Daily Archives: May 3, 2020

Here is an article published in Britain's Daily Mail about the origins of the virus, which summarizes all we know so far about its origins. It includes a summary of the recently released Five Eyes intelligence report on the virus.


Whether the virus originated in one of the two bio labs in Wuhan, or whether it escaped from a Wuhan wet market, has still not been established. However, lax safety procedures at these labs make it more likely that it somehow originated in one of the Wuhan biolabs.

We won't know for sure until the CCP allows the WHO and other reputable scientists from around the world to inspect these labs. Unfortunately, according to the article, the CCP is and has been suppressing information and destroying evidence at the labs for weeks. We may never know the truth.

We also know that the CCP held a buffet-style party on January 18th for local members of the Wuhan Communist Party. This despite knowing that human-human transmission of the virus was a reality. The CCP was willing, apparently, to endanger its own members in an attempt to protect its reputation. This decision must have been made at the highest levels of the Party.

IF the virus escaped from the lab, was it accidental or deliberate? Right now the latter suggestion is just a conspiracy theory. However, we do know that the CCP locked down Hubei province while allowing their citizens to fly all over the world. This is the origin of the "deliberately released" theory.

Regardless of intent, the CCP will need to answer for their actions. If there is a cover-up, it would suggest that the CCP knows that it's culpable. The investigations are just beginning. My hope is that the Chinese peoples will free themselves from the rule of the totalitarian CCP, which has been oppressing them since 1949.