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Applying spirituality in a practical, common sense manner to daily life for success and happiness. To help you to discover that personal kernel of spiritual wisdom that exists within.
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The words "vibration" and "vibrational" have become buzzwords, popularized by Esther Hicks in her Abraham lectures. But what does "vibrational" really mean?

In this series of articles we'll take an in-depth look at the vibrational universe concept, and how the average person can apply it in a common sense way to everyday life.

Science tells us that the atom is 99.99% space, a nucleus surrounded by an electron cloud; the electrons are spinning and rotating about the nucleus.

In order for there to be vibration, something must be moving, and there must be space for it to move in. The atom, therefore, can validly be considered vibrational in nature. If the atom is vibrational, then ultimately so is matter and energy, for it is composed of atoms. Reasoning in this way, we can regard the entire universe as being vibrational in nature, without contradicting the observations and conclusions of science. Light, for example, has been discovered to have a vibrational aspect. In its particle aspect it is known as a photon. The duality of light mirrors the duality of the physical universe itself.

We'll discover that when life, the universe and everything is considered from the vibrational standpoint, a powerful and practical new understanding of life is possible.

Combined with the idea of consciousness as a non-physical, creative principle, mysteries are resolved and living becomes much easier. A person gains more and more control over his or her life.

For more information see the book, "The Vibrational Universe - Harnessing the Power of Thought to Consciously create Your Life."

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