Wake Up Call

Why does the majority of human GDP go to fund an insane war machine?

Why does the financial system and the government reward parasites, criminals, and other lowlifes, and punish honest folk?

Why, when the total value of human output of goods and services has reached over 50 trillion dollars annually, are there hundreds of millions of people without enough food to eat?

Clearly, there is something seriously skewed with the way the human race uses its resources. And such an egregious and obvious distortion cannot be explained away by generalities like "it's just human nature," or "that's just the way things are." No my friends, when the ball breaks the window and leaves shattered glass inside the living room, it didn't just "happen." Somebody caused it.

It is time for the human race to understand the players behind the scenes.

I have studiously avoided presenting this material, for the simple reason that I don't believe in conspiracy theories, or in unfounded generalities. But the evidence is now overwhelming that the politicians and religious leaders that we see on the news do not hold the power. They are actors on the stage; reading their lines. The real power has been hidden and is now being exposed. So this week I have brought you some links to some very smart and courageous people who I believe have identified the real players.

The history of planet earth over the last millennium is the rise of powerful and cooperative families. These families, over the centuries, created wealth through cleverness and hard work. They banded together, intermarried, and now have control over banking, finance, and energy. Like any family, there are factions within the group that have different agendas. You will find many conspiracy theories on the internet that claim some sort of monolithic and all-powerful organization that is taking planet earth down the tubes; but this is very far from the truth. In fact, the good guys are winning! However, those of us in the United States are in the very center of the darkness, and things don't look so good from in here. Our intelligence community, senior levels of our Congress and Executive branch, and our Supreme Court have essentially been taken over by a nazi-style cabal that has taken our country away from the rule of law, the constitution, and the generous and compassionate principles upon which this country was founded. It has bankrupted our economy, stolen our wealth, wrecked the dollar, and stripped our manufacturing base. Nevertheless, progress is being made as the consciousness of humanity rises and the old paradigm of thought, which has been around for thousands of years, gradually evolves into a more cooperative pattern. 2012 is about the evolution of humanity, and NOT about destruction!

There are MAJOR changes upcoming within the next couple of years, as the financial system is purged of phony fiat-money and fraudulent derivatives, and a new gold-backed dollar is reestablished from Asian stores of gold; and as the gigantic, planetary endless-war killing machine is replaced with a revised political and economic system that will allow a cleanup of the planetary environment, the introduction of "free energy" technology that has been suppressed for decades, cooperation between world governments, a resolution of tensions between East and West, and a transformation of the oil, pharmaceutical, and banking cartels that have benefited a small elite and have stolen the productivity of humanity. There will be a shift in power from the United States and Western Europe to Asia, particularly China. Americans have been living beyond our means for decades, accepting HDTV's, automobiles, electronic products and appliances from Asia in exchange for US Treasury securities and other commercial paper that has become almost worthless, as our government continues its irresponsible deficit spending. Now the bill is coming due! The Chinese and the Japanese have trillions of dollars in "real" honest money generated through hard work, while the Western supply of money is mostly fraudulent, based on largely worthless Federal Reserve printing of phony derivatives and Treasury securities, used to finance wasteful spending and support the insane faction that has gained power through stealth, bribery, and corruption. If this is something you don't want to hear, or don't believe, then stop reading. I don't want to force my views on anyone else! But don't be shocked if, during the next couple of years, you hear about some pretty shocking things.

90% of all of the dollars in existence are not owned by Americans. These phony dollars will be purged from the system (this is occurring now as Asian, Arabic, and even South American nations will no longer accept Fed generated dollars in payment for oil and other commodities, nor Treasury securities to finance deficit spending; and new banking rules that require participating banks to honestly declare source of funds as regards securities, as well as all gains and losses). There will have to be a regime change in the United States, because the U.S. government has been taken over by a faction of endless-war crooks who have ripped-off the American people and bankrupted the country. Hopefully, a South African style Truth and Reconciliation Commission can be established to deal with the people who have perpetrated decades of madness, like the assassination of JFK, Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King; the silencing and assassination of numerous inventors who have researched "free energy" and other clean and abundant energy technologies; and the fomenting of endless war. In this way we can avoid the executions and the killing that will only sink us back into the old paradigm. All of this is coming in the near future.

At any rate, both the Federal Reserve and the United States government are now hopelessly bankrupt, and are gradually being cut off in international finance and trade, until the cabal that runs the United States is ousted. Therefore, it will not be possible for the US to continue its vast military machine much longer, which is good for world peace. (If these statements seem preposterous, it is a measure of the media control that exists, especially within the US. To understand the statement that the US govt is nazi-like, simply read legislation passed since 9/11; legislation like the Patriot Acts, the Homegrown Terrorist Protection Act, the Real ID Act, and a host of others).

All of this information will be coming out within the next several years, and it will shock the largely brainwashed population of the United States. But the American people will ultimately accept these changes, because the new system will transform organizations now dedicated to war, release suppressed free energy technology, and clean up the polluted mess that we have made of planet earth. Americans are an ingenious people, and when the yoke of the criminal Washington D.C. corporation is removed, the US can get back to Constitutional government and Constitutional principles.

There are millions of geniuses on planet earth, and million of others who, in the coming years, will be given the opportunity to transform our planet. All of us will pitch in and I hope to see, in my lifetime (I am 58) a new paradigm of thought established on earth. It's a lot closer than we think.

I present to you a series of links to people I respect, who I believe have the right orientation to present information on what is going on "behind the scenes." Investigate and make up your own mind as to the validity of this information.

The first set of videos is from Nassim Haramein, called "Our True History – Pyramids and Sungods." These videos are an example that the history we have been told is not always factual, and that it is necessary to THINK and REASON in order to discover the truth.





The next link is a slideshow by Klaus Dona, on the hidden history of the human race. Fascinating artifacts that show the remnants of a worldwide, ancient civilization that existed on earth before the last ice age.


The next feature is a nine-part interview with Benjamin Fulford, formerly the Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine for 6 years, and is now an independent author, researcher, and journalist living in Japan. Fulford has a good heart and a positive orientation on where we are all going, and he is very enlightening on current events. In this 9 part interview with David Wilcock, Fulford sheds some light on the activities "behind the scenes."


Ben Fulford on the Jeff Rense show:

Every month Ben Fulford is interviewed by Jeff Rense. Here is the February 2010 interview, part 1. Look for the other 4 parts below the vid on You Tube. To listen to past or future interviews on You Tube, scroll down or google "Benjamin Fulford on Rense."

Feb 23, 2010:


March 24, 2010:


I have subscribed to Ben's monthly newsletter ($8 per month) but you can listen to this stuff for free on You Tube if you watch for the latest postings.

Benjamin Fulford: The Ultimatum


Full Truth of Secret Societies:


Here is Fulford in a 5 part series called "You Can Handle the Truth." This is a more hard-hitting interview.


You can find the other 4 parts to the interview if you scroll beneath the video.

Are you interested in how the U.S financial crisis happened, and why our economy seems to be unraveling? Here is Dr. Peter Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com, with one of the best written and most incisive business blogs around. Voted best business blog in 2008: http://www.deepcapture.com

And then there is veteran British journalist, publisher, economic and intelligence analyst Christopher Story, publisher of International Currency Review and other respected publications, with his own sometimes acerbic takes. You can find his free archive here:


The latest posting from David Wilcock on current events:


There is lots of disinformation on the internet, and no one is 100% reliable. Some of this information may be upsetting, or seem wrong or kooky to you. Make up your own mind. Research. Above all, don't accept at face value the corporate controlled news, especially if you live in the United States.

The information above is intelligence information; it is the best guess by good hearted and well-connected people as to what is happening. Sometimes it is wrong, but it is always published in good faith. If this sort of info does not appeal to you, ignore it.

With intelligence information, there are two sure-fire ways to determine who is legit and who is a tool:

1) Do they tell you who they are and publish their coordinates? If so-called information providers or intelligence providers hide behind fake names and speak in generalities, very likely these sources are compromised.

2) How does the info make you feel? The scumbags always have a negative spin and make you feel powerless.

Things are not always as they seem. For example, you cannot always trust Wikipedia. And you cannot always trust Google. According to Fulford, Google messes with the search engine rankings for "controversial" pages and subjects, if these pages get too popular. From personal experience I know that Wikipedia is closely monitored by US intelligence agencies, and some of their pages on current events, politics, and finance are bogus. Wikipedia's founder, Jimbo Wales, used to be a short-seller on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and had a soft-core porn site before founding Wikipedia. Again, make up your own mind.

If anything here churns your guts and makes you feel rotten, reject it!

Remember this:

The product of insane people is death, duplicity, obfuscation, lies, and chaos.

The product of well-intentioned and open-hearted persons is openness, integrity, cooperation, and the greater good.

As I have said repeatedly on the Interview With Spirit show, the population growth of humanity has had a secondary, but powerful effect: the interaction of human beings, in our billions, has created a sort of vibrational acceleration that is moving our species consciousness to a higher level. All of this is occurring in the higher and subtle realms of thought. That which has been hidden and uninspected within our consciousness is rising to the surface for clearing. That is why we have experienced so much turmoil within the past 100 years. Humanity is undergoing an extremely rapid clearing of old memes and thought forms, and we are evolving to a new paradigm of thought based more on cooperation than on conflict.

The universe and the galaxy is teeming with life. The human race is on a rapid upward evolutionary spiral and the next few years are going to be incredible!