Daily Archives: September 6, 2021

Humanity’s evolutionary path out of the darkness involves massive amounts of data and misinformation. For example, I saw a vid from an Ann Arbor physician about the Pfizer vaccine who claims that there have been 12,000+ deaths from the Pfizer jab. The doctor testified about level three and four side effects and thousands of deaths at a Michigan House hearing on Covid Vaccine Mandates:

So OK, the guy is testifying before a Michigan State House committee. All is on the up-and-up. However, I never take anything at face value so I looked up Dr. James Neuenschwander and found this:

James and Patricia Neuenschwander are anti-vaxxers. Dr. Neuenschwander was featured at an anti-vaccine symposium, on the notorious Vaxxed bus, and on a Del Bigtree anti-vaccine propaganda video. James and Patricia Neuenschwander have also traveled to speak at the CDC to fear-monger about vaccines. James Neuenschwander claims to be board certified in “integrative medicine”. Integrative medicine is a marketing term frequently used by quacks. James Neuenschwander boasts membership in a number of pseudoscience organizations, including A4M, ACAM, DAN, MAPS and ILADS.”


The organization who wrote this is called lymescience.org. What is lymescience.org? Notice the use of the words “pseudoscience” and “quacks.” I know from personal experience that these two terms are used frequently by Big Pharma paid trolls to “debunk” alternative treatments.

A website called Morgellon’s Survey asks this question: "Who owns the Fake Twitter Account, @LymeScience?:

Who is @LymeScience? If we had to speculate our assumption would be a PR agency hired to produce astroturf . The IDSA is losing power over the Lyme issue and this @LymeScience may be a desperate attempt at influencing public opinion. Appearing as a nonaffiliated concerned grassroots organization is, of course, the definition of astroturf itself. Astroturf is effective for people who really don’t know any different,  and in this case – those who might also be Breaking Bad fanatics.”


According to Andrew Rankin, in a story titled “Nova Scotia's top doctor takes heat over retweet dismissing chronic Lyme disease,” lymescience.org “is not affiliated to any particular person or group.

Others on the board r/Lyme on Reddit say, “I’m assuming that you’re referring to lymescience.org, which is a fake news site that defames lyme disease.”

That’s just a snippet of the rabbit hole you can go down when trying to research anything! Who are we supposed to believe? The physician or those who criticize him? I don’t know this guy, but I don’t know firsthand any of his critics either.

It’s all part of the information war for the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity. It’s part of an evolutionary test to see whether the human race can embrace the light and reject the darkness.

Discernment is the only way to negotiate this info war, because there are always arguments on both sides. That’s a good thing because it forces people to look within and find that divine kernel of wisdom that is the birthright of every human being. The takeaway: Truth lies within you.