Life and living from a higher perspective

What is Reality? Reality is what you perceive. This means that what you experience in dreams is reality. What you imagine is reality, because you are perceiving it. And of course the physical universe is reality, but it is not the only reality.

There is no such thing as being “crazy.” Crazy is just perceiving outside the boundaries of what is accepted. Every advance of the human race was made by a crazy person, because he or she saw past the status quo and broke new ground. So the first thing to recognize is that you aren’t crazy if you see something or feel something that isn’t “normal.”

Not being “normal” is the psychological vehicle used to criticize people who investigate and talk about issues such as alternative medicine, UFOs, and anything outside the mainstream. For example, if I were to tell you that the Watergate affair – which occurred in the early 1970s and resulted in the impeachment of then President Richard Nixon – was actually a trumped-up set of charges whose real purpose was to prevent the president from disclosing the contact occurring between ETs and certain sectors of the U.S. government, and that Bob Woodward (a reporter for the Washington Post whose mysterious “contact” known as “Deep throat” was at that time an active agent of the Office of Naval Intelligence, you’d probably think I was nuts. That’s because, as I said last month, the corporate-controlled media either ignore or lie about the real issues that lie behind the news. The truth is often much, much stranger than fiction. And if I were to say this even to my friends I wouldn’t be believed.

How is the truth obscured? A great way to do it is to use the internet. For example, if someone in the government actually acknowledged that the U.S. government has had contact with ETs, those opposed to disclosure would simply write disinformation stories and post them to blogs and websites. Acknowledged “experts” would debunk the information. An average person who is trying to understand the truth around this issue would see so many conflicting stories that he or she would think, “It’s impossible to know the real truth.”
So what’s the point?

The point is that nowadays it is so much more important to trust your inner voice, and your feelings about something. The truth is often hidden behind a multiplicity of lies. But if you read my blog post “Is Honesty Really the Best Policy?” (at tttp:// you can see that even a lie MUST be built around a truth. Why? Because the information system known as a lie is designed specifically to cover up a truth! Therefore, within every lie is the truth. This again gets back to an earlier post, where I said that the bad is quintessentially an offshoot of the good. All creation comes forth from the One consciousness, including the duality. Therefore the system is RIGGED in favor of the truth! All liars are actually aware of the truth, and all lies contain the truth. With this in mind you can discover the truth about ANYTHING, if you practice discernment, and if you can listen to your inner voice. You can sift through the lies and trust your “gut feelings” about anything, even if you are reading disinformation.

When sifting facts for the truth, your most important tool is therefore not your mind, but your discernment, which activates your “bullshit” sensors. Your mind will often be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information presented on any controversial subject, so you have to use your intuition to sift through the chaff and find the wheat. A controversial subject may itself be a red flag, for it might be a dialectical setup designed to obscure a hidden truth by creating polarity around the issue.

For example, let’s take the ET issue. In order to obscure the truth about ET contact, conflict is created, a la Hegel: on one side is the “ETs are hostile and dangerous,” and on the other side is “we are alone in the universe.” People argue around the two “sides” and everyone forgets to investigate whether we really are being contacted by extraterrestrials. And, of course, the entire subject is wrapped up in the “you’re a kook if you even think about this stuff.” But the ET issue – fantastical and irrelevant though it may seem – is hiding the amazing, exotic technology hidden within the black programs, technology that is AT LEAST 50 years ahead of what is in the public science journals; technology that could transform our civilization. That is the truth that the lie is designed to cover up, just as the lies “you only go around once,” and “consciousness is biologically based,” covers up the truth that consciousness is divine and eternal, and that every human being on the planet is an immortal being having a physical experience.

But of course, if the masses of humanity were to really understand that, would it be possible to continue an energy distribution system based on primitive fossil fuels, and an economic and political structure that benefits a few and leaves the many in poverty? The good stuff – the truth – is classified and hidden away, to protect an unsustainable, $200 trillion fossil fuel empire. An empire, by the way, that Tesla had already begun to transcend at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The issues that are important to the media – health care, immigration, terrorism, same-sex marriages, to name a few – are indeed important to a lot of people, but also serve to cover up a far more important issue – the hidden technology that could literally transform the face of the earth, end poverty, and resolve the issues that are at the top of the agenda today. That is why it is important to drill down past the lies and the chaff to find what’s really important. Otherwise, we are like Don Quixote, chasing after windmills that seem to us to be ferocious giants, but which do not serve us.

Trial and error is nature’s way of experimentation and evolution. To some, “trial and error” is a pejorative phrase that means, “you’re too stupid to figure it out the right way the first time, so you have to keep doing it over and over.” I remember on one of the old Star Trek episodes, DeForest Kelly (“Bones”) says to Spock: “Doctors are trained in logic, Mr. Spock!” Spock (voice dripping with sarcasm and contempt): “Oh really Doctor! Observing you, I assumed it was all trial and error.”

Trial and error gets a bad name because you are constantly making mistakes and correcting them. You can’t afford to make a mistake in engineering, for example, when you are building a bridge, or in medicine, when you are treating a sick patient. That’s why these disciplines have developed protocols for various procedures, to ensure that the best result occurs for each procedure. But how have these successful protocols been developed? Through experimentation. And what is experimentation but trial and error? When Thomas Edison experimented with filaments for the old-style light bulb, he literally tested hundreds of different materials. These experiments were simply trials, which resulted in mistakes, or errors, in different degrees. Fortunately Edison didn’t give up too soon, before he discovered how to make light bulbs that have kept us out of the dark for over a century now.

The thing about trial and error is that it can also lead to quantum leaps.

If you don’t know about all of the experimentation, and are suddenly presented with the results, you say, “Wow, you must be really smart to have thought of that all at once!” Well, evolution proceeds by nature through trial and error, or gradual improvement, but (in my opinion) consciousness also gradually (and quietly) evolves more and more sophisticated thought templates over time, which then suddenly can result in a finished, manifested product. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in “The Dancing Men,” one of his Sherlock Holmes stories, explains this perfectly. After startling Watson with the conclusion that he does not propose to invest in South African gold securities, Holmes says: “‘You see, my dear Watson’ -- he propped his test-tube in the rack, and began to lecture with the air of a professor addressing his class – ‘it is not really difficult to construct a series of inferences, each dependent upon its predecessor and each simple in itself. If, after doing so, one simply knocks out all the central inferences and presents one's audience with the starting-point and the conclusion, one may produce a startling, though possibly a meretricious, effect.’”

The point is, one does not notice the gradual development, or trial and error, behind the scenes, because only the finished product is worthy of note. But behind that brilliant new development is a lot of painstaking thought and work – and mistakes. In other words, trial and error is the most vital algorithm in the evolutionary process.

I remember when Bob Seeger burst onto the music scene back in the 1980s. To the rest of the country, he emerged out of nowhere, an almost instant sensation. But those of us who lived in the Detroit area knew this guy had been toiling locally for almost 20 years, playing in clubs, bars, and parties, with little recognition. Seeger and his band were experimenting, but nobody saw their mistakes.

I wish I could find this article, I believe it might have been a TED Talk, about the company that wanted to develop a spray coating for their storage containers, to prevent moisture and other environmental factors from spoiling the contents. They hired a brilliant PhD and told him, “We don’t want to waste our time and money with a lot of drudgery and experimentation. It costs too much. So what we want you to do is design a perfect sprayer and a nozzle that will apply this coating to our rigid standards.” The idea was, “Why should we be stupid and use trial and error? We’ll hire this brilliant guy and he will design it right the first time and we’ll save a lot of money.” Well, the scientist went to work and came up with a sprayer and a nozzle that would apply the coating in the most efficient manner. But it turned out that the design, although satisfactory, didn’t really live up to the company’s expectations. So they had to do a lot of experimentation (trial and error) to fine-tune the design anyway!

Here is another example. Theoretical physicist Amit Goswani, in his article “Darwin’s Mistake” says:
“Everybody is by now familiar with the fossil gaps [the gaps in the fossil records]. Contrary to a great number of biologists’ expectations starting with Darwin, the fossil gaps have never filled up with the thousands upon thousands of predicted intermediates. The vast majority of the gaps are real; about this there is no doubt. So what do they signify? What do they prove[?].
“Neo-Darwinists, and the majority of biologists, fall into a dogmatic worldview insisting that the fossil gaps mean nothing. They are sold on a promissory evolutionism—faithfully believing that eventually the gaps will fill up.

“The most vocal public opponents of this view are followers of Biblical creationism, the idea that God created life, literally, all at once. In this view there is no evolution. Fossils mean nothing significant and the fossil gaps are the living (or should one say dead) proof of this.
“According to creationism, there cannot be any intermediates whatsoever. So today, biologists tout the few intermediates that are found in the fossil data as evidence for their faith in evolution as well as for their devotion to Darwinism. This is highly misleading.

“It is true that the existence of intermediates between two fossil lineages (as between reptiles and birds) refutes creationism and proves evolutionism, but evolutionism is not synonymous with Darwinism that would require thousands upon thousands of such intermediates to verify....”

“So, what is the fossil gaps evidence for? Apart from the slow tempo of evolution that Darwin suggested and upon which neo-Darwinists are sold, there is a fast tempo of evolution—so fast that there isn’t time for the formation of fossils. This fast tempo is what produces the fossil gaps. In other words, evolution is like punctuated prose; there are abrupt and discontinuous punctuation marks among the otherwise continuous prose (Eldredge and Gould, 1972)....

“Creativity occurs through quantum leaps, taking no time. This I submit as the new mechanism revealing the fast tempo of evolution! This theory integrates the thinking of everyone: from intelligent design theorists to developmental biologists, the catastrophe thinkers and even the open-minded Darwinist....

Goswani concludes: “What is crucial is that consciousness has the vital blueprint of the organ unconsciously giving it a rough guideline of what to process for. When there is a match, a quantum leap takes place all at once and consciousness makes a physical (organ) representation of the morphogenetic blueprint expressing all the necessary uncollapsed genes all at once (Goswami, 1997a, 1997b). No fossil record for the intermediate stages, because there are no intermediate stages!”

This is a fascinating article about how consciousness interacts with matter to produce evolutionary advances. Goswani is saying that over time and “behind the scenes,” consciousness develops a better blueprint for an organ and then, when the biology is finally ready through a gradual, behind the scenes evolution, the superior blueprint suddenly manifests. It APPEARS to have happened all at once (no fossil record), but like Holmes explaining to Watson, or the Silver Bullet Band, we don’t see the intermediate inferences or trials, only the finished result.

All this as a prelude to expressing what I really wanted to say this month, which is, that mistakes are the way evolution [nature, God, Spirit, what have you] advances to a quantum leap. This was said to me by one of my clients, Khurshid Ali, a man of great wisdom. I was complaining that on my last typesetting project, it took me a lot longer than I wanted to get the final result. I told him I made too many mistakes, that it would have been great if I could have done it right the first time.

I had never associated mistakes with trial and error, or evolution. My idea was that a mistake was something that should be avoided. I was like the company who wanted to design the sprayer perfect the first time, or the band that wanted to get the perfect song on the first practice. But it turns out that that’s impossible! Mistakes are inevitable, because mistakes aren’t really mistakes, they are just trials, or experiments, if you will. As Bill Murray said to Rita in “Groundhog Day”: “God really isn’t that smart. It’s just that he’s been around for so long.”

Life is just a series of experiments, whether those experiments are about typesetting, or editing, or computer programming, or art, or whatever you do at work: but they also apply to human relationships. Getting to know a person is a series of trials: we do or say something and the other person reacts to it. We then have to decide whether we like that person enough to put up with his or her idiosyncracies. Sometimes we call these “annoying habits.” Sheldon Cooper, for example, has so many annoying habits, but Penny and the crew put up with him anyway. Sheldon makes so many mistakes in his life that it’s funny, but even Sheldon has Amy to admire him! The one thing that Sheldon DOESN”T do is beat himself up for those mistakes. That’s one of the reasons he is so annoying, because we think, “if this idiot would only realize how STUPID he is!” But if Sheldon did that he’d commit suicide, really, because he is such a dolt. Not beating himself up is the only way he can get through life, because he is messing up all over the place!

Sheldon shows us that even if you are a jerk, beating yourself up over a mistake isn’t the right way to live – it’s always better to look at your mistakes as trials or experiments and, as Khurshid told me, “try to do better next time.” That’s the key to life!

So what I’d like to say this month is that perfection isn’t all it’s cranked up to be. And, mistakes aren’t really mistakes, they’re just experiments, or trials, that lead to a certain result. If you aren’t satisfied with the result, then you make another experiment. You try again and try to do better the next time. The only real mistake is to look at your mistakes as mistakes!

Does that make sense? You might say, “if no one ever saw their mistakes as mistakes, they’d keep on being jerks, or being stupid.” Well, I’d argue just the opposite. When you see your trials or experiments as mistakes, you beat yourself up over them. And when that happens, you become even a bigger moron and make even more mistakes than you did before! We’ve all done this, so you know this from personal experience.

And BTW, there IS a cure for stupid. It’s called trial and error, and simply not looking at your errors as mistakes.

As a wise woman once said, “genius is just attention to a subject.” A wise man once said, “The only aberration is denial of self.” When you deny self you make yourself more stupid and more dense, and that doesn’t do anyone any good.

In other words, we are all divine consciousness inhabiting physical bodies in a world of duality. We have to “take the bad with the good.” This is an inevitable result of living in the physical universe. The key to success is not looking at the “errors” you make in life as something bad. They’re just trials that result in a specific phenomenon. The key is, unlike Sheldon, to OBSERVE yourself and others, and to understand how your actions make others feel. The problem with Sheldon Cooper is that he doesn’t see the effect of his actions on others, because he can’t feel or empathize with anyone but himself. He tries to “do better next time,” but he’s all up in his head and never reaches the fundamental problem of his lack of empathy for others. His solutions are always intellectual, and treat other people as variables in a computer program, bypassing the heart and the emotions. BUT Sheldon doesn’t beat himself up over his little life experiments, which enables him to keep going despite his incompetence in human relationships.

But you and I are not like that. In fact, we are good people who care about others and don’t want to upset anyone. But we are always going to make mistakes in our dealings with other people, because that is how we (and nature) evolves.

So buck up, accept that you’re not perfect, and understand that even God isn’t perfect (if God is the collective consciousness of everyone in the universe, and we’re all making mistakes, then God is making mistakes!). Perfection is impossible, even in the non-physical! Individuals, and God, are winging it. Let’s accept our mistakes and learn from them, so that we don’t find ourselves in the basket.

Last month we talked about the human family and about how there are actually two branches: the non-physical and the physical. The non-physical branch of the human family subsumes the physical branch, because incarnated human beings are “pieces” or more accurately, aspects of a higher consciousness (a really vague term, I’ll admit). We often talk about our “higher selves,” and by that we mean that the aspect of our consciousness associated with the physical body is not the entirety of who we are. And so even an incarnated human being is the representative of Spirit, of a non-physical consciousness with a much broader perspective.

And that brings me to a pet peeve I have – this is a peeve I have with Spirit. Those of us who have woken up enough to understand that we aren’t pieces of meat know that there must be some sort of divine plan for earth. I have heard many variations on this theme, but essentially it says that human suffering isn’t pointless, that there is a reason for having planets like earth, and a planetary consciousness that seems only to value killing and fighting and suffering and misery.

My favorite channeller, Lee Carroll, is always talking about how the divine plan is so awesome, so grand and magnificent, and that we knew this when we came down here to earth. Lee also says that if we were ever to gain even the slightest glimpse of what it’s really like beyond the veil, every single one of us would find a way to leave the body and go Home.

So my question is, “What’s the point?” What kind of divine plan creates physical environments like earth where the veil is so thick people have no connection to Spirit? It makes no sense to me, I can tell you that!

I always laugh when I hear channellers or spiritual people say that a lifetime on earth is just a cosmic blink of the eye. Well, yeah, but as we all know, these physical lifetimes are interminable. They go on, and on, and on, and on, and they seem to last forever, especially when your health gets bad, or your life sucks.

Maybe you guys have an answer for me.

My guidance just sends me love and tells me that when we get back Home we’ll see the point of everything, and that it is all good, and that it all makes total sense, and I feel so much love that it seems pointless to whine about anything. Sure, but sometimes, as my wife Jenny says, you just can’t get in contact with Spirit to the level you desire.

That’s when life on earth gets you to the complaining stage.

OK, I’ve vented. I used to do that a lot on the Interview With Spirit show, and every time I’d feel this wonderful energy flow through me and everything became great. In the presence of Spirit all your negativity just goes away. That energy is 100% positive and 0% negative. I can’t explain it.

I’ve asked the Guys many times why they don’t acknowledge my very valid negativity, and they always laugh and say that consciousness is total well-being and love and joy and eagerness for life. And when I’m in that energy all my complaining goes away, it seems trivial and dumb, and I say to myself that I’ll never have anything more to do with it. But then I go back to my life on earth, and I find myself getting away from that great energy of spirit, and the circle starts all over again.

So, I know the answer to the question of “Who am I?” but I don’t know the answer to “Why does life on earth have to suck so bad sometimes?” What is this grand divine plan?

Lee Carroll says that the earth is a seeded planet and that consciousness here is on the very first baby steps toward a civilization that will eventually join other spiritual civilizations in the rest of the galaxy. And that’s all great! But then I say, “yeah, but I’m 63 years old and I might never live to see this grand stuff.” And then I get, “But sure, you’ll come back next lifetime and it will all be so much better, because a young civilization like earth has to evolve into spiritual greatness.” And then I say, “Yeah, but for thousands of years we’ve been coming down here and getting killed and burned at the stake, and starving and dying in wars. And now you’re telling me that NEXT lifetime it is all going to be good?” And then I get all sorts of love and good energy back, and the same old story about how you eagerly came down here to do the work, and you’ve done it lifetime after lifetime, and the divine plan is so great you’ll come back again and again because you don’t want to miss anything. And then I say, “OK, but it really sucks now (I am just recovering from a bout of pneumonia).” And then I get more love, and the Guys tell me to do things that are fun and make me feel good, and when I really think about it I know I don’t want to leave, and that’s where I leave it. Until next time.

So, all this as an introduction to karma and human relationships.

You see, the human family is a lot more than being born into a physical body, and the present lifetime, and the stuff you can only see and understand from the 5 human senses. Of course, as we talked about last month, there are at least 5 billion newbies down here messing everything up. I mean, some of these people are really, really clueless. They have no earth experience, they are here for the first time, or maybe the second or third, they have no idea about human relationships on earth, they do cruel and stupid things that hurt other people’s feelings, and even start wars because some of them are so ambitious to succeed, and the veil is so thick for them they haven’t a clue.

Because, people, no spiritually aware person with a lot of earth experience is ever going to start a war, or murder anyone, or do any of the other egregious things we see every day. And that’s because we’ve been on the other side of that too many times.

“Crimes of passion” AREN’T committed by experienced earthians – they are always committed by newbies (young souls). That’s not to say that experienced earth souls don’t feel passion, or the desire to kill someone or harm someone. It’s just that when the impulse to do harm is upon us, we have enough experience to step back just enough to stop ourselves. Newbies don’t.

So here you are, born into a physical human family.

There may be a newbie in your own family – you know, the brother or the sister that just doesn’t get it, he or she seems not to care about anyone but themselves, bro or sis may even be a psychopath. Well, as Robert Heinlien famously said, “never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity.” What you have here is a newbie who is probably so overwhelmed by this earth experience, he or she just says, “Hey, I’m just trying to keep my head above water, I can’t handle human relationships, so I’m just going to look out for myself.”

In other words, there is evil on this planet, but it is always the result of stupid newbies who don’t get it – and sometimes they really get into the dark side and do horrible things, until they go back Home and realize who they are and what they did was probably not so great. But the point is, the motivation even for evil acts always comes down to stupidity, not inherent evil. Because consciousness is love, and unconditional love allows any action to take place, knowing that the ending (going back Home) is ALWAYS a happy ending. OK, so that explains why some of us have to deal with family members who are out of control and who don’t seem to get it. That’s probably a minority of us.

What really irritates us is when we incarnate with souls who we interacted with in previous lifetimes. You are the son or daughter now, but you were the father or mother, the uncle or aunt, the grandparent. And your siblings or your children were your siblings or children before, or your parents or grandparents.

And people, you don’t even want to know about the tangled threads of energy that everyone in your family is born with. It’s so complex because you might have had 100 previous lifetimes with these souls, and you might have killed them before, or betrayed them before, and they might have done the same to you.

And now here you are, you get born on earth and even old souls are mostly clueless because of the veil, and your parents tell you that when you die you’re dead, and be nicey happy-happy to your sister or brother, when you really want to slap them, because, remember, that bastard stole my wife last lifetime and wrecked my life! You want to slap them because there is so much invisible interactive energy between you that you can’t see. Little things your family members do piss you off so much, and innocent things (to you) that you do piss them off, and pretty soon you are yelling and screaming at each other.

From a this-lifetime perspective it makes no sense, but from a human family perspective it makes total sense.

You, and your other human family members, are here working through the accumulated karma of 5,000 years. And on top of that we got an entire planet where there are 5 billion newbies out of 7 billion, messing everything up. So that’s why human family relationships can get very, very complicated and tangled. And that’s why, now that consciousness is waking up on earth, we are going through so much crap. Because all of that buried stuff is now being activated. It has to be activated and transformed if the human race is ever going to reach true fourth-level (planetary) consciousness.

And it’s happening to you and me right now.

The point is, it’s not you. It’s everyone.

Life seems to throw you a lot more curves than would be justified if you were just here once and then dead. Nope. There’s 5,000 years of history from this civilization, and then who knows how many millennia from previous civilizations. All that karma has to be worked through. And then we got the newbies! Remember, in 1926 the population of earth was only 2 billion. Now it’s 7 billion. In 3 generations that’s 5 billion more incarnated souls, and each of them has 3 or less lifetimes here.

That’s what a newbie is. And man, are they stupid sometimes! The clueless guy or girl who just doesn’t get it, the moron at work who makes life tough for everyone else, the jerks in their cars applying makeup and texting while driving 70 MPH, or aggressively cutting you off, and endangering everyone else. That’s a newbie. We all know who these people are.

It’s a testament to the power of love, really, that our planet is in as good shape as it is.

Personally, I don’t experience these people anymore because I’ve managed to get my vibe in shape so that I don’t meet these people anymore. And you can too, that’s the point. Even newbies have a connection to spirit, and if they aren’t stressed too much they’ll probably find it.

That’s why it’s always good to treat people with respect, even when they are being jerks – because you’ll just rile them up even more and they’ll do something even more stupid. That’s what a newbie does, and we all know this, because we were newbies too, and we did the same stupid shit.

So there is an innate understanding of irrational acts and emotional stupidity in each one who is awakened. And more and more of us are awakening. And the great thing is that a newbie doesn’t have a lot of accumulated karma, so he or she can wake up more quickly than an old soul who has so much experience here. Old souls have a lot more to work through. Newbies are just overwhelmed.

If we can make things nice around us by being good people, and using our spiritual awareness and understanding, then the newbies around us will be able to find themselves. The more stress there is, the more people lose their connection to Spirit, especially the young souls.

So the message this month is what Robin Williams said to Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting”: “It’s not your fault.” Because it’s pretty complicated down here, and almost all of it is hidden from us. And the second part of the message is that human relationships are far, far more complicated than we think – so the best way to approach people is, very simply, with as much love as we can muster. If you don’t want to be nice for them, do it for yourself. Because, newbie or not, being grouchy is either going to stress the other person out, or activate some long-buried incident 500 years ago where you betrayed that guy or gal and now you’ve somehow just reminded him of it when you treated him or her badly (and you reasonably justify your conduct because you remember when he or she did it to you 200 years later).

You wanted to know why life on earth is so complicated sometimes? Well, now you know!

And don’t ask me about the divine plan, because I haven’t a clue, other than it’s going to turn out great in the end.


This article comes under the headings “Things Aint What They Seem to Be” and “You Gotta Look Beyond the Commonplace.” In this article I’m going to present a view of the planet that takes into account not only the physical, 3D world we live in (obvious), but also the virtual component (not so obvious). On my podcasts I’ve been saying for years that the physical world we perceive through the five human senses isn’t all there is. There is a virtual, or spiritual, component of existence that involves consciousness. No, consciousness isn’t neurons firing in the brain. If you believe that, take the blue pill and go back into the matrix. However, if you are willing to look beyond the mundane and the ordinary aspects of existence, read on!

Consciousness is non-physical, beyond the perception of the body’s receptor cells, and thus beyond the perception of scientific instrumentation. All scientific instruments, by definition, must present information they record within the insignificant set of bandwidths of the human senses: a graph on a screen, a blip, an image of particle collisions, etc. Therefore, if there IS reality beyond the human senses, a purely physical being would never know about it. Clearly, there is no way to prove or disprove the idea that there is a virtual world outside the 3D world we live in. This assertion must remain entirely subjective, based on personal experience and a personal connection with God or Spirit. But I believe there is, and I’ll proceed from that assumption. By the way, there is an excellent article by Bernardo Kastrup that consciousness is beyond the mere physical observations of materialist science. It is called “A Logical Deconstruction of the Fallacy of Materialism,” and you can find it at I present this just in case you are a cynic or a skeptic, which is exactly what I was before I finally woke up and got myself together.

The Yin-yang Symbol – the Description of Existence

In my podcasts I have presented the idea that the yin-yang symbol is telling us that existence is composed of two interlocking planes or universes of existence, the physical and the virtual universes. The yin-yang symbol is usually drawn like this, showing the duality and the linkage between them (male-female, hot-cold, light-dark, etc.):

traditional yin-yang symbol

This dualistic interpretation, however, only shows the physical manifestations of an interconnected physical-virtual system. To understand this you have to get beyond the idea that the physical universe exists completely unsupported and has no programming or design behind it. Cosmological theories like the Big Bang make the assumption that the universe simply evolved randomly, that physical laws evolved randomly, that biological growth, ecosystems, weather, and all of the things that go into supporting life on this planet and every other planet – and in every other star and galaxy -- just evolved randomly. This series of assumptions simply strain the boundaries of credulity. Compared to this, 100 monkeys eventually typing “War and Peace” is a certainty.

The symbol on the next page shows that the yin-yang is, geometrically, two circles inside a larger circle. I believe that this symbol is telling us much more information that has been supposed.

In this diagram, the larger circle represents the Creative Principle, traditionally called God or Spirit. I have labeled it here, CONSCIOUSNESS, because it is purely qualitative, and beyond space and time. Coming forth from CONSCIOUSNESS is existence: the physical and the virtual, both of which comprise a universe (the physical structure combined with its programming). The Creative Principle is purely qualitative, beyond space and time, and is the Origin of everything in existence. The closest science can come to this idea is a sort of universal quantum field, the excitation of which creates fundamental particles which then combine to form the structures in our universe. However, a quantum field is itself a form of energy, it already exists and has energy or materiality, so it would not really be a good example of the Creative Principle, which is entirely non-physical. If you have woken up you know exactly what I’m talking about.

geometry of the yin-yang symbol

In the yin-yang symbol, the two inner circles represent the physical universe, and the virtual universe. The virtual universe contains the code, or the programming, for the physical universe. Physicist David Bohm called the virtual universe the Implicate Order, an invisible substrate that contains the information systems that are the programming for all Form and Substance. The virtual world contains a set of information systems, blueprints, templates, whatever you want to call them, for the physical. It also contains what might be called the “new physics,” which is an interdimensional physics that encompasses energy from the vacuum, interstellar communication and travel, and interdimensional communication and travel. We live in a multiverse that is in communication with itself.

The human race is going to discover this when we wake up enough to tap into the virtual. This will only occur, however, when humanity understands what consciousness is and how to use the power of thought and intent.

To give an (inaccurate) physical analogy, the virtual world is like the invisible electric impulses behind the images and the sounds you can objectively see and hear on your computing device. The section labeled “CONSCIOUSNESS” is the invisible, non-physical substrate that holds the physical and the virtual within itself. In Hindu thought, it is that which is the Origin of Form, and from which Form emerges.
The physical and the virtual – the inner two circles – describe an individual universe oir dimension. Embedded within the All-That-Is are an infinity of universes. These universes, or dimensions, are all communicating with each other.

The Physical Universe

The physical universe is an interpreted reality, interpreted from within the confines of the human body and the very limited bandwidth of its receptor cells. For example, the human eye perceives very narrowly, between 400 and 700 nanometers.

electromagnetic spectrum

Image from Wikipedia Commons, “EMSPectrumRevised.png.”
This diagram is on a logarithmic scale, which means that the portion of visible light seen by the human eye is much, much tinier than what is portrayed here.

The human ear, likewise, perceives vibrations in the tiny range between 20 and about 20,000 Hertz, or vibrations per second. Similarly with the other senses of the body. These bandwidths are an insignificant portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is itself only the physical band of perception.

By definition, it is impossible for a purely materialist being to have any idea whatsoever of the virtual world, for a material being cannot perceive it and therefore cannot be aware of it. As an analogy, we liken the unfortunate materialist to Square in Abbott’s two-dimensional world “Flatland,” as he tries to comprehend Sphere, a 3-dimensional entity.

In the yin-yang diagram above, the physical world is self-contained. From the purely materialist POV, it is complete within itself, and to say otherwise (without having a broader perception) is simply absurd. I sympathize with those who hold this materialist viewpoint, because I used to be one of you. I used to hate on spiritual kooks and nuts who “didn’t get it.” The truth is, I didn’t get it. But I digress.

The Virtual Universe

The virtual world, on the other hand, has been known or thought about for thousands of years. From my website:
“Spiritual teachers and ancient texts speak of a "higher reality." In Plato's Republic, written over two thousand years ago, physical reality is explained by looking at the shadows on the wall of a cave. According to Plato, the non-material abstract ideas, and not the material world known to us through the five human senses, possess the highest and most fundamental kind of reality. Plato is referring to the invisible information systems that define the physical world, but which lie outside the Body Reality.”

What Plato is trying to describe is the virtual universe -- the programming for physical forms. This programming is invisible to a purely physical being, who can only guess at the reality of this virtual world, or depend on psychics and seers to perceive into it. However, I am pretty sure that the virtual world contains the programming for the physical universe. All Form has behind it a blueprint that describes how it is to be put together, just as a house or an appliance has a blueprint that describes its components and how it is put together. DNA is the third-dimensional version of this blueprint for the physical universe, but beyond the physical DNA are the programming instructions that create the physical DNA itself. All objects in this world, from fundamental particles to complex man-made structures, can (and will, eventually) be described mathematically. All Form has an associated virtual template or blueprint or information system that describes what it is and how it is put together (its programming, in other words) just as Plato tried to describe over two millennia ago.

Here is the progression (we’ll use a house as an example). HOUSE ---> WRITTEN OR DIGITAL BLUEPRINT ---> THOUGHT THAT CREATED THE BLUEPRINT AND WROTE IT DOWN ---> CONSCIOUSNESS.

You can read this forward or backward. The origin of the house comes from a non-physical consciousness, which creates thought templates or blueprints that describe the physical construction of the house. All physical things have a blueprint associated with them in the virtual world.

What Is a Human Being?

The purely physical definition of a human being is a rather pathetic creature: an inefficient biological organism whose awareness results solely from electromagnetic radiation impinging on the body’s receptor cells from the outside world, whose consciousness is merely a physical process of firing neurons in the brain, and whose self-awareness will be deleted from the world once the physical body ceases to function. This idea is understandable from a purely physical orientation, but it is superannuated. It’s understandable, because the body’s senses create an interactive world that is so solid and so real that it seems delusional to believe anything else! But that is the Game, ladies and germs. The Game is to see who can get out of the maze and discover Self. The Game is to get beyond the myopic Sheldon Cooper worldview, to perceive the Gameboard and the players on it. Right now the human race and the planet earth are mere pawns, clueless and powerless, in a multidimensional multiverse.

A human being is a combination of a physical body, a field of subtle energy representing the virtual (which contains the templates for the organs and the programming for the cellular structure of the body and the physical DNA), and a latency or a Creative Principle (awareness), which “enters” the physical universe via the body and perceives through it. All human beings are aspects of a unity consciousness, or a physical representative of the Creative Source, which is the Source of awareness for everything in the physical universe, and which provides the “cocoon” for the virtual and the physical worlds.

Most of us don’t understand this until we “die.”

The point is that it is possible to perceive on some level beyond the human senses. This perception is 100% subjective and 0% objective. It is not subject to scientific proof, for it is beyond the furthest reaches of current science. Therefore, do not expect people to agree with you if you tell them you have these perceptions. In our materialist culture, you will most likely be called a kook or a nut. But c’est la vie, and to each his own. The game is far, far bigger than those who criticize you believe, which we will discuss a little later.

The Singularity

Now let’s look at the most important part of this diagram. You’ll notice that the two inner circles touch at a point in the middle. This point is infinitely small, and I call it a singularity. A singularity, by definition, is a physical impossibility: it is an infinitely small point or area of “space” that contains within it an infinity of possible states or configurations. (According to the Big Bang theory, it also contains all of the matter and energy of the universe in an infinitely small point. This is a complete contradiction and an impossibility, resulting when a purely materialistic science attempts to solve cosmological questions such as the origins of the universe.)

In our diagram, however, the singularity is purely abstract -- it is, essentially, purely mathematical, beyond space and time and the conception of materialist perception. It is the interface between the two worlds: the physical and the virtual. Think of the singularity point, directly in the middle of the diagram, as the “opening” for the Creative Principle or CONSCIOUSNESS to enter the universe. Consciousness, then, bridges the gap between the physical and the virtual at the singularity, because consciousness is non-physical. It is, as Jesus the Christ said, “the alpha and the omega,” the beginning and the ending. It is a nothingness and an everything-ness.

A purely material viewpoint, confined within its physical circle, can never access this bridge point and so is unaware of the activity going on in the mental or virtual plane. Such a person will scoff at the idea that there is anything outside the material universe. However, only a being who can look beyond the material world will have any awareness of the virtual plane. I would bet that as of 2014, there aren’t too many people who have a good understanding of the “Spiritual” or virtual world. Eckhart Tolle might be one. Anyone who has had a true NDE would understand this. (I don’t either, really, I am just repeating stuff that I get from my personal guidance. (More than likely it is impossible from this third density of existence, to see the virtual clearly. Either that, or there is a higher physics of consciousness that we don’t yet understand, which encompasses the virtual and the physical.) People like Tolle are few and far between, at the time of this writing. The rest of us are either diehard materialists (sadly) or are aware of the virtual world to a greater or lesser degree. And, of course, the existence of a virtual world is impossible to prove scientifically. Again, knowledge of this world is 100% subjective, because it is outside the physical in the diagram.

The importance of the geometry of the yin-yang symbol is the singularity point. It is telling us that consciousness can perceive both the physical and the virtual. It is saying that infinite awareness of existence is potentially ours if we will only understand the true nature of a human being: not merely a physical creature, but a powerful Native State being whose physical expression is a temporary node with a temporary personality born of experience and a specific perception point within the physical. I think of a physical expression (a human being) as the Creative Principle “leaking” into the physical universe through the singularity point. This also tells us that every human being is potentially able to communicate virtually (and without electronic assistance) through the singularity point of consciousness. It tells us that if there is a new physics within the virtual realm, it can be accessed through a more enlightened consciousness.

Ancient mathematicians invented the zero as a placeholder, or to represent nothing, but the zero or singularity metaphysically represents the infinite potential and possibility of consciousness limiting itself through a physical incarnation. When we incarnate we pass through the singularity, when we “die” we again pass through the singularity and back into CONSCIOUSNESS. So of course, we never really die – death is an inevitability from the purely physical perspective, but an illusion from the perspective of CONSCIOUSNESS.
On the IWS show we’ve talked about how the virtual world contains all possible states or potential states of a system. The number of states is infinite. The mathematician Carl Gauss created “infinite sets,” or an infinite collection of things each of which are themselves infinite. This is, I believe, how the All-That-Is is formed. There is an infinite collection of seemingly infinite universes, each with their own properties and environments.

The possibilities of the Creative Principle are limited only by Its imagination.

The Two Arrows

The final portion of the diagram are two arrows which pass from each of the circles through the singularity to the other circle. This not only represents birth and “death,” (the passage of consciousness into and out of the physical universe) but also represents the flow of thought and intention from each of the worlds into the other. I drew each of the arrows the same length, even though on earth we don’t recognize that the flow of information and intent from the physical also influences the virtual, as well as the other way round. The popularity of books and movies on the “Law of Attraction” is the simple recognition of this idea. My movie, “The Evolution of Consciousness,” discusses this idea graphically.

Practical application of the “two arrows” concept (“Law of Attraction”) is almost impossible in this dimension, because of the density and solidity of existence and its necessarily materialist orientation. In this third density, thought is ephemeral and has almost no influence upon the solidity of the physical universe. In higher dimensions, thought becomes more and more influential in altering environmental conditions. It is fascinating, however, that even in this dimension, technologies have been developed that allow communication with other dimensions, and even physical travel between dimension for those whose consciousness has reached a high enough level. These developments have occurred in the “black” or hidden programs within the corporate sector here in the US.

The Galaxy

The importance of the virtual world becomes evident when we think about the galaxy that we live in. Only a materialist or a very myopic person thinks that the earth is alone in a universe that has a diameter of billions of light years, with trillions of galaxies and trillions and trillions of stars and planets. The human race can no longer afford this childish, adolescent idea. The galaxy is teeming with life and with space-faring races, and it’s about time the human race stopped its petty squabbling and grew up. You see, there are people who are already clued into this, and many of them are in Hollywood. The bar scene from the first Star Wars movie is a great depiction of the variety of life out there.

On the IWS show we’ve mentioned that other galactic races understand the significance of the mental or virtual plane; they understand that all stars and planets are nodes connected in a sophisticated galaxy-wide network; and that each planet has a sophisticated holographic information and communication field that contains the memes and thought structures of the life upon it, and that this information is available to everyone on the network.

At present the human race is broadcasting this into the mental plane, on the network: “Hey – here we are!! We are a bunch of childish, squabbling morons living on one of the most desirable planets in this sector, rich in natural and biological resources. But we’re really, really stupid! We are despoiling our planet, destroying the ecology and the environment, and killing off the amazing variety of biological life here on earth. Come and take advantage of us!”

Right now we are like the guy who has left his phone on and is making a butt call to everyone on his contact list.

Except this contact list is the rest of the galaxy.

Consciousness, Technology, and Interdimensional Communication

According to the work of Dr. Steven Greer, the world’s foremost expert on Disclosure – of exotic technology and the forbidden UFO and ET issues – consciousness-assisted technology and technology-assisted consciousness has already been developed in the black programs. This is galactic technology which creates a “space-time bubble” that allows communication between stars, galaxies, and dimensions (universes), and allows a craft equipped with such technology to literally become a separate, interdimensional entity that operates independently of the laws of physics as we understand them, and which is able to draw energy from the vacuum of space. If this is true, the game is even bigger than we have imagined, because not only is it possible to travel between worlds, but also dimensions!

The singularity in the diagram above shows us that it is the entry and exit point in any universe not only for consciousness, but apparently also for physical craft that can then become interdimensional. This is the stuff of science fiction, but apparently the technology exists. Complementary to this communication and space travel technology is the ability to generate energy from the vacuum, or the zero-point energy field discovered by Casimir. In other words, it is possible to generate energy from the vacuum of space itself, which would make every individual on the planet energy-independent. If this technology does exist, one can clearly see how it would have to remain hidden, for it would completely by-pass the oil and petrochemical industries, upon which our economies are based. This technology would clearly be perceived as a threat to those who currently own the major corporations that run the world, but it could also clean up our planet, because we would no longer be dependent on scarce, inefficient, and polluting fossil fuels that must be dug from the earth.

Energy from the vacuum does not violate conservation laws, because there is theoretically enough energy in a cubic centimeter of space to run the entire planet. The new physics will discover (has already discovered) how to do this.

The State of Planet Earth

So now we understand the background, or “backstory” of a planet called earth that exists within a galaxy that is teeming with life and that has developed technology that could benefit the entire human race and the planet, solving our economic and environmental problems. The inhabitants of this planet, however, are utterly clueless. The public sector is living in a mass delusion, within a primitive fossil-fuel empire that is being controlled macro-economically by a tiny percentage of the population that has access to this exotic technology, but is hiding it.

If you said what I have written to your friends and family, they would consider you to be mentally imbalanced. “You’re not serious!” would probably be a common response. That’s what it looks like from within the matrix – from a purely physical viewpoint. The problem for humanity is that the game of life is far, far more complex and sophisticated, and bigger even than in our science fiction. The Game encompasses not only the physical, but the virtual. It includes not just the earth, but the galaxy, and all of its intelligent life, that surround us.

The earth right now most closely resembles the colonial Third World of the 18th and 19th centuries. Back then, European powers with superior knowledge invaded villages and took advantage of the biological and natural resources there. Today this is happening as well, but on a much broader scale, and it is occurring completely invisibly. Other races have contacted our governments and are influencing those in government and in power, just as European governments did in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Listen to this fascinating interview with Simon Parkes, who talked with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. Unlike a lot of Camelot interviews, this one is filled with good information. It’s about ET alliances with various groups and governments on earth. According to Parkes, the US military has its own group of allied ETs, the governments of China, Russia, and Israel do as well. There are probably others as well.

Is it surprising to think that a primitive planet like earth would be visited by other space faring races in its galactic neighborhood? Only if you believe in the nonsense that the earth is alone in the universe. Earth visitation is a natural outcome in a galaxy with other intelligent, space-faring life. And, if what I have read is true – that most of the other planets around us are comparatively barren, with only a fraction of the natural and biological resource of earth – then contact would be even more likely. So we have to look at our situation as if we are in a similar situation as colonial Africa, where the British, the French, the Germans, the Dutch, and other European powers simply took advantage of an obvious situation they could use to their benefit. Meanwhile, the native were clueless. Unfortunately, we, the human race of planet earth, are the clueless natives. We just have to expand our vision a little to see it.

Our established religions also support the “earth is alone in the universe” concept, fearing that to admit to life on other planets would somehow devalue their concept of “God.” But some officials in these organizations will admit privately to an understanding of extraterrestrial life.

According to Dr. Steven Greer, the earth at present has been and is being visited and contacted by other races, but those doing the talking are in the black programs and are using the technology they have been given for private purposes, and have been weaponizing and militarizing this technology. 99% of humanity is in the dark. The public governments are clueless. The president, most of the military, and Congress here in the US are out of the loop of these special access projects – because our public officials don’t have “a need to know.” (This is code for saying, “if we gave you this stuff our fossil fuel empire would go away and we would lose our power base.”) The real control of exotic technology is held privately, in the corporate sector, in privately held companies like MITRE, Lockheed Skunkworks, SAIC, Booz Allen Hamilton (the company Edward Snowden worked for), Northrup-Grummond, and a number of others. Hundreds of billions are diverted every year into these hidden programs from the public budget. Defense Secretary McNamara admitted this to Congress on September 10, 2001 (One day before 9/11), when he testified that 2.3 TRILLION dollars had disappeared from the Defense Dept budget. This is a clear indication that a private network or extra-governmental group is running the show here in the US, a private network that controls super-high technology that could literally change the planet for the better.

How can this have happened?

Well, we the people did not heed the warning that President Eisenhower gave us during his farewell speech on January 16, 1961. He said, and I quote: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence – sought or unsought – by the military industrial complex... We have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. The total influence – economic, political, even spiritual – is felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the Federal government.” President Eisenhower was telling us that this influence – unwarranted influence – was, even in 1961, already an established fact when he said that the government has been compelled to create a vast armaments industry. Eisenhower already knew of special access programs using exotic technology reverse engineered from downed ET craft – and he was telling the public over a half century ago that the U.S. government had already lost control of them.

Fast-forward to 2014. We have billions of clueless people wandering around the planet, and billions of others who live in poverty because most of the wealth on this planet is controlled by a tiny fraction of the population in the private sector.
The earth is just a board game like “Risk,” with powerful players that are invisible to the public sectors.
This is a recipe for the failure of human civilization on planet earth.

Consciousness Shift

But here is some good news: the planet earth (and the rest of the galaxy) is undergoing a consciousness shift. The human race has not yet completely fallen for the colonial trick of dangling baubles of technology in front of its leaders. The most important asset the human race has is its spirituality. Apparently many of the races that have contacted us are here because they see us advancing spiritually and dimensionally, and they want to come along for the ride. Apparently many of these races have become deprecated, as we talked about on the IWS show, although they understand the mental plane and technology they have lost their heart centers, and have become regimented civilizations, without individual freedom of expression. There is a huge movement on earth right now, convincing us that a technological future is “cool” and is the best evolutionary path, but the exact opposite is true. The evolutionary path of dependence on technology leads to a deprecated future for the human race, exactly as portrayed in “Star Trek: Second Generation,” and the Borg.

My guidance has warned me that if the human race continues in its blind pursuit of technology and ignores the heart and spiritual component, our evolutionary future is a dead-end. A Borg-like society will inevitably perish and vanish utterly from the galaxy of races. It may take 30 or 40 or more generations for this to happen, but it will, inevitably. Such a deprecated race will be left behind in the consciousness shift, wallowing and struggling in the materialism of the third dimension. All races who don’t understand the Game will gradually disappear. I try to make this point in my novel, “The Manchild.”

What is a consciousness shift? It is simply a greater awareness of the non-physical aspect of a human being – that which is linked inextricably to the One, or to CONSCIOUSNESS, an awareness of the unity of all things. A consciousness shift is the natural result of a desire, from third density, for a better world. It results from the interaction between the virtual and the physical. The virtual, in our diagram, is the origin of the programming for the physical. Therefore, a vibrational orientation to discover this programming – which contains the information about multidimensional physics that will allow us to access abundant, clean energy from the vacuum, for example – will in itself contribute to its discovery. This is an application of what religionists might call Faith – the belief in something before it has manifested (materialists call this “delusion,” but it is the origin of all advances in our civilization) -- and what spiritualists might call the “law of attraction” – which is diagrammed by the two arrows in our diagram.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the human race to become a planetary consciousness, instead of a fragmented consciousness divided into artificial nation-states, competing for primitive fossil-fuel based resources. It is time to remove the secrecy surrounding the technology in the black programs. These programs, with their accompanying exotic technology, are controlled by the worst of us – a secretive cabal that dribbles bits of it to an unsuspecting public, meanwhile claiming complete jurisdiction over technology that should be widely available commercially, instead of being weaponized and used in an intelligence war.
In order to do this we must recognize the non-material aspect of a human being – the spiritual aspect. When enough of us do this, the hidden intelligence game and its hidden players will become exposed to the light of day, and the human race and the planet earth will advance from an adolescent materialism and into a more mature understanding of Self and the universe around us.

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From the Interview With Spirit Show, 5-19-2010

So many things are happening now on the planet earth, the energy is moving so fast, that it is breathtaking for us to observe! And what must you be feeling, as human beings, participating in the accelerated evolution of your species?

Today we wish to speak about earth changes. When most of you hear these words, you think of forces beyond your comprehension acting in response to your changing consciousness. Somehow, you think, earthquakes, weather changes, volcanoes erupting, planes crashing, and oil wells blowing must be a manifestation of some higher force rearranging things on earth.

Well, we are here to tell you that you are doing it all! Literally.

The financial mess, as we spoke about before, came about as the manifestation of an overwhelming request from human beings for greater prosperity. But of course your thought forms are not yet aligned and coherent, and so you got a lot of excess money floating around in the system. The earthquakes you observe and the weather changes, dear ones, are all created by human beings. Some of these events are the result of hidden technology that is being used in an intelligence war between hidden factions that are now being exposed. You see, dear ones, there is a group on your planet that is moving through an evolution of their own.

These are people you call "materialists," people who have no concept of spirituality, or recognition of their divinity. The planet earth was a perfect place for these individuals to test themselves. An adolescent species (humanity) was, for them, a perfect playground to see whether they could pierce the veil of their own beliefs and find themselves. We want to say here that most of what happens on planet earth is invisible to human beings, because many of these decisions are made in the non-physical. That's all we will say about this right now, but all of you will agree that there are Spirit-ual families as well as physical families. Spiritual families make their connection both in the non-physical, and again when incarnated. All right, back to our story!

These people, from certain spiritual families, were gifted with superior intelligence; or rather, intelligence at the galactic norm; but on an out-of-the-loop planet like earth, where civilizations have commonly risen and fallen, only to begin back at he beginning, their intelligence was definitely extraordinary. The history of humanity for the past 1,000 years is essentially the history of certain families who understood human psychology and who had access to some knowledge commonly known in the rest of the galaxy, but unknown on earth. One of these knowledge templates was an instinctive understanding of the human psyche; and, combined with superior intelligence and knowledge, enabled these groups to rapidly organize human society. That has been their purpose, and it has been a very, very important purpose!

Because these families are working toward their own spiritual evolution, however, and because human consciousness is immature and needing direction, and because humanity has buried within its species consciousness old memes that have survived from previous fallen civilizations (which essentially are all about inevitable destruction) there has been a great temptation to control humanity from above.

The human race has asked for this, and it was supplied! But now, with the human population at such an astonishing figure, the energy of evolution is moving so fast that the controlling families, as well as the rest of humanity, are now becoming united. The families are realizing that the population is evolving, and the masses are realizing that manipulation of events is occurring "behind the scenes."

This was all inevitable from our point of view, as the increasing background vibration breaks down the dense polarity separating the controlled from the controllers. From our point of view, of course, there are no controllers and no controlled; all manifestation is a matching of intent. As humanity awakens further, you are going to discover that earth changes are being caused by human actors on the stage, not unseen forces. This recognition is all a part of growing up, dear ones, just as the 5 year old child is told that there is really no Santa Claus. Of course there is a benign force for good, built right into the fabric of the universe; but in order for it to manifest, you must ask for it with clear strong intent. Humanity is in the process now of deciding where its future will lie, as we have talked about before.

Does it surprise you to think that weather changes and earthquakes and erupting volcanoes are not natural phenomena?

Well, dear ones, Earth changes are a direct reflection of the changing consciousness of humanity. None of you, even those who are on the leading edge of the new information, have any idea how complex the history of planet earth is. You are a galactic anomaly; a huge meeting place for a confluence of not only galactic, but universal forces. All planets and stellar systems evolve, dear ones, and all civilizations do as well. But here on earth that evolution has come in fits and starts, and the physical bodies and the consciousness of the current human civilization is an amazing hodge-podge of inputs from many, many galactic races. The species count on your planet is still far greater than on any other planet we know of. Humanity has incredible potential; the question is, will you reach that potential? The future looks bleak to some of you who are following events closely; but remember the old saying that darkness is always greatest just before the dawn.

The planet earth is like an old, run-down liquor joint at the end of a seedy alley, in the "avoided" part of town. Avoided, that is, except by others who share that persuasion. When you go to "the other side of the tracks," what do you see? A lot of people who have lost themselves, and a smaller number who are looking for excitement! That pretty much describes the population of the planet earth.

We will tell you that your affairs have been "helped" along by certain rather roguish "visitors" not from your planet. These visitors, many of them, look a lot like you, and some of them, who would stand out, use surrogates. The human perception of what you call extraterrestrials is very skewed, dear ones.

Those who come precisely match the vibration in your species consciousness, which is one of victimhood. We take from Ken's mind an episode of "Wayne's World," where the famous rock band Aerosmith appears, and Garth bows low, saying he in "unworthy." Of course this is all very funny, for you are all magnificent beings; you just have belief systems that do not match your magnificence. And so you continue to be manipulated by those who are all too happy to give you what you want! For many of you, these words will seem strange. But a time is coming, dear ones, when information will burst forth from behind the scenes and shock many of you. This information will be about the families who have designed the present political, economic, and financial systems that you now labor under (remember Garth and his unworthiness!) Then will come the Big Test: This is the test that the rest of the galaxy will be watching carefully. It will tell you, and the observers of your planet, whether you are truly ready for a new paradigm of thought!

Yes, dear ones, it is easy to say you want change to a system that no longer includes war and economic enslavement, but what will you do when the actions of certain powerful people, and their "handlers" behind the scenes, are exposed? Dear ones, some of these actions are truly sickening.

Then will come the time when the whole of humanity will have to make a decision: "What do we do with these people?" The clamor will be to kill them or torture them, "give them back just what they gave us."

Of course this will be perfectly justified, dear ones. But what will happen if you give into your very justified feelings for revenge?
Just what your handlers are hoping: a return to the old paradigm!

For the old paradigm is based on "en eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." Killing the controllers will set these emotions and these memes firmly within the evolving human consciousness. And manifestation will follow. In this "revenge" scenario, dear ones, the controllers will be destroyed, honest folk will come forward, and civilization will appear to be back in a new golden age. But of course, you will be back in the old cycle of rise and fall, for the families of those who have been taken out and their supporters, will themselves plot revenge. And since some of these people are gifted with superior intelligence, it will not be very many decades before the old system is back, firmly in place.

We tell you that those galactic observers who watch you (and sometimes intercede on your behalf) do not wish to impose a solution. Humanity must find its own way out.
So what is the solution (when the time comes) to the problem of what Ken calls the "controllers?" This event is forthcoming, dear ones, and it is what one of your authors called a "tipping point." This will be a tipping point that will determine the fate of humanity for the next thousand years, at least.

It is to simply deal with them without violence. Many of these people are of course sadistic and utterly devoid of spirituality, and the argument will be made that when you have a rabid dog you take them out of their misery – a sort of mercy killing.

We tell you dear ones, that your intent behind your actions at this time will be more important than the actions themselves. Are mercy killings performed with the idea of compassion and the recognition of the spiritual and divine nature of those who will be taken out? Or will these actions be taken with revenge as the primary motivation?

You see, actions, again, are merely reflections of intent. Intent is the vibration that is burned into the species consciousness, and which sets up the resonant vibration to which all actions proceed forth.

We have been talking about the dénouement for some time now, and this week we wanted to give you a "sneak preview" of what is to come.
The dénouement, the decision about what to do with the actors who have performed horrible deeds against life and the planet, is something in which you will ALL participate. You may not have a physical vote, as at an election, but your intent will be registered individually, and placed into the vibrational tally count within the species consciousness. The sum total of this count will determine, as we said before, the resonant vibration into which society will move.

We tell you that there are plenty of ways to deal with the "controllers" much more effectively than merely killing them. That is an inelegant, and barbaric solution that will simply sink the relevant players deeper into their karma. We will not suggest ways for you to handle this situation, when it comes, for that is not allowed at this time. The idea is that humanity has created a problem for itself, and humanity MUST solve the problem itself.

Only when you wake up, as a species, and understand that your "controllers" are not evil people who have, unjustly, picked on you, and that you are not completely innocent and have nothing to do with the situation on your planet. All adolescents go through the phase of hating mom and dad, before they grow up and realize their emotional immaturity. This is where humanity is right now, on the verge of adulthood. Or shall we say, humanity has offered itself an opportunity to decide whether to stay adolescent, or choose maturity. Can you rise to a solution that will show your maturity? This is what is in your future, and it is an exciting future!

Right now earth is being quarantined from galactic civilization. If you make the right choices, you will join in the galactic network and the face of your planet will, literally, change overnight as healing medicine, clean energy, and other wonders which you have no idea of right now will become available to you.
Dear Ones, we have opened up the vibrational box a little this week. We feel that you are ready to confront what is upcoming in the near future. Remember that YOU are writing the script of your evolution, not ET Masters, evil interdimensional creatures, or faceless domineering forces.

A vibrational portal is approaching for humanity. Will you step through into a bright new future, or choose the old ways? That decision will be made by every individual on planet earth. We will be watching eagerly and excitedly as you make your decisions. This is what you signed up for when you came to earth, dear ones. Trust in Spirit and in yourselves to make the decisions that will empower humanity, and yourselves.

As this is being written, our species is on the brink of a world-wide financial collapse. It appears that our future is in the hands of a small elite, but I would argue that our fate is in the hands of all of us.

We are, collectively, writing the screenplay for the next act. Some have said that the year 2012 will somehow, mysteriously, lead to a resolution of our predicament. A magical number like 2012, however, will not determine our future. This sort of thinking is what got us into the mess in the first place. Looking toward 2012 is like asking Merlin the powerful wizard to wave a magic wand and make everything all right. As individuals and as a species, we have been sleeping for millennia, but it's now time to WAKE UP.

The demand for change is growing exponentially. As the vast majority of us live our normal, daily lives, a significant number of us are asking for an evolution out of the old, imprisoning memes of thought. This asking is creating a vibrational whirlwind that is shaking the foundations of the old order.

What are the dominant memes of the old order? Scarcity and unworthiness, which leads to a "follow-the-leader" mentality, and creates hierarchical structures. Geometrically speaking, the most prevalent and well-known of these structures on earth is the pyramid, with a very large base at the bottom, and a very small tip at the top. The earth is littered with them, and they exist on every continent except Australia.

The pyramid is the perfect representation of mankind's belief systems.

A pyramid is wide at the bottom and tapers to a small point at the top, inviting domination and control. Naturally, since there is only a very small space at the top, those who want to take a leadership role gravitate to these positions. Because the masses of humanity have, in the past, given up their power, our societies have a "top down" orientation that perfectly satisfies all of the participants. Those at the bottom gripe and moan about their condition (while maintaining the attitude that "you can't fight city hall") while those at the top, left without direction, see fit to do as they please. This has lead to societies that eventually spin out of control and deteriorate, as those at the top aggrandize more and more power to themselves. Eventually such a society must fail, because it is imbalanced. And so we begin the process all over again. That has been the cycle for the past several millennia, after the collapse of the last great civilization on our planet, which some have called Atlantis.

Now, however, the demand for change is so high that it is rocking the foundations of this well-established pattern. Right now, the world is facing a financial crisis that is a perfect representation of the vibrational patterns of thought in the species.

The old, top-down order defends itself by using the old methods of coercion, conflict, and domination. The new consciousness requests more harmony, cooperation and abundance for all. The new paradigm feels its way, like a blind man who is just beginning to see the light through eyes that are beginning to function properly, into a stronger and stronger vibrational resonance.

The result is, of course chaotic. But science has done a good job of describing chaotic systems. When a natural system becomes chaotic, it will inevitably stabilize itself after a period of time. That is precisely what is occurring at this time. The important thing to recognize is that WE, as individuals, are choosing the new patterns of thought, right now, around which the new system will resonate.

Individuals are NOT powerless! Collectively we determine the parameters of action of the so-called elites. The prominent belief systems in societies with hierarchical structures is scarcity, and unworthiness. As Erich Fromm described in his 1941 book "Escape From Freedom," individuals within human societies seem to enjoy giving authority over their lives to governments and authority figures. This "follow-the-leader" mentality gets the human race into trouble time after time, as leaders gravitate to the power vacuum caused by the abandonment of individual responsibility by its citizens.

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What is Love?

Love is the fundamental vibration of the universe. Love is attraction. It binds all things together. It is the carrier wave upon which all things communicate. It is a frequency infinitively high, that permeates and composes the All–That–Is.

When you feel love, you are in the moment. You feel a sense of glorious well being. You know that everything is absolutely perfect; and yet, at the same time, you feel a sense of eagerness, excitement, and exhilaration as you look over that next hill for the next adventure.

Is it possible to feel perfected and complete, and at the same time fresh, eager and excited for new experiences!


It is the most wonderful, magnificent feeling in the world. It is how you feel when you connect to Source, to who you are. Exhilaration, excitement, joy, playfulness, eagerness, all of these wonderful feelings have their basis in love, for love is the glue that binds all things together. Love is attachment, you see, the innate and quintessential harmonious bonding that draws all things together in unity consciousness. Ken must use words to express these ideas, and words are pitiful representations of the real thing –– but we hope you can feel the love from us, that comes through these words.

If love is who you are, then why do not human beings experience this feeling of love more often?

It has to do with the vibration of your species consciousness and the inherent properties of thought. You see, every physical experience you have ever had has been imprinted upon the grid of subtle energy that is an inherent part of the makeup of your planet. All of your experiences have a vibrational stamp with your name upon them. As a magnificent being of Light, you enter the physical realm completely free of any “karmic” influences. As a spirit, you know who you are and you feel love permeate your consciousness. However, the vibrational imprints left over from your previous physical experiences still exist within the planetary envelope. You re–connect with these vibrational imprints according to the law of like attracts like –– and so you carry a background vibration that may or may not influence your life, depending upon the intensity of your previous experiences, and your choices in the present life.

Now we are going to say something that may shock you: you have never, ever made a mistake! That’s right! As human beings, you consider yourselves to be imperfect. “To err is human,” the saying goes. But we want to modify that to say, “The perception of error is human.”

You see, all of you have free will. Free will is part and parcel of unconditional love. Free will and unconditional love are intimately bound up with each other, for true love IS unconditional. This means that no matter what you think, say, or do, you are loved and are supported by love.

“But what about pain, torture, poverty, pollution and injustice?” you say? Well, these ideas only exist when you are not feeling love. These ideas are very real when you experience them, but when you allow yourself to BE who you ARE, these negative emotions disappear like a foggy mist after the sun comes out. When you truly feel love, worry, anxiety, hatred and fear are seen for the phantoms they are –– utterly without power, and totally dependent for their very existence upon the fundamental vibration, the OM.

We want you to recall the last time you felt wonderful. What happens? All of your cares, all of your worries simply dissolve. If you were to feel complete and total love, you would feel the ultimate serenity and bliss, and an intimate union with every single thing in the universe! You would, literally, BE the entire universe!

It is literally true that love conquers all. Well, this is how humans say it! We would rather say, Love transcends and encompasses all feelings, all emotions, all thoughts, all action. The universe and everything in it literally exist in a container of love!

Does this surprise you? Does it not seem irrational that love could lead to not–love? To pain and misery? Dear Ones, this is the only way it can be, for the vibrations that compose the physical universe and which you perceive with your human senses, must, to some extent, be lower harmonics of something infinite. For us, the drop off is negligible. But in the human game of earth, the possibility exists for a great attenuation! It is, of course, always your choice how you feel and what you experience.

We want you to look at your human existence from a higher perspective. You came to earth to experience yourself in fullness. In order to do that, you have created an environment that includes the possibility of disconnection.

What if the concept of love were to be expanded? you asked. What if it were possible to re–discover love even in an environment where there is separation from Love? This is the glorious game that you are playing on earth! To us, you see, this idea is so magnificent that we can only imagine it, but not experience it. It is an idea of love that expands the boundaries to unknown and unimaginable heights! This is what you, the earth bound masters, are exploring. To love someone despite another’s harmful intent is a definition of love that expands the notion of unconditional! Unconditional love means unconditional allowing. Unconditional allowing means that all actions, all thoughts, are lovingly supported! Why? Because all endings are happy endings! Death is a glorious release back to joy, and Native State. So you cannot make a mistake, do you see?

We assure you that only the very strongest and most powerfully connected beings can do this. Unconditional love always comes from a position of power. Anger, hatred, violence, all of these emotions come from weakness and insecurity, despite appearances to the contrary. Those who stand in their power are the greatest allowers, did you know that? These are the people with the greatest reach and scope of possibility in their lives. The more love, the greater is your reach into the world.