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The Human Race

Look around at planet earth.

This is a beautiful planet of great diversity in ecosystems and species. Observe nature and you will see that things are well ordered. Logical, even! Planet earth works.

There is only one species out of millions that screws things up, and that is humanity.

I'm not going to enumerate the ways we mess up the planet because we're all aware of them.

However, I have found that the people I meet are, individually, wonderful. How is it that people are fairly sane on an individual basis but the species is nuts?

Well, Jung described a “collective unconscious” that contains psychological archetypes that influence human behavior. Most of the explanations for human insanity, individual or group–wise, also postulate a subconscious mind that influences conscious thinking and action.
But this explanation is also nutty!

Something subconscious is, by definition, so weak that it cannot even be recognized. Subconscious influences cannot exert enough power to affect conscious behavior, even though criminal lawyers use this nutty argument to excuse the heinous actions of their clients. It’s like saying a feather can move a 100 pound boulder. Sorry folks, upon rational examination, this explanation doesn’t hold water. Then why is this theory so wildly popular? Because people like to avoid responsibility, but mainly because of the most nutty idea of all: the “Man is Meat” theory of consciousness, which states that awareness exists inside the brain.

Francis Crick, co–discoverer of DNA, called this theory the “Amazing Hypothesis.” He named it such because, he said, it’s amazing anyone could believe it!

Folks, the only way to cause the human race, as a species, to move toward sanity is to get individuals to understand the simple idea that consciousness is not dependent on biology. A thorough understanding this simple fact would make it impossible to hold such goofy beliefs as we have enumerated above (and many more besides).

If you believe that a human being is an automaton, you can be manipulated and controlled. Belief in the biological basis for consciousness turns you into a robot. Frank Herbert, author of “Dune,” said, “If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will create a despotic government to be your master. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual."
I couldn’t have said it any better.

The current policies of our government (US) are based on fear and intimidation.
The only way you can see yourself this way is to believe that you are powerless. And the “man is meat” theory of consciousness and its philosophical offshoots (materialism, behaviorism, etc) are designed to inculcate these beliefs.

Insanity = biological basis for consciousness. ‘When you die, you’re dead.’ Turns people into controllable robots.
Sanity = consciousness exists independently of physical bodies. Human beings are divine, immortal spirits having a temporary physical experience.

Folks, I don’t care if you read my books (https://kjmaclean.com), or someone else’s.

But for God’s sake, let’s educate our species to the obvious fact that they are not hunks of meat. Let’s raise consciousness to this simple but powerful truth, and watch as our societies gradually align themselves toward respect and love for life, compassion, and abundance.

Copyright © 2007 Kenneth James Michael MacLean
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