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“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”

—Albert Einstein 

This quote doesn’t mean that all absurd ideas are hopeful, but maybe there is hope for this one! This month we are going to discuss time and “higher vibrations.”

We experience time as flowing inexorably, unchanging. But Einstein, when he developed his Special Theory of Relativity, showed that a man who traveled on a spaceship going close to the speed of light would, when he came back to earth, find that much more time had passed on the planet than had passed in his spaceship.  When this result first came out in 1905 people were very upset and shocked, for good reason! Because at first glance it is counter-intuitive.

This result is shown mathematically by the Lorentz factor. Named after the Dutch scientist Hendrik Lorentz, it modifies the classical equations of motion developed by Newton, and shows that time dilates or slows down as one gets closer and closer to the speed of light. Newton was the guy who discovered gravity and developed the descriptions of moving objects we all learned in high school: if the car is travelling at 60 mph and the train is travelling at 40 mph, how long will it take the car to catch up with the train? That kind of stuff, which bores a lot of people but is absolutely vital to know if you want to build a bridge or a car or a cell phone. Anyway, the Lorentz factor is a simple addition to Newton’s formulations that demonstrates that for velocities that get closer and closer to the speed of light, time is not only measured differently, but experienced differently.

Time in Physics

If you don’t understand or hate maths, you can skip over the equations and just read the text.

The Lorentz factor is

The Lorentz factor

where v represents the velocity (the speed) and c is the speed of light. When v gets closer and closer to c,  gets closer and closer to 1, and everything under the square root sign gets smaller and smaller, which means the entire expression gets larger and larger.  How does this relate to time?

Let’s say Pete, a 30-year-old astronaut, goes on a 5-year mission and travels at 95% the speed of light. When he comes back his clock has measured 5 years, and he is biologically 5 years older (35). But he discovers that his friend Joe on earth, who was born on the same day, has aged 11 years more than he has. Joe is now 46! This is because of the Lorentz factor.  Pete subjectively experiences 5 years of time, but Pete’s 5 years are “slower” relative to Joe. In the equation below, just plug in 5 years for Pete’s time, and .95c for Pete’s velocity.

Pete and Joe's timeso t(Joe) = 16.

This says that Joe on earth measures 16 years while Pete only measures 5 years! That’s a difference of 11 years. This is called the relativistic time dilation effect: Pete’s time dilates or slows down relative to Joe’s time. All atoms in Pete’s spaceship (including Pete) are experiencing time more slowly relative to Joe.

The important concept here is that faster motion slows down time and actually affects biology, and aging—at least theoretically.

Theoretically, if Pete’s spaceship was travelling very very close to the speed of light, time would slow down so much for him that he could experience the entire evolution of the universe! Time would speed up outside his spaceship to the point where he could see the universe evolve like a movie. This concept was explored brilliantly in Poul Anderson’s SF novel, Tau Zero.

So fast motion has something to do with the experience of time.

Time in Biology

The relativistic nature of time is just a curiosity for 99.99% of the population. However, the flexible nature of time has also been recognized in biology. In a recent article in Scientific American, “Small Animals Live in a Slow Motion World,” Irish and British scientists discovered that the perception of time changes as body mass changes. This is what the article says:

One ‘dog year’ supposedly equals seven human years. But does one year feel like seven years to a dog? Evidence suggests that distinct species do indeed experience passing time on different scales. A recent study in Animal Behavior reveals that body mass and metabolic rate determine how animals of different species perceive time.


The scientists who ran the new study gathered data from previous experiments on the rate at which visual information is processed in 34 vertebrates, including lizards, birds, fish and mammals. The scientists hypothesized that the ability to detect incoming sights at a high rate would be advantageous for animals that must perform the equivalent of bullet dodging—responding to visual stimuli very quickly to catch elusive prey or escape predators, for instance. These animals tend to be lighter and have faster metabolisms. The data bore out the hypothesis: species that perceived time at the finest resolutions tended to be smaller and have faster metabolisms.

These findings show that differences in how a mouse and an elephant sense time are not arbitrary but rather are finely tuned by interactions with their surroundings. A link between time perception, body structure and physiology suggests that different nervous systems have developed to balance pressures from the natural environment with energy conservation. Rapid perception might be essential for a hawk but would waste a whale's precious energy. As for Fido, a year really does seem longer to him than it does to you, but probably not by a factor of seven. Dogs can take in visual information at least 25 percent faster than humans—just enough to make a television show look like a series of flickering images (Reas, 2016).

Apparently, different life forms on planet earth experience time differently!

Vibration and Oscillation

Vibration and oscillation (periodic, back and forth movement) are important concepts, because things in nature move back and forth. Even atoms vibrate internally. A bobblehead, a pendulum, and a weight suspended from a string are examples of simple harmonic oscillators. When you shove the pendulum or the bobblehead to the right, it comes back and then goes to the left, and then back again, over and over. A weight suspended from a string vibrates up and down.


Images from http://www.physicsclas  sroom.com/class/waves/Lesson-0/Vibrational-Motion

These vibrating objects, unlike Pete’s spaceship, don’t move in space, they just vibrate back in forth in position. However, in both cases, there is movement. Here’s a fascinating idea: what if an increase in stationary movement (vibration, oscillation) acts just the same, time-wise, as the Lorentz factor does to very fast moving objects? In that case an increase or decrease in the rate of vibration would affect how an organism experiences time.

Oscillators occur in the physical world, but also in biological life. They are called biological oscillators. We know that cells themselves vibrate or oscillate: they wiggle! Oscillations can take place in a biological system in a multitude of ways. Positive feedback loops, on their own or in combination with negative feedback, are a common feature of oscillating biological systems. Genetic oscillators form the basis of circadian clocks, which determine the biological rhythms of an organism.

Interestingly, the great American scientist, Royal Raymond Rife, discovered by experiment that the body’s organs have natural resonant frequencies. He also showed that invaders which cause illness and disease also have resonant frequencies, and could be destroyed by properly targeted vibrations. Rife showed that in all cases, the natural frequencies of the body’s organs are higher than any harmful invaders.

Biological Oscillators

What is a biological oscillator? According to an article titled “Biological Oscillators,”

“Periodic fluctuations in biological processes are found at all levels of life and are frequently the result of changes to gene expression. These rhythms play key roles in a variety of important processes, including circadian regulation, metabolism, embryo development, neuron firing, and cardiac rhythms” (Doyle III, 2014). So here is the relationship between vibration and the metabolic rate in the Animal Behavior article.

There are also oscillators in the brain. According to Wikipedia, “The term ‘brain (or neural) oscillations’ refers to the rhythmic and/or repetitive electrical activity generated spontaneously and in response to stimuli by neural tissue in the central nervous system. The importance of brain oscillations in sensory-cognitive processes has become increasingly evident.”

This suggests that there is indeed a connection between the vibration rate of biological oscillators, and perception and awareness.

The Schumann Resonance

The Schumann Resonance is a naturally occurring series of standing waves in the earth’s ionosphere, generating a resonance. Ingrid Dickenson, in a fascinating article titled “The Schumann Resonance,” states that

Although the existence of the Schumann Resonance is an established scientific fact, there are very few scientists who are aware of the importance of this frequency as a tuning fork for Life. I propose that it ...acts as [a] background frequency and influenc[es] biological oscillators within the mammalian brain.

At the time when Schumann published his research results in the journal Technische Physik, Dr Ankermueller, a physician, immediately made the connection between the Schumann resonance and the alpha rhythm of brainwaves. He found the thought of the earth having the same natural resonance as the brain very exciting and contacted Professor Schumann, who in turn asked a doctorate candidate to look into this phenomenon. This candidate was Herbert König who became Schumann's successor at Munich University. König demonstrated a correlation between Schumann Resonances and brain rhythms. He compared human EEG recordings with natural electromagnetic fields of the environment (1979) and found that the main frequency produced by Schumann oscillations is very close to the frequency of alpha rhythms (Dickenson, 1993).

So the earth’s natural resonance is tied to the body’s own oscillators. The two vibrations are a close match!

It has already been discovered that taking a human being out of the earth’s magnetic field can cause physiological imbalance. Creating an artificial Schumann Resonance within space stations or spacecraft is a good way to keep human beings as healthy as possible in space. Anything that would increase the earth’s natural resonance is bound to have an effect on our biology and thus our perception and awareness.


There seems to be a physics and a biological basis for a different perception and experience of time. This suggests that time is not fixed, but alterable. If the various life forms on earth experience time differently, how would “higher vibrational” beings experience time relative to us? We are assuming that there is intelligent life outside the earth, and we are rejecting the nutty hypothesis that earth is the only planet in a universe 13.5 billion light years in diameter with trillions of galaxies and trillions and trillions of stars. So let’s assume that there are beings more advanced than we are out there in the galaxy, who have civilizations that may be millions of years older and more advanced than we are, and who possess bodies or containers for consciousness that are on a higher vibratory level than we are.

A being with a “higher vibration” would perceive time much differently than a being with a lower vibration. In other words, one year for a higher vibrational being might be 100 years or 1,000 years or 10,000 years for the lower vibrational being. Or perhaps, one year for a very high-vibrational being might be one revolution of their solar system around the center of the galaxy—200 million years. (This is analogous to our planetary year where the earth revolves once about the sun each year.) If we carry this analogy to its most far-reaching conclusion, a non-physical being with an infinitely high vibration could perceive the entirety of time all at once. Such a non-physical being would experience the entire history of the universe as occurring NOW, in the moment. If you have ever listened to a genuine channeled message you can feel the energy of the channeled being coming through. It feels timeless. (Go to kryon.com for some ass-kicking, genuine messages from spirit. They are free mp3 audios).

Is Low or High Vibration Better?

A human being (a “lower vibrational” being) who experiences 10,000 years for every one year of a “higher vibrational” being is gaining a LOT more experience! Consider that if one lifetime on earth is 80 years, then in 10,000 years we would have lived about 125 lifetimes. According to Corey Goode, who claims to have had meetings with a higher vibrational inner earth being, they live for hundreds of their years. Which means that we have thousands of lifetimes of experience for every one of their lifetimes.

This may be the origin of the idea that the earth is a prison planet: that we are being “reeducated.” What better way to do that than to allow the reprobates to work out their karma very quickly in the “raw meat of 3D” (as my brother says), gaining a tremendous amount of experience in a very short time? And learning lots of lessons in the process. Maybe there is something to that.

Lee Carroll, my favorite channeler, says that events on earth are a “test of energy.” Perhaps the earth is just one of many young planets who are entering a window of opportunity where life gets to decide where it wants to go: do we advance to a higher spiritual plane or do we stay mired in the duality where conflict and war are the key elements in resolving problems? Experiencing time more rapidly—shorter lifetimes—is a good way to test the spiritual progress of a planet. When a scientist does genetic experiments, she uses animals or insects with short lifespans, to quickly test whether mutations will show up in ensuing generations. Perhaps that is what is happening on earth.

Or maybe places like earth are simply environments where masters of incarnation get to experience widely and very intensely. It would be ironic, wouldn’t it, if the dummies mired in third density are actually the true masters? Kinda makes me puffed up in my own conceit just to think about it!

At any rate, an overall rise in vibration of a system may cause a corresponding rise in the oscillation of atomic structure and in cellular structure, as well as greater cognitive and perceptual awareness.

The Google Earth Effect

It would seem that the ultimate goal of evolution is a raising of vibration such that you begin to experience all events at the same time, or become aware of everything at the same time. Some have called this “God consciousness.” If the frequency or rate of vibration of the physical container is very low, personal awareness is also low, and at the same time the amount of experience in the physical universe is very high. If the frequency or rate of vibration of the physical container is very high, personal awareness is also very high, but the amount of experience is very low. So it seems that the amount of experience is inversely proportional to the level of consciousness.

A higher vibrational being is thus more “detached” from physical experience compared to a lower vibrational being. It’s like on Google Earth when you zoom in and zoom out on the earth. The more you zoom out the more you are aware of, the more you see (the big picture). When you zoom in to an area you get to street level with all the people moving about and the cars racing around, and you are interacting directly. You experience at a much more intense level – better watch out or that car will run you down, or that guy with the gun will put a cap in you, or a zillion other things can happen. Lower vibrational reality seems to be a physical experience reality, a learning reality, whereas the higher vibrational reality is a more serene and knowledgeable reality.

A non-physical consciousness would be at the God consciousness level, and would be able to see everything in all universes, but would not be able to directly experience anything (Spirit, angels, etc.). A low vibrational being gets to experience brutal and exciting places like earth, but may not be aware of much besides the daily grind of life (human).  The “veil” might just be a vibrational deficiency.

Marrying Science and Spirituality

What does it mean to say that a person’s “vibration” has increased?  This term is purely intuitive, but it resonates to a lot of people who have experienced a personal awakening.

Amplified Background Vibration

The planet has experienced a population explosion during the past 80 years. Over 7 billion incarnated beings on the planet, with their accompanying merkabas, may have amplified the intensity of the planet’s field of subtle energy. The effect of these interacting merkabas do not obey normal physics principles such as the inverse square law – which describes the diminishing influence of a force with distance, like gravity. The merkaba is a field of subtle energy that interacts directly with the earth’s own holographic field, and with other merkabas around the globe. Seven billion of these merkabas have an exponential influence upon each other and create a powerful subtle energy vibration in the background, or behind the scenes. An activated merkaba – a human being who has become spiritually awakened – literally lights up, just like turning on a light switch (except that it is immensely more sophisticated, beautiful, and powerful). This is why some in the metaphysical community say that only a small percentage of human beings on the earth need to become awakened, for those with activated merkabas have an enormous influence on every other human being, and on the earth herself.

Now let’s ask this question: Would an amplification of the field of subtle energy in turn affect the vibratory rate of a human being’s cellular structure, and his or her perception of time? (Note: This increase may not be measurable if everything on the planet has an increased vibratory rate, for the instruments used to measure it will also have a matching vibratory rate.) The idea is that as the vibration of the physical container rises, we become more aware. If the earth itself is undergoing a vibrational ascension, we should also experience an increase in awareness. This will hopefully lead to intra-species cooperation and peace on earth.

 To Advance, the Human Race Must Go beyond Current Science

These ideas make no sense in current science, so we have to go beyond science and trust to our intuition. Intuition, as Eddie Murphy says in “Beverly Hills Cop,” “is something that is used outside Beverly Hills to solve crimes.” I love this movie because the Beverly Hills police dept. is a perfect example of an old energy confronting a new energy. Axel Foley uses his intuition, breaks all the rules, and carries his investigation to a successful conclusion despite the seeming recklessness of his actions. In the end, the Beverly Hills police dept. even pays for his stay at the most expensive hotel in town! Conan Doyle was himself a spiritualist and gave Sherlock Holmes an intuitive capability, which he used in solving very down-to-earth crimes. If there is a higher realm of understanding and knowledge – and physics – beyond provable science (a recurrent idea in every culture on our planet) then we can only access it via our intuition. At least for now!

Current science deals only with the electromagnetic spectrum, but consciousness based physics goes beyond and into the realm of subtle energy. When subtle energy is discovered it’s going to blow the lid off this planet, for it will lead, eventually, to a true understanding of consciousness and create an entirely new and advanced physics and medicine.

I’ve talked about the holographic field of subtle energy that surrounds and penetrates the earth. Contained within this field are templates of information. I believe they have been put there – as with all planets with intelligent life – as a sort of “book of knowledge.” In order to “graduate” out of the stupidity of third density materialism, you have to be able to access these templates of subtle energy. However, this information cannot be read until a civilization makes it past the “dumbass” stage of materialism and the idea that consciousness comes from neurons firing in the brain. In other words, if, as a species, you are too dumb to see that life and consciousness is ultimately spiritual and benevolent – if you can’t make the leap from the EM spectrum into the realm of subtle energy – then bzzzzzzzzzzzzt! You lose. You don’t make the jump to the next stage in evolution – which combines hard science with consciousness – and your civilization deteriorates to the “Mad Max” level. The human race is right in the middle of this potential leap in awareness, and the only question is whether we will make it past the dunce stage and into the new era.

When our collective vibration rises high enough we get to access the new knowledge, and not before. That’s consistent with free will, and with a merit-based system that is set up to evolve in a positive direction. The dummies get to sit in the corner and fight each other, while advanced civilizations take advantage of their inherent spiritual nature. The planetary information grids of subtle energy only open up to beings who are smart enough to perceive them, and that perception is a result of vibrational matching. First comes increased awareness/vibration, and then access to the subtle energy database. Intuition is the driving force that will get us there, but it takes courage to go beyond the commonplace. Fortunately, more and more of us are encouraging our intuitive side.


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