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The Spiritual Warrior

“Oh that God had given me [cunning], to meet such cruel dastards according to their villainy! The power to lie, and the love of it; the stealth to spy, and the glory in it; above all –– the quiet relish for blood, and joy in the death of an enemy –– these are what any man must have, to contend with the Doone’s upon even terms. And yet, I thank God I have not any of these.”

So spoken by John Ridd, the leading character in R.D. Blackamoor’s classic romance , Lorna Doone.
This is the definition of a true Spiritual Warrior, that although we see those who seem to revel in injustice, domination, cruelty, and rapacious greed, we hold true to our souls–– the knowledge of ourselves as divine spiritual beings, and the knowledge that those who appear to be our enemies are divine as well.

These words, expressed by the good and simple yeoman John Ridd, concerning the Doone’s –– a race of mighty warriors, thieves and murderers who live in an impregnable fortress and who hold sway over all the country round, are an expression of power, and of the Light.

For it is always openness, honesty, and integrity that breeds strength, and resonates to the true power of Spirit, which is who we are.

How did the human race get into the current mess we are in?

We got there by playing the game of tit–for–tat, and follow–the–leader. Every time we strike out in hatred, we create a sort of “engram” –– an encapsulated vibration of the lower order –– within the species consciousness. These lower vibrations build up and become dominant. Is it any wonder that Jesus the Christ said ‘turn the other cheek?’ It is understandable why Eastern thought tells us to practice non–resistance. There is a world of wisdom, and personal power in these concepts, for in order to transcend the darkness we must not link to it in our thoughts and emotions.

The old memes of conflict, domination, greed and war have well– established roots within the lower vibrations, which has been the common denominator of resonance within the species consciousness of mankind for millennia. This occurred not because these vibrations are superior, but merely because of force of habit.

We forgive our enemies because it is better for US as a race, for every time we sink into hatred, we contribute to the vibration of the old paradigm.

As a spiritual warrior, we are here to create the new paradigm of cooperation, abundance for all, and mutual respect and harmony. That can only be done by following the simple but profound example expressed by yeoman John Ridd.

Spiritual warriors have the most enlightened and toughest job here on planet earth: to remain in joy and love, despite all reasons not to. And as we all know, there are plenty of reasons to do so! But these exist only because we have created them, and have been –– until now –– too lazy or perceived ourselves as too weak in our thinking and in our intent to do anything about them.

Here are more words from R. D. Blackamore, speaking through yeoman John Ridd, regarding his refusal to participate in the murder of the murderers, the Doones:
“I will not strike a blow, nor give any counsel, neither guard any prisoners.”

“Not strike a blow,” cried Jeremy a King’s man, and charged with destroying the Doones and enlisting all able–bodied men in the campaign of destruction), “against thy father’s murderers?”

“Not a single blow, Jeremy;” replies John Ridd, “unless I know the man who did it, and he gloried in his sin. It was a foul and dastard deed, yet not done in cold blood; neither in cold blood will I take God’s task of avenging it.”

Our good yeoman would strike down the murderer of his father in a fair fight, agreed to by both parties, but never will he spy, or cheat, or do anything to violate his integrity. And thus does a person remain whole and true to his (or her) character. This is the essence of a spiritual warrior. We do not fight those apparently arrayed against us on their terms, but create our own lives in our higher truth. And thus do we dissolve the engrams within the species consciousness, like the sun that shines upon the thick fog, permitting our awareness to gradually rise away from the old memes.

This is our work. It is very rewarding work, for we can feel the result of it in our own bosom, and we see how others react to our uncovered Light.

Like John Ridd, if we come face to face with evil, we do not back down, yet continue to shine our light. We do not roll over in the face of the darkness, for that is to hide our spiritual brilliance. We also know that our experience on earth is but a fleeting and temporary one, and that all of the actors in this play are immortal spiritual beings.
All spiritual warriors have no fear of death, for death is an illusion, based upon the flawed concept of the biological origin of consciousness.

When we travel the road of the spiritual warrior, we notice those around us responding to us in a positive way. And thus do we avoid the darkness, and transcend it with the light of our love and our spiritual wisdom, which is our strength.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean