Freedom vs Tyranny

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong
enough to take everything you have."
----Thomas Jefferson

Tyranny by Any Name is...Tyranny

In the United states today we operate under the political system called Statism. Statism has various offshoots, which are just different branches of collectivism, or socialism. Socialism is a great concept in theory – the idea that society is managed for the good of all citizens -- but in practice it leads to tyranny. That is because the human race has not advanced far enough in awareness to implement it properly.

For example, In the United States, we have two different kinds of socialism, each one represented by a different party.

The Republican party practices Corporate Socialism, and the Democratic Party practices Government Socialism.
Corporate Socialism has been tried before, in Nazi Germany and in Fascist Italy.

The Nazi Party was called the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. It was characterized by corporate control of the economy, and in the political arena, intimidation and thuggery, as all opposition was quickly extinguished. Mussolini was a socialist before founding his National Fascist Party, and his views were influenced by his father, who was a revolutionary socialist. Both Naziism and Fascism is Corporate Socialism.

Corporate Socialism is characterized by a government that deregulates the economy for the benefit of corporate structures that work with government. The government offers corporations tax breaks, and in general provides a free-for-all environment in which corporate power can grow unchecked, resulting in endemic corruption. Corporate Socialism in the United States got going well in 1980, after Ronald Reagan was elected. Reagan began the deregulation of the financial and corporate sectors, leading eventually to the financial crisis.

Government Socialism is modeled on the Leninist/Stalinist (Soviet) model, and is characterized by a complete takeover of the economy, and political life, by the government. Corporations and banks are nationalized, and control passes to a small elite at the top. This is what we are experiencing now with the Obama administration, which essentially nationalized the automobile industry, and has attempted to take over banking and insurance as well. (Actually it's a lot more complicated than that; on 5 / 10 / 2010 the market suddenly dropped almost 1,000 points. This was the bankers' response to Obama's proposed "break up the big banks bill," S.3217. Because 70% of all trading today on the NYSE is done via computer, it is possible for the big players to rapidly move the market up or down. Essentially the message to Congress was, "If you fuck with us we will destroy the market." Congress capitulated later in the day, and the markets rose. Here is a video that explains this:

The draft Senate Bill (S. 3217, the financial regulatory reform legislation referenced above, also contains provisions that will allow the Treasury Dept to completely take over the financial sector. It establishes a hidden "Office of Financial Research" inside the Treasury Department, which will have almost unlimited financial powers to create new derivative assets and regulate all organizations that use the Federal Reserve dollar. Don't be fooled by the "political talk" about this bill. It runs over 1300 pages, and none of our Democrat or Republican representatives will read the entire bill before voting on it. This is another reason, in the next election, to dump these two parties. Our Democrat and Republican representatives do not read the legislation they vote on. Congress is, today, basically a rubber stamp for influential corporations, who write the legislation and pass it on to Congress. The two bailouts, TARP and TALF, were passed by Congress before they had even read the bills. These bills essentially created more fiat money and transferred it to the banks, inflating the currency and harming the economy. The Patriot Acts, which gutted our constitution and our Bill of Rights, were passed without our representatives even glancing at the legislation.

Really, there isn’t a lot of difference between these two kinds of Statism, as both wind up being a hierarchical, top-down arrangement of society and its resources, which benefit the very few at the expense of the rest. This setup, in the deluded minds of its proponents, is called "power." Interestingly enough, all people who follow this philosophy of phantom power believe in materialism, and deny spirituality. They are inverted, and they make life miserable for the rest of us.

The Democrat party and the Republican party have failed us, the voters.

It is time to send them on their way.

If we do not change the people who represent us, nothing will change.

Our country is bankrupt. That is a simple fact. Our national (government) debt is over 12 trillion. The Chinese own over $40 trillion of our securities (government debt and private, bank created securities) accumulated over decades. Our governmental unfunded liabilities (Medicare, social security) total around $50 trillion. Our balance of payment deficits are over $500 billion every year. And our banks are holding tens of trillions more in worthless derivative assets like CDO's and CDS's.

This is the real problem, friends. Our banks hold so much worthless paper(which they created) that the government simply doesn't have the money to bail them out. In order to keep the economy on track, the Fed has simply been printing money for the past two years. Check the St. Louis Fed's graph of the money supply at and you will see what I mean.
This is what happens when the people of a country let others manage their money! When a government begins printing or creating money like you see on the graph, hyperinflation is right around the corner. Either that, or a currency devaluation. Both solutions lead to the same thing: a loss of purchasing power and a lower standard of living. That is why it is vital to conduct an audit of the Federal Reserve, the nation's central bank, which controls the printing and the creation of money. We, the people, need to find out what these guys have been doing to our beloved dollar!

People, we can still get our country back. But in order to do so, we must abandon the two failed parties who have allowed this situation to occur over the past 50 years. If we do not, we only have ourselves to blame.
Both the Democrat party and the Republican party embrace a top-down philosophy which benefits a few at the expense of the rest of us. Call it whatever "ism" you want, it is rule by the few over the many – or tyranny.

It is time to re-establish true representative democracy and restore the Constitution.

We must clean out the deadwood and start over, by electing 3rd party candidates and by completely boycotting the corrupt Democrat and Republican parties.

We must also hold Congressional hearings on the activities of our Intelligence agencies. Do not believe for a moment that these agencies are defending us against terrorism. They are criminal organizations that hide under the National Security Act of 1947, et seq, and National Security Directives. For "national security" read "we are committing crimes and we don't want you to find out about them." These outfits are themselves terrorist organizations.

In order to restore our democracy we must get new blood in Congress, audit the Federal Reserve, and open the Pandora's Box of the so called "intelligence community" and expose this stinking filth to the light of day.
It is time for the American people to turn off "American Idol" and demand accountability from the people in Washington DC.

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    This is an explosive article which shows the reality. Please publish this in other sites. It is high time for people to wake up and truly know what is going on..

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