The Truth about the Chinese Communist Party — Freedom for the Chinese People

The CCP is the headquarters for the dark army in Asia. Of course, in the West we have our own dark army -- the military-industrial complex and the corporate elites who took U.S. industry to Asia to take advantage of subsistence wages for increased priofits. But at least in the West we pay lip service to freedom and democracy. That's not true with the CCP, as you will find out when you listen to this.

War Room Pandemic is a show that saw the Coronavirus spreading around the world even before the CDC and the WHO, at the beginning of January. This show is about the solidarity between the American people and the Chinese people. Steve Bannon interviews activists (Chinese and Americans) who are trying to expose the activities of the CCP.

Here is how the CCP achieves it's goal of "zero new deaths" in Wuhan city:

The Five Eyes Intelligence Report -- How the CCP lied and covered up the Covid-19 virus.