept are sticking out like sore thumbs now. These are the loud, complaining ones. Those who embrace the service-to-others concept quietly go about their business of helping people without needing approval, or  a TV special, or bling. Helping others (and therefore yourself) is reward enough.

Hatred is loud. Love is quiet.

War is loud. Peace is quiet.

Intolerance is loud. Tolerance is quiet.


The United States, and the entire world, is in the middle of an information war. During Trump’s four years, there was an Obama shadow government composed of former officials like John Kerry and John Brennan, who went around and met with foreign leaders outside normal channels. Now, during the Biden era, there are TWO shadow governments. Obama, through his proxies like Susan Rice, Ron Klain, Tony Blinken, and others, are running the Biden show for poor Joe, who is clearly just a puppet. But there is also a Trump shadow government composed of former Trump admin officials such as Mike Pompeo and Chris Miller. Both sides recognize (despite loud objections in the media) that the election irregularities in 2020 undermine the legitimacy of the current president. My guess is that by the end of 2021 this will become obvious, because the situation as it now stands completely lacks integrity.