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In previous blog posts we've talked about the duality and the physics of the duality. We've said that the darkness is not an entity, but a force, as in physics. F = ma is just a statement that any force is the product of mass and acceleration. The gravitational constant, G, is the measure of a force that acts downward to the surface of the earth. When the apple hit Isaac Newton on the head as he sat under the tree, it wasn't a diabolical act. It wasn't the result of an evil being with a conscious personality. The force of gravity, or any force in nature, is just a part of the physics of our four-dimensional world.

It often appears that evil is diabolical and conscious. Evil has been represented by Satan, the devil, Belial, or any number of conscious personalities. And in fact there are evil people; horrible people who do monstrous things. They exist today and have existed throughout history. But evil people are not inherently evil. "You are just being picky," you might say. "What's the difference between an evil entity and a force that is evil?"

There's a big difference.

We are made of light. Light represents all the positive emotions. It's divine, it's who we are. Light is the substrate that permeates the entire universe; all life, all objects, all energy. In our 3D universe darkness is merely a force, like the force of gravity. It's neutral. By neutral I mean that a being must freely choose to go down the dark path; it is not an inherent attractor to human consciousness. If evil exists (and it does) it has been created by humanity through free choice. We cannot choose not to be light, for light is everything that is wonderful. We are wonderful. Our bodies are based on the Phi ratio, a mathematical relation that represents perfect harmony, perfect harmonious growth and contraction from the infinitely small to the infinitely large (see the geometry section of my website, kjmaclean.com). Darkness is mere physics, created by the Central Source to manifest the duality that is necessary to evolve physical beings out of ignorance and into enlightenment.

Evolution is the basis upon which all life, all thought, all action, operates.

In the physical universe a civilization can't start in perfection; or, if it does, it will inevitably begin to find its own unique path. Why? Because perfection in the physical universe is impossible. Any physical system is a product of forces. Physical systems are always in motion, even a system where the forces are balanced, in a state of equilibrium. Therefore every system, society, or organization is constantly changing. Perfection is impossible for any length of time.  Therefore a system or a society, even a perfect one that starts in a Garden of Eden, will always evolve (or devolve).

In our non-physical Native State we are already perfect. We are God. We are in bliss all the time. We cannot help but exist in perfect harmony, for that is the basis of God consciousness. The physical universe is different. It was created (evolved) because the One needed (or wanted) experience. When things are perfect for too long human beings need some excitement to liven things up. That's the motivation from the Great Central Source (us) to create dimensions and universes. So we did that.

When a new civilization begins it may start with complete connection to Source. But it does not have knowledge. It is like a baby; pure, pristine, but without the information necessary to go on. If it were possible for a society to live in Paradise forever, it would be static (see my paper, The Geometry of Harmony). It wouldn't evolve because the people in it are like children. If they live in a Garden of Eden everything is provided for them. That's great, but how long will that last before people get bored?

You might disagree and say that a civilization that is totally innocent and connected to Source IS evolved. You could say that it has reached the pinnacle. But it hasn't. It has just begun. Paradise isn't a state to evolve to, it's a state to evolve from. Another word for Paradise is Static, which means forever in the same state. A static civilization or a person is lacking in movement, action, or change. For physical organisms this describes death.

Experience and the Duality

What is the difference between the grizzled war veteran who yearns for peace in the world and the innocent adolescent who wants peace?


The grizzled war veteran has seen it all. He's made every mistake you can make. He's killed people, destroyed property, and has seen what it does to people's lives. He or she will never make that mistake again. He or she will never kill again. He or she has learned a respect (and maybe even love) for life.

When the innocent is threatened he or she may react one way or the other. That person may fight and kill or maybe not. The experienced person who desires peace is a safe bet. He or she will only kill if it becomes life threatening, and maybe not even then. Such a person has evolved to a point where violence will not find him or her because that person has been through the mill and no longer feels the necessity to lash out. His or her vibration is a peaceful one, and will attract peaceful people. The innocent may need to experience what it is like to use violence to solve problems. Does it work or not?

The old soul has experience, has already been there and done that in past lives. The young soul (with little karmic experience) has not.

Experience can only be gained if there is a choice of action, a choice of paths to take. Experience requires the duality. Evolution results from experience and free choice.

The evolution of consciousness is based on experience. The connection to Source is an entirely separate issue! There are two "variables" for the evolution of human consciousness: a connection or disconnection to Source, and free choice to decide what actions to take.

1) A society or a person that turns away from the light will eventually destroy itself. A society or person that is connected to source will eventually evolve to a state of enlightenment.

2) A society that has no knowledge may also self-destruct, having no understanding of life. The total innocent, the person who is too naive, gets rolled over.

The duality – the straight-line polarity between dark and light – provides many paths for free choice.

An enlightened being has no free will in the sense that such a person will always make the "right" decision. He or she has evolved to the point where they know who they are and will always go to the light. Of course such a person has free will, but enlightenment results from so much experience that the choice will always be the one that more greatly enhances his or her feelings of self-worth, creativity, and happiness. In this sense free will is unnecessary, because that direction is always the light.

The system has been set up so that the duality provides an almost infinite set of choices. The duality provides the opportunity to find out what ethics means, what happiness really is, what integrity is, what misery and sadness is. It provides for experience. Experience is knowledge.

In summary, human consciousness evolves both on the spiritual level – connection to Source – and in knowledge. Without knowledge the innocent may make any number of mistakes that lead to personal and collective destruction. The experienced person KNOWS what to do and what not to do.

The Physics of Darkness

Physics just describes a set of "natural laws" that operate based on your level of knowledge and connection to Source. When consciousness evolves new physical laws are uncovered, leading to more enlightened choices and a more enlightened society.

Enlightenment comes from experience, and experience comes from the duality.

Evil is just a force, not a malevolent entity. Light is inherent. The power of consciousness is its ability to go away from the light. But no matter how many "evil" persons there are in the world, it does not enhance the darkness. Darkness is a built-in part of the physics of the duality. It does not itself grow, it can only be accessed. A person in the light cannot be overwhelmed by darkness. Only if the person is already leaning toward darkness can it have any influence on him or her.

How is darkness activated?  Mostly through the free will choice to fight evil. This leads into a simple Law of Attraction explanation for an increased vibration of darkness within a person or a society. You can read my site (kjmaclean.com) in the Law of Attraction section for an explanation, or buy my book The Vibrational Universe for a detailed explanation of how this works.

Example: Person A sees that the XYZ Corporation has a policy of firing all employees who try to unionize their employees. This person approaches company executives, who laugh in her face. She decides that the only solution is to fight them, using the idea that "these brutes only understand one thing: force." Well, that's probably true. Young souls are pretty clueless because they don't have much earth experience. They think it's perfectly OK to dump toxic waste into pristine rivers and lakes, log off pristine forests to make a pile of money, and in general wreak havoc on other people and the earth. Person A knows that doing this is bad because she's already done it. OK, in a past life, but Person A has got experience because she's guilty of doing the same thing that the evil Koch brothers are doing, or the evil XYZ Corporation.

Fighting the XYZ Corporation accesses the dark energy. Because "you have to fight fire with fire."  How do you enlighten a moron when the only thing that works is to beat them over the head or take them out?

So Person A is now using the dark energy, she thinks, for a positive purpose. She is going to stop those bastards. If this continues she may or may not be successful in getting a change in policy. But one thing is for sure: She will become more acclimatized to the dark energy. As Walt Kelly once said, "We have met the enemy and he is us." This is simple Law of Attraction: you become what you give your attention to. The solution, of course, is not to fight but to create something positive in the world. But you don't understand that until you have a whole lot of experience.

When many people in the world fight evil they access the physics of the duality and darkness becomes more prevalent. But the strength of darkness itself does not increase. More and more people just decide to go there. If you examine this idea and observe your world you will get some mind-blowing realizations. I will only say that in this world there are masters of human psychology.

"Politics is Karma"

The duality is neither good nor bad. It is simply a vehicle for physical, conscious evolution. Understanding this can lead to greater tolerance. Greater tolerance leads to a lesser reliance on force (dark energy) to solve problems.

Lee Carroll once said in a lecture, "politics is karma." That is exactly right. What is politics but bickering and arguing over who did what to whom, and who is right or wrong? Politicians simply represent the state of mass consciousness. They are placeholders for US. They represent where we are at vibrationally.

The Solution to Evil (or the "Soul"ution to Evil)

What's the solution to evil? Bashing and taking people out is only temporary. The one who bashes and the one who gets bashed simply have all that negative energy transferred into their Akash. Next lifetime they have karma to work out. As we talked about in an earlier post, if this goes on too long the civilization collapses under its own weight and you have to start over.

The only solution is what Jesus the Christ said: "Turn the other cheek." What he meant was, "don't use the dark forces to solve the problem of evil." Albert Einstein rephrased this when he said, "You can't solve problems with the same consciousness that created them."

We all know what happened to Christ, but that dude really attracted the dark side to him because he went out into society and started healing people and showing them that a human being could be connected to God. The authorities didn't like that! That was when the planet was mired in the old energy. Nowadays, even a little exercise of tolerance by billions of people can make a huge difference. Back then people were so dense it took a Master to come down and show the way. In the new energy you can do this quietly in your daily life.

I'll tell you one thing: I aint no saint (that rhymes!). My life path isn't to be another Christ. I just try to be the nicest person I can and exercise a little tolerance and compassion to others. That's good enough, even though I'm not always successful. I admire people who are angels, I really do, but that's not my life path. If you are like me you don't have to be a hero every day. But you can be just a little more tolerant, a little more compassionate. That will be enough to shift the balance even more to the light.

We have already done the heavy slogging, old soul. We made it past the marker and into the new energy. Even so, there are still a lot of young souls out there, there is still a lot of crap that is going to hit the fan. In the new energy the rocks are being lifted and the cockroaches are being exposed to the light of day. The balance has shifted now towards the light. The number of idiots (young souls) is huge. Since 1930 there has been a population increase of 5.5 billion. The entire population of the planet is only 7.34 billion. That means a lot of clueless people in the world with only a lifetime or two of earth experience. It means that a lot of mistakes are going to be made.

You and I have to understand that we have done just what they've done. You don't have to love the Koch brothers, and other idiots like them, but you can exercise a little tolerance and compassion. These guys are probably just clueless young souls who have boarded the train of experience, and are working their way through the physics of the duality.

If  we can work for positive change, and not fight fire with fire, we can make a contribution to the evolution of human consciousness.

That's the soul-ution.