Life and living from a higher perspective

In this battle between dark and light, places where spirituality is practiced are nodes of light. These places are churches and other venues where the Creator is talked about and where people try to find the God within. They are the most important areas on the planet because they hold the light against a huge effort by scientific materialists/technocrats/BigTech to create a hive-mind state where people aren’t allowed to think for themselves.

If you were able to step back from your body and perceive with the senses of Spirit, you’d see pockets of darkness and light on the planet. The largest pockets of darkness are created by totalitarian dictatorships (state actors) like the CCP and the junta in Iran, our own CIA who have been running drugs into our cities for decades, Marxist-Leninist groups like Antifa, and the child trafficking networks that exist in every city in our country.

Individuals who hold the light of compassion and tolerance in their daily lives also create individual little pockets of light.

But the most important actors are groups, for groups of people who think alike create a Group Mind. Those who attend church, for example, are powerful group minds for the light, for the focus is on God. Even if a lot of this focus on God is diluted by religious dogma, the underlying intent is still in the light. You can see how the pandemic has resulted in the banning of churchgoers and other groups focused on spirituality. Without these Group Minds operating in the light, the darkness has an easier time to spread its hatred and intolerance.

Politics is just a sideshow, for most of our political discussion is tainted by hatred and black-white thinking. Fortunately an effective Group Mind can’t be formed when people are yelling and screaming at each other.

A Group Mind is effective because it creates a powerful vibration aligned toward an objective. A group where all think alike is a powerful force in the mental environment. It has the ability to bend, or entrain, individual minds toward it. An example of a Group Mind is the mainstream media, which have the same talking points and narratives even from network to network. This exerts a very, very powerful entrainment to a chosen narrative.

If you’ve ever been part of a meeting or discussion where several people are all of like mind and who speak forcefully on a subject, you know what I mean. You find yourself agreeing with them, and it’s the most natural thing in the world. Your thoughts are naturally attracted to a powerful vibration emanating from the group mind in the mental environment.

The mental environment is pervasive. Like the air, it’s everywhere and affects everyone.

Unfortunately, until recently, the existence of the mental environment was unrecognized by the masses. I wrote a book about this called The Vibrational Universe, and a flash movie of the same name on YouTube.

However, in today’s raging political debate, people are beginning to see the power of information, and narratives based around selected information.  People are beginning to see the power of narratives, which are the creations of Group Minds.

The mental environment is like the ether, a hypothetical substance that exists within the fabric of spacetime and which carries information all over the universe. The mental environment is composed of thought. It is invisible, yet has a powerful effect on the human mind.

In the past, people dismissed the power of the mental environment. “Thoughts are nothing; they are ephemeral. You put your thought against my baseball bat and let’s see who wins.” Now, the power of information to persuade is being recognized, which is leading to a recognition of the mental environment and its importance. That’s because the battle between dark and light is essentially an information war based in competing thoughts.

Eighty years after World War 2, the planet is again aligning into an Alliance of Liberty vs what I call the Alliance of Control. But this time the battle is not kinetic; it’s informational. Data, narratives, and discernment are the keys to this war on the mental plane.

The Alliance of Liberty is composed of the US, Canada, Mexico, the European democracies, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia.  The Alliance of Control is centered within the Communist Party of China and its allies in Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey. Russia, who threw off the yoke of communism in 1991, is a neutral player (as are many other nations who are waiting to see who will win).

In this battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity, the Creator has provided us all with free will. If there is such a thing as a cosmic brotherhood of the light, no physical intervention is permitted. We have to make up our own minds.

When a planetary society is weak and divided, it is easy to manipulate, just as a company with a weak balance sheet can be taken over by acquisitive predators. The Creator allows this, for if a society cannot gain the intelligence to recognize the power of thought in the mental environment, it is not intelligent or united enough to stand on its own two feet and be successful on its evolutionary path.  

High technology is utterly irrelevant in the success/fail equation of evolution. Technology is used by the Alliance of Control to... control people who aren’t bright enough to embrace unity, cooperation, harmony, and integrity. These are all qualities of the light. AI and comprehensive surveillance systems are the tools of the technocrat, who desire a soulless, atheistic society where human beings are apps. This is the vision of scientific materialism.

If a society is smart enough to embrace its divine component – built in to human biology – it will find itself on the Creator’s guided path to beauty, prosperity, and unity with all life in the world. 

We have to be bright enough to use our free will and connect to it.  This is the importance our divinity. Spirituality and religion are vehicles to that divine connection. The connection is built-in to human biology, which is why biological evolution is so important. Scientific materialism tries to pollute this evolution with Transhumanism and other technologies that alter the biology of the human being with electronics, nanotech adapted to human biology, artificial intelligence, etc.

The dark tries to squash the yearning of the human being toward the light. Political parties and their insane hatred toward each other are used as tools by the Alliance of Control to accomplish their goal of dominance through divisiveness. The Alliance of Control is mired in low consciousness. Their methods are effective, but predictable. Their methods are effective because all humans and groups can utilize the power of the mental environment. All that is required to form a powerful thought entrainment vehicle is a group focused on a common objective.

Both light and dark have an equal ability to use the power of thought. The dark uses deception and lies. The light, if it is bright enough, uses the truth of its connection to the divine. If it’s not so bright it engages in fights and arguments with the dark, which is exactly what the dark wants. Using the tactics of the dark to fight the dark leads to what Walt Kelley once said:  “We have met the enemy and he is us.” You become what you fight, which is obvious to everyone now.

Nodes of Light must be nurtured. This means that churches and other places of spirituality are vitally important. I’m not religious myself, but churches and other spiritual congregations are being shut down during the pandemic. People are forbidden to assemble and talk about God. Therefore, these nodes of light, which create powerful Group Minds, are no longer spreading their light.

This is an effective tactic of the dark side.

Erich Fromm, in his seminal book Escape From Freedom, shows us how easy it is for propagandists with narratives to change thinking on a mass scale. Hitler, an effective public speaker, did it in Nazi Germany. Apparently, people are willing to give up their liberty and their freedom if a powerful enough Group Mind is formed. Thought (and thus behavior) is entrained to the new narrative, even if it is to the disadvantage of the people embracing it. This is the power of the Group Mind.

Even if we can’t meet in large groups anymore, it’s important to keep the nodes of light in action. It doesn’t matter if we physically go somewhere to conduct our meetings, for Group Minds can easily be formed online.

Let’s keep the Nodes of Light in operation during this crazy time where our lives are being turned upside down. At the very least doing so will be an outlet, a break, from the stupidity of the present situation.

Religions all have creation stories. An all-powerful God creates the world in seven days; or creates the heavens and the earth and the universe by some mysterious process that human beings cannot and will not ever understand.

The desire for an all-powerful anthropomorphic God is reflected in comic book stories of superheroes like Superman; humans who have evolved in some mysterious way to have “superpowers” which they exercise to help good fight evil. Movies are made glorifying superheroes. The focus of these videos is: we all want to be like them.

Joseph Campbell has written about what he calls “the hero’s journey.” Campbell says,

A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.”

Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces, 1949, , p. 23

According to some screenwriters, all successful stories or movies will incorporate the struggle to become a hero and overcome obstacles in order to save the planet, or the galaxy, or even the universe. Many of us strive (at least in our fantasies) to be the one who saves the world.

Every human being is a physical incarnation of the Creator, but the Creator is not an evolved human with superpowers. Neither does the Creator have a gender. The Creator is an Unseen spiritual force that quietly but ubiquitously permeates the universe, the fabric of space, and human biology. The goal of the Creator is universal harmony and cooperation. This omnipresent force is everywhere and operates to increase knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. The Creator is not an entity; it is an unseen presence.

Superheroes and humans with superpowers come about, I think, because it’s too hard to understand and connect with the Unseen, even though it exists as a divine component within every human being. It’s much easier to think about humans somehow becoming enhanced by a genetic, scientific, or “supernatural” accident.

Human Evolution is Spiritual Not Scientific

The Creator does not promote creation stories, for the universe(s) have always been and always will be. If there is a beginning and an end, the beginning is so far into the past that it is not worth thinking about. The end, if there is such a thing, is so far into the future that contemplation of it is pointless. A billion earths will evolve and turn to dust before time runs out.

The Creator does not have an agenda, or a narrative.  During the brief periods when I have been able to access what I think is the Creator, I feel a sense of power, of deep serenity, a feeling of connection with everything and a feeling that everything is perfect.

The point is that human evolution, in its highest sense, is spiritual; not scientific or technological or supernatural. The goal of human evolution is not a race of humans with superpowers. In novels and movies, superheroes usually become endowed with their powers from scientific advancement, or scientific experiments that go awry and create human mutations. These scientifically advanced humans have physical powers, but they are not advanced spiritually. Their goal is usually to smash other humans who are the “bad guys.” Smashing bad guys – whether we do it on planet earth or in spaceships – is a natural outcome of a low human consciousness rooted in scientific materialism.

The Star Wars franchise of movies shows the ultimate evolution of scientific materialism – high technology with low consciousness. People fly around in spaceships that go faster than light to fight wars against other dudes and dudettes. We’re comfortable with this idea of human evolution because the superhero-superpower-hero’s journey paradigm fits nicely within a human nature that believes progress is born from conflict and war. In that sense it is just another expression of the status quo that human nature is fixed at a low level of awareness. But human society can no longer afford the status quo – we have to advance in consciousness before we kill ourselves and destroy the planet’s biological and natural resources. Therefore, humanity can no longer afford the childish “hero” paradigm.

Dystopian movies rooted in the current paradigm of scientific materialism depict technological societies that are rigidly controlled by hierarchical organizations where individual liberty is not only discouraged, but is a danger to a hive-mind mentality. By hive-mind mentality I mean a society where all think alike in the name of cooperation. Dystopian novels and vids accurately predict societies where individual self-determinism is only valued when it furthers the goals of the masters who run the show.

We are seeing the beginnings of such a technocratic society on earth today. The Peoples Republic of China is a sort of “test run” to see whether the human race will submit to such a top-down totalitarian society. In the US, Big Tech controls social media and censors anything that doesn’t suit the one-size-fits-all hive mind vision of Silicon Valley. Big Tech in the West wrote and installed the “sesame credit” social reward and punishment system run by the CCP. Look to the PRC to see the future earth desired by the technocrats.

Today, scientific materialists are trying to create a rigid surveillance state where all humans will be tagged, monitored, and directed along lines that are “best for society” (best for the technocratic controllers).

Materialism and Spirituality

Materialism is the greatest barrier to achieving full human potential. The Creator allows this, apparently, to remind humans where we shouldn’t go. But we live on a planet of free choice. All individuals are free to choose whether they want a soulless technocratic state, or a vibrant state that emphasizes cooperation and harmony. Individual decisions always result in a collective reality that will manifest as our future reality.

The technocratic state IS a state where all cooperate. But it’s a forced cooperation; a  cooperation that comes at the expense of liberty and freedom. We can do a lot better than that!

True harmony and cooperation exists at a higher level of consciousness where all see the benefit of working together, and where human potential can be fulfilled. A debased form of cooperation exists in a technocratic/surveillance state where people are just apps, and their comms and activities are monitored 24 hours a day by AI systems under the direction of a few controllers. In the PRC, for example, the total population is 1.4 billion. The number of CCP members is approximately 90 million. But the country is actually run by a few dozen families, and the really important people number a few hundred.

Does this mean we should become Luddites and all go back to the farm? Rousseau called the idyllic state of humanity a “state of nature,” but we’ve gone too far down the road of technology to turn back now. However, in order to evolve to our highest potential, we need to reject dead-end philosophies like Transhumanism and other forms of scientific materialism. It also means we must look beyond mythologies like the hero’s journey, where human beings are constantly striving for the “good” in order to defeat the “bad.” This distinction might have served us in a world where human beings were in a state of very low consciousness, but it is superannuated in a world that is awakening.

High consciousness can’t survive in a society dominated by technology. A technocracy must have compliance as its foremost social imperative. In such a society, human rights come from the State and not from the Creator. Human beings are reduced to pieces of hamburger who merely react to stimuli. In order to create the techno-state, nuanced thought must be discouraged: only two choices can be presented, between “the good” and “the bad.” (Ultimately, even the distinction between two choices is blurred, so that there are no distinctions whatsoever, and people lose the ability to think independently. Only the directives from the State are valid. This is what George Orwell was trying to tell us.)

The entire concept of bad and good (two choices only) is much too simplistic to deal with our complex world of information, with its impossibly wide spectrum of data.

One must be able to see clearly, through the  fog of confusion. In order to do that you have to know yourself, and your connection to the Creator. Databases can provide us with information, but the Creator provides us with wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to make wise choices. Data informs us, but wisdom guides us.

The technocratic state operates under the military dictum, “Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do and die.” Not a pleasant prospect if you ask me! Unquestioned obedience to authority is the hallmark of low consciousness. Fortunately, we can all choose differently.

“Bad” and “good” is a dichotomy that assumes people are naturally on opposite sides and must inevitably fight each other for supremacy (which is why, apparently, heroes and heroines need “superpowers.” In comic books, even the bad guys have superpowers).

Our myths and legends tell of gods fighting gods, and “good” angels like Michael battling “bad” angels like Lucifer in heaven. This is comic book spirituality. We need a more mature spirituality for a more mature world that is undergoing an Awakening.

Organized Religion

Many on the spiritual path have turned away from organized religion, understanding that all religions are based on the fundamental of spirituality – the divine connection inside every human being. However, one of the benefits of organized religion is its structure, which prevents followers from embracing nutty ideas like the Creator is an entity with ultimate superpowers who will come down from the skies and save humanity; or, embracing dead-end materialist philosophies like Transhumanism (the subject of my latest novel) or communism, an outdated, failed philosophy from the 19th century that inevitably results in suppression and dictatorship. At best, religion is at least a small step on the road to higher consciousness, at worst it promotes a set of ethics that are greater than the marketplace can dictate, and what mundane life itself stimulates in people.

Although organized religion seems to many of us on the spiritual path as less and less important, it is a hell of a lot better than the Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong thought that is being embraced by a very loud minority. Communism is a remnant of the dark age called the 20th century with its world wars, regional wars, and genocidal civil wars. Organized religion, even with its dogma, has faith-based scripture based on the recognition that humans are divine, and that human rights come not from the State – the basic tenet of communism and all totalitarian/technocratic societies – but from the Creator.

With our current civil unrest (which some say is a modern-day civil war) the Creator is allowing us to see what happens when people turn away from the divine connection to the Creator that resides within our biology. The Creator is allowing us to inspect adolescent belief systems like the hero’s journey, and the simplistic good-bad dichotomy of totalitarian thinking.


Do we want to continue to fight each other  in a continuous, never-ending battle between “good” and “evil” – some call it “endless war” – with its emphasis on heroes and heroines who battle and kill “bad guys”?  Will we accept the senseless dictats of totalitarian dictators in a technocratic state where everyone bends the knee to an all-powerful authority?

When will the human race tire of such self-defeating and self-immolating philosophies?

My opinion is: sooner than you think. Humanity is waking up. In a short time, I believe that the human race will set its feet firmly upon the path of cooperation in a higher consciousness. We just have to get through some messes first.

I am watching with puzzlement the actions of dark army operatives in the recent drama. On one hand, the death of George Floyd has prompted a lot of healthy discussion and debate about race, racial intolerance, and the idea that all should benefit from the way society is organized. Protestors are reacting to the injustice of Floyd’s death, and also to being caged up for three months due to the “stay-at-home” restrictions of coronavirus.

But the discussion is almost exclusively based on materialist concepts like a person’s skin color. There is no mention of consciousness.

For example, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Brown said, “If you support Donald Trump, you are a racist. Here is where it gets tricky and uncomfortable. Donald Trump is a racist, and if being a racist is not a dealbreaker for you, you are the reason Black people are being murdered for being Black.”

This is an astonishing comment. It says that if you favor the president, you are guilty of murder! This is what George Orwell called Thoughtcrime. It is the basis for a totalitarian dictatorship, for if one’s thoughts are crimes, then anyone can be randomly thrown in jail.

Here’s a total idiot from the Texas GOP, who resigned after posting an image of MLK with a banana in the background:

How stupid is that?

There are plenty more of these insanities but all are based on materialistic ideas that YOU ARE YOUR BODY. This is the entire idea behind identity politics: you ARE your sex, your race.

This is nonsense.

A human being is an incarnated spirit. The body type or the gender is irrelevant.

Civil discourse is utterly dependent on the recognition of a human being’s connection to their soul. A human being is, inherently, a piece of God. We are all brothers and sisters.

Recognition of this idea is the fundamental basis for respect, tolerance, cooperation, and social harmony. It’s the (almost unconscious) recognition that we all come from the Creative Source.

Without this understanding we are a society of meat; a society that will soon degenerate and fall apart. (Sound familiar?)

We have seen this played out in historical events.

In 1917, a group of psychopaths called the Bolsheviks took over Russia, established the gulags, and proceeded to murder (according to Solzhenitsyn) about 30 million Russians. In 1933 a mass murderer by the name of Hitler took over Germany and was responsible for the death of 20 million Europeans. In 1949, another mass murderer named Mao Tse-tung took over China. During the Great Leap Forward between 1958 and 1962, and the mass famine that followed, and again in 1967 during the Cultural Revolution, between 60 million and 100 million Chinese were killed. It's the greatest mass murder in human history, and it's what all communist/fascist regimes do.

And then there is the unspeakable Pol Pot in Cambodia, and ISIS, and right-wing dictatorships in South America and in Africa and in Asia.   

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FASCISM AND COMMUNISM, as I’ve remarked in earlier blog posts. They are one and the same: tyrannical dictatorships that suppress and murder human beings.

This can only happen when the divine/spiritual nature of human beings is ignored.

It’s pretty simple: successful societies where people are prosperous and where social harmony exists can only be established with the recognition of man’s spiritual nature. This naturally leads to the understanding that A PERSON IS NOT THEIR MEAT BODY. Low consciousness persons don’t see this.

It’s time for those with self-awareness to step forward. Fascists and communists, and other anti-social personalities, have exercised far too much influence during the past 100 years.

We can’t keep voting for people with no self-awareness.   

Here is what happens when good people stand by and do nothing while low consciousness persons direct events:

Man being shamed by fascists from the Chinese Communist Party during the Cultural Revolution
Rioters in Minneapolis burn buildings

The recognition of spirituality must become widespread. No longer can we bow our heads to materialists. No longer can we humor those who say, “You only go around once.” Uh, no. We’re ALL coming back. We’re incarnating again and again on the Wheel of Birth and Death until we come to the recognition of our divine nature.

The CCP in China, and Big Tech here in the West, is taking materialism to another level: scientific materialism. Using AI, internet/surveillance technology, and computer technology, scientific materialists are building cultures based on the idea that human beings are MEAT; somewhat like chemists experiment with millions of molecules in a chemical solution, or particle physicists calculate the behavior of millions of subatomic particles.

The new cultural God of darkness is scientific materialism, a soulless, degrading philosophy that has now spread across the globe, and regards human beings as MEAT.

Look at the picture of the poor guy being shamed above. The materialist is standing to the side with a look of anger and satisfaction on his face. Why? Because this poor soul doesn’t recognize he has one, and doesn’t recognize the soul in others.

The goal of revolution is revolution.

Fascists and communists are low-consciousness persons. They are WITHOUT EXCEPTION materialists.

How can you recognize such persons? By their intolerance and hatred for others, and their narcissism. These people, inside, loathe themselves. This loathing is then projected outward to the suppression of the divine connection to God in others.


You cannot “educate” people to higher consciousness. However, higher consciousness persons can, in their daily life, reject the stupidity of materialism. Not meekly accept statements that identify human beings as MEAT.

Don’t get me wrong, bodies are great. But the body isn’t who you are.  

Materialists reject religion and spirituality. They burn churches and other non-denominational places where meditation and harmony are celebrated. This is the dark army on earth. It is coming out now to be examined by the people of earth. How do you like it so far?

The time for materialism is OVER. Humanity can no longer accept such a degraded and juvenile philosophy.

In the West, as I’ve said before, the big dark secret is human and child trafficking, which is a worldwide scourge. Behind these evil practices materialists will be found; persons without self awareness. To get a small idea of this, watch The Blacklist, Season 1, Episode 2. I won’t spoil it for you, but this episode is actually soft disclosure.

The riots in the streets of America resulted from the light shining so brightly that injustice is becoming more and more intolerable. People who are frustrated lash out. And there are those who organize such activities, seeking advantage for their agenda. This will become clear as the months go by and the history of the year 2020 is written.

Is it madness to say that these “revolutionary” acts of destruction will eventually lead to reconsideration of everything in human society, and ultimately, a better world? In the past, in the era of darkness before 2012 when the fix was in,  this statement would be insane. We saw in the twentieth century how revolution led to the establishment of fascist and communist states that murdered a hundred million human beings. It’s different now, as the coming years will manifest. We’re not heading toward a dystopian future; we’re blowing of the steam from millennia of darkness and walking into the light. The darkness – with all of its ugliness and horror – is providing the contrast  that allows for evolution to the light. Individuals are free, on this planet of free choice, to participate in the darkness or the light. History will show these choices. I don’t want to say the outcome is predetermined, but the light is going to win.

The darkness is a small minority of any human population. The vast majority of people want to get along, cooperate, and live peaceful lives. We had peaceful lives before, you might say – but in the midst of the darkness of drugs, arms, and child trafficking networks. A variant of these dark networks have existed throughout human history for the past 6,000 years. There are organizations on this planet dedicated to supplying children to various dark groups and secret societies that practice satanic rituals and other dark arts. A free planetary society – the goal of the light – cannot exist with the darkness embedded within it. That’s why we’re seeing it come to the surface. Within the next several years, massive exposes of these dark arms, drugs, and human trafficking networks will begin.

The future is bright. I believe that one of the rules of engagement between dark and light is that the dark always has to tell the truth. The truth is hidden alongside a hundred lies, but it’s there if you look for it. The recent events surrounding the George Floyd incident is showing the agenda of the materialists, and I’m not talking about the legitimate, peaceful protests. The dark is being forced to  expose itself, and what it does, as people wake up all over the world. The United States, as usual, is the center of the action. Here, the internal corruption and inappropriateness in our own society is being exposed for the entire world to observe. People all over the world are looking at their own societies and cultures as the US bares its soul.

As the light shines brighter and brighter, the Dark Army mobilizes in a desperate attempt to maintain the old order. The old order always uses intimidation and violence to accomplish its ends. By their actions will you know them! The riots in cities all over the country are portrayed by the media as a society collapsing into chaos, but my take has always been different. It's a sign that the light is shining so brightly that that dark is being exposed. The goal of the Dark Army is revolution. But revolution is an old, tired, antiquated concept that just leads to the establishment of a dictatorship. That's not going to happen.

Here's what the Dark Army does:.

Here's a vid of white ANTIFA members spray-painting BLM (Black Lives Matter) on a building, while a black woman shouts "Stop that! They'll blame us for doing this!"

Here's more info:

In 2017, a former Black Lives Matter member predicted the infiltration of groups like BLM by ANTIFA.

So what's this all about? People on the right always blame "Democrats." People on the left blame "Republicans." It aint that. The riots are an organized assault on the light by the forces of darkness. The tactics of the dark are always the same: violence, intimidation, destruction, division. Doesn't matter if it comes from right or left.

ANTIFA is an international revolutionary group that became active in Germany in 1933. It was originally set up to overthrow the Weimar Republic. The logo of ANTIFA is almost the same as a similar group; the Communist Party of Germany:

ANTIFA has been active in Europe, and was exported to the United States. It is known as a "black bloc" organization because its members wear  black clothing, ski masks, scarves, sunglasses, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items. We'll eventually find out whether ANTIFA was behind these riots. But there is certainly evidence of organization.

What's the lesson of the current unrest? That low consciousness divides. and high consciousness unites. Here is what high consciousness does: cooperate across racial and cultural boundaries to clean up the messes made by the dark:

THIS is the message we need to send:

Image from

The dark army is waking up everyone to the true goal: Brothers and sisters in the human family all over the world uniting in peace and harmony.

Despite what it looks like, the light is winning!

Here's a beautiful rendition of "Saving Grace" by the Brian Blade Fellowship band, to celebrate unity and cooperation. In great music, cooperation, harmony, and love are paramount. Listen to the beautiful piano solo by Jon Cowherd and the alto sax solo by Myron Walden -- astonishing!

When a soul incarnates on earth as a human being, most of the soul awareness has to be left on the “other side.” A human body just can’t contain it. So human consciousness is truncated – we’re walking around, playing the game called “earth,” without all of our divine marbles!

Fortunately, built into human biology is an inner connection or link to the soul in its fullness. In internet terms, think of it as a sort of TCP/IP communication protocol from human biology to the soul. This “divine protocol”  allows human consciousness to talk to the human being’s higher self. Throughout human history seekers have tried to find this connection, and a few have succeeded. We all find it at some point in our lives, even if in fleeting moments. However, the average person doesn’t use this protocol (or even try) because we have been taught that a human being is a piece of meat. We have been taught that consciousness, self-awareness, comes from neurons firing around in the meat brain.

This low consciousness idea of a human is a perfect fit for materialists who cannot conceive of anything outside the five human senses. Fortunately, human consciousness is advancing past the adolescent belief in materialism. Humanity is ready for a spiritual upgrade!

What might this spiritual upgrade look like?

The divine component is accessible to everyone, even materialists, for all human beings are an aspect, or an extension, of the Creative Source. Creators in every field of human life know how important the soul connection is. It enables the feeling of love, compassion, harmony, happiness, excitement, passion, inspiration, and an inner wisdom that can guide a person throughout his or her life. This inner wisdom is often called intuition. Intuition comes from the soul.

Higher Consciousness in a Multidimensional Universe

So far we haven’t said anything earth shattering – these are standard-issue spiritual concepts. But here’s where it gets good. Let’s say that the universe itself is multidimensional: beyond the grasp of the five human senses. In that case materialistic science could only go so far – explaining the 4D world (the three dimensions of space + time) – but not able to go past it.  If the universe is multi-dimensional, then it would consist of a “layered” reality that can’t be accessed by scientific instruments, but only by the higher spiritual component of human consciousness that hides within human biology. It would contain paths to success that aren’t visible or cognizable to those who employ 4D thinking. These invisible solutions would, however, be recognizable to the higher, divine component through non-4D avenues such as intuition.

Moreover, what if spirituality itself is just a more advanced physics that isn’t accessible to 4D thinking? If so, then woo-woo spiritual stuff would have a basis in a more advanced science; one that goes beyond  meat-based science. Spiritual ideas would, in this higher concept, merge with physics. If this is so, spiritual ideas would be imprinted within the laws of the universe, and would be accessible by the divine component in human biology. This is an exciting concept for me, for it means that connecting with the soul through the divine protocol would enable a reasoned approach to spiritual ideas.

Fortunately,  every human being is born with this hidden component. Free will and intent is the tool used to access it. It’s time for human beings to reach beyond what we’ve been taught and embrace a more mature spiritual system that unites science, physics, and metaphysics.

Layered Reality in a Multi-dimensional Universe

What is “layered reality?” It refers to consciousness spaces that are beyond the physical body’s five senses; realms of awareness that might not be fully accessible (yet) but that can be contacted via the imagination and intuition. Assuming that is true, there are planes of reality that coexist along with the four material dimensions of 3D space and time. These “higher planes” of reality would provide an easier, more elegant and intuitive way around the denseness and the struggle associated with “normal” reality. A layered reality would, in essence, provide an invisible, multidimensional solution to personal problems that couldn’t be explained by a scientific analysis.  

Imagine that you’re sitting at home with no job and no income during this pandemic. That’s a problem. It’s a problem that exists purely within the 4D universe, and you don’t have a lot of time to solve it because the rent or mortgage payment is due, the kids need new shoes, and you’re tearing your hair out.

What to do?

This is a problem that can be solved by 4D methods, but it involves frantic action like finding another job. That works during normal times but not when unemployment is approaching 20% . What if there was another, more elegant solution that lies on a higher plane of reality? A solution like this cannot be empirical, it must be intuitive. It must be personal, and involve the idea that the universe is benevolent, and that you are part of it. It is congruent with the idea that consciousness is by definition benevolent, and that each human is an aspect or “piece” of that divine, universal consciousness.

Therefore a “higher”, or intuitive solution, can’t be laid out in a step-by-step linear fashion. You can’t derive a 4D formula or equation for it. The layered solution, as of now, is only accessible by the divine component of human consciousness. BUT it is accessible, and will become more accessible, as the human awakening continues. We just have to know it’s there and access it by flexing our spiritual muscles.

The Old Gives Way to the New

“You haven’t said anything helpful,” you say. “You’re babbling.”

Well, ladies and germs, get used to it. A new consciousness is arriving on the planet; an enhanced human consciousness, that will rely on the spiritual component and will be accessed via intuition. It will require listening to your inner voice. That’s part of what will emerge in the coming years as the new reality.

Human consciousness is reaching a point where the old methods – embedded in an old consciousness – don’t work anymore. “Set a goal, make a plan, write down your action steps...” blah, blah blah. These solutions exist within the confines of the old system and will always result in old energy solutions like working harder, making more phone calls, hiring better consultants, scrambling for a business loan, making a big leap in brand recognition while fighting your competitors for market get the idea. These solutions revolve around the system of corporate domination of every single event in our society. People who already have money don’t have to worry. But people like us who don’t, have to come up with unusual solutions because the old system is breaking down before our eyes. It’s in your face every day you wake up and confront reality. 6 trillion dollar bailout packages notwithstanding, this system is broken, and old energy solutions just don’t have the power they used to have.

“So what’s your solution? Sit around and meditate? That aint going to pay my bills!”

Not exactly.

Consciousness Evolution

The simple truth is that consciousness on this planet is evolving out of an old paradigm and into a new one, like a snake molting out of its skin. This process is INVISIBLE because thought and intent and self-awareness are invisible. There are no metrics to measure it.

What are the new tools of human consciousness in this new age?

Intuition, intention, increased self-awareness, and connection with the divine component inside you. These will act as guides for individuals in the new reality.

Folks, that’s the new life plan in higher consciousness; it’s the new way of being and doing. In the new multi-dimensional world, there are many realities, all layered on top of each other. These realities are becoming more and more accessible. The 4D reality is mired in working hard, struggling, overcoming obstacles. When we think of solutions to problems we still think along those lines. That was great in the old consciousness; it rewarded the person with ambition and perseverance. But it also led to a world run by sociopaths. The new reality requires a look into a more elegant, multidimensional solution where you may not be able to even list all of the components or variables of the solution. The new reality requires trust in the laws of the universe, and that a benevolent higher power, or consciousness, has set up these laws and maintains them for the good of all.

You can see right away that this new reality is utterly foreign to materialists, and to the old way of thinking. It is simply beyond their grasp. That is why a certain segment of the population will always embrace struggle, conflict, and war as the only solutions to problems. This POV will be supported with the argument that it simply reflects “human nature.” But human nature has never been about that; it has been about helping others and cooperating with others. Cooperation is how civilizations are built and maintained. The design of the human body itself – around the Phi ratio – represents perfect harmony. Humans are designed for cooperation.

The old consciousness created a world run by sociopaths

The global corporate state with its greed and amoral competition is an abomination. It is mired in low consciousness and outdated solutions that pollute the planet, cause hundreds of millions to do without, and result in endless war. Fortunately, it is cracking at the seams. Don’t believe it? Look at the headlines. The darkness is being exposed, it is not ascendant! The dark is fighting a last-ditch battle that it will lose.

The future will prove the past. Those with higher self-awareness know that the future of humanity – after a long 6,000-year struggle – will have a good ending.

Because the laws of the universe are immutable, even in the old energy, sociopaths who “look out for number one” are and were rewarded because the law of attraction and the law of vibration always operate to manifest strong intent (see my book The Vibrational Universe). Those with the strongest intent in the old energy were most often self-centered individuals who simply concentrated, single-mindedly, on what was best for them. A laser-focused person, intent on ambition and power, is rewarded. These persons have become the leaders of powerful corporations who dominate the economy of nations and the world. The worldwide corporate state operates using interlocking directorships and dominates the world’s finances and owns the world’s resources. It will eventually be dismantled because it is based on the superannuated idea of materialism.

Doesn’t matter what they call themselves – communists, capitalists, or globalists: The 4D world is run by sociopaths.

We all know this, we  can see it every day.

These sociopaths are trying to create a dystopian future, but it’s not going to happen. The co-creative power of human consciousness won’t allow it, despite the efforts of the Western military-industrial-Big Tech complex (MIBT), and within the Eastern junta in Beijing, known as the Chinese Communist Party. Both are trying to impose a worldwide fascist/AI/surveillance/police state. The kind of world they want is summed up in a sentence by the great Frances Hodgson Burnett in her novel The Shuttle: “He had spent his life in obeying, and congratulated himself that obedience secured him his weekly wage.” Obedience and security in exchange for a weekly wage: this is the sluggish, insensate, and crushing world the Overseers of humanity want to establish; a world where human potential is squashed under a boot that keeps kicking us in the face (a la George Orwell). But we’re better than that! The people of the world – freedom loving people – will stand together in solidarity against criminals and sociopaths of this ilk. The battle of dark vs light is being won by the light.

The Way Out

The way out is a new consciousness. And it’s happening! Right now. The pandemic is an in-your-face gut punch for humanity. Those with old agendas are trying to destroy the old system. Paradoxically, these efforts will have beneficial effects. Because the old system NEEDS to be torn down.

Within a generation a new way of thinking – a more benevolent way – will prevail, simply because the low consciousness tactics of the corporate state will no longer be accepted by the vast majority of people on this planet. Old solutions of contention, coercion, and hierarchical control simply won’t work anymore.

Greedy and power-hungry sociopaths will stick out like sore thumbs; they will be recognized for being narcissists and self-centered individuals. These people are already becoming more and more visible. As human consciousness rises – as people become more self-aware – their lack of integrity will become more and more intolerable.

The awakening is already occurring!

Materialist ways to organize human societies will be rejected.

Human beings are designed to cooperate

On earth there are approximately 131 million births every year, and 56 million deaths. The old fogies die off and new humans, with a new consciousness, are born into a new energy. The human race refreshes itself. Over a generation (25 years) that’s 25 * 131 million = 3.275 billion new souls on the planet.

An analogy is to the human body, which refreshes itself constantly. Within 7 years every one of your cells are replaced. (Materialists will tell you that this is nothing special or significant, because cells are dying and being replaced all the time. But the fact is that new cells come in and old cells are replaced. Consciousness affects the health of these cells.) You essentially get a new body every 7 years. The human race also refreshes itself. We get a new planet of humans every two or three generations.

The current pandemic is a STOP for the human race on the old cycle of time and consciousness.

It represents the end of that cycle.

It is re-routing humanity to a new (higher) layer of multidimensional reality.

Unfortunately some are still in fear, prodded by a low-consciousness media that promotes panic and drama in order to get clicks and sell advertising. This is the way old consciousness operates. People are getting sick of it and looking for a better way.

Right now human consciousness (at least in the US) is in the process of regurgitating and inspecting old memes and beliefs. This is necessary to clean out the closet of old belief systems and prepare the way to access the higher, more elegant planes of reality that coexist together in the multidimensional universe. However, to manifest these higher realities requires the conscious intent to select them. Human consciousness is the operator that can do that.

Current Events: Not this again! More Trump – Anti-Trump Nonsense

Are you as tired of the endless lies and disinformation as I am? It all revolves around Trump, because he’s the (temporary) figurehead for this process. Right now the U.S. political consciousness is mired in a juvenile Trump – anti-Trump screaming match, which is in effect cleaning out the closet of old beliefs and the hatred that accompanies them. Believe it or not, another impeachment attempt will be made by Democrats in the House. Why do this again only a couple of months before an election that will decide whether he goes or stays? Fortunately there’s a deadline to this adolescent nonsense: the election on November 3rd. Ignored in this silly debate is a huge intelligence-information-economic-geostrategic confrontation between the forces of darkness (the MIBT – the globalist corporate elites who think the world’s resources are theirs by divine right – allied with the gangsters in the Chinese Communist Party who build concentration camps for dissidents and engage in live organ harvesting), and those who are awakening in the light (the general public). Like all great movements on the planet, change is coming from the bottom up as people wake up. The people are forcing the hands of the global elite.

Current Events: Coronavirus

The coronavirus is an immediate result of that war, as humanity will discover no later than the end of the year 2022 (my prediction). It might take that long to sort out what actually happened. For example, some assert that COVID-19 cases are being exaggerated.


A simple solution is to examine the mortality rates in previous years and compare them with March, April, May... of 2020. If COVID-19 is the pandemic we believe it is, we should see a big spike in total deaths here in the US, the country most affected by the pandemic. According to the CDC website, about 240,000 to 260,000 deaths occur every month in the US.

(You can see this if you click on “All Data” in the drop down box.)

When the mortality data is finally compiled we should see a significant rise in monthly deaths for the months of the pandemic, and a yearly total in 2020 at least 88,000 above the norm. Unfortunately the CDC has dropped the ball here. The most recent mortality data is for March 2019! The CDC is 13 months behind.  

Whether the death rate goes higher in 2020 during the months of the pandemic is almost irrelevant, however. The fact is that the world has largely shut down for the past three months. This means that national economies have largely shut down as well. The dark networks (drugs, arms, and human/child trafficking) have also been affected because travel has been severely restricted. As people look for reasons why the pandemic began, attention will go to these dark networks as they try to restart. For example, here in the US, our southern border before the coronavirus was largely controlled by Mexican drug cartels, who trafficked guns, drugs, and human beings into the US for profit.

The situation had gotten so bad that President Obrador of Mexico sent 20,000 Mexican troops to guard their northern border (our southern border) in an attempt to stop cartel activity in northern Mexico. When these dark networks get going again they will be noticed. The sociopaths who run them will be identified, because people simply won’t tolerate going back to the old system of darkness.

The scourge of the planet – the darkest of the dark – the human and child trafficking networks – will be identified. Jeffrey Epstein is the tiny tip of an iceberg that, when revealed, will shock people in the West. It will result in a catharsis for humanity and the release of a lot of negative energy within the collective consciousness.

Predictions: A New Spirit of Cooperation and a New Foreign Policy

A new spirit of cooperation will slowly advance in human consciousness as people tire of the constant bickering. Like him or not, Trump is fighting the good fight against the ingrained corruption in DC. During Trump’s second term (if he gets one) my prediction is a huge confrontation in the US between the civilian administration and the MIBT as Trump tries to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and maybe even the Korean Peninsula. Trump will try to take down the fascists in the CCP as well as our own MIBT. Look for Trump, in his second term, to issue orders to withdraw our troops and then observe what happens. Why will he do this? Because Trump is a businessman, and although war is great for Wall Street and the MIBT, it’s bad for Main Street. Trump wants to be known as a “man of the people.” It’s something that needs to be done.

With the decoupling of the US economy from the supply chains of the CCP,  U.S. industry will have to relocate back to the US. This will result in the gradual dismantling of the disastrous export of low wages, deflation, and lower standards of living around the world due to the reliance on cheap slave labor in China. This will cause U.S. foreign policy to become less globalist (it already is) and more oriented toward American and North American workers. The alliance between the US, Mexico, and Canada will become stronger. US ties with Brazil – the two great food exporting countries – will also become stronger.

Certainly by 2024 the US will be ready for a fresh start; a start that will demand more integrity and less contentiousness. Right now we are mired in the cleansing process of human consciousness, and as a result, are experiencing the duality at its strongest. People are blowing off steam from lifetimes of human experience over the past 6,000 years. We are experiencing this because the light of awareness is shining brighter than ever. The old consciousness is saying goodbye in the only way it knows how: by fighting one last desperate battle to keep humanity mired in the old paradigm of thought.

The CCP in China won’t last the decade. As the Chinese people wake up they will realize that the CCP is not fulfilling its social contract, but is rather setting up a totalitarian surveillance police state of total control by a small elite. The great Chinese people won’t stand for this, and will secure their freedom.

In the decade of the 2030s the second scourge of planet earth will be confronted: the special access programs within the MIBT that have been demonizing “alien” (extraterrestrial) contact, and which have been hiding technology that can change the world, in order to maintain an antiquated fossil-fuel empire. If we’re lucky, this might happen sooner. I hope so!

I think it will, because the earth is heading into a period of global cooling and the primitive electrical grid, with its wires-on-poles, is on its last legs. We’re going to need new inventions! In 2019, 77% of the days showed zero sunspots. In 2020, so far, 76%. (Sunspots are a sign of solar activity.) This means a deep solar minimum is coming, which will cause temperatures to drop. The fact is that the earth’s temperature is controlled by the amount of solar radiation that hits the earth from the sun. By comparison, man-made industrial pollution has little effect on the earth’s temperature.

Get Ready for the New World

The multidimensional nature of the universe has always been with us, but human consciousness was too low to see it. The layered nature of reality in the old paradigm was only visible to those who spent their lives in contemplation. Now the fog of darkness is lifting to show higher, more elegant life paths. New solutions to old personal problems will come from consulting our intuition. The 4D solutions that involve struggle, hard work, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles are still available of course. But new solutions that involve linking with  higher consciousness are also available now to every human being.

There is no 12-step program to do this. There are no “secret keys,” no courses or seminars, that can give you the answers. The answers have to come from inside; they are personal to every incarnated human. This has always been true. Those who have found their life purpose will tell you that unequivocally.  

So get ready for the new world! The speed with which we get there is dependent entirely on how many of us create it.

Some people say that the media is overhyping a severe case of the flu, others are saying that Covid-19 is a bioweapon, that it is being used as a power grab to squash civil liberties, that it is being used as an excuse to destroy small and medium sized businesses to control markets, that it is being used to start a war with China...blah, blah blah. Maybe all of the above.


We have to understand the power of human consciousness to create our future. In a vibrational universe you get what you focus on. Everybody knows that, you can prove it to yourself in life if you care to, but in times of crisis human beings tend to go into fear. Fear is the primary tool of materialists, low consciousness, and dark actors.

The purpose of life is to discover your higher self, your higher purpose, the divine within you, your connection to God/Spirit. Materialists don’t understand this and will tell you that spirituality is bullshit. Materialists create situations based in fear, acting always to squash religion and spirituality across the globe. It’s what they do. Why? Because the dark irrationally fears the light.

There will always be a section of the population who will choose the darkness, and low consciousness. That is what happens on a planet of free choice and free will.

Materialists will tell you that human nature is debased; that people will always act for their own good and ignore the plight of others; that the natural condition of humanity is conflict and struggle; and that problems are always solved ultimately through war.

This is how low consciousness thinks. We don’t have to think like that anymore.

Everyone has noticed how rapidly change is occurring. Covid-19 is an aspect of that change that will lead to higher consciousness. First there is fear; then, after the panic passes, we get the big picture, and understand the who, the what, the where, and the why.

When a global pandemic occurs it affects everyone on the planet. Therefore, once the worst is over, investigations will look into the origins of the virus and the actions of all the major players. Whistleblowers will come forward to expose dark actors. The light of truth will shine on anyone with anti-social agendas.

What can we do as mere citizens?

Stay centered, stay in the light, understand that Covid is temporary. Most important, understand that human consciousness, collectively, has the power to  literally change things in the physical universe. Here is an article from the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, titled, “Follow-up study suggests group meditation reduced murder rates in large US cities”:

Large groups practicing the advanced Transcendental Meditation program were associated with significant reductions in murder rates in US urban areas during the period 2007–2010.

Following up on a 2016 study on group meditation that found a 21.2% reduction in the national homicide rate during the period 2007–2010, a new study focusing on 206 large US urban areas found an even greater decrease of 28.4% in the murder rate. In both studies, the reductions during the period 2007–2010 were in comparison to the baseline period 2002–2006.

In this study, published in the Journal of Health and Environmental Research by Institute research scientists Dr. Kenneth Cavanaugh and Dr. Michael Dillbeck, the authors suggest that these results are consistent with the hypothesis that a sufficiently large group practicing the Transcendental Meditation® technique and its advanced program, the TM-Sidhi® program would lead to reduced societal stress, as reflected in reduced rates of murder and violence. This group practice is said to create a positive effect in the environment due to a hypothesized “field effect of consciousness.”

What intrigues me is the suggestion that human consciousness has a field effect. I have written about this in a couple of my novels. Here is what the author of the study on meditation says:

According to Dr. Cavanaugh,

The basis for the hypothesized effect on society is that consciousness in its pure form, pure consciousness, has a field-like character and is a universal field at the basis of everyone’s thought and behavior. When the participants in a group equal to or exceeding the square root of one percent of the entire population are experiencing pure consciousness during group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, the field of pure consciousness is enlivened in the entire population. This will positively influence all others in society, leading to development in the same holistic direction as experienced by individuals practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique.”

Let’s dismiss the idea that only TM can do this. All that is necessary is to place the mind/heart in a coherent state. Experienced meditators know how to do this. Even inexperienced ones can have a positive effect, because in a vibrational universe, the intent behind an action sets up a vibrational carrier wave that propels that action.

An intriguing aspect of this study is that only a small fraction of the population needs to participate in order to have wide-ranging effects. According to the article,

During 2007–2010, the size of the TM-Sidhi group located at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, was above or near 1,725 participants, the size predicted to have a positive influence on the US quality of life. This predicted threshold represents the square root of 1% of the US population at that time.” [italics mine]

All quotes from

Let’s calculate how many people it would take to have a positive effect on the entire planet, if this assertion is correct. The human population, in March 2020, is approximately 7.8 billion. One percent of that is 78 million. The square root of 78 million is approximately 8,832!

That’s an astonishingly small number, the size of a small rural town in the US.

If the assumptions in this study are anywhere near accurate, the power of higher consciousness can be harnessed for the good of the entire planet by just a very few. All it takes is a little organization. What would happen if a meditation could be organized every day for world peace or for some other positive manifestation? It wouldn’t be hard to mobilize 8,832 people out of a population of almost 8 billion!

The power of human consciousness, using the field effect hypothesis, can be used right now to effect positive change.

High consciousness vs. low consciousness

A worldwide pandemic that affects the entire human population can motivate the human population, collectively, to either fear or to a higher state of awareness. I’m betting on the latter. If 8 billion people were to gain a higher state of awareness due to the Covid virus, a quantum leap in consciousness could result that would radically alter human societies for the better.

This, I think, is an unforeseen consequence of Covid!

Let’s say that certain dark forces are trying to place humanity in fear, in order to get us to create a dark future. Well, it’s going to backfire on them! Fear is a lower emotion, love is a much higher and more powerful emotion. Love >>> fear. Fear loses.

As FDR said during one of his “fireside chats” during World War 2, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Low consciousness will attempt to put you in fear. It’s as simple as that. Their weapon is simply to get us to mobilize the field effect of human consciousness to advance a dark agenda.

It won’t work.

In fact we can turn that around and mobilize human consciousness for a positive effect. It only takes a very small number of people.

Materialists will scoff and ridicule this, of course, but who cares what they say? Low consciousness can’t see high consciousness. I made a crude diagram several years ago in an article on my website, which I am reprinting here to illustrate this concept:

1) When vibrations are too far apart, they cannot see each other. In other words, when the dog whistle is blown, the frequency is above the vibrational range of the human ear. Therefore, it does not exist for a human being. When a happy person tries to cheer up the angry one, he gets a punch in the nose. Only when vibrations are similar can there be coherent communication, reality and understanding, as we saw in Lesson One.
wHigh: waveform representing higher consciousness
wLow: Waveform representing low consciousness

2) A higher vibration can "read" a lower one. This means that a waveform of higher frequency can decipher a waveform of lower frequency, but not vice–versa. We can see this by the following crude analogy with the two waveforms above.

The wavecrests between wLow are spaced so that it takes 5 spaces between wavecrests of wHigh to make 1 space of wLow. Imagine an "eye" at every wavecrest on wLow and wHigh. As can be seen, wLow can only "see" wavelengths of its own frequency or lower. wLow can only be aware of its much longer wavelength, because it's perception is too gross to realize that shorter wavelengths can exist. Even though there are 5 wavecrests of wHigh between every one for wLow, wLow cannot see them, even though they surely exist! 

On the other hand, wHigh is easily aware of wLow. wHigh counts out 5 of its wavecrests to easily encompass the broader wavecrests of wLow.

“In this analogy, a lower awareness cannot be conscious of a higher awareness.”

But a higher awareness understands perfectly well where a lower consciousness is at.

We’ve all experienced this: it’s frustrating to realize that no matter what you say, you aint getting across to the other person. Bullies and other anti-social persons interpret your attempts at reconciliation to be weakness because of their lack of understanding. It’s just low consciousness.  

This reminds me of a saying: “Never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity.” In other words, low consciousness may not be evil, but it certainly is dumb! Young souls with no experience on earth fall into this category – they haven’t been around long enough to accumulate any wisdom.

What about those who deliberately choose the dark side?

There’s another saying that applies here: “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

When higher awareness ACTS, it can use the power of consciousness and the field effect to raise the vibration of the entire planet. This rising vibe will transform lower vibrations into higher ones. And it doesn’t take a lot of people to do this.

When you encounter materialists it’s like talking to a brick wall. They simply have no understanding of their own spirituality; your words and ideas can’t penetrate their consciousness. But that’s not our problem, it’s their problem. The good news? The field effect of human consciousness will provide even those who embrace the darkness with a spiritual “boost.” Their boats will rise along with everyone else's.

The truth will come out

We have all probably been infected with a corona virus at some point in our lives. Covid-19 is a new variant with a death rate similar to flu. And we have treatments now: Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin,  Remdesivir, and favipiravir or Avigan (in Japan), have been used on an ad-hoc basis with excellent results.

There has recently been a great debate about these drugs. They are obviously treatments, not cures. Studies have shown that this regimen doesn’t work for persons on ventilators, or those who are already very ill. But many doctors around the world, including Didier Raoult, who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2014, have had good results using this regimen as a prophylactic to treat people who test positive but who are not yet seriously ill.

Remember that the pandemic of 1918 killed 50 to 100 million people worldwide. That’s several times the number killed in World War 1, which killed 20 million and is recognized as one of the greatest human tragedies of all time. The fear-mongering mass media is obsessed with this pandemic and normally rational people are terrified of a disease that, for most people, would result in getting sick for a week. Even for those over 80, the death rate is 15%, and many of these people have pre-existing conditions such as pneumonia, diabetes, or obesity.

So let’s relax. OF COURSE when you go out in public maintain social distancing and wear a mask or a bandana over your mouth and nose to protect others.  In Japan this has always been a part of their society: you wear a mask in public if you are sick. We can do it too for a while.

As we go down the case curve during the next month, the investigations will begin. The darkness is going to be exposed. When that happens, the entire planet is going to learn a lot about low consciousness. In the meantime, keep calm, stay centered, and realize that MUCH better times are on the horizon.


The coronavirus is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to humanity.

The above statement is outrageous of course, and insulting to all those who have died and are undergoing hardship. Nevertheless, if we take the big picture view, something like this was necessary to force humanity out of its complacency, and its 6,000 year history of solving problems with war and violence.

Here in the US the level of vitriol was simply unsustainable and, if continued, would have led to a collapse of the country, or even civil war. Now people are being forced to lower the level of hatred. We are in a “timeout” where heads can cool off for a while. Physical separation and social distancing is causing people, as they sit in semi-quarantined isolation in their homes, to take a deep breath and contemplate their lives and their future, and the future of their cities, countries, and the planet.

As I said in a previous blog post, the pandemic and the economic crisis it has engendered is a historical force. It is unstoppable; its roots lie deep within the collective consciousness of humanity.

The world is going through a necessary transition from an old, broken system ruled by darkness and corruption, into a new one. We are in a transition phase where the unworkable aspects of the old system are being exposed. A new consciousness is arising!

It’s a painful transition, but big changes for the better require some pain now. The coronavirus is just one way this could have happened. This pandemic is opening up (or should I say prying open) a metaphoric “lid” on the darkness that has ruled this planet for millennia. This darkness is represented physically by the worldwide arms, drugs, and human/child trafficking networks, and the anti-social personalities who have risen to the top of many societal, political, and economic pyramids.

Behind the coronavirus, I’m certain, are some deep dark secrets. Over the next year or so we’re going to find out who is behind the release of this virus and what their motivations were. The dark networks on this planet are going to be identified and shut down. A wildcard event of this magnitude – the most significant event in human history, affecting 7.5 billion people, and involving the entire world economy and every person on the planet – is what I call a historical force. It is unstoppable. The light shining on the planet, generated by a population sick and tired of the old, broken system, is forcing people to look inside. It is exposing the personal darkness within all of us so it can be cleaned out. It is exposing the fault lines and flaws within the top-heavy economy and the corrupt political system. It is releasing the light within. It is preparing us for a new world without war.

We Can’t Go  Back

The capital markets are spiraling down as sociopaths (again) short-sell the market and try to transfer the assets of the middle classes worldwide into their hands. This will work for a while, but only for a while. Until the people of the world, who can communicate instantly across the planet, wake up and see how the global elites have arranged human societies for their benefit and not ours.

Should we be mad at these people, when they are identified?

Absolutely not. Because we, the people, have allowed them to ascend to their positions of power. Human populations have been on their collective backs so long that acquiescence has become a habit. When the Patriot Act was passed in 2001, for example, not one of our legislators even read it. (This is the law that formally created the surveillance state, exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013.) What did we the people do? Nothing. Oh, a few of us exposed what was in it and ranted about it for a while. But we the people were happy to get on with our lives, and mostly ignored the legalization of what some call the Deep State. Well, that’s all over now. Life is going to change, is changing, and we’re never going back.

We can’t go back because once you reach a higher level of consciousness, your new self-awareness is permanent. And that’s a good thing.

The established patterns in our lives are changing, and will change further as time passes. I mean that in a positive sense, for the rigidity of the old system is cracking apart.

The Future

I see a fantastic future ahead for the planet and for humanity. As I’ve said in previous blog posts, when you clean out the junk in the closet you make a mess. You get filthy, dust flies everywhere, you start coughing, you get pissed off, and halfway through you’re about ready to give up because the job looks hopelessly hard. But if you persist you make it through. And even better, when others see you struggling they come to help. That’s the wonderful and indomitable characteristic of human nature: we want to help each other. And we do! Something as simple as a phone call to someone who is lonely is an act of kindness and generosity. Little acts of kindness go a long way, and create a higher resonance in your neighborhood and in your city.

Make no mistake, coronavirus is the opening act in a huge transformation of human consciousness on the planet.

When the planet gets through it, life won’t be the same because the old patterns of life are breaking down. The US (and all nations) are complex systems that are now in a mathematically chaotic state. Complex systems cannot be described by a single rule and their characteristics are not reducible to one level of description, because they consist of millions (billions) of actors and interactions between them. Complex systems exhibit properties that emerge from the interaction of their parts and which cannot be predicted from the properties of the parts. When they go into a chaotic state, unlimited possibilities for evolution occur. We are experiencing this RIGHT NOW. Fortunately these systems usually settle down at a higher level.


Human societies are becoming less linear and more multi-dimensional. We are getting out of the 6,000-year-old box of beliefs. By multi-dimensional I mean the free (or freer) interaction of millions of variables/actors. The old system was basically locked down to accepted ‘truths.’ You get born, you go to school (where you learn a rigid curriculum defined by education “experts” at the national level – a hierarchical, top-down system), you get a job, you pay taxes, you get married, you join your local club or go to church, you get old and watch your grandkids while they do the same as you did. Rinse and repeat.

All of that is breaking down now as the light penetrates systems that lack integrity. And the reason for it is human consciousness, which has spawned a global pandemic that is affecting every person on earth. This process had already begun in the last decade of the 20th century, and has accelerated since the wildcard events of the 21st.

The repatterning began on January 1, 2000. It was called Y2K, and was supposedly the end of the world. Then 9/11 happened a year after that. In 2008, the meltdown of the financial markets, in 2009, the H1N1 virus that infected over 60 million people just in the US. Then, in 2016, the unexpected election of Donald Trump. In 2020, the second SARS virus that has caused a worldwide pandemic and almost an economic depression, and will be the impetus for a reset of the world’s financial system and a reorientation of the world’s supply chains. Corona will cause human beings, I believe, to rethink EVERYTHING about how we run our lives, our schools, our politics, and our economies. It is the kick in the collective ass that will force real change in the complex human system on planet earth. (You can see a glimpse of these massive changes in the $2.3 trillion relief bill and the $4 trillion bomb the Fed just released to support the credit markets.)

The next wildcard? The collapse of the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP is not going to survive corona, or it will be given a fatal blow that will soon cause it to collapse. That’s because people are tired of lies, tired of corruption, tired of the same old system that allows anti-social people to rise to the top of the pyramid. Over 21 million cell phone accounts have been recently closed in China, yet the CCP claims it has only had, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, 3,174 deaths as of March 27th. This is absurd. 21 million people suddenly decided to cancel their cellphone accounts? The CCP does practice social engineering, whereby dissidents are punished for speaking out against the Party, so some of that could simply be living persons who have been denied a phone by the CCP as punishment for speaking out against the government. The great hero Dr. Li Wenliang was one of these. Even more likely is that the economy in China has shut down to the point that people can't afford cell phones.

The virus may have originated in Wuhan City in Hubei province in China, but everyone is responsible. This statement only makes sense when you understand that human consciousness, in the form of individual human beings, contributes to the consciousness of the whole. Therefore, Corona is ultimately the product of the collective consciousness of mankind. This is not an outrageous statement, for all countries and humans have been affected. The way consciousness manifests into the physical universe is that, if you are blameless, you are unaffected. It’s a form of immunity. Living an exemplary life almost always allows you to walk into the valley of death without ill effects. The pandemic is proof that we’re creating it together. And we’ll get through it together.

Gaia is not turning against us, I believc – corona is completely a man-made phenomenon.

Humanity cannot play the blame game again – as we have been doing for 6,000 years. We must pull together!

Complex Systems

The good news about the pandemic? Complex systems, when they go chaotic, always settle down eventually, and often to a higher or better state than before. We’ve seen this in the rise and fall of empires in the old consciousness. When the system gets corrupted it must break apart, leading to the possibility of a new and better one. A forest that experiences a massive fire (because of overgrowth, for example) will quickly regenerate. Human systems are composed of elements with consciousness, that can reach for higher possibilities. This is what we’re in now.

If you’ve seen that great movie about fungus, you know that the old system (like the dirty closet) must be cleaned up to make ready for new life. The pandemic is the analogy to the fungus in the planetary human system.

It’s not trite to say that the new consciousness is breaking apart old patterns. The new relief bill, for example, provides hundreds of billions of dollars in direct government assistance to individuals and small businesses. The Fed is essentially merging with the U.S. Treasury as the privately owned central bank becomes more responsive, by necessity, to the will of the people. The Fed put several trillion on its balance sheet to support the credit markets, and now another $2.3 trillion in the relief bill is being spent. And more is coming, probably, if the economy is shut down for more than a few weeks.

$1200 for individuals isn’t going to go a long way, but it’s the principle that counts. Trump is using the power of the Fed to not only bail out big corporations, but also to support the little guy. In the relief bill, $350 billion in direct government assistance to individuals. There is now a lot more concern for PEOPLE than before. The motto in this crisis has been, “Who cares about the deficit? We need to help workers as well as banks and corporations.” These are principles progressives have been arguing for, for decades. Ladies and germs, it’s a great start! Even corporate hedge fund managers have called for a zero tax rate for all those making less than $200,000 per year for all of 2020. This is a good start to re-designing our economy to make it more compassionate.

As my grandmother used to say, “People won’t change unless they are forced to.” Well, we are being forced to! Don’t believe those who say that the pandemic is the precursor to the establishment of worldwide fascism. Oh, we may find a politician or two who thinks that he or she can rise from the chaos and become the AntiChrist a la Revelations. But people will see through them. The world is now connected into a global brain a la Buckminster Fuller. Dictatorships and totalitarian societies are on their way OUT. The new consciousness will not support them.

The end result will be human societies living in a more compassionate fashion. The global pandemic is just the opening act that is birthing a new consciousness and a new planet.

I grew up Catholic. In religion class I was told that I had a soul. I always wondered what this was and where it was. I wondered why it was considered separate from me. Eventually I concluded that I didn’t care about something that wasn’t me.

“If you sin your soul will be tainted,” a nun told me once. “Your soul won’t go to heaven.” 

“Sure, but what about me?” I asked. “That’s great for my soul, but what happens to me after I die?”

I never got a satisfactory answer to that.

Over the decades I meditated and visualized and tried to find my connection to Spirit. It’s only recently (when I wrote my book The Old Soul) that I twigged on what those nuns were trying to tell me. (I don’t think they understood it either. It’s what happens when you perform a ritual or repeat dogma without any understanding.)

For some reason there is a physical universe and an angelic realm. Materialists never understand this distinction because they believe that when you die, you’re dead. This low consciousness belief I call the Man is Meat Theory of Life: When the body dies your consciousness disappears from the universe forever. Uh, no.

The point of life is to get beyond these childish ideas and to find the higher self; to understand your personal connection to God/Spirit. Materialists (fascists, communists, Nazis, dictators of every stripe) don’t understand this. When they come to power they tear down churches and religious buildings in an attempt to prevent the people from finding their connection to the divine.

What exists in the angelic realm? Souls. Souls are non-corporeal consciousness that yet have personalities. Personalities develop because of the experiences gained while incarnating in the physical universe. Joe is meek and mild, Karen is boisterous, Pete is sensitive, Mary is compassionate. These traits develop by living lives in various environments and cultures on earth. 

There’s only one problem: The body can’t contain the energy of the soul.

When you incarnate you have to leave most of your consciousness behind. The part left behind is the soul.

So, the soul actually IS you. The challenge in the material universe is to discover that.

According to various spiritual leaders, channellers, and gurus, the biology contains an esoteric component: a gateway to the angelic realm and the higher self. The more of your soul you can invite into your corporeal body, the healthier you are, and the more aware you become.

“Sounds pretty simple bro, so how about a formula or a twelve-step procedure to get there?”

Well, there’s another problem I forgot to mention. The soul exists in the angelic realm, which is (for want of a better world) multidimensional. It’s beyond the linear, 3D box we’re living in. Asking a question like “How do I do find my soul?” is unanswerable because it’s utterly personal. What works for one person may not work for another. There’s no twelve-step process because that’s a linear idea. The soul is non-linear.

The Divine Plan

I’m not bright enough to understand what the divine plan is. I used to think I did, but the wiser I get, the dumber I get. All I know is that when I connect to my soul for those brief moments, I feel more ME. I wish I could be connected that way 24 hours a day.

Apparently the physical universe is very, very important, for it allows Spirit/God to experience and thus develop divine personalities, or aspects, of Itself. When you go from a divine (soul) personality connected to God, and come to earth, you experience from a completely different and isolated POV. The body is a separate unit and so human consciousness always perceives from a unique perspective. All of us literally have a different angle on life. Geometrically speaking, we always occupy unique coordinates in time and space, even during the same event. That’s why ten different people will have ten different accounts of an accident.

When  human consciousness reunites with the soul at “death,” that unique perspective caries forward. “Death” is just that portion of your consciousness that inhabited the body, returning to the soul in the angelic realm. It’s a re-uniting of awareness.

A personality results from experiencing in the physical universe from unique coordinates in time and space. Maybe that’s why it’s so important. Otherwise reincarnation makes no sense to me. Why separate yourself from a place where everything is beautiful and filled with love in order to dumb yourself down and suffer in a physical body, where you try to attain that which you already are before you got here?

Yeah, I’ve heard the stuff about incarnating to earth to advance the vibration of the planet and the galaxy, but that’s a childish explanation. Explain to me what all the suffering is for?

“This is a planet of free choice and every soul chooses to come here and participate in a Great Experiment. Over thousands of years, humanity collectively made the choice to go to low consciousness. Now we’re working on cleaning up the mess we made.”

OK, that’s a little better. But why create a “planet of free choice” in the first place that has led to so much suffering?

There’s no good answer to that, other than, “Earth is the Wild Wild West. Only the most adventurous souls come here. Nobody forced you, so enjoy the ride. It’ll be over in 80 years and you can go back to Spirit.”

I can buy that. But it doesn’t have the sacredness I associate with a divine plan. What’s sacred about suffering?

“It feels so good when you stop doing it.”

Nah. I’ve learned that there’s no value or sacredness to experiencing anything negative. You don’t learn anything except that you don’t want to suffer any more. I learned that when I had a personal bout of suicidal depression some years ago. You don’t get brownie points for feeling bad.

The answer is that we’re not supposed to suffer. Suffering occurs when we put up barriers to our own divinity. That makes sense because we’re all responsible for the decisions we make. We are free to reject the programming given to us by parents and society. The earth experience  is a gigantic, magnificent test that we all wanted to take. It’s basically a game of hide-and-seek that we all choose to play. “Can I find myself even though the magnificent part of me is hidden?” When I look at life in that way I feel lighter.

One thing I’m certain of: If I can ever bond with my soul well enough I’ll have the answers to all of the esoteric questions about the meaning of life. (Then I won’t have to write blog posts like this, and I can give you all the answers.) For reasons I don’t understand, part of the Game on earth is to hide human consciousness from the soul, and to determine whether human beings are bright enough to see their spiritual component.

I’ve tried the intellectual and scientific route to discover the meaning of life. For me it just leads to enormous complexity as our scientific understanding broadens, and more and more data becomes available. That’s a good segue into a dream I had last night.

 My Dream

I dreamed that Bernie Sanders somehow won the Democratic nomination. He was debating Trump on a stage somewhere. The two candidates were throwing down on each other, and it was pretty nasty. Everybody in the audience was really into it, shouting when their guy made a point.

Then something happened to Bernie. He’s 78 years old, and had an incident with his heart last year. Bernie was firing back at Trump when his face went white and he stopped speaking. He started mumbling, “I can’t do this anymore, I don’t want to do this anymore.”

The audience quieted. You could hear a pin drop in the place, wondering whether the old guy was going to drop over. I expected Trump to go over and wallop Bernie and declare victory. Instead, he walked slowly over to the older man with his arms apart. “Come, brother,” he said. “Let’s stop the fighting and try to work together despite our differences.”

Bernie recovered and stood up straight. He walked right into Trump’s arms and the two men hugged each other. “Come on,” Trump says, “let’s go backstage and get a doctor to look you over.”

The two men walked off the stage and the debate was over.

The media was silenced. For the first time in world history, none of the talking heads had anything to say.

That was the end of the dream. There was a really good feeling about it. The takeaway?  From something nasty, hopefully understanding and compassion for the other side will come forth. Maybe Bernie won’t win the nomination, but whoever the candidates are, understanding and compassion is what is needed.

2020 is going to be a contentious and amazing year. Let’s go over some of the important numerological dates coming up this year. These dates don’t necessarily mean that important events will occur, but they are dates where negative or positive energy may be emphasized. If you have a life issue, that issue may come to the fore. Solutions will be available if you look for them.

2020 resolves to a 22. In some forms of numerology the 0 is significant. I’ll start with that.

If we do include the 0, 2020 resolves to 20 + 20 = 40 = 4 + 0 = 4. 4 is the Gaia energy, or earth energy. Earth energy is foundational, grounding energy. So 2020 will be a year to anchor any projects you are doing. Firm up your plans, make sure that everything you are doing is in integrity. In 2020 anything out of integrity will begin to implode. We’re going to see that with organizations and governments on the world stage. We’ll see it also in our personal lives.

Because 2020 is earth energy, look for climate change phenomenon as the earth oscillates (eventually) toward a global cooling cycle. This is controversial but I have a section on this below.

If we ignore the 0, 2020 becomes 22. 22 is a master number. The number 2 represents the duality, so a double 2 represents an increased duality! You thought things were hopping now, just wait. During 2020, anything that is not internally coherent within itself, anything that does not have integrity, will begin to come apart as the light penetrates the darkness within it. 

The two most important months in 2020 are February and November.

February is the second month, November is the eleventh month.

11 is a master number, but its lower harmonic is 1 + 1 + 2.

November is the date of probably the most important election in American history; certainly the most important since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Lincoln was the first Republican president. Back then the Republican party was the abolitionist party and the Democrats were the slaveholding party. Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves. The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were passed, freeing the slaves and making them citizens. 1861 marked the beginning of the Civil War. Now we are coming round again to the energy of another Civil War, but this time there is a higher harmonic. There will be no large scale confrontations even if Trump is re-elected. Yes, there will be some violence if this happens, but it won’t spread, simply because almost everyone (including yours truly) is sick and tired of the contention and the fighting and the hate. People are ready for peace, not conflict. Radicals on both sides might want to fight it out on the streets, but the vast majority of people want to be left alone to live their lives as happily as possible.


Which dates in February are most significant? The 2nd, the 11th, the 20th, and the 29th. Yes, 2020 is also a Leap Year! The last day in February has numerological significance. For our purposes we will keep the higher harmonic of the year and ignore the 0s, so 2020 becomes 22.

The 2nd – This is 2-2-22. All 2s, all representing the duality. The four numbers are all 2s, representing a significant strengthening of the duality. If we ignore the master number and add the month and day, and the year separately, we get 4-4, with heavy earth energy. This energy will ground and counter the very strong energy of duality and contention, and will help to soothe emotions or mental instability surrounding the heavy energy of the duality.

The 11th – This is 2-11-22. The master number 11 is the number of illumination or enlightenment. On the 11th, the energy will be for understanding of emotional or mental issues, or difficulties. The 11 sheds light on problems or difficulties which were heretofore hidden or unresolvable or mysterious.

The 20th – This again is 2-2-22, because the 20 resolves to 2 + 0 = 2. However, the 20 is a higher harmonic of the 2. This date will again be heavy with the energy of the duality and of grounding earth energy, but after the 11th the contentious nature of the energy will have lightened somewhat. Here is a date to look for and implement solutions to intractable problems.

The 29th – This is the most significant date of the month. The 29 resolves to 2 + 9 = 11, a master number. So we get, again, 2-11-22. But the sub-elements of the 11 are the 2 and the 9. The 2 represents duality, but the 9 represents completion of the duality. So the 29th represents completion, or solution, to the problems that came up during the month. The 29th is the last day of the month as well. In some forms of numerology, the 9 also represents very high creativity, as well as selflessness and humanitarianism. On this date look very carefully for a grand solution in your personal life to a big problem. On this date high creative energy is available, as well as the grounding earth energy as the 11 resolves to the 2, and the 2s add up to a double 4. The 29th is a springboard date of solution, going into the month of March.


November is the 11th month. The lower harmonic of 11 is 1 + 1 = 2, the energy of duality. November, being a master number, is a higher harmonic of the duality, enabling a more enlightened or broader perspective.

Election day is November 3, 2020. The 3 represents catalytic energy, the energy that propels a reaction in anything surrounding it. The date itself is 11-3-22. If we add these up we get 11 + 3 + 22 = 36 = 3 + 6 = 9. 9 is the energy of completion. One way or another, November 3rd will be the completion of a cycle. We don’t know what that completion cycle is now, but we will. The election on November 3rd will result in historic levels of voter participation. That's a good thing.

Other than Election Day, what are the most important dates energetically in November? They are the same as in February, with a higher harmonic.

The 2nd – 11-2-22. Here the duality is modified somewhat by a more enlightened energy of the 11. Of course one may choose the lower harmonic of the 11 and get 2-2-22. For those determined to embrace the dark side, this date will just emphasize what is wrong for them. For those who embrace the positive, the 11 will provide insight. Note that this date comes the day before the election. Hopefully, voters will choose based on an enlightened viewpoint, not one of hatred.

The 11th – This date is 11-11-22, all master numbers. The two 11s  should provide great insight into problems and issues, for those who look for solutions. Those mired in hate will find this date very uncomfortable, for the light will be shining very strongly. When we add the master numbers we get 11 + 11 + 22 = 44. 44 is itself a master number, the doubled Gaia/earth energy. For those paying attention, Gaia will have a powerful message.

The 20th – 11-20-22. This breaks down like the date in February, except that the 11 energy adds more light to the situation.

The 29th – 11-29-22 breaks down like November 11th, to 11-11-22, with the 2 and the 9 sub-elements (2 + 9 = 11), and the 44 earth energy. The lower harmonic of the 44 is 4 + 4 = 8. 8 is the energy of commerce, business, and finance. On or around this date there is the potential for a breakthrough. A world financial reset perhaps? The old Bretton Woods system broke down long ago. Hopefully the countries of the world can agree on a new financial system that benefits everyone.

Climate Change

Anyone who doubts climate change is either delusional or uninformed. The earth’s climate is changing, everyone can see that. But where is climate change headed? Are we about to experience devastating global warming?


“But what about the fires in Australia?” Well, in hot places, it may get even hotter. In cold places, it’s going to get colder. But overall, the planet is headed into a cooler cycle. We’re headed for a global cooling after a period of intense warming. Al Gore was right when he showed that the earth is in a spike of warming. But this warming spike always precedes a change in the earth’s climate cycle, which is occurring right now. The earth is gyrating back and forth before settling down to another cooling period in a long series of warming/cooling cycles.

Gaia is not going off into runaway global warming that will destroy the planet’s ecosystems. Let’s use common sense. The earth is 4 BILLION years old, it’s been evolving all that time in order to support and cocoon life. Gaia is not suddenly going to turn on all the life it nurtures. The consciousness of Gaia is not psychopathic!

Gaia has consciousness, just as humanity has consciousness. Gaia cooperates with humanity and reflects the level of our consciousness back to us. BUT, the earth also has natural cycles. It turns out, after looking at a million years of ice core data, that the planet undergoes constant changes in temperature. Apparently this is how Gaia regulates the complex geological and weather system that sustain life on land and in the oceans. Ice ages occur every 100,000 years or so, followed by an interglacial period where the average temperature on the planet cycles up and down. If you want to believe that humanity is destroying the earth and that life will perish because of CO2 emissions, that’s up to you. I’m not buying it.

IMHO the temperature cycle we are experiencing now has little to do with human emissions. Do we need to stop polluting the air and the land and the oceans? Damn right. But the earth is going to survive quite nicely with or without humanity. Gaia has its own cycles and runs on them like clockwork. We’re now in a transition period between a warming cycle and a cooling cycle.

I was going to write a long report with charts and graphs...but climate is just too complex an issue. It generates too many emotional reactions. I’m relying on my intuition here, and common sense.

Let’s all relax. The earth is a beautiful consciousness and we can’t kill it off (BTW, there WILL NEVER BE NUCLEAR WAR. Take my word on that). Gaia is powerful and self-regulating, and can easily deal with humanity’s stupidity.

The consciousness of humanity is a powerful co-creator. The goal of those with climate agendas on both left and right is to scare the crap out of people. We can help the earthand ourselves by envisioning a safe and secure future for both Gaia and humanity.

The proof, of course, is in the pudding. Talk to me in twenty years when the trajectory of the new global climate cycle will be obvious to everyone.

There will be no runaway global warming.

Look at the beautiful mansion former president Barack Obama bought, a couple of hundred feet off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Martha’s Vineyard. I’ll bet he knows something we don’t! Remember, POTUS gets a Presidential Daily Briefing. Every day he/she is in office POTUS gets briefed by a member (or members) of the intelligence community on important matters of national security. Surely, climate change is of the utmost importance. Mr. Obama understands that runaway global warming with rising sea levels isn’t going to happen. I don’t know about you, but $24 mil is a lot to spend on a place that – according to global warming advocates – will soon be under water. Some are even saying that the world will end in twelve years!

C’mon people, lighten up. This is a beautiful planet undergoing a routine climate cycle shift. In twenty years, here in the northern hemisphere, we will be more concerned with cold than with heat. So get a generator in case the grid goes down, and envision a bright new future for the planet and humanity, as the light grows stronger and stronger.


The Great Central Sun is a metaphor for the OM, the life-giving energy of the universe. I imagine the Great Central Sun as an orb with a smiley face, giving out the warmth of well being, its golden rays of light and love shining forth. I like to imagine the GCS inside my body, radiating warmth and well being, bathing the cells of the body. Here is a meditation for this. You can rearrange the words to suit you.

“Dear ones, the warmth, the light, and the love from the Great Central Sun penetrates our merkabas, our consciousness, and every cell of our physical bodies. It's benevolent rays exist within the fabric of space and time. The wisdom and warmth of the Great Central Sun is with us wherever we go in the physical universe."

Guided Meditation


First, pick your favorite place in nature. I have an acre of land, so I imagine myself walking into my backyard. If you live in an apartment building or downtown in the concrete jungle, pick a spot in your favorite park or nature area.

Second, get the idea that the Great Central Sun is shining within you, is a part of you.


You are walking in your favorite nature place. The sun is shining, the breeze is warm and soft on your face, the birds are chirping. As you walk you see a shimmering. It looks inviting and comforting, it beckons you. You feel that you’re about to experience something wonderful.

You enter the shimmering, still standing in your favorite nature place. You are standing on a small platform that reminds you of an elevator. The rays of the Great Central Sun are all around you. You feel a slight pressure on your feet and then you are standing in a cave at the center of the earth. This cave has a golden river of energy flowing through it. You are standing in it. This is the energy of Gaia, the source of human consciousness. You feel the nurturing energy of mother earth throughout your body. The rays of the Great Central Sun are still radiating through you as you anchor the supporting energy of the universe into our beloved planet.

Stand there as long as you like. You are aware now of Gaia’s magnetic field and how it supports your consciousness. You see the benevolent ecosystems of the earth and how Gaia supports and cocoons human life. You understand that Gaia is your friend and partner and that human consciousness interfaces with the consciousness of the earth. You understand how modern society has lost this connection, and how important it is to maintain it. As you realize this you feel a love wash from Gaia. You are now connected fully to the planet. You, Gaia, and all life everywhere are one harmonious whole.


You have the choice to take the elevator back to the surface. Or, you can leave a part of your consciousness in the Gaia cave and remain connected to the planet as you move through  daily life. Imagine an umbilical cord of Gaia energy that comes out of your body and remains connected to the planet.

Combining this meditation with the first one, we connect ourselves to Gaia and the Great Central Sun. We go through life balanced, protected, and full of well being, anchoring and supporting Gaia and connecting our consciousness back to the planet.

Our religious and spiritual systems speak of love. That is wonderful. However, all of our modern religious/spiritual systems don’t take the planet into account, the friend and partner of humanity. Throughout the millennia only the indigenous have maintained this connection. It is time for “modern” society to do so as well. Gaia is the life giver.

A Note about the New Year

2020, if you add the numbers, is 4. 4 is the earth energy, the energy of Gaia. It is foundational energy. 2020 is a year to celebrate Gaia and our human connection to this beautiful planet.

A Word about Donald Trump

Let’s look at “Donald Trump” numerologically.

D-o-n-a-l-d is 4+6+5+1+3+4 = 23. 23 is not a master number so we add the 2 and the 3 to get 5. 5 is the number for CHANGE.

T-r-u-m-p is 2+9+3+4+7 = 25. 25 is not a master number so we add the 2 and the 5 to get 7. 7 is the number for INTROSPECTION, for looking inside. Clearly this is the exact opposite of  Donald Trump’s personality, but this number represents the effect Trump is having. People are waking up, they are demanding answers, they are looking within and wondering WTF is going on.

Combine the 5 and the 7 and you get 12. 12 is not a master number so we add the 1 and the 2 to get 3. 3 represents the CATALYST. In chemistry a catalyst is an agent that is added to a solution that sparks an increased chemical reaction. Or, “One that precipitates a process or event, especially without being involved in or changed by the consequences.” Well, Donald Trump is certainly sparking things up and he doesn’t seem to be affected at all by what he’s doing. People either love him or hate him. He is causing an enormous reaction both here in the US, and all over the world.

Notice that Donald Trump is the 45th president. 4+5=9.

9 is the energy of COMPLETION, for the number system goes 0 through 9 and then starts over again. Donald Trump represents the completion of a cycle: an old cycle of old, dark  energy that has dominated the planet for 5,000 years.

The 46th president, whoever it is, has the 1 energy, for 4+6 = 10. 10 is not a master number so we add the 1 and the 0 to get 1. 1 is the energy of NEW BEGINNINGS. That’s a refreshing thought, isn’t it?

Trump’s middle name is John. That’s 1+6+8+5 = 20 = 2+0 = 2.

2 in numerology represents the DUALITY. Isn’t that appropriate for this guy? He is the living incarnation of one side vs. the other side. If you combine the three numbers of his name you get 5+7+2 = 14. 14 is not a master number so we add 4 and 1 to get 5. CHANGE. Donald John Trump is the agent of change on the planet. He’s a catalyst.

Things are not always as they seem. God works in mysterious ways. IMHO God has sent the unlikeliest agent of change into our midst, to break apart the bonds of old energy so that the Light can penetrate the darkness.

Happy New Year!