The CCP and the Coronavirus Part 2

An event of historical significance has occurred with the release of the corona virus in Hubei Province in central China. The origin of the virus is unknown; some say it came from animals (bats) and then jumped to human carriers. Some say it came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a research institute administered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This is the only biosafety level 4 laboratory in mainland China, built by the French in 2015, and it is located in Wuhan city. Then there’s this:

There is evidence that the number of corona cases in China is being under-reported:

If you know where to look you can see vids of people literally collapsing on the streets of Wuhan from the virus (this occurred last week). There’s a massive effort by the Chinese Communist Party and those who sympathize with them to minimize the impact of the virus. Minimizing the effect of the virus isn’t a bad thing because it prevents people from panicking and co-creating a negative future. But ignoring a problem isn’t a solution.

Let’s just say that the spread of the corona virus is a marker in the battle between dark and light. It’s another wild card, like the election of Trump. A wild card is an unexpected event or situation that affects large numbers of people. As of Feb 25th the virus has spread to 31 countries. In Italy, half of the industrial production of the country is offline now. The Catholic Church has suspended religious rituals throughout the country. Today, Feb 26, A senior CDC official is warning that Americans should prepare for an increase in the spread of the new coronavirus disease. The CDC is distributing test kits to state and local labs. Meanwhile, the number of infections is sharply increasing in Italy, Iran, and South Korea.

The New York Times reports that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan asked all of the country’s schools to close for a month to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to alarm anyone. However, when a wild card occurs people should be informed. By the time you read this, hopefully, the spread of the virus will have slowed or halted altogether.

“Tens of thousands of people die in the US every year from the flu,” you say. “Stop spreading propaganda and trying to scare people.”

Well, let’s talk about the economic impact of the virus then. Within the last thirty years, the world economy has gone to globalist “just-in-time” manufacturing, much of it centered in China. Chinese factories have not reopened (yet) after the Chinese New Year because of the corona virus, so supply chains all over the world are being stressed. This is affecting the production of pharmaceutical products like antibiotics, and many other industries.

In Italy (at the time of this writing) 50% of the manufacturing base of the country has been shut down due to concerns about the virus. The Catholic Church announced on Feb 24 that religious events throughout the country have been cancelled. Here in Michigan, the state is monitoring over 300 persons. ( )

The importance of this wild card virus is that even though it is spreading, it has largely affected only one country: China. China is the source and the Chinese people have been most severely affected. China is the last major country in the world with a communist government. As I explained in a previous blog post, communism is simply fascism with another name. The Chinese people have been laboring under this totalitarian system since 1949, as the Russian people did from 1917-1991. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their military enforcement branch, the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) have lost respect within the country, and now in the world, for their attempt to suppress information, to deny that anything was wrong, and their delay in halting the spread of the virus, allowing it to spread outside China.

The corona virus could be the beginning of the end for the communist leadership in China. This would be another blow to the dark army on earth.

The emperor, President Xi, may have lost the mandate from heaven. When the virus runs its course and the Chinese people take an assessment of their leadership, the CCP and the PLA may be found sadly wanting in integrity and competence. For China, the effect of the corona virus resembles the periodic, widespread famines that have occurred over the country’s 5,000-year history. The resilient, hardworking people of China understand this.

Could democracy come to this great nation of 1.4 billion, as it is now thriving in the great nation of India, with its 1.2 billion people?  That is an inspiring thought to me. Prime Minister Narendra Modi won the recent election in India with over 600 million votes out of 800 million cast. 800 million votes cast! That is close to three times the population of  the United States. It took weeks for the votes to be counted. Much of it was by hand, on paper ballots, but the votes were tabulated honestly.

Here in the United States, we can learn a lot about democracy from India.

One of the reasons Trump went to India was to cement the relationship between the world’s two greatest democracies. The images and speeches from these meetings between Modi and Trump, and the reception of the U.S. president by the people of India, are inspiring (despite the U.S. media’s complete failure to cover it). Sure, the two leaders signed a military agreement, and the trip was partly for geo-strategic reasons (to counter the influence of China), but the outpouring of love and affinity at these meetings was inspiring. I’m all for anything that advances the cause of world peace – even if Trump is doing it.

One thing is for sure: the global capitalists, who took factories and jobs out of the US and exported them to China (looking for the cheapest labor) are thinking twice about their investments now that their supply chains are being cut. Nothing is more influential to hedge fund managers, bankers, and capitalists than money. Their shortsighted decision over the past 20 years to go for short term profit at the expense of their own people is coming back to bite them.  

The light is winning over the dark, which is being exposed more and more every year.  The spread of the corona virus is shining light on the corrupt practices of corporate capitalism and state-owned corporate communism, both in Asia and in the West. Greed and a lack of humanity, whether it be capitalist or communist, must ultimately fail. Integrity will win the day as the consciousness of humanity slowly rises and people wake up.

2020 is the year when eyes will be opened all across the planet. It’s already begun!