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The brilliant social commentator Mathias Desmet explains why our society is divided into two conflicting and angry camps, and what we can do about it

In this blog I have tried to express the idea that until humanity understands that human consciousness is intimately connected to the Creative Source, we will as a species continue to struggle and resolve problems through conflict and war. In a speech to the Romanian Parliament in November, the brilliant social commentator Mathis Desmet outlines the psychology of conflict in the most eloquent and understandable fashion.

Desmet explains how our modern, materialistic (“rational”) and technological society is becoming totalitarian. It begins when a society becomes fragmented as ours has after the pandemic and the lockdowns and the forced vaccinations. People lose contact with one another, sitting at home in their houses and apartments, wearing masks and not talking to each other in person for fear of becoming infected. The fear of viruses and other biological agents causes fear to spread rapidly throughout society, promoted by a mass media and politicians and “scientists” who push narratives (propaganda) designed to manipulate people.

Large groups of people (“liberals, “conservatives,” “Trump lovers,” “Trump haters,” “pro-vaccine,” “anti-vaccine,” etc., in order to escape their enforced loneliness and their fear, form into camps of differing beliefs. But these camps consist of lonely individuals who embrace a narrative in an attempt to dispel the fear and separation they feel, without genuinely connecting to each other.

These social factions are not personally and physically connected to each other but only to the belief system of the group. This does not dispel loneliness. And so large groups of people can be much more easily manipulated by narratives and propaganda, which sets one group of people against another. In this way society becomes rigidly divided and hatred flourishes.

Prof. Desmet expresses this idea so clearly in his speech, which I will quote from here:

These two evolutions, the emergence of an elite that uses propaganda and a lonely population, reinforce each other. The lonely state is exactly the state in which a population is vulnerable [to] propaganda. In this way, a new kind of masses or crowds emerged throughout the last two centuries: the so-called lonely masses.

“People fall prey to mass formation to escape a pervasive feeling of loneliness and disconnectedness, induced by the rationalization of the world and the ensuing industrialization of the world and the excessive use of technology. They merge together in fanatic mass behavior because this seems to free them from their lonely, atomized state.

“And that is exactly the big illusion of mass formation: belonging to a mass doesn’t liberate a human being from its lonely state. Not at all. A mass is a group that is formed, not because individuals connect to each other, but because each individual separately is connected to a collective ideal. The longer a mass formation exists, the more solidarity they feel for the collective and the less solidarity and love they feel for other individuals. That’s exactly why in the end stage of mass formation and totalitarianism, every individual reports every other individual to the collective, or to the state, if they think that other individual is not loyal enough to the state. And in the end, the unthinkable happens, with mothers reporting their children to the state and children their parents.”

This is brilliantly stated. Combine mass formation, propaganda, and a lonely population with a materialist, technocratic elite bent on creating a “smart” society, the ultimate dystopian nightmare is created: technological Collectivism, a brain-dead, materialist society where individuals are so afraid of death that they deny the immortality of their own souls. Such a society must collapse, for it is the precise opposite of the Truth that a human being is not just a collection of atoms, but an incarnated, immortal soul having a temporary physical experience. The denial of human consciousness causes separation and then disassociation, which leads to depression and mass formation, and ultimately, the collapse of civilization.

Desmet proposes a solution that never occurred to me (geniuses have great insight): something he calls the Art of Sincere Speech:

Propaganda induced mass formation is a fake, symptomatic solution for loneliness. And the real solution lies in the Art of Sincere Speech. My next book, which I am writing now, is all about the psychology of Truth. Truth, by definition, from a psychological point of view, is resonating speech, it is speech which connects people, from core to core, from soul to soul, speech that penetrates through the veil of appearances, through the ideal images we hide behind, the imaginary shells we seek refuge in, and reconnects the shivering and disconnected soul of one human being to that of another human being.

“Here we observe something crucial: sincere speech is the real cure for loneliness – it reconnects people. As such, it takes away the root cause of the major symptom of our rationalist culture – mass formation and totalitarianism.....

“...And at the same time, sincere speech also inhibits this symptom in a more straightforward way... At every moment we chose to speak out in a sincere way, no matter where this happens, in a newspaper or a television interview, but equally well in the presence of only one other person at the kitchen table or in the supermarket, we help to cure society from the disease of totalitarianism.

“Each and every one who speaks a sincere word and succeeds in truly connecting as a human being to another human being, in particular a human being with a different opinion, deserves to be mentioned in the books of history, much more than a president or a minister who engages in propaganda and fails to show the courage to speak sincerely.”

In order to practice sincere speech we have to look into our own souls and go beyond the propaganda and the belief systems a propagandized society has infected us with. It takes courage to do this.

Make no mistake: evil exists in this world. We are in a spiritual war for the souls, hearts, and minds of humanity. The technocrats want to reduce the population and create a soulless, neural chipped and vaxxed society of collectivized zombie robots. This goal is clearly psychotic and anti-human, which shows us what we are dealing with.

However, the Light of the human soul (denied by materialists, Transhumanists, and technocrats) is far, far greater and more powerful than the darkness of technocratic fascism, for it connects us with the energy of the Divine, the One Consciousness that created and maintains the universe.  

Mathias Desmet’s speech can be found here:

Within the EUA framework, science is irrelevant to the regulatory process of approving drugs

The brilliant Sasha Latypova has penetrated the legal framework surrounding the FDA’s issuance of experimental medical products onto the public. In this article, she explains how drug companies can issue experimental products and be legally protected from harm regardless whether those injected are harmed or killed. If you read this article carefully, and listen to the video (I will post the link below) it becomes evident that profit is much more important to the federal government regulatory agencies than safety.

Here is an except Sasha found in the United States Code, 21 USC 360bbb-3a: Emergency use of medical products

Text contains those laws in effect on December 2, 2023

From Title 21-FOOD AND DRUGS



Part E-General Provisions Relating to Drugs and Devices

(c) Current good manufacturing practice

(1) In general

The Secretary may, when the circumstances of a domestic, military, or public health emergency or material threat described in subsection (a)(1)(C) so warrant, authorize, with respect to an eligible product, deviations from current good manufacturing practice requirements otherwise applicable to the manufacture, processing, packing, or holding of products subject to regulation under this chapter, including requirements under section 351 or 360j(f)(1) of this title or applicable conditions prescribed with respect to the eligible product by an order under section 360j(f)(2) of this title.

(2) Effect

Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter or the Public Health Service Act [42 U.S.C. 201 et seq.], an eligible product shall not be considered an unapproved product (as defined in section 360bbb–3(a)(2)(A) of this title) and shall not be deemed adulterated or misbranded under this chapter because, with respect to such product, the Secretary has authorized deviations from current good manufacturing practices under paragraph (1).”

Public Health officials and pharma companies, if they are covered under the PREP act, also receive full immunity from prosecution no matter how many deaths or adverse reactions are experienced by individuals as a result of these medical products.  

How do you like them apples?

Sasha explains in her article how this process works. If you take the time to read it slowly and carefully you will understand how vitally important it is to do your own research before ingesting ANY product released by pharma companies.  

The experimental mRNA vaccines, for example, were issued under Emergency Use Authorization and so do not legally require testing for long-term effects, as was the case before the pandemic.

Here is the complete article, meticulously researched and with explanations and graphs. The above is only a brief explanation.

Here is the video explaining the article.  

Before you begin, here are some definitions:

MCM – Medical Counter Measures. From the CDC website: “”Medical countermeasures (MCMs) are medicines and medical supplies that can be used to diagnose, prevent, or treat diseases related to chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) threats. MCMs can include Biologic products – vaccines, blood products, and antibodies,

Drugs – antimicrobial or antiviral drugs

Devices – diagnostic tests to identify threat agents and personal protective equipment (PPE)”

IRB – Institutional Review Board. Wikipedia defines IRB as follows: “An institutional review board (IRB), also known as an independent ethics committee (IEC), ethical review board (ERB), or research ethics board (REB), is a committee at an institution that applies research ethics by reviewing the methods proposed for research done at that institution to ensure that the projects are ethical. Such boards are formally designated to approve (or reject), monitor, and review biomedical and behavioral research involving humans...”

BLA – Biologics License Application

EUA – Emergency Use Authorization

There are two legal pathways for a medical product to be distributed: BLA and EUA. BLA is the gold standard where testing, clinical trials, and long term studies are necessary. EUA is also a legal pathway, but it gets around safety and effectiveness testing.

Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald were right back in 2013.

On Nov. 20 Senator Ron Wyden released a letter to the Department of Justice, addressed to Merrick Garland, the Attorney General. The letter asks for records relating to the Hemisphere Project, a monstrous spying operation on public phone records.

According to the letter, “This is a long-running dragnet surveillance program in which the White House pays AT&T to provide all federal, state, local, and Tribal law enforcement agencies the ability to request often-warrantless searches of trillions of domestic phone records.”

Trillions of domestic phone records? The White House?

This program was begun in 2009 under Obama and then shut down, then started again in 2017 under Trump, and was again restarted under Biden.  It exists under the auspices of the  White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). ONDCP “pays AT&T to mine its customers’ records for the benefit of federal, state, local, and Tribal law enforcement agencies. According to an ONDCP slide deck, AT&T has kept and queries as part of the Hemisphere Project call records going back to 1987, with 4 billion new records being added every day.”

We already know where the drugs are coming from: our own southern border. The migrant crisis is an excuse for drug running and human trafficking. The federal government has essentially shut down the Border Patrol and ICE. The Border Patrol issues free apps to each migrant who comes in illegally (after they have paid thousands to the drug cartels) and government-paid NGOs transfer migrants anywhere in the country for free.

Senator Wyden’s letter states that

  • The scale of the data available to and routinely searched for the benefit of law enforcement under the Hemisphere Project is stunning in its scope.


  • Is  “AT&T's Super Search Engine” and ... "Google on Steroids.”
  • “Can be used to identify alternate numbers used by a target, obtain location data and “two levels of call detail records for one target number” (meaning the phone records of everyone who communicated with the target).”
  • Paid for by Federal (taxpayer) funds. `“Although the Hemisphere Project is paid for with federal funds, they are delivered to AT&T through an obscure grant program, enabling the program to skip an otherwise mandatory federal privacy review.”
  • Is coordinated under the Houston  HIDTA. “ONDCP provides funding for the program through the Houston High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), one of 33 regional funding organizations as a part of a grant program created by Congress and administered by ONDCP. The HIDTAs distribute federal anti-drug law enforcement grants to state and local agencies, and are governed by a board made up entirely of federal, state and local law enforcement officials.”
  • This information has been designated “Law Enforcement Sensitive,” which is meant to restrict its public release. In other words, the public does not get to see these records.

And most important,

  • “Hemisphere searches are not required to be in support of drug-related investigations.”

In other words, anyone can be targeted. Are AT&T and the ONDCP sharing their spying results with other companies in the government-corporate complex, or with other telecom companies?

Read the document here:

So there you have it. More proof that the War on Drugs is just more government spying on U.S. citizens, just as the War on Terror is an excuse to create endless war.

Greenwald and Snowden pointed this out in 2013.

After 9/11/01 and the Patriot Act, the electronic surveillance system that was originally created to monitor threats from abroad was shifted to track threats inside our country. The Hemisphere Project is part of that effort.

The brilliant Sasha Latypova, in her recent substack titled “Weaponization of Disease Agents, Real technologies or sci-fi narratives?” states that “no one can make a supervirus in a lab.”  Apparently, the more lethal a substance is, the less infectious it is.

I am still trying to digest the implications of this, if it is true. I’m just going to summarize the bits I found most important in Sasha’s paper. To read the full article go to and subscribe to this brilliant woman’s substack.

Here goes.  First is a question asked by a reader:

Sasha, at minute 43:36 in this interview you said to Mr. Kirsch "...There's no way to develop viruses that are both lethal and spreadable; That's a myth; That's a science-fiction myth; Ok, so that doesn't exist - off the table".

 “I haven't heard or read anyone else say that. What I hear and read from many sources, is the story about lovely gentleman and ladies that enjoy working in BSL3 & BSL4 labs, and they cobble together bits and pieces of biological things and attach them to other biological things and make scary-scary viruses they call chimeric bioweapons. Some journalists, and some lawyers, cite papers that explain what the gentleman & ladies of the labs have fabricated using gain-of-function, dual-use research, synthetic biology magic. And then tell us that these lab-made very scary things are bioweapons that may kill everybody.

“If what you say is true {I'll take your word for it} then all the work to make scary-scary viruses and frighten billions of people into getting injected is a huge scam, setup to make the participants wealthy. Are there other people, with skill sets similar to yours, that have said the same thing?”

Not just frighten billions of people, but importantly blackmail legislators (or create cover for the cooperating legislators) to approve the illegal laws and billions for the biodefense scam. All they had to do is poison or pretend to poison a handful of politicians [the anthrax scare]. Of course, you can poison one person with anything. Or 10 people in one location. But these bioweapon deployments are not anything alive and they don’t spread by themselves. Fear and lies are self-spreading, however, and can be skillfully used to drive people to self-destruction and to killing of others.

Sasha’s answer:

Other people are not talking about it, because biodefense is a huge grift on both sides. “Their” side appropriates money and power, and new billion dollar agencies for “Pandemic Preparedness”. “Our” side gets millions of followers talking about them evil guys (video of Francis Boyle repeating covid narrative and solidifying the biodefense racket), or spinning stories about biolabs in Wuhan, Ukraine and lately California. Remember, any rogue crazy PhD can build a scary biolab, and no PhD degree is actually needed. All you have to do is rent some space, leave a bunch of mice and random equipment that can’t be used for anything, and voila - scary biolab narrative is all over the news. Those evil CCP masterminds are working on weaponized mice! Did we forget that Ralph Baric has done the same for decades in North Carolina and failed to produce any pandemics there? Come to think of this, has your cat ever brought a weaponized mouse home to you as a present? Why not? They “leak” from labs almost every week, and using CRISPER gene drive narrative logic, all mice in the world should look like Ralph Baric by now.

“Nobody can make a super-virus in a lab. But

C’s Newsletter

The fucking vaccine creates the fucking virus, study concludes.

“Shrestha et al, Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Bivalent Vaccine, didn’t say “The fucking vaccine creates the fucking virus.” The [study] said, “The higher the number of vaccines previously received, the higher the risk of contracting COVID-19 (Figure 2).” Look at it. You want to stick that in your arm…”

All right, I will let you guys digest this. If it truly is impossible to create a lethal virus in a lab, then the “pandemic” was a knowing scam and a PsyOp on such a massive scale that it’s almost incomprehensible. Of course many readers know or suspect this already, but if the science is this clear, it fooled the entire medical establishment (unless they were in on it) and many other scientists and intelligent laypersons as well. We know that SARS-COV-2’s lethality was at most 0.26% and possibly lower, so these claims make sense to me. Someone with scientific knowledge may have a different take, but it was hard for me to believe this when I first read it...

What’s the difference between living in the old Soviet Union and living in America today?

Well, in the old Soviet Union the economy sucked, but every single Russian knew that the communist government was lying. Statistics about the success of the latest 5-year plan were ignored as nonsensical, since everyone could see that the economy was in sad shape every time they went to the government-owned supermarket and inspected the bare shelves.

In America the economy sucks, but half the country believe the gummint statistics.


In America today the economy is starting to tank. We can all see it. But the gummint tells us that inflation is under control and that new jobs are being created. All is well! say the gummint spokespeople. Except that they leave out energy and food from the inflation estimates. And those newly created jobs are mostly minimum wage jobs.

Energy and food are the most important part of any person or family budget. Why is this left out of the inflation figures? Because anyone who pays for heating and food knows that prices are going up. Why are prices going up? Primarily because of massive federal overspending. The fiscal year 2023 budget Biden submitted called for almost $7 TRILLION dollars in spending. Estimates for receipts (from taxes and fees) were around $5T. That’s a built-in $2T deficit.

How about it folks? When you run up your credit cards to the point where they are all maxxed out and you can’t get another one, do you borrow more money? That’s what the gummint does. Washington DC loves it, for the capital is awash in dollars.  

Apparently the politicians think that printing money can be done indefinitely, despite a $33T public deficit. The Federal Reserve (which creates money) is about $10T in debt and that is growing, because there aren’t enough buyers of Treasury securities to cover the federal spending deficits. This has been going on for decades. Excess federal spending is killing the economy and the housing market. Check this out:


Now let’s talk about jobs. Did you know that there were 245K new jobs created last month (September 2023)? Well aint that grand. There’s only one problem. Someone who can’t make ends meet because of inflation and the crummy economy may have to take a second job. And even a third job. The gummint counts all of those jobs as NEW jobs. I’ll bet that makes the poor guy or gal working those extra jobs feel better about the economy.

But these 245K “new” jobs came about as a result of 1 million high paying jobs being lost and 1.25 million minimum wage jobs being created.

1 million high paying jobs at $100K = $100 billion. 1.25K minimum wage jobs at $20K = $25 billion. $25 billion - $100 billion = -$75 billion.

So we got more new jobs, wow! But the workers of America received $75 billion less in income. And that means less money for the gummint in taxes.

What do the politicians do? Nothing. It’s just business as usual: no budget process, increase spending from last year, cram every spending bill into an omnibus spending bill and give the Congress 24 hours to digest a bill that runs to thousands of pages. And don’t forget the media hacks who support them on the major news networks.

That’s what the corporations who run the politicians want: lower wages, higher profits. Is it a coincidence that our borders are wide open and unskilled, minimum wage migrants are pouring in? Well, it’s not so concerning for the migrants, who get a free gummint-issued cell phone and money every month to make ends meet. That’s partially what all that excess government spending is going to.

Do you recall voting for this shit? Hell, even Democrats and Republicans can agree that this is insanity.

I wonder how U.S. citizens who lived in the old Soviet Union are feeling about current developments in the US. It may remind them starkly of what they went through under the corrupt regime of the Soviets.

The corporate controlled U.S. media and our political elites are beating the war drums for an expanded conflict in the Middle East. Let's think this through before we send the sons and daughters of working class families to die in another foreign war.

Read the entire article here: is a notable paradox that the Israeli media contains many voices urging restraint in how Israel uses military force in Gaza to avenge Saturday's attacks by Hamas. They argue, and we'll show you a couple of representative voices that there is a crucial distinction between Hamas on the one hand and Palestinian civilians on the other. They argued the lives of Gazans, ordinary Palestinians have value, especially given that half of its 2.2 million population is composed of children, people under the age of 18. They further argue that Israel must observe basic humanitarianism and long-standing laws of war to avoid indiscriminately extinguishing massive amounts of innocent Palestinian lives.

This is a view heard, paradoxically, I think, more by the Israeli media than in the U.S. media. So, I think it's worth asking, especially as we examine the latest wreckage and death and destruction in Gaza, whether that argument that some Israelis are making is correct while there are a few people who have done so, there is nobody of any prominence in the United States who is cheering or defending or justifying the horrific atrocities committed by Hamas against Israeli civilians, including children on Saturday. Any decent person, by definition, values innocent civilian life of all kinds, including obviously Israelis, and reacts with horror and disgust when seeing those videos from Israel on Saturday and believes it's always morally reprehensible to deliberately target civilian lives. The question, sadly prompted by our current discourse in the United States, including calls for the complete eradication of Gaza, is whether this basic humanitarian principle that innocent lives have value, whether that applies to Palestinian as well as to Israeli lives."

With 7 short explanatory vids

No, the Maui Fires episode will not go away. Sasha Latypova's substack ( has an update. Note: WordPress will not embed susbstack URLs, so click on the link below.

We are engaged in a planetary battle for the souls and minds of humanity, a spiritual battle between Light and dark. The entire human race is waking up, and evil is being exposed. The Great Awakening.

U.S. Treasury debt: over $32 trillion.

Monetized Federal Reserve debt: over $10 trillion.

Joe Biden submitted a budget for Fiscal Year 2023 with almost $7 trillion dollars in spending, knowing that the government will collect around $5 trillion or so in taxes and fees. This means a built-in $2 trillion increase in the debt this fiscal year. Because the U.S. government hasn’t approved a properly appropriated budget since 2007, the Congress will pass another Continuing Resolution (or a series of mini CRs) and an omnibus spending bill. And the UniParty will give our representatives in Congress one or two days to study the massive spending bill before rubber stamping it.

A continuing resolution keeps government spending at the prior year’s level. An omnibus bill shoves all of that spending, for every federal agency, into one slapdash spending bill that rewards the millionaires and billionaires, the special interest corporations that have relocated our manufacturing to China, and the politicized non-governmental organizations that are bringing millions of economic migrants into the country from literally all over the world, and paying them hefty monthly stipends to stay here and compete with American workers.

Our economy is being decimated by a government behemoth that leeches trillions out of the productive, private sector economy and transfers it to a parasitical, corrupt, and spendthrift government. How can any organization leech $5 trillion dollars out of a country in one year (2022–2023 fiscal year) without that country’s economy starting to fail? The answer is, it can’t.

How can a government spend $2 trillion more than it takes in without sparking inflation? The answer is, it can’t.

In the old days our deficit spending was financed by the Saudis, and the Japanese, and the Chinese, and U.S. investors, who saw dollar-denominated securities as a safe investment. But government deficits are now “funded” by printing money, which debases the currency and primes inflation.

How would you feel if you put your hard-earned money into U.S. securities that lose their value year after year? Well, you would look for alternatives, and that is exactly what the rest of the world is doing. If the U.S. dollar loses its reserve status, this country will become like Argentina, which presently has an inflation rate of over 100%.

The $5 trillion the federal government is draining out of the economy this year should be used to fix our roads and bridges, start new businesses, buy new equipment, and research new technology. A healthy economy requires educated workers who receive good wages that create new jobs and support a healthy middle class. But when the federal government gets too large it destroys the private sector, like a mother who eats her babies.

Technically, “finance capitalism or financial capitalism is the subordination of processes of production to the accumulation of money profits in a financial system... It is characterized by a predominance of the pursuit of profit from the purchase and sale of, or investment in, currencies and financial products such as bonds, stocks, futures and other derivatives.


When the government becomes too large the economy loses its productive capacity to make stuff, and employ people to make the things that support life, such as building materials and appliances and electronics. Sadly, much of that U.S. productive capacity has been transferred to China. By BOTH parties. The economy is then reduced to wealthy people creating financial instruments and investing in them. The profits generated from that have no relationship to economic reality – they are just pieces of paper.

That’s where we are now, folks.

What’s the solution?

For God’s sake, let’s vote for politicians who understand the real world and who have actually worked in the private sector, not greedy right-wing MBAs and hedge fund billionaires and corporate running dogs, or left-wing airheads who go to university and then immediately join an NGO or a government agency with no grounding in reality and issue “regulations” that only create more and more bureaucracy.

It’s time to reduce the size of government by de-funding federal agencies and reducing the number of federal contractors. Let’s restore government back to the working class and the middle class, and de-fund federal bureaucrats and contractors who leech off the system.