Confronting the Duality

Is it possible to be 100% positive all the time?

It is if you connect with the God within. When I’m connected like that I don’t even think a negative thought. It’s just a feeling that everything is right and perfect. There’s only one problem: it doesn’t last. For a few minutes here and there, sometimes even for several hours, but it goes away. The good feeling goes away because I have an insatiable desire to know things.

Although the desire to know things is a divine impulse, we live in a duality. The desire to know takes me into the light, which then shines upon the darkness we live in, or the darkness in my own Akash or in my life. This is the nature of the duality. Paradoxically it seems, the search for truth, the desire for peace, and embracing the light also exposes the opposite. These divine impulses force a person to confront the darkness within. This is happening on the world stage as well, where the collective consciousness of humanity is confronting the demons it has created over the centuries.

How much darkness should a person confront? The answer to that lies in how much darkness is within you. Old souls will have more to confront, due to the greater number of previous lifetimes. Younger souls are probably in a better position to stay in the light because there isn’t as much darkness within them; yet old souls have a much greater impulse to go to the light. My wife is an old soul but her self-proclaimed soul mission is “to be a beacon of light.” She does a great job of that even though she has to put up with me! My mission is different.

I am like a lot of old souls: I am almost compelled to fulfill my soul mission. Some of us are healers, health care practitioners, counselors. I have infinite respect for these people as they try, one person at a time, to raise health and consciousness. My mission is to investigate, to write about the battle of dark and light, and how the light will win. I feel compelled to write books, articles, and to blog. However, I cannot take “sides.” My mission is to provide a more balanced perspective, and not be raising the flag for this side or that. There is good and bad in everyone, including me. My idea is that it’s better to be informed than to be ignorant.


Some people involved in raising consciousness and going to the light don’t like the idea that each of us has a dark side, or that we should look into dark subjects. Their response to me is, “Why write about that crap? Stay positive.” Well yeah. But we don’t make it into the light until we walk that path through the darkness we have created. If you’re on the planet now, you are responsible for some of it. Confronting the duality sucks, but it is a necessary part of going to the light.

For example, an article came out on July 2, 2019, about Eric Schmidt, of Alphabet/Google fame. I am always cautious about linking to articles like this because some of the information is hard to confront, and some of it may be disinfo. But I’ve been blogging about Big Tech recently and I think this is relevant.

There are positive and negative aspects to AI and social media organizations. We all know how these apps and programs allow us to communicate to each other all over the world, spreading the light. On the other side of the duality is the impulse to control.

Is it better to know nothing about the other side of the duality, or to become aware of things that may affect your life? Vibrationally speaking the answer is obvious: stay away from the dark and only embrace the light. It is also possible, however, to stay in the light while engaging in the necessary process of confronting the dark. This is the best position, in my mind.

Regardless of your stance on this issue, the truth is that we are all confronting the duality whether we like it or not! Resisting the dark only brings it more powerfully to us.

The first step in handling anything is gaining the ability to face it. Confronting the duality is a necessary, but sometimes painful, business. It’s why many of us are here at the most important time in the history of the human race.

Google and Eric Schmidt

In that light, I am posting the article. You can make up your own mind about the information. Some people will probably find it ridiculous, or “just another baseless conspiracy theory.” Because social media and digital communication is an intimate part of our lives, however, it behooves us to find out the motivations and intent behind the movers and shakers in Big Tech. Eric Schmidt (and Google) is of those guys.

Former Lover Exposes Eric Schmidt

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