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The corporate controlled U.S. media and our political elites are beating the war drums for an expanded conflict in the Middle East. Let's think this through before we send the sons and daughters of working class families to die in another foreign war.

Read the entire article here: is a notable paradox that the Israeli media contains many voices urging restraint in how Israel uses military force in Gaza to avenge Saturday's attacks by Hamas. They argue, and we'll show you a couple of representative voices that there is a crucial distinction between Hamas on the one hand and Palestinian civilians on the other. They argued the lives of Gazans, ordinary Palestinians have value, especially given that half of its 2.2 million population is composed of children, people under the age of 18. They further argue that Israel must observe basic humanitarianism and long-standing laws of war to avoid indiscriminately extinguishing massive amounts of innocent Palestinian lives.

This is a view heard, paradoxically, I think, more by the Israeli media than in the U.S. media. So, I think it's worth asking, especially as we examine the latest wreckage and death and destruction in Gaza, whether that argument that some Israelis are making is correct while there are a few people who have done so, there is nobody of any prominence in the United States who is cheering or defending or justifying the horrific atrocities committed by Hamas against Israeli civilians, including children on Saturday. Any decent person, by definition, values innocent civilian life of all kinds, including obviously Israelis, and reacts with horror and disgust when seeing those videos from Israel on Saturday and believes it's always morally reprehensible to deliberately target civilian lives. The question, sadly prompted by our current discourse in the United States, including calls for the complete eradication of Gaza, is whether this basic humanitarian principle that innocent lives have value, whether that applies to Palestinian as well as to Israeli lives."

With 7 short explanatory vids

No, the Maui Fires episode will not go away. Sasha Latypova's substack ( has an update. Note: WordPress will not embed susbstack URLs, so click on the link below.

We are engaged in a planetary battle for the souls and minds of humanity, a spiritual battle between Light and dark. The entire human race is waking up, and evil is being exposed. The Great Awakening.

U.S. Treasury debt: over $32 trillion.

Monetized Federal Reserve debt: over $10 trillion.

Joe Biden submitted a budget for Fiscal Year 2023 with almost $7 trillion dollars in spending, knowing that the government will collect around $5 trillion or so in taxes and fees. This means a built-in $2 trillion increase in the debt this fiscal year. Because the U.S. government hasn’t approved a properly appropriated budget since 2007, the Congress will pass another Continuing Resolution (or a series of mini CRs) and an omnibus spending bill. And the UniParty will give our representatives in Congress one or two days to study the massive spending bill before rubber stamping it.

A continuing resolution keeps government spending at the prior year’s level. An omnibus bill shoves all of that spending, for every federal agency, into one slapdash spending bill that rewards the millionaires and billionaires, the special interest corporations that have relocated our manufacturing to China, and the politicized non-governmental organizations that are bringing millions of economic migrants into the country from literally all over the world, and paying them hefty monthly stipends to stay here and compete with American workers.

Our economy is being decimated by a government behemoth that leeches trillions out of the productive, private sector economy and transfers it to a parasitical, corrupt, and spendthrift government. How can any organization leech $5 trillion dollars out of a country in one year (2022–2023 fiscal year) without that country’s economy starting to fail? The answer is, it can’t.

How can a government spend $2 trillion more than it takes in without sparking inflation? The answer is, it can’t.

In the old days our deficit spending was financed by the Saudis, and the Japanese, and the Chinese, and U.S. investors, who saw dollar-denominated securities as a safe investment. But government deficits are now “funded” by printing money, which debases the currency and primes inflation.

How would you feel if you put your hard-earned money into U.S. securities that lose their value year after year? Well, you would look for alternatives, and that is exactly what the rest of the world is doing. If the U.S. dollar loses its reserve status, this country will become like Argentina, which presently has an inflation rate of over 100%.

The $5 trillion the federal government is draining out of the economy this year should be used to fix our roads and bridges, start new businesses, buy new equipment, and research new technology. A healthy economy requires educated workers who receive good wages that create new jobs and support a healthy middle class. But when the federal government gets too large it destroys the private sector, like a mother who eats her babies.

Technically, “finance capitalism or financial capitalism is the subordination of processes of production to the accumulation of money profits in a financial system... It is characterized by a predominance of the pursuit of profit from the purchase and sale of, or investment in, currencies and financial products such as bonds, stocks, futures and other derivatives.


When the government becomes too large the economy loses its productive capacity to make stuff, and employ people to make the things that support life, such as building materials and appliances and electronics. Sadly, much of that U.S. productive capacity has been transferred to China. By BOTH parties. The economy is then reduced to wealthy people creating financial instruments and investing in them. The profits generated from that have no relationship to economic reality – they are just pieces of paper.

That’s where we are now, folks.

What’s the solution?

For God’s sake, let’s vote for politicians who understand the real world and who have actually worked in the private sector, not greedy right-wing MBAs and hedge fund billionaires and corporate running dogs, or left-wing airheads who go to university and then immediately join an NGO or a government agency with no grounding in reality and issue “regulations” that only create more and more bureaucracy.

It’s time to reduce the size of government by de-funding federal agencies and reducing the number of federal contractors. Let’s restore government back to the working class and the middle class, and de-fund federal bureaucrats and contractors who leech off the system.

1. Steve Favis uses publicly available satellite tracking data from NORAD and shows CCP satellites over Maui just before the fires began. Take this with a grain of salt (I have no way to verify this), but it's a possible valid data point.

2. Reinette Senum interviews Matt Roeske regarding weather modification events and what is happening on Lahaina. I feel that I have to post this stuff because of the outrageous events occuring on Maui.

We need paper ballots and hand counting

Poll Chief software is used by thousands of Election Boards across the United States and is shared and stored on servers worldwide, allowing for manipulation of voting data from outside the US.

Maui is a playground for Transhumanists

What is happening on Maui is a taste of things to come, via what some are calling the Global Cabal. In a previous post I showed the video posted by Dr. Robert Malone, of the evidence, presented by two Hawaiian researchers, of directed energy weapons being used on Lahaina city.

Dr. Judy Wood, mechanical engineer, has been posting since 2004 that the Twin Towers were hit by these weapons and much of the material of the buildings were turned to dust. This can also be seen in the vid presented by Dr. Malone, as houses have been literally turned to white ash and dust while trees are still standing. One photo of a car sitting right next to a house that has been turned to ash is particularly notable.


Dr. Judy Wood – images:

Dr. Judy Wood – presentation by Dr. Wood on YouTube:

Dr. Malone  – reposting of vid from two Hawaiian researchers:  Go to 25 minutes in to see the proposed evidence of DEWs.

TPW_Patriot – reposting of vid from previous post: The coverup begins:

So why post this stuff?  

For me, it’s because my niece lived in Lahaina and her house burned down and she lost everything. And because we have to understand what we are facing. There exists, apparently, a group of psychopaths on this planet with malign intentions toward humanity. Here, for instance, is one of Dr. Anna Mihalcea’s posts about self-assembling nanotechnology – quantum dots and hydrogels, in childhood vaccines. This post has a series of videos that show the self-assembly of injected, artificial life within human blood. This new bio-nano tech is part of the rollout of Transhumanism, whose proponents are, evidently, attempting to create a non-biological Humanity 2.0.  (To say this is NUTS is an understatement.)

Dr. Mihalcea has been posting this stuff since 2022. I have seen a number of these posts, and dismissed them at first as the ravings of a conspiracy theory crank. But she posts vids with the articles that show, over and over again, this artificial self-assembling nanotech within human blood. It’s crazy! It is consistent with the theory that evil exists in this world, and that a small group of humans with access to cutting-edge tech are deploying it into the world.

Needless to say, if you have children, think twice about vaccinating them!

Do I vouch for the scientific validity of Dr. Mihalcea’s info? Nope, because I don’t know enough about the subject. I’m not an “insider” or an “expert,” just a concerned citizen. But it is something to be aware of.


Where does this technology come from? Take a gander at the CIA’s In-Q-Tel website. In-Q-Tel is the CIA’s venture capital company, and it funds (with government money), hundreds (perhaps thousands) of cutting-edge tech companies.

According to the website, “IQT focuses on the 15,000+ early stage venture-backed startup companies in the U.S. and select other countries. IQT also identifies and analyzes technologies in all stages of development that are critical to national security.”

Not only does it “focus on” these companies, I believe it also deploys this tech. For example, here is a website from IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), an established commercial organization of the society of electrical engineers. Check out the 6G tech that is already being developed! This is an article from 2020:

Read this document and understand the types of projects these nutcases are working on. It’s not frightening to me, because 8 billion human beings will never accept the mass introduction of these technologies into their lives. BUT a few will, and so they are able to be be deployed. (My theory, as explained on my blog, is that a Spiritual Overton Window exists that is based on the collective consciousness of humanity. It says that no action can be taken unless there is support for it within the human consciousness.)

I’m not saying the IEEE is part of the CIA, but I am saying that In-Q-Tel is funding projects like this all over the world.

If you want to get your mind blown, go to and check out some of the projects the Agency is funding with your money.

We know there exists hidden black programs, called USAPs. These are what Dr. Steven Greer calls Unacknowledged Special Access Programs that are so dark, not even the people who fund the black budget know anything about them. These programs are called “pass through” USAPs because the money is untraceable.

Here is info in this long interview with Dr. Greer, who has been investigating the special access programs for decades:

Catherine Austin Fitts and an economist from Michigan State University have documented “missing funds” from HUD and the Pentagon that total – wait for it – over 21 TRILLION dollars. Check this out:  Click on the link on the web page for the full video. Where does this “missing money” go? Your guess is as good as mine, but why is it being hidden? The people have to take back control of their government.

The Great Awakening

So what do we have here? Money disappearing from the public budget – trillions of dollars – into unacknowledged SAPs and into the black budget. The CIA has its own venture capital company that, in my opinion, funds itself and makes enormous profits for the CIA. I am no insider and can’t prove this, but it makes sense. The wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan cost the taxpayers trillions of dollars. Hell, we could have used one-tenth of that money to fund health care for every American – instead of giving it to weapons manufacturers and corrupt government contractors – and completely modernized our roads and bridges.

The public has been asleep for a long time but more and more people are waking up.

It’s not too late to stop these insidious and anti-human technologies, but we have to be aware of the nutjobs who are actively developing and deploying them. These are a very small subset of humanity, persons who have lost their connection to the Divine, to God, to Spirit, to the Creative Source, call it what you want. They are operating on a materialist philosophy that, if embraced, will lead to the collapse of the human species.    

However, an awakened public can easily defeat the Transhumanists and the crazies who deploy destructive exotic weaponry. The first step in that plan is, as The Who said, to “not get fooled again.”

If true, the "downed power lines caused the Maui fires" theory is not valid.

(Reuters) -Hawaiian Electric’s shares jumped more than 40% on Monday after the utility said its power lines in West Maui had been shut down for more than six hours before wildfires started in the area during the afternoon.

...The county said downed power lines started the wildfires that destroyed the historic town of Lahaina earlier this month, killing at least 115 people and displacing hundreds more.

Hawaiian Electric said on Monday that a morning fire on Aug. 8 caused by power lines that fell in high winds was subsequently reported “100% contained” and later declared “extinguished” by the Maui County Fire Department.

The utility said another afternoon fire started in the same area more than six hours after all of its power lines in West Maui had been de-energized, which could not be contained by the fire department and spread out of control toward Lahaina.

“We were surprised and disappointed that the County of Maui rushed to court even before completing its own investigation,” said Shelee Kimura, president and CEO of Hawaiian Electric.