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Imagine you are a time traveler, able to go back and forth into the past and the future. What would you see?

An experienced time traveler would see that “time” is a phenomenon entirely dependent on perception. You would also see that “time” can be changed from both the past, present, and future. In two dimensions this can be described as a circle; in three dimensions a sphere or a torus where every point is reachable from any other point. In other words, “time” operates as a closed, dynamic, self-referencing system. Neither the past nor the future is frozen: past results are changeable, future possibilities are also changeable.

Does it seem weird to say that the past can be changed? This happens all the time in Traumatic Incident Reduction, a form of therapy. A person has an issue, he or she goes over and over it until all of the negative emotion and thoughts are taken out of it. If a person has an issue with another person and the first person runs out all of the negative charge connected with the issue, very often the second person softens and the issue is resolved for both persons. If you’ve experienced this, it’s like a miracle. So looking at the past from the present can change the past, present, and future for both persons.

I have a volatile Irish temper, which I have softened over the years by meditating. But I can still get hot, especially on the road. Today someone was on my ass going down a narrow, one-lane freeway ramp, and tried to pass me on the ramp. Apparently this person was pissed because the truck ahead of us was going 25mph and blocking the ramp for everyone else. Once we got to the end of the ramp it widened and the person behind me accelerated out and tried to block me from going on the freeway. I was pretty pissed I can tell you that.

Ten seconds later I decided I didn’t want to be “road rage asshole guy” so I re-lived the incident in my mind, re-projecting the past. I saw myself as “serene driver guy” smiling benevolently on the other driver. I’ve been doing this for years; sometimes successfully and sometimes not. This time I literally felt the timeline of my past re-program itself. The original incident never happened: the re-created incident was my reality. All of my anger was gone. Apparently this is my reward for years of meditating and visualizing! I was amazed that the “original” incident of anger was gone, replaced by good vibes.

This leads to an interesting question: Which incident is real?

“Of course the original incident is real you fool,” the scientist says. “What you do in your imagination is your own delusion.”

Is it?

If the original incident is the real one I would still have the negative emotion on my past timeline; but I erased all that. The other driver probably couldn’t have cared less what I did; I don’t know what it was like for that person. But I do know that an incident between two people requires two terminals. In any event that involves more than one person there are terminals and energy flowing between them. Therefore, knocking down one of the terminals means that the negative connection is broken between them. If that negative connection is substituted with positive vibes, the connection that was previously a mess could actually become enhanced. Therefore, consciously “reliving” an incident could actually change things in the physical universe, altering timelines both for you and the other people involved.

Esoterically speaking, it gets even more amazing. What if this sprawling clusterfuck of humanity actually has a purpose for being on earth? What if that purpose is a test of energy between dark and light? What if the earth is participating in this experiment, and is recording every thought, emotion, intention, and action of every human on earth?

In that case, the esoteric recording grids of the earth can also be altered through meditation and visualization. If the recording grids of earth actually record the “real” incidents, then re-living them or re-visualizing them can actually change the direction of lives, because “past” incidents, like computer RAM, can be imprinted with a new pattern. This means that the past isn’t solid and unalterable, but malleable. It means that the past is written, but can be rewritten. It means that future prophecy can be voided. It means that the battle between dark and light is changed by human consciousness and intent. It means that the human race can co-create with the laws of the universe to change “real” conditions on the planet.

This is not such a revolutionary concept, for visionaries throughout history have changed the course of human events with great ideas, new inventions, acts of selflessness and humanitarianism. It’s just that today, a lot of people are stuck on the old timeline that called for inevitable destruction of humanity and the earth. Eschatological nutcases try to engineer world war three, people see Trump as the reincarnation of Nazi fascism, unbalanced people put up “Georgia Guidestones,” calling for the human population to be reduced to 500 million, and it goes on and on.

The Georgia Guidstones
WTF is this?

Source: “Georgia Guidestones – mysterious instructions for the post-apocalypse,” ZME Science, Feb 7, 2019, Mihai Andrei,

These dark energies are remnants from the old timeline that people carry in their consciousness. Eventually, these old fogies will die off and the new children will be born into a planet with a higher and higher light quotient. The new kids will know nothing about the idiocy and the insanity from the old timeline, and the planet will finally experience peace on earth. But that’s going to take a couple of generations. Meanwhile we have to put up with low consciousness (see, “Rebalancing and Akashic Cleaning,” section on “Low Consciousness and High Consciousness,” on this blog).

But we have a weapon, a very powerful weapon: co-creation with the light. Visualizing a new life for ourselves and for the planet. As the light increases, this is becoming more and more possible. In the old timeline it was mostly a joke because the dark was stronger. Not anymore! The gloom-and-doomers are still stuck on the old timeline, and who can blame them? An old fogie like me, who has already lived 67 years, has lived through a lot of shit on this planet. A lot of it was bad and negative shit. Fortunately I think like a young person and am eternally optimistic about the future. Fortunately, that optimism can now be rewarded as the light begins to become more and more powerful.

In popular conception, the Third World War would be fought with nuclear weapons and  result in the destruction of humanity. This is an old energy concept. Humanity has made it past the extinction event foretold by prophecy. We are on a new timeline now. However, humanity IS fighting a world war of sorts. It’s the war between light and dark. It’s a war of ideas. It is largely a silent war because the majority of the earth’s population has no idea what is happening behind the scenes. In order to illustrate this concept, we’ll turn to the absurd comedy known as Russiagate.

Here’s Russiagate in a nutshell: Candidate Hillary Clinton took classified information she got from her position as Sec State, placed this info on her private (unsecured) server, and sold the info to the highest bidders. Somebody stole emails about this that were on the server of the DNC and gave them to Julian Assange, who published them. The Russiagate narrative was concocted in an elaborate attempt to cover this up. That’s the story in a nutshell. I have no dog in this fight because I didn’t vote for either candidate.  But that’s what going to come out in the end after this absurd drama is finally resolved.

Even more absurd is the worldwide corporate state we live in. The modern corporation was essentially created in 1600 by a  charter granted to the East India Company of London by Queen Elizabeth I. Corporations control 99% of the planet’s population and resources. What is the object of the corporation? To make money. What is money? It’s monetized debt issued out of thin air by a central bank, which controls the money supply of almost every nation. These central banks are  themselves controlled  by an organization called the Bank For International Settlements (BIS).[1] Almost everyone in this country works for a corporation. Those that do not often incorporate their small businesses, or even themselves. The constant demand to “make money” (and  a growing world population) means an ever-expanding demand to dig up more of the earth’s resources. There are almost no recycling systems on the planet, which means that waste from this mindless economic expansion goes into landfills, into our air and water, and into the ocean, which has a sea of plastic the size of Texas.

Does this sound to you like a rational system for organizing human affairs? It’s insane, which might explain the current chaotic state of humanity.

Ladies and germs, this entire corporate control system, which runs the world, is breaking down. It’s breaking down because it’s inefficient and irrational. The light is shining on this outdated system more and more, informing people and waking them up. Like the old Soviet Union, it cannot last much longer. A new system  using new, cleaner technologies is gradually developing away from the current one based on  primitive fossil fuels.

The political system is also breaking down. The old system is based on candidates and parties fighting and disrespecting each other. Corporations buy off politicians, using them as swords and shields in an economic war that just leads to more conflict. The world’s political systems are also nutty because conflict, rather than cooperation, is the norm in politics. Moreover, corporate news organizations, influenced by the intelligence communities of various nations, try to steer public narratives to “acceptable” topics (ones that support the old, rotting system).

However, a new political system is going to be developed, based on candidates who don’t slam each other, but who are actually interested in the common good. At first these politicians will appear, and lose badly. Then it will catch on. Unfortunately, we aren’t there yet. For example, Pete Buttigieg, who sounded like a great candidate to me, turns out to be a retired naval intelligence officer. He’s part of the push by the “deep state” portion of the U.S. intel community to put intelligence agents in office (in my opinion).  (There are several former CIA people already serving in Congress, look them up. Once a member of that agency, you don’t really retire.) Oh well. I’m looking for an alternative to Trump, you see, because he has the most massive ego I’ve ever seen, and he’s too confrontational  for me. But IMHO, people like Buttigieg aren’t the answer.  We don’t need more intelligence “assets” in Congress or in the executive. Amazingly, among all the Democratic candidates, I don’t see an alternative to Trump. Bernie? A man of conviction, but still adhering to the failed policies of economic socialism a la the old Soviet Union, which collapsed under the weight of its economic inefficiencies and a dictatorial, all-encompassing central government. Beto? A lightweight. Warren? Lying about her Native American heritage to get cushy jobs. Biden? Old energy, washed up (as Trump says).  Harris, Booker, the rest of them, are all political insiders and part of the old, corrupt system. The other fringe Democratic candidates are wannabees. For all his faults, Trump is truly a D.C. outsider – which is why news organizations have been railing at him since he announced his candidacy in 2015. Watch for it – Trump is going to expose massive corruption in DC before his first term expires in early 2021. It’s going to start this summer or this fall. He’s a massive, brute force that the old system won’t be able to handle.

The light is shining brighter and brighter, which is going to allow us to see the corruption and expose it. Before it was all hidden; covered up. The light is exposing, behind the scenes, the silent war that is being fought all over the planet. Trump is the hammer that is causing the dark army to come out from under their rocks and expose themselves.

Let me give you an example of this silent war. In the Gulf of Oman on June 13, 2019, two Iranian oil tankers were torpedoed. Most of the corporate U.S. media immediately cried that it was Iran’s fault. But wait a minute.  Central Command Chief of Staff US Army Major General Michael Kurilla ordered a press release. US Central Command spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Earl Brown said in a CENTCOM statement:

The U.S. and our regional partners are assisting in the response to attacks in the Gulf of Oman. The U.S. and the international community stand ready to defend our interests, including freedom of navigation... We have no interest in engaging in a new conflict in the Middle East... We will defend our interests, but a war with Iran is not in our strategic interest, nor in the best interest of the international community.”


But the US Navy released a low quality video claiming that the Iranians removed a mine from one of the damaged oil tankers, implying that the Iranians attacked the tanker. The Iranians vehemently denied that they attacked the tankers and that their ship was simply rescuing sailors onboard the damaged tanker. The Japanese company that owns one of the targeted oil tankers (the ‘Kokuka Courageous) said its crew spotted “flying objects” before the attack in the Gulf of Oman, contradicting US claims that the vessel was damaged by a naval mine. However, the US Navy also admitted that one of its Poseidon P-8 airborne torpedo launchers was over-flying the area the entire day of the attack (the source of the flying objects?) To further complicate matters, Shinzo Abe, whom President Trump met with in Japan a week before, was in Iran at the time of the attack on the tankers. And the tanker itself is Japanese owned.

Can you make any sense of this? It’s an example of how complicated the silent war is – because the media releases conflicting information, and also hides information. The mainstream U.S. press claims that the tankers were attacked by Iran, but the US Army and the US Navy contradict themselves in their statements.  Amazingly, Bloomberg News actually called the attack a “false flag” operation designed to stir up hatred. Was this actually a deep state attack on Japan,  and Shinzo Abe, who recently aligned Japan firmly with the US during Trump’s recent visit there? Did the Iranians really attack the tankers? Or did the US Navy? If so, was Trump behind the attacks or was it a rogue faction of the US military (deep state) trying to give Trump a black eye? Your guess is as good as mine.

Incidents like this happen every day on a planet of 8 billion people that is engaged in a battle between dark and light. I mention this only because of the confusion the silent war generates. How do you respond to people who watch the news and become fearful? You can assure them that it’s just part of the light-dark conflict and that the light is winning. If you yourself are balanced and unafraid, your light shines on those you meet and calms them.  People can be forgiven for going into fear, but it’s unnecessary.

Personally, it calms me to know a little bit about the actors behind incidents like these. You may be different, but we have to understand that the light is winning now and that is provoking the dark to create conflict and confusion, for that is what the dark does. They will fail of course!

[1] According to Wikipedia, The Bank for International Settlements is an international financial institution owned by central banks which "fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks".

As the light penetrates the darkness the old order is literally crumbling around us. The world we thought we knew turns out to be run by a dark army (this will become more evident as 2019 turns into 2020 and beyond). This process is going to expose a lot of dark stuff, and it will eventually affect everyone on the planet. The dark side/shadow side of everyone’s Akash is getting cleaned out. The convenient excuse of blaming all the world’s problems on Trump (as adolescents do) isn’t going to wash for very much longer, because it will become more and more obvious as time passes that Donald Trump isn’t the source of the world’s problems. You will likely experience (if you haven’t already) a few of your co-workers, friends, and family members exhibiting unbalanced behavior.

What do you do when that happens?

I recently had a friend ask for money because the person needed several thousand dollars to go on a trip for “whiteness de-centering and anti-oppression training.”

What do you say to something like that?

It sounds like something you’d learn in one of Mao’s “cultural re-education” camps during the Cultural Revolution in China, or in one of  Stalin’s gulags in the old Soviet Union.

It’s a phenomenon that is going to get more prevalent here in the US. Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and freedoms here are seen by the dark army as things that need to be destroyed. Russia fought a similar battle from 1917 to 1991 and beyond against the Bolsheviks, a dark army group of murderers who killed, according to historian Solzhenitsyn, over 30 million Russians. I hope it doesn’t take Americans 75 years to understand that our way of life is under attack, and to understand that it’s OK to stand in your light and speak truth to darkness.

 If you consider yourself a lightworker, you are going to face this in the near future, if you haven’t already. People are going to see your light and you may come under attack for no apparent reason; or, people will begin to act strangely around you. Get ready for it! The good news is that if you stand in your light the darkness will run away.

This phenomenon will occur because we are in the End Times now, between two 26,000-year precession cycles. Those who have turned toward the dark side will attack those in the light because they see the light as dangerous and threatening. If “dark side” and “light side” sound a lot like the Star Wars movies, it’s because those movies were trying to tell us that a battle for the soul of humanity is underway. We are right in the middle of it now. The battle is between love, compassion, and tolerance, and hatred, violence, and intolerance.

Unlike the Star Wars movies, there is no overlord evil emperor directing all of the troops. The dark side is organizing around the darkness in the collective Akash of humanity, which is gradually being released. During the End Times battle, karma is being worked out. However, some of the dark army (a few) are incorrigible and will never give up even as the rest of humanity moves toward the light. Why is this?

Low Consciousness and High Consciousness

Lower consciousness cannot see higher consciousness, but higher consciousness can see lower consciousness. In an article I wrote on my website, I diagrammed this as follows:

“If we use the vibrational analogy that awareness, or consciousness, exists on a scale of lowest to highest -- highest being the broadest awareness, including many more data points -- then a higher consciousness can understand a lower one, but not vice-versa. Why? Well, since thought is vibrational in nature, a higher vibration can "read" a lower one.”

High frequency waveform: wHigh:

High vibrational wave

Low frequency waveform wLow:

Low vibrational wave

The wavecrests between wLow are spaced so that it takes 5 spaces between wavecrests of wHigh to make 1 space of wLow. Imagine an "eye" at every wavecrest on wLow and wHigh. wHigh is easily aware of wLow. wHigh counts out 5 of its wavecrests to easily encompass the broader wavecrests of wLow, but wLow is incapable of this subtlety. In this analogy, a lower awareness cannot be conscious of a higher awareness. wLow can only be aware of its much longer wavelength, because it's perception is too gross to realize that shorter wavelengths can exist. Even though there are 5 wavecrests of wHigh between every one for wLow, wLow cannot see them, even though they surely exist! The subtlety of wHigh eludes the crudity of wLow, which isn’t capable of seeing it.

In other words, a lower awareness simply cannot see a higher awareness, and no amount of “education” will change that. Those in the lower vibrations always bludgeon their way to their distorted goals, because it is possible to inflict enough pain to force agreement, at least for a while. Societies based upon the use of coercion and force, however, are inverted, and always collapse. This is what happened to the old Soviet Union; it’s what will happen to Xi’s materialist and anti-spiritual, anti-religious China. It’s what will happen to the US if we choose the dark side. This has been the history of planet earth for millennia.

Religion and spirituality are the mortal enemies of the dark, for it is through these vehicles that light is spread and corruption is uncovered.

The US Is Under Attack

The United States is now undergoing a massive attack by the dark army, led by the tech giants, who are censoring information and free speech on their platforms using AI and algorithms. They are collecting information for the intelligence community, which funded them. This is precisely what President Xi and the Chinese Communist Party are doing in China, but Xi has expanded this to include a nationwide social credit system that monitors the actions of 1.4 billion people. Silicon Valley high-tech behemoths like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are the West’s version of Xi’s “Sesame credit” system. They have gradually siphoned resources from real news organizations who used to employ real investigative reporters. In 2018 alone there were 15,474 layoffs in these legacy news organizations. (See “2018 was the worst year of media layoffs since 2009,” Daniel Roberts, Yahoo Finance, February 14, 2019,

Our country is being assaulted by forced immigration, unbalanced people with guns shooting up public places, rampant drugs and human trafficking along the southern border, and distortion of the basic difference between men and women with the Orwelian Newspeak of identity politics.

The goal of the dark army is to destroy intelligence, ability, discernment, and spirituality. Above all, the dark army believes in materialism, which says that a person IS their body, and that their body defines who they are. Spirituality and religion are the enemies of the dark, for these activities shine light and acknowledge that a human being is greater than the biology. Intelligence is the enemy of the darkness, for in order to achieve its goals its activities must remain hidden. (What, after all, is intelligence? Discernment. The ability to tell the difference between things. Identity destroys nuance and mashes everything together in a crude lump. If you can’t tell the difference between a man and a woman, or a horse and a house, you are insane.)

The lower vibrations are crude; loud, demanding, and sometimes violent and ugly. They get noticed precisely because they are so brutish. It seems that they have more power, but they do not! The only power a lower vibration has is to convince you to change your orientation from higher to lower. That's because a lower vibration has no power to affect you in any way; in fact, if the lower vibration comes too close, it will elevate. This is seen, in the vibrational universe concept, by combining the two waveforms above. When wLow is combined with wHigh, the result is this:


Notice that the combined waveform now has the same number of crests as the higher wave, although the waveform has a slightly different shape. The higher consciousness raises the consciousness of the lower.

The darkness is attracted to the Light and at the same time fears it; thinking that it will somehow "lose itself" or lose its identity. Of course this does not happen: an increase in self awareness always leads to a greater feeling of self confidence and personal power. But the lower vibration, because it is stuck in lower awareness, hasn't figured that out yet! That is why dark actors are forced to use propaganda and coercive techniques such as censorship and violence.

Propaganda is simply the repetition of an idea, over and over. Josef Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Information, once said that he could convince anyone that a square was really a circle, merely by the repetition of the idea. It is known that even an insane idea (like war, for instance, which is, on a group level, similar to self mutilation on an individual level) can become accepted through constant repetition of memes and slogans. The overuse of terms like “racist” “sexist” “-----phobic” are simply used to perpetuate an agenda without having to back up the assertion with facts.

Today, we are seeing this as the mass media goes insane in an all-out assault on Trump. As unemployment lowers for all classes and ethnicities, and the stock market rises, the cries of “Orange Man Bad” get more strident, and cries for impeachment escalate. 

We are also seeing an attack on spirituality and religion as nutcases shoot up synagogues and mosques, and cathedrals burn. This is precisely what the Bolsheviks did in Russia, and what the CCP does in China, and what the Deep State does here in the US.

On the bright side, corruption in politics is being exposed. Human trafficking networks are being identified and shut down:

Nearly 1,700 Suspected Child Sex Predators Arrested During Operation “Broken Heart”

‘Over the span of just two months, our ICAC task forces investigated more than 18,000 complaints of internet-related abuse and helped arrest 1,700 alleged abusers,’” Attorney General William Barr said in a statement.  The task forces targeted alleged predators who produced, distributed, received, or possessed child pornography, engaged in child sex trafficking or online enticement of children for sexual purposes, or traveled across state lines or abroad to sexually abuse children.”

Source: Justice Department,

Human Trafficking Investigation Leads to Raids on Four Businesses

Four Virginia Beach businesses were raided in connection with possible human trafficking Thursday, according to authorities.

‘This [human trafficking] is not only a dominant issue, it’s an epidemic issue,’ said Cindy McCain, chair of the McCain Institute’s Human Trafficking Advisory Council, according to Fortune. ‘It’s also something that is hiding in plain sight. It’s everywhere—it’s absolutely everywhere.’”


Male and Female Energies Rebalancing

Gender issues are being fueled by the rebalancing of male and female energies, for millennia distorted in favor of the male energy. More and more people will be affected by this rebalancing, which in the short term will cause more people to question their sexuality. The dark army exploits this by attacking the very concept of male and female, trying to blur the differences between the sexes.

It works like this: George, who is a biological male, identifies as a female. George demands to be called Georgina. Because George/Georgina identifies as a woman, “she” demands access to female locker rooms and bathrooms, and insists on competing with biological women in sporting activities. It gets nuttier. George/Georgina likes women, so Georgina insists that “she” is a lesbian. This naturally infuriates real lesbians like the great Martina Navratilova, the tennis star (and others) who claim that gender identity is just another way for men to dominate women...Does this sound Orwellian? When the language gets degraded to the point where it is impossible to distinguish between a biological man and a woman, your society is ready to collapse. You are in Newspeak land.

(See “Trans Men Erase Women,” Charlotte Allen, March 2019,

Eventually this will all rebalance, but it might take a generation or two. Until that happens, the issue exists because of the increasing light quotient on the planet. Despite the gender chaos, the overall theme is the rebalancing of sexual energies. Uncovering human and child trafficking networks is also part of the process.

As the light increases, the dark side of every Akash on the planet will be exposed, causing greater imbalance in a few, and greater enlightenment in many. Most of the 5 billion newbies (new souls with only a couple of lifetimes on earth) won’t understand anything, and will just be confused. As old souls it will be up to us to set a good example of balance and tolerance. The battle isn’t between left and right, Democrat and Republican, conservative and liberal, although it is framed that way by almost everyone. It’s a test of energy between love, compassion, and tolerance, and hatred, violence, and intolerance.

Time Fractals

The primary esoteric marker on this planet is the 26,000-year precession of the equinoxes. This is the time it takes the earth to complete one “wobble.”  Our planet spins like a top that is losing momentum: wobbling about on it axis, which is tilted between 22.1 degrees and 24.5 degrees in another 41,000-year cycle. Every 13,000 years, the northern and southern hemispheres reverse their inclination toward the sun. Presently, the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun and the southern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun. (See “Milankovich Cycles” at Wikipedia or your favorite encyclopedia.)

At the end of every precession cycle is an esoteric “window” of approximately 36 years. Amazingly, we are at the very end (beginning) of a new precession cycle. The year 2012 was the halfway point between the end of the old 26,000-year cycle and the beginning of the new. Therefore the period of time we are in has enormous esoteric significance. It is why human consciousness has been going crazy, as the light penetrates into the darkness and humanity begins to walk the path of light out of the darkness.

History Repeats Itself

History constantly repeats itself. This dynamic repetition is more significant now because of the new precession cycle we are entering. For example, let’s talk about Russia because it has constantly been in the news for the past three years. Russia, the former USSR, was until 1991 a communist country, and the US a Christian country (at least nominally). In 1991, Boris Yeltsin, the Russian President, signed what amounts to an executive order banning communism from Russia. The Russians gradually restored the churches that were destroyed and abandoned during the 74 years of communism between 1917 and 1991. (See “Yesltsin Upheld on Communist Leadership Ban,” Los Angeles Times, Elizabeth Shogren, December 1, 1992,

Russia’s religion is Russian Orthodox Christian, a branch of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The United States, formerly a Christian country, is embracing socialism. (See, “4 in 10 Americans Embrace Some Form of Socialism,” Gallup News, by Mohammed Younis, May 21, 2019,

Millennials and Gen-Z’s are embracing socialism (See “Young Americans Are Embracing Socialism,” Stef W. Kight, March 10, 2019,

This is a role reversal for sure.

Whether we embrace socialism or capitalism is irrelevant. The important thing is, do we embrace tolerance and love, or hatred and intolerance?

The US is experiencing an almost repeat of events that happened over 150 years ago, with different themes.

Republican President Abraham Lincoln, back on January 1, 1863, issued what is called the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves. This was an executive order by the executive branch of the government, because the legislature was controlled by slave-holding Democrats (who, by the way, opposed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments that freed the slaves and made them citizens. When I found this out I was surprised, because I was radicalized in an era that told us Republicans were fascists and Democrats were liberators). Lincoln’s executive order also usurped the powers of the judicial branch of government. Dred Scott v. Sandford, in 1857, “was a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in which the Court held that the U.S. Constitution was not meant to include American citizenship for black people, regardless of whether they were enslaved or free, and therefore the rights and privileges it confers upon American citizens could never apply to them.” (Wikipedia). Lincoln, with his emancipation proclamation, negated both the legislature and the judicial branch of our government, and started a war, again by an executive decision.

The Southern Democrats wanted to hold on to their slaves because their economy was dependent on this cheap labor (sound familiar? Today, the US receives cars and electronics from Mexico, and other countries in Asia where labor is cheap). Abolitionists were mostly Northerners and Republicans, and were represented in politics by people like Abraham Lincoln (see “Abolitionist Movement" at

Up to and during the Civil War, the British, our old enemies in the War for Independence in 1776 and the War of 1812 (where the British burned down the White House), supported the South. The North was stifling the economies of the South by blockading ports, trying to prevent the Southern states from importing and exporting their goods. The British supported the South, interdicting Northern ships. France supported the North, mainly because of their opposition to Britain, their longtime enemy.  

Today, history is repeating itself on a less violent level as a titanic struggle between the judicial, the legislative, and the executive is being waged. Another Republican president, Donald Trump, is trying to outlaw abortion and nullify Roe v. Wade (let’s face it, that’s what he’s trying to do). As of this writing, eight states have either outlawed abortion or have severely restricted it. 150 years after the Civil War, another civil war is being fought! Like the old Civil War, it’s essentially a Democrat vs. Republican conflict.

As a man I personally don’t say anything about abortion. In my opinion, women should write the laws concerning abortion and men should stay out of it. Unfortunately, like the Civil War and slavery, the abortion debate is on the fake “good vs evil” or “right vs wrong” spectrum, which is guaranteed to generate conflict. If you want to see how polarizing this debate is, go to this Buzzfeed article, which shows images of people participating in the debate:

Wow. In America, we fight over essential spiritual and basic human rights like slavery and abortion. In 1863, Lincoln issued an executive order freeing the slaves. After the attack on Fort Sumter by the South Carolina militia, Lincoln also used the executive branch’s power to declare war on the south. In 2019, President Trump is using the executive branch’s power to build a wall at the southern border, and to fuel the anti-abortion cause. Behind this (as we have discussed in previous posts) is the identification and dismantling of the drugs, arms, and especially the human trafficking networks.

The Civil war lasted from 1861 to 1865, 5 years. The Trump thing has already been 2.5 years. I have a feeling we have a way to go yet, because people get tired of war and eventually stop fighting. But abortion is a debate about life and when it begins, and about gender, the most basic factor in human relationships. The resolution of this debate can be quick or long; it all depends on whether tolerance or intolerance is the primary factor. So far, intolerance has ruled the day.

A Different Timeline

Fortunately, the human race is on a different timeline now. However, the old time fractals, the old memes, are still in human consciousness! Those who were born in the new energy after 2012 are only 7 years old. Everyone else has remnants of the old energy within their consciousness and their merkabas. Nevertheless, the abortion debate will not be solved by finally legislating, judiciating, or executive ordering an outcome, as Lincoln did. It will be solved by a broad agreement based in love and tolerance, not in hatred and intolerance.

In the new energy it is possible to transform old memes and old belief systems. It is possible to avoid old outcomes that seem inevitable, because the light is now stronger than the dark. Of course it is still possible for us to reach into the old, tired, failed bag of memes, to reach into our old energy boxes and continue fighting “because it’s just human nature.” It’s possible to fight another civil war on Trump and abortion. But I think we are beyond that now. I hope we are.

Individuals can decide not to participate in the fake right vs. wrong, good vs evil debate. On anything. If you find yourself arguing with someone and getting hot, just take a step back. Reasonable discussion is great, airing opinions is great. But when argument devolves into hatred, we just serve the darkness.