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If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?" — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The strength or weakness of a society depends more on the level of its spiritual life than on its level of industrialization. Neither a market economy nor even general abundance constitutes the crowning achievement of human life. If a nation's spiritual energies have been exhausted, it will not be saved from collapse by the most perfect government structure or by any industrial development. A tree with a rotten core cannot stand." — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was a Soviet dissenter imprisoned in the Soviet Gulag for his beliefs and his outspokenness for the cause of liberty and freedom.

Inner and Outer

Spiritual life exists on the "inner plane." The "real" world exists on the outer plane. Those who have been awakened have a spiritual life and know what I'm talking about. Those who don't haven't a clue. To those still sleepwalking through life, wealth and acclaim are primary. During the Shift, however, the inner world is becoming more and more important.

Events unfolding in the political arena are reflections of the status of mass consciousness. When the consciousness of humanity is low, darkness is transcendent. When the consciousness of humanity rises, we will see cooperation and peace on earth. The question is: What happens while the process is unfolding? Are we going down or up?

The actions of the players on the stage in the "real world" are limited by the status of the work done on the inner plane. Action follows thought. When thought is elevated action is elevated and vice versa. In the old energy the inner plane was hidden from most of humanity. The level of allowed action varied in the lower ranges. Corruption, tyranny, and perversion were pervasive.

Yet in June, another dictator was liberated from the dark forces when Kim Jong Un and Trump met for their summit. It was a great boon for world peace, for NoKo has been a flashpoint for nuclear war for several decades. All of this was arranged when the president visited Asia in November of 2017. He met with Xi Jinping, Shinzo Abe of Japan, South Korean officials, and Kim himself. It was all worked out in advance. The "summit" was just for show. When Kim fired his top three generals shortly before the summit, the liberation of North Korea was a done deal. This isn't about politics so I won't go into it further, other than to say that the pushback to peace from the dark side is ongoing and will continue.

Those on the right say that Donald Trump was responsible, those on the left say it's fake and that Kim is still a murderous dictator. This is "outer plane" talk. The agreement in November and the meeting in Singapore, on the inner planes, caused a massive celebration. It was anticipated. It is the first big sign that the planet is truly tending toward peace on earth.

In your meditations, go inward and ask about this. You will find great joy concerning it.

Progress of the Light

Look at what has happened in the last two years. First, Saudi Arabia kicked out their corrupt elements and incarcerated them in a hotel last fall. After that, in Armenia, the Armenian military took to the streets with their citizens and forced the dictatorial leader there to resign. After that, in Syria, ISIS was defeated. Now, North Korea. I'd say the forces of light are doing pretty well. Next up on the list is Iran? The Iranian people are choking under the leadership of their corrupt and dictatorial regime. Less than 10% of the people support the regime. Iranians have been taking to the streets since last fall. Look for major progress in this great country and the restoration of Persian culture.

Trump also offered Pakistan (a country with nuclear weapons) a deal similar to the one offered to NoKo: Denuclearize and receive protection. The Pakistani's say they are considering it.

The US has an understanding with China and Russia, despite the doom and gloom in the major news media. China is of course an economic and political rival to the United States, but when it comes to world peace, China and the US are now allies. Moreover, the supposed conflict and ill-will between Putin and Trump is also mostly fake. This will become more and more clear as the weeks and months pass. (After I wrote this a news item stated that Putin and Trump will meet this summer in a third country. I think this will also bear fruit.)

Keep the progress of the light in mind when fear-based stories come out. The tendency in the old paradigm is to say, "Yeah, right. Xi is a dictator who is using social engineering to suppress his people. Putin isn't any better. If you think Kim is not going to renege on his promise to denuclearize (as he has done in the past) you are delusional." That's just what the dark army wants us to think! Invalidate the progress made on the inner plane, stop progress on the outer plane. So investigate, use discernment, consult on the inner planes for wisdom. Fear-based tactics are the province of the dark army.

Clinton hatred, Obama hatred, Trump hatred are all unproductive for lightworkers. We have to celebrate the victories of the light and pray for a good outcome when the dark forces respond. And they will!

The Role of Lightworkers

Who made the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula possible? All of us who are doing their work on the inner plane. More of these events will occur if we keep going. With positive visualization and meditation for world peace, we, as the quantum operators, select from the infinite set of future possibilities those positive values that will manifest in positive outcomes in the world. Of course it also takes positive action, but there are only a few actors on the world stage capable of making them come about. We, the people, select those possible courses of positive action. Guys like Trump and Kim feel the vibe and manifest them.

Peace on earth will come when the human race wakes up to the power of our co-creative consciousness. The only power of the dark side is to hijack our co-creative consciousness by spreading fear and disinformation. This occurs from the "right" and from the "left." Fear is an equal-opportunity employer!

It is counter-intuitive that the more light is spread the more chaos results. We've talked about this before. The dirt and the mess have to be exposed. When it is, the dark fights these revelations and spreads disinformation, engaging in the only tactics they understand: intimidation, chaos, disinfo, and even death.  This is going to continue through 2018 and 2019, at least.

Lightworkers have to stay on their spiritual toes, hold the light, be as tolerant and compassionate as possible. When a society becomes divided, the temptation is to become involved in argumentation. People who are still sleeping are swayed by loudly stated opinions and emotions (fear and anger), which obscures discernment and rational thinking. The Shift is causing many to become unbalanced. If you are reading this you are a lightworker. Don't fall for the Trump or the Clinton hate. Nobody said it would be easy! The Shift is a shift out of old attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs.

The new world is not going to look like the old. It is not a new version of the old. What we are experiencing has never been experienced before on the planet. What I'm saying is that the changes that occur will often be unrecognizable, because we are shifting to a new vibration. Change often causes fear because in the old energy, change usually meant that the other shoe was going to drop, as my grandfather used to say. Well, we have to get out of old habits. Our job is to create peace and enlightenment on the planet, and accept the changes that occur, even if we've never seen them before.

The earth is headed out of a denser, 3D world and into more multidimensionality. This means that a more chaotic pattern emerges to 3D eyes and the 3D mentality. We can see this at the recent summit between Kim and Trump, which was conducted along what experienced observers say is a haphazard fashion. For example,

A former top diplomatic official for the Obama administration said that President Trump granted Kim Jong Un more power than he deserved by flying the American and North Korean flags side-by-side over their recent summit. She also slammed Trump's team for not knowing "what they're doing." Wendy Sherman, a former undersecretary of State for political affairs, said on MSNBC that she was "a little taken aback" by the backdrop when Trump first shook hands with Kim, a historic first for the leaders of the two countries, earlier on Tuesday. "I was a little taken aback by the North Korean flags and the American flags side by side ... We aren't equals to each other," Sherman said. "This conferred power to Kim Jong Un that I don't think he has yet earned."

—The Hill. "Top Obama official: Trump let North Korea look like our equals."  Justin Wise, 06/12/18

This well-intentioned official was judging things by the old standards. The new way will sometimes seem offhand, unthinking, and chaotic. It is more spontaneous and less linear.

What is happening on the outer plane does not always reflect the true state of affairs on the inner plane, because it takes time for new consciousness to manifest. There is a time lag. That time lag is used by the dark to sow fear and contention. Lightworkers don't have to buy into that.

Note: the positive vibes from the North Korean summit have entirely faded in a few short days, and have been replaced by the hatred and anger surrounding the immigration debate. Both the "right" and the "left" are participating. As a lightworker, ask yourself, How did this happen? This is a good example of how the co-creative consciousness of humanity can be sidetracked.

The Lemurian Scrolls

I have been reading a channeled book by Gurudeva called The Lemurian Scrolls. In it he describes what happened in Lemuria 50,000 years ago, when it was realized that millennia of darkness was about to descend on the planet and that we would lose the higher consciousness and descend into barbarism. Back then, according to Gurudeva, the inner plane was much more visible. Peace and joy were accepted attributes and manifested everywhere. People were in telepathic communication. In The Lemurian Scrolls, the author tells about the various monasteries that were established. The purpose of these monasteries was to establish a powerful high vibration and create a place on the earth (Hawaii) that would continue to send out high vibes through the millennia of the Kali Yuga, the dark times we are now living through. Mystics and lightworkers throughout the ages established these "spiritual" places all over the planet, anchoring the higher vibrations and attempting to ensure that civilization didn't completely collapse. These sacred places on the planet still exist. Perhaps these sacred spaces on the inner plane, manifested and grounded in the outer plane, helped us to get through the prophesied destruction at the turn of the millennium.

Dear reader, you are most likely the descendants of those spiritual leaders throughout history who helped to establish these sacred spaces, and who worked to bring the planet out of darkness. Pat yourself on the back! But realize that there is a lot of work still to do. Everyone who was ever on the earth is incarnated (or about to reincarnate) now. We are here to continue our work begun so long ago. New souls have been coming to the planet in their billions, swelling the population to 8 billion. These new souls are acting as a "buffer" to mitigate the effects of the war of dark versus light. Most of them are sleeping, but ready to awaken.

Up or Down?

Are we going up or down?

We are going upward in a two-steps-forward-one-step back fashion. The light makes progress, the dark reacts. If this continues the dark forces will be defeated. Lightworkers are an important part of the equation. Most of you have been here hundreds or even thousands of times. Your life this time around is a continuation of centuries or millennnia of effort. For almost all of us this is a working lifetime. Old souls get lifetimes off after many lifetimes in a row of hard work. A few of the sleeping souls are old souls. Some of these will never wake up, but almost all of them will.

We must see past the discord on the outer plane and understand that the inner plane will become, slowly, more and more visible. The chaos in current events, and the polarization, is caused by the light penetrating the darkness. Hang in there. As my favorite musician, Kurt Rosenwinkel says, (From the song "Hold On"):

It's plain to see we live in our own reality. But was it meant to be that we are all alone?

Stars shine and spirits align, yet we are all different kinds. But we're together, yeah, we're all together. We can find the way home and you know we're not alone. Though the road seems so long we gotta hold on, hold on.

Seek and you will find, it's always been on the prophet's mind. Don't toe the line, you'll be forgiven, yeah, forgiven. We can find the way home and you know we're not alone. Though the road seems so long we gotta hold on, hold on.

Seize the day, don't throw your life away. Feel the trees as they sway and know you're living, yeah, you're living. We can find the way home and you know we're not alone. Though the road seems so long we gotta hold on, hold on.

All through the night they keep saying we gotta fight. But we're just trying to find the light. We gotta be strong, we gotta hold on.

Hang in there!


Postscript: A Note about the NSA

In June of 2013, Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald released documents that showed how the National Security Agency spies not only on Americans, but pretty much the entire world. Most of the world's internet/comm traffic is routed through the US because we have the world's most sophisticated communications and processing infrastructure. It should be obvious now that the world is engaged in an intelligence war, which is part of the battle of Dark vs Light. In the US this battle has now evolved to the conflict between the CIA (dark hats) and the NSA (now controlled by the white hats). The NSA has been portrayed as the bad guy, spying on everyone and invading privacy everywhere, setting up a "New World Order." But what if the NSA is necessary to spy on the bad guys?

This planet is a corporate fascism, run by criminals. Since the advent of the National Security Act in 1947, a clandestine "deep state" has evolved of persons who are interested in worldwide control. How to take these people down? By using the world's most comprehensive spying tool – the NSA. What if the NSA were now in the hands of the good guys? It would mean that every email, text, voice conversation, Skype conversation, mobile conversation, and pic is recorded and stored. It would mean that there are, literally, no secrets. It would mean that the dark army is being exposed in everything it does, all over the planet. Of course it also means that everyone is being spied on, but for me that is a small price to pay to free this planet and create an earth where the creativity and basic good impulses of human beings can flourish.

Things are not always as they seem.