What’s Next?

Here’s where we are now:

The next step – and the goal of those who promote war and fear – is Transhumanism. Transhumanism masquerades as cutting-edge technology designed to increase life spans. It includes gene therapy (CRISPR), cryogenics, computer-brain-interfaces, nanotechnology (both biological and electronic), and a host of other crazy shit. To understand more about Transhumanism, you can go to the lifeboat site where you can find this article:

https://lifeboat.com/ex/transhumanist.technologies. I wrote an entire book about this, a novel called The History of the Future.

But its main goal is to promote a technocratic society where humans all have neural chips, digital IDs, and social credit scores. Human beings will not own anything, as the WEF head Klaus Schwab famously said. All humans will live in smart cities with every appliance and useful object having a smart chip that can connect to the internet. This infrastructure, called the Internet of Things, is being built right now. The ultimate goal of Transhumanism is the Internet of Bodies, chipped humans who communicate with the IOT and who can be regulated “for our own good.” This mindset – clearly psychopathic – is favored by a very tiny segment of humanity. Unfortunately this segment has a lot of power right now. Some people will embrace it – but not those who recognize their divine connection to the Creative Source.

The Dark Army on earth is mobilizing all of its forces now. Their goal is to re-form human society into a planetary Collective. The control paradigm has been the ultimate goal of nutjobs throughout human history, and it has taken many forms. However, now technology exists to make it happen all over the world. The creation of a human termite colony is well on its way, at least in the minds of the crazies who are promoting this to the rest of us.

The common personality trait of the Transhumanists is inflexibility and a rigidness that refuses to acknowledge even obvious facts. Unfortunately, as Erich Fromm pointed out, there are large sectors of the population who will always be willing to turn over their power. The reasons for this are simple: fear and insecurity. This is obvious now as people continue to wear masks even as populations have achieved herd immunity from COVID, and  when it was long ago proven that masks are ineffective in stopping the spread of COVID.

What we have seen since the beginning of 2020 is the spread of fear porn, which is necessary to create the fear that will motivate people to turn toward authority for answers.

The point is, it is irrelevant what form that authority takes. The only requirement is the creation of fear and insecurity in the population that will cause people to turn their human sovereignty over to others.  The authority could be a government, a local school board, a medical bureaucracy, a charismatic politician, the list is endless. And the format of the fear porn could be a war (Russia-Ukraine) or a pandemic. Or something else.

We have already reached Orwell’s 1984. Nancy Pelosi said the other day (defending yet another COVID supplemental spending bill) that more government spending will reduce the government deficit. Think about how absurd that statement is, yet the press accepted it without even a comment. Seriously, if you have a credit card with $10,000 on it and you spend $5,000 more on the card, does that reduce your credit card debt?

Media and politicians are deliberately creating cognitive dissonance, where two opposing thoughts can uncritically be true. Orwell called this Doublethink: a process of indoctrination whereby the subject is expected to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, even when their own memories or knowledge is the opposite.

Today a politician said that sending lethal arms to Ukraine will help the cause of peace.

War is peace, friends, and deficits can be cured by more spending.

These absurdities are a sign that the ruling elites are getting desperate. Free speech is dangerous to the hive mind that Transhumanists desire. So is real science, which contradicts the absurdities of official narratives that must create fear in the population to succeed.

Within the objectives of the Dark Army are the seeds of their own destruction.

In order for a hidden agenda to succeed it must be surrounded by lies and contradictions. Inevitably that agenda will collapse. The Dark is accelerating their agenda in the hope that they can remake human society before the masses wake up.

Unfortunately for them, the masses are waking up pretty quickly!

What’s Next

No one can precisely predict the future, but general trends can be seen. We have to expect that a significant portion of humanity will fall into fear. This has already happened with the pandemic, but the pandemic is just the opening shot in the Dark Army’s game. The percentage of people still in fear now is receding after COVID-19 has largely made its way through the population and created herd immunity (despite the lockdowns, which was an introduction to a Transhumanist world). However, some people have been permanently scarred and will be prime candidates for the next virus, or the next crisis. Observing social media and the actions of warmongering and fear-mongering politicians and media hacks, one can easily see how emotions are whipped up.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the Transhumanist agenda is being quietly implemented.


This thread is a bit misleading, because the CCP in China have already implemented most of the WEF’s Transhumanist agenda. Chinese citizens already have digital wallets and social credit scores, which the government uses to ruthlessly suppress dissent.

I mention the pandemic and the war in Ukraine because of the old saw, “never let a crisis go to waste.” Underneath the media and politicians screaming fear porn and World War 3, the remake of human society proceeds apace.

So – prepare your consciousness, old souls and awakened humans. Expect that another crisis will come, and another. Discernment is not a luxury anymore, it is a necessity to maintain sanity. You can see how people are getting triggered by events. These poor souls are the ones who have no problem giving up their personal power to a narrative. However, as Prof. Mathias Desmet has pointed out, doing this creates a form of hypnosis to the narrative. This process of giving up your power and not exercising discernment is called Mass Formation Psychosis. It is something to be avoided, and it can be avoided with a little mindfulness, and a resolution never to give your power away.

More narratives will be created. So what? If someone is screaming at you about pandemics, or war, (or anything), maybe it’s because there is a hidden agenda behind it. Hidden agendas are always surrounded by lies. So maybe the people promoting the latest crisis are lying to you. Maybe.

Persons interested in truth are calm and knowledgeable people. They don’t have to shout to be heard, because they have the truth on their side.

Only the nutjobs are screaming. Only the unbalanced people with agendas are so insistent on being heard! It’s the insistence that is so irritating, isn’t it? Along with it comes the rejection of logic and reason that is part and parcel of the demand that you go along, despite all the evidence to the contrary. That’s the psychosis part of mass formation psychosis. Don’t give your power away!

What’s coming next?

A lot of craziness.

Why? Because we have all been leading linear lives. In the past the fix has been in, the narratives accepted, and life went on. The only problem is that the old system came with a lot of bigotry and injustice and exploitation. The elites at the top had it made, and have been running the show. The human trafficking and child trafficking networks, the arms and drug-running networks worldwide were simply a part of “the way it was.”

“You can’t fight city hall” was the agreement for most of the population. Live and let live.

That’s all changing now.

A worldwide awakening is breaking through the linearity of old narratives and systems. Organizations and systems that lack integrity are falling apart. The human race is moving out of The Box into a higher consciousness. We’re already seeing crazy stuff we have never seen, things that could never have happened before. We’re going to see more of it as unbalanced people dramatize their hidden agendas and their fears. The good news: the light will keep shining brighter and brighter.

Life will be OK if you exercise discernment and stay in your power and postulate a glorious future for yourself and the planet. The power of co-creation is awesome.