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What is happening on our planet?

A rapid rising of consciousness as humanity wakes up from 5,000 years of slumber. This rising of consciousness is directly related to population increase. As our numbers increase, we have a unique window of opportunity to effect a paradigm shift in human consciousness.

Long ago in the evolution of our species, a “tipping point” in thought was reached. A tipping point is defined as the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development. However it happened, our species consciousness reflected the memes of hierarchy, control, victimization, and “follow the leader.” Conflict, competition, argumentation and war emerged as the primary method of problem resolution. These memes became vibrationally dominant in our consciousness and were passed down from generation to generation, not because they were inherent to human nature or superior in any way, but merely because they were continuously activated. In other words, the history of our species has resulted from a habitual way of thinking. But habits are not natural laws. Habits of thought and belief exist only because we continuously pay them homage. We are like the dog and the invisible fence. The dog stops because it believes it must, even though it could step over the line at any time, and think “out of the box.”

A change in thought can lead, quicker than anyone might imagine, almost instantly to a new paradigm of thought. When thought changes, actions change. It is literally true that we can, by taking control of what we think and believe, change our societies almost overnight! Anyone who saw the crumbling of the Berlin Wall knows what I’m talking about.

As a species, we have not made spiritual advancement because of our beliefs. Beliefs are self–fulfilling prophecies, for beliefs direct action. Another way to say this is that actions follow beliefs. A person who believes that money is hard to get and hold onto will likely continue to be poor, because he or she will act in ways that do not allow for prosperity. A person who believes that old people are stupid will disrespect his elders. A President who believes that war is a good way to resolve problems will start one. Like the dog and the invisible fence, mankind has erected prison bars made of thought, that direct actions into narrow and self–limiting areas. We demand adherence to sets of beliefs, which have been codified as religion, or ‘tradition.’ When people act outside of these narrow boundaries, they are seen to be dangerous. Beliefs, however, are just collections of thoughts. And what are thoughts? Ephemeral things that can be changed!

A group of people on our planet are resisting the inevitable change to a new paradigm of thought aligned with true human and spiritual values –– those in government and in finance who see the coming shift and, in their fear and insecurity, perceive a loss of power and status. Paradoxically, these people –– albeit unknowingly –– are working against themselves and for the establishment of the new consciousness.

In the United States, corruption at the highest levels of our government is rampant, as is indicated by current legislation before the U.S. Congress. The “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act,” which passed the House on a vote of 405 to 6, makes blogging, speaking, or writing anything critical of the government a “terrorist” act. That’s right folks. As of Nov 30, this traitorous piece of legislation was still before the Senate as Senate Bill 1959.

At the highest levels in the United States, criminality is now the norm in politics and finance, and departure from criminality is perceived as aberrant. In the past twenty years, a separate banking and financial system has been established worldwide by criminal elements, creating a river of illegal fiat money that has been used to bribe political leaders all over the world.
For example, Secretary Paulson held a news conference on 6 December, in which he announced the creation of the Hope Fund, and the freezing of interest rates on adjustable rate mortgages. Freezing of interest rates essentially invalidates all adjustable rate mortgage contracts. Those who invested in these mortgages are now screwed out of the interest they would have gotten. In a country that abides by the rule of law, a contract is sacred. Violation of contract is dishonest –– it’s the same as giving your word and then going back on it. It’s no different than your bank telling you that the interest on your Certificate of Deposit will no longer be paid, and that you cannot withdraw your money! The so–called Hope Fund was created, according to Christopher Story of the International Currency Review and World Reports, with stolen money!

The “mainstream” news media has completely ignored these developments.
But guess what?

All of this works in our favor!

The myopic and brain–dead mainstream media refuses to report on these developments, which is a good thing. Why? Because it prevents panic. It prevents more people from focusing on what is not wanted. In this case, ignorance IS bliss! In other words, if the masses are convinced that all is well financially, that creates the vibrational groundwork for positive solutions. The criminal element NEEDS panic and uncertainty to accomplish their goals. At the same time, exposing their illegal criminal activities is impossible! So they play into our hands by doing their dirty work behind the scenes.
The march toward a tipping point in the consciousness of humanity is inevitable. To stop it, a massive worldwide disaster that radically reduces population would be necessary. I no longer believe in the arguments promoted by those who claim the earth is facing a climate crisis and that the planet is in imminent danger, and that the human race faces the prospect of destruction, even though I certainly do agree that we need to find alternative sources of energy. There are valid scientific arguments on both sides of the climate issue, but after watching Live Earth I was appalled at the negative nature of the presentations. You can always tell the validity of anything by identifying its position on the scale of emotion/vibration. Live Earth was in the vibration of fear. Anything positive is valid, anything negative is invalid. Anything that uplifts and inspires is valid, anything that scares you is not!
Here is an excerpt from The Report on Iron Mountain released in 1966, a document which analyzes the different ways a government can perpetuate itself and control its citizens.

On p. 39 this document states
“The war system has not only been essential to the existence of nations as independent political entities, but has be equally indispensable to their stable political structure. Without it, no government has been able to obtain acquiescence in its “legitimacy,” or right to rule [sic] its society. The possibility of war provides the sense of external necessity without which no government can long remain in power. The historical record reveals one instance after another where the failure of a regime to maintain the credibility of a war threat led to its dissolution, by the forces of private interest, of reactions to social injustice, or of other disintegrative elements. The organization of society for the possibility of war is its principle political stabilizer.”

Sound familiar?

Well, this document offers something really surprising. In an attempt to discover ways in which regional and/or world government could establish and perpetuate itself, it was recognized that there must be a credible global threat. War on a planetary scale is obviously self defeating. So what other elements could be used to legitimize a world government? The document explores a number of alternatives, concluding that the environmental pollution model is the most likely to succeed. In the words of the document,

“When it comes to postulating a credible alternative for war…the “alternate enemy” must imply a more immediate, tangible, and directly felt threat of destruction. It must justify the need for taking and paying a “blood price” in wide areas of human concern. In this respect, the possible substitute enemies noted earlier would be insufficient. One exception might be the environmental–pollution model, if the danger to society it posed was genuinely imminent. The fictive models would have to carry the weight of extraordinary conviction, underscored with a not inconsiderable actual loss of life…It may be, for instance, that gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass destruction by weapons as the principal apparent threat to the survival of the species.”

I’m not suggesting that events like Katrina have been orchestrated, or that Al Gore is part of some giant conspiracy to destroy mankind. What I am suggesting is that people on both sides of this issue may have an agenda.
Instead of concentrating our attention on the conservation of fossil fuels (which just perpetuates the idea of fossil fuels) we should be CREATING the possibility of alternative, clean, and abundant energy sources. If Al Gore spent as much time and political capital on promoting alternative energy as he does in scaring people to death about an imminent environmental collapse, I believe that his time would be better spent!

Fear and scare tactics can NEVER create positive solutions, precisely because a vibration of fear will generate a fearful solution!

The use of alternative fuels automatically means that you aren’t using fossil fuels. That’s much better than trying to get everyone to use less fossil fuels! Personally, my wife and I are spending some of our savings on a geo–thermal heating system, which is a closed system that operates using water from pipes dug under the ground.

Remember that getting people to fight or resist something makes it bigger. This is a clever psychological ploy that enables the promotion of repugnant ideas. If you create organization A to promote war, and then create organizations B,C, and D to FIGHT war, all attention is then co–opted to the promotion of war. For it is obvious that fighting war is the same as promoting war, for the common vibration is WAR. This is how the people of the United States are being cleverly manipulated into acquiescing in the destruction of their liberties.

My point is that the march toward a tipping point in human consciousness can be stalled IF you can scare people to death. Those of us who understand our spiritual nature, and who are on the leading edge of the revolution (or should I say evolution) in consciousness, must be aware of the tactics used by those who fear such a quantum leap in awareness. But we must also realize that these tactics are self–defeating. The only way we can fail is to go into agreement with the real terrorists –– those who wish to rule and control us.
Collectivist solutions that involve a hierarchical expansion of regional or global government are promoted by those who are in fear and who NEED to be at the top of the pyramid. We must reject these solutions and take back our power. We can do this by activating our social networks; by positively creating our lives, and refusing to involve ourselves in resisting or fighting that which is repugnant.

I’ll have much more to say on this in another blog post.