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How can anyone make sense of events on this planet? If you read the New York Times and listen to National Public Radio here in the U.S – two news sources that are thought by many to be impeccable -- it’s just business as usual. None of the important issues are ever discussed: issues such as the imminent bankruptcy of the United States, the technology hidden in the black programs that, if released, could change the face of our planet, the disclosure of extraterrestrial contact with the governments of the earth, and the draining of the treasury by the secret “intelligence” budget (which is never disclosed even to the President or Congress).

On this planet there is a hidden, shadow government composed of corporations that are associated with defense contracting and the worldwide intelligence community. Events that are portrayed publicly often have little or no relationship to reality. For example, those of you old enough to remember Ronald Reagan’s “SDI” (Strategic Defense Initiative) were told that it was supposed to be a space-based system set up to hit incoming Russian missiles. Billions and billions of dollars were allocated to set it up. But the real reason it was set up was (is) to knock down incoming ETVs (extra-terrestrial vehicles) so that the idiots in charge of this rogue black program could reverse-engineer the technology. (Of course if you actually say that to people, they will think you are crazy. But truth really is stranger than fiction).

Remember Sept 10, 2001? When the then Secretary of Defense (er, War) Donald Rumsfeld went on national TV and said that the Defense Department had “lost” 2.3 TRILLION dollars? And remember what happened the day after that? Yeah that’s right, 9/11. But of course these two events, which happened right after the other, were just coincidental, right? When I presented these “coincidental” facts to my Toastmasters group in a speech, the comments afterwards were “interesting conspiracy theory.” In that news conference Rumsfeld also admitted that the DoD cannot track over 25% of what it spends. (The media just say, "the DoD is inefficient," and jokes are made about it. But this is to dismiss a very, very important red herring). This was a tacit admission of the drain of public funds into the “black hole” of the corporate shadow government. The defense budget is about a trillion every year, so that means around $250 billion of our money is disappearing without being accounted for.

The disclosure issue, ETs, and the exotic technology hidden away in the “black” programs are intimately related. These issues are at the very core of the problems on our planet. We live, right now, in an unsustainable civilization based on crude, scarce, and polluting fossil fuels, when there is technology available in these hidden programs which can literally take clean energy directly from the fabric of space and mitigate to a great degree the fighting and squabbling over oil and other fossil fuels that is the basis for international foreign policy, and which causes undue suffering for the people of this planet.

People in Congress KNOW about this, but can do no9thing about it. John Podesta, Obama’s former Chief of Staff and advisor, announced that he has been unable to secure disclosure of “the UFO files.” The original article was posted on Yahoo News here: http://news.yahoo.com/outgoing-obama-adviser-john-podesta-s-biggest-regret-of-2014--keeping-america-in-the-dark-about-ufos-234149498.html. Another article on this can be found at Dr. Steven Greer’s website here: http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/obama-advisor-speaks-out-on-disclosure/

These issues are portrayed in the corporate-controlled media as either kooky space cadets talking about frivolous and mentally deranged issues (for we are alone in the universe, of course, and even if we weren’t, only crazy people talk about this stuff), or it’s portrayed, as in the Yahoo News article, as irrelevant fascination with things that have no relation to current events. When, in fact, these topics are at the very heart of our problems. The sequestering of this exotic technology is causing so much unnecessary suffering for human beings on this planet, which is the topic of my message tis month.

Susan Sarandon’s character in the baseball movie Bull Durham said: “the world is a simple place for those not cursed with self-awareness.” That’s how people can dismiss the fact that 2.3 trillion dollars (as of 9/10/2001) was stolen from the public treasury here in the U.S. It’s a figure that is so huge it defies description, yet no one ever even mentions it. And where did that money go? It went into the bowels of the shadow government. For projects like SDI, and to fund lots of other black programs hidden from the public, some of these initiatives which support the so-called “War on Terrorism” and the nutsoid agenda of endless war that wastes the resources of our planet and that keeps half the human race in abject poverty.
These conditions lead to a whole lot of unnecessary human suffering. I used to try to convince people that if we would only open our eyes a little, we the people could elect new representatives who might press for change. Or at least increase the knowledge of the public about the conditions that lead to unnecessary human suffering. Because with knowledge comes the ability to recognize when events are going in the wrong direction.

But I learned that you can’t talk to people intelligently about this stuff. The eyes of people glaze over and they get uncomfortable. It’s like a bunch of people are staggering around in a darkened room with a stampeding 25,000 pound elephant in the middle of it, but no one is talking about it or even acknowledging its existence. Somehow, we’ve been convinced that to talk about the bedrock issues behind current events makes you a lunatic. It’s very effective psychology to convince people that to investigate this stuff is to make you a fringe “conspiracy theorist.”

I recognized a while back that the broad population of the United States has literally been brainwashed. The definition of brainwashing is an indoctrination process which results in "an impairment of autonomy, an inability to think independently, and a disruption of beliefs and affiliations. In this context, brainwashing refers to the involuntary re-education of basic beliefs and values." (From the Wikipedia article, “Mind control.”) This is a good definition because it refers to a “reeducation of basic beliefs and values.” Here in the U.S., the corporate-controlled media simply lie, or frame the news to support the endless war agenda. In Ann Arbor, where we have the highest percentage of college graduates in the country, this phenomenon is very prevalent. The most brainwashed people are those who read the New York Times and listen to NPR. As a home-services contractor I have worked for these people for over 30 years, I have been in their homes, I have talked extensively with them. I myself was one of them until about 25 years ago. I used to read the NYT six days a week, and dutifully listened to NPR, confident that I was getting the “real story” (because of course NPR isn’t like those other stupid networks, which don’t tell us the truth. When in reality the framing of the news on NPR is the same as on those networks). Until I finally woke up and realized that the stories in the NYT and on the “news” were simply repeating, over and over and over again, and the important, deeper issues, were being ignored. (Don't get me wrong there are a lot of great programs on NPR. It's just that the news on NPR isn't really any different than the news you hear on the networks).

When I realized this it was like someone hit me over the head with a baseball bat. I realized, in a flash of insight, that the actors changed but the stories were the same. I’m not going to marshal all the arguments in support of this, because I don’t want to bore you. You can figure it out for yourself. But the upshot of it was that I began to look behind the scenes and to try to find explanations for the irrationality behind the events on this planet.

I have never accepted the status quo. I was born with the awareness that the commonplace life I was born into was just a play, an act, and that behind these commonplace events was an underlying reality that was hidden from us. That behind the “veil” was a much more profound and spiritual aspect of existence. Later, I figured out that life on earth was a game to see if the human race could get beyond the commonplace material reality that is presented to each of us upon birth, when our consciousness enters these human bodies, which interpret reality so solidly for us. The game, in short, is to see whether we are bright enough to look beyond the very, very compelling illusion that “you only go around once,” the illusion that all there is is the body, and the care of and enhancement of material existence.

We are supposed to be bright enough to see past that.

The game of life has been designed, assuming that we can see past the obvious – that the body is just something to experience and have fun with. This is so obvious that it wasn’t even written into the rules of the game! It was just assumed that we would all know this, and some of us do. But if you don’t know it, you can’t even play the game of life effectively. By effectively I don’t mean making a lot of money and running over people who get in your way and being what this adolescent culture calls a “success.” I mean living life deeply and understanding what you are doing here on this planet.

We’re supposed to be able to recognize that kernel of divinity and spirituality each one of us has, and to come together to realize our full potential as individuals, and as a species. Otherwise, we become biological automatons, easily manipulated. What I’m saying is that the game of life doesn’t even start until you become self-aware enough to understand you are an immortal, native state being having a physical experience. When you understand that, things begin to fall into place. And when you don’t, you experience a lot of unnecessary misery and suffering. Once you have the rules of the game, the game is much easier to play!


Dear reader, the message this month is that there is NO purpose to suffering. That’s what I finally understand after 63 years on the planet. I know, I’ve heard the theory that we come here to earth precisely to experience something other than the complete bliss we experience as native state beings, but I now understand that’s a load of crap.

There is no point to suffering. Ever. You don’t learn any “lessons” from feeling like shit. You don’t get brownie points for going through hell, or overcoming self-imposed obstacles. The ONLY lesson you learn from suffering is that it’s better to feel good. You don’t get ANY valuable experience from suffering – because all you learn when you suffer enough and hit rock bottom is to discover what you already knew before you came here – that you are an immortal, divine spirit. That’s what guys like Neal Donald Walsch and Eckhart Tolle, and probably a lot of other people, have realized as well.

OK, so if there’s no point to suffering, then what are we doing here, the human race, in this degraded state (compared to where we could be)? Well, we talked about this a couple of months ago. I said that if there is a divine plan, I sure as hell don’t know what it is, because all of the versions of the divine plan I have ever heard of involve suffering, or moving out of some degraded state into a higher state of awareness. But this is nuts, because we already knew that before we incarnated!!! Every human being ALREADY IS in a higher state of awareness, because we are all aspects of an immortal, universal consciousness. As the British say, “that’s enough to be going on with.”

That’s what I meant when I said earlier that the game of life doesn’t really begin until you wake up to this. Everything else is just illusory – the chasing after money and power and influence and success without self awareness is just . . . fake. And the realization of who you are isn’t hard – it’s the easiest thing in the world. You just have to step back and think about yourself and the world and your place in it for five minutes. This awareness is sitting right there in front of you, just like the 25,000 pound elephant.

There is only one mind in the universe, and every life form is an aspect of that awareness. That awareness is bright enough to have created the universe and everything within it. It is an awesome, almost incomprehensible level of intelligence, which every single individual is an aspect of. That universal mind isn’t stupid enough to subject beings to a whole bunch of suffering, just to figure out what it already knows.

So then, what’s the point of life on planet earth?

Here’s the amazing answer I got: suffering is just a state of mind. In other words, even in harsh environments like earth, where the awareness of spirit and of self of the collective consciousness is very low, the idea is to simply experience. Suffering only happens when you resist the experience. In other words, suffering – even acute physical suffering like a painful, terminal disease – is purely and only a state of mind. All health problems can be overcome by simply getting a new attitude.

It’s instructive to read (genuine) stories of people who have had (genuine) near death experiences, or NDEs (not the trolls who are looking for attention who post b.s. to these NDE sites). Often, in these experiences, the person was terminally ill, with no hope of recovery. After their NDE, they were miraculously cured. In other words, recognizing their spiritual “source” and connecting with that energy produced an almost instantaneous miracle cure in their physical bodies. But all that really happens in an NDE is that the person’s resistance to their lives completely vanishes. When their resistance went to zero, their bodies instantly healed, their problems went away, their lives were rebooted. That should tell you something about the default condition of the universe!

Now, I am not the first guy to understand this. It’s even the idea behind charismatic Christianity, you know, the people who believe that the earth was created 6,000 years ago. Even those guys understand this profound truth! -- that it’s possible to heal instantly, to be forgiven instantly, and find a new life, or be “reborn.”
All suffering is an illusion, based on a state of mind that says, “you have to fight what you don’t want.” Suffering is caused by resistance to life.

That’s it, ladies and germs, that’s the secret. The endless war paradigm has convinced us, (at least in the U.S.) that fighting is the most honorable solution to any problem. This single idea is responsible for all of the resistance to life’s events, and creates all the suffering on the planet.

We are here to experience an interesting and challenging environment. It’s supposed to be FUN, or at least DIFFERENT, but it’s not supposed to be miserable! Life on earth was never intended to involve prolonged suffering. It’s only when we got the idea that resisting or fighting something was the way to handle it – itself an insane idea when you look at it – that suffering and pain and misery and all of the other ills on this planet became more and more prevalent, more vibrationally established.

Now some people will say, “That’s absurd. Life evolved on earth from a primitive state of cavemen just fighting the environment to survive. So resistance to life is natural.” Nope. Even if it were true that back in the dawn of history life was tough,, there is no excuse for that attitude today. The human race has knowledge and technology that can change the face of this planet is a very short time. Moreover, this civilization is not the first one on earth. There have been many more before this one, which resulted in our having to start over. But when we “start over,” that’s just a physical reboot – the karma, the old belief systems, are still there in the planetary grids to be worked through. Karma is just stored energy from past events – and it doesn’t just go away -- until we work through it.

That’s what the human race is doing on the planet right now in 2015.

These catastrophic past events may have resulted from sudden climate change, or, like Atlantis, a destruction of the society due to a war. But the common denominator of all climate change – including meteors hitting the earth, which is supposed to be how life on earth was destroyed 60 million years ago – is always about consciousness and resistance. The weather, the state of your health, the state of society, the creation of war and conflict, ALL of it is dependent on the level of resistance. Consciousness affects EVERYTHING, and the orientation of consciousness affects the quality of life.

The unwanted events on our planet occur because we, the people, have been resisting what we don’t want, and have taken our eyes off the truth that we are here simply to experience without resisting or fighting those experiences. Yes, there is a shadow government of crazies whose goal is world domination and control. Yes, there IS evil on the planet, destructive psychopaths do exist. But these people are a very small minority of the population – a couple of percent, maybe even smaller. We the people have all of the power in our hands to turn the consciousness of humanity around. We don’t need permission from religious leaders or governments or “experts” promoted by the mass media.. Most of these jokers are there to “frame” messages to support the status quo, or to get you to resist something “bad” or unwanted. The only weapon evil, or the “dark side” has, is to make you believe something different than you really are!

But we don’t have to be dumb enough to do that.

And we don’t need technology, or esoteric knowledge, or establish organizations to fight the status quo, because the turning around of consciousness is thought-based. It can be accomplished simply by lowering resistance to life.

So from now on, I am simply going to go through life and accept everything I see. I used to think this was impossible, because I always look beyond the commonplace to find the hidden truth. And when you do that you become more and more aware of the duality, both the dark side and the light side. It’s HARDER to live here if you have spiritual awareness, because you can see more and more what’s wrong! But now that I am aware of the game and the trap, I’m going to avoid that trap. What I’m saying is that I am not going to delusionally accept that evil is perfectly OK. I’m just not going to RESIST it anymore. And, according to the Law of Attraction, all of it should just disappear from my life, if I can lower my resistance to zero.
That’s my new life experiment. I’m going to try this for the month of March and see what happens. I’ll give you a report about my experience in the April newsletter. If what I have said is bullshit from my personal experience, I’ll let you know.