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2018 numerologically resolves to an 11. 11 is a master number, the number of Illumination. 2018 will be a significant year as the light illuminates the darkness.

The battle between dark and light is being won by the light. The catalyst in this is someone most people won't believe: President Trump. To understand this go to David Wilcock's site divinecosmos.com and read the summary of events that has occurred in 2017. The blog post is called "Stunning New Briefings: Mass Indictments, Targeted Arrests and Disclosure." It's a very positive development. As I said just after the election, President Trump is the kind of barbarian you need to demolish the old decrepit structures on the job site to make way for the new, shiny buildings. Trump is perfectly positioned for the job he is doing.

The planet has been governed by a corporate fascism for decades now. Corruption has been the norm, not the exception. That is all changing.

Almost all of this stuff is happening behind the scenes. However, in 2017 some of it is being reported by the mainstream press.

What has occurred so far is a sweeping up of a lot of dark actors. The process is ongoing. This is not only happening in the United States but also in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Europe, and Asia. President Trump has told world leaders that the US will no longer engage in "politics as usual," that we are "cleaning our swamp" and that other countries are responsible for cleaning up their own acts. When Trump went to Asia, for example, he told the Chinese that North Korea was their problem, and to handle it. Trump says a lot of histrionic bullshit but he has people in place to hold him back. He is an unlikely force for good (mostly).

Since the administration of Bush 41 (the old Bush) endemic corruption has been the rule in Washington DC, and all over the planet. The United States still has great influence around the world, because of our military presence. The US military has had it with "business as usual" and has been demanding a change from the civilian leadership. President Trump (whether he wants to or not) has been forced to accede. That is why there are so many military and ex-military in his administration.

While we are "cleaning our swamp," other countries are doing the same. The politics of corruption is gradually being swept away.  I don't want to go into this too much because there are already great summaries of these events. The Wilcock article has a lot of links that will explain this process in greater detail. Pay special attention to the posts of MegaAnon on 4chan.

2018 is the year when reporting of these events will begin to show up on the major media sites like the NYT, The Washington Post, and the network news shows. The NYT has already reported two stories that modestly disclose some of this stuff: the story about the hacking of the NSA and about the DoD department that admits the existence of UFOs and ETs. (Links in the Wilcock article). In 2018 this reporting will expand. People are going to be shocked at the level of corruption. This corruption is planet-wide and has been directed by the dark forces.

As I said last month, the battle between light and dark is no longer between nation-states. The light has now penetrated to the point where corrupt governmental structures are falling apart. The battle has now evolved to the hearts and minds of 7.5 billion individuals. What we decide, as a collective of individuals, will determine the scope of action for all of the actors, and how our societies will look going forward.

Much of this disclosure has been held back simply because the situation in the US is too polarized right now. We are very fragile both politically and economically. This has to go slow. There are over 4,800 sealed indictments of officials in place right now. Pedophile networks are being broken up. In 2018, as in 2017, corrupt politicians and officials will be resigning their offices. By the end of 2018 there will be no doubt by the public that a global battle is being fought. What will determine the result?

The hearts and minds of individuals all over the planet.

Metaphysics and Reality

Although the metaphysical and esoteric stuff I talk about month after month and year after year may sound like fluff and nonsense, it is actually the most important determinant for what actually happens in politics, the economy, and society in general.

The vibrational level of the collective consciousness determines the parameters of action of all of the actors on the stage. Some call this the power of co-creative consciousness. The battle is not about who is corrupt and which party do they belong to. It's about how many people can raise their own personal resonance to encompass more tolerance, compassion, and love. That's what the planet needs right now. Gaia has endured millennia of conflict and fighting and stupidity from humanity. It is now time to show compassion for each other and for the planet. The earth deserves this. We deserve it.

It's ALWAYS been about this.

In the "old" energy this was impossible. The balance between dark and light was in favor of the dark. The "fix" was in. Prophecy said that the world was going to be destroyed once again.

But it didn't happen. It didn't happen because of an entirely invisible phenomenon: the gradual raising of vibration of enough individuals changed the configuration space of human action. The set of possibilities, or potentials, changed. And it changed because of those reading this. You guys did it. The white hats on the scene now, who are cleaning up the mess, could never have gotten into action if it hadn't been for you guys who did your lightwork, who did your meditations, who cleaned up your karmic act. You guys changed a prophecy that had been written in stone since the last precession of the equinoxes 26,000 years ago. That's how profound this esoteric stuff is. So give yourselves a pat on the back. Then realize the battle is just beginning.

We have to continue the work. People are going to get awfully confused and frightened when revelations of corruption and despicable deeds are revealed. Pedophilia, trafficking in human beings and children, drug and arms smuggling to bad actors, all of this stuff is going to gradually come out (and a whole lot more). It's something that has been inevitable ever since we passed the marker on December 21, 2012. The significance of this marker esoterically is that the planet is in a 36-year window at the completion of the planet's 26,000-year wobble. The start of this window was approximately 1994 and it will end in 2030. 2012 was the middle of it. We made it past the marker. All of the most significant action will be over by 2030. So there are still 12 years to go!

Events have accelerated rapidly in 2017. This will continue in 2018 especially, and also in 2019. The 11 year of 2018, a year of Illumination, will see the beginning of significant disclosure in the mass media. "Conspiracy" sites will no longer seem so conspiratorial. The next 11 year, in 2027, will also be enormously significant. But the potentials of what will happen then is utterly dependent on what we do now.

Not everything is going to be revealed. Some dark actors will be allowed to resign or be arrested, but not physically abused. They will be allowed to go quietly into the night.

What to do with the dark actors will become a major problem.  We've talked about this in previous blog posts. When dark actors are exposed the demand will be for execution and retribution. "Let's give these scumbags a taste of their own medicine." Hopefully wiser heads will prevail. The collective must react with as much compassion as possible. To terminate those who have murdered puts us back in an old vibration. We become that which we despise. That is why those who meditate for peace and who act with tolerance and compassion in their lives are so important. This resonance then impacts the collective. The resonance of the collective consciousness will determine how far we go up the scale vibrationally. It's you guys who will determine what kind of society our children and their children will have for the next several thousand years.

The esoteric stuff is where the real action is. When you design a blueprint for a house it gets built by the skilled craftsmen in precisely that way. The blueprint is the template that defines the parameters of action and physical manifestation. That template comes from the thoughts of the designer. So too does the vibration of the collective consciousness determine the potentials of physical action for the planet. The collective consciousness is the quantum operator that determines which potential states have a chance to manifest. Behind all physical form is the invisible substrate of thought, intention, and feeling. These go directly into the planetary grids of subtle energy, which then interface with the consciousness of each individual.

The more people who clue into this the faster progress will be made. I have graphically illustrated these ideas in a movie you can see for free on sunrise-production.org, called "The Evolution of Consciousness."

This is nothing new. People have been talking about this for thousands of years. But now more people are tuning into this good vibe. Now it is crucial to understand because the energy has changed. The collective consciousness is the co-creator of our planetary reality.

Everyone plays his or her part. The heroes are always considered to be the men and women on the ground who are putting themselves on the front line in this battle. But everyone has a part to play. We are all in this together. The guys who meditate and do their lightwork in the background are just as important as the heroes who get all the medals and the fanfare.

2018 is a year of Illumination. Look for much more disclosure of the activities of the dark forces. Don't despair when some portray this as the end of the world.

It's not THE end of the world; it's the end of THEIR world: the world of darkness and corruption.

The battle is being won!