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Throughout history, enlightened persons have been striving for the perfect system of government, where all can achieve freedom and prosperity. Political structures have taken many forms, from an enlightened king or absolute ruler all the way to anarchy. But none of these systems has been successful for very long. Why is that?

Because no political organization can guarantee the fulfillment of every individual desire. There is always discontent among some faction or other, which protest and eventually bring down the government in power.

This is not a bad thing!

Discontent is always present when there is limitation of the freedom to be, do, and have. This desire for freedom of expression, or simply freedom to be left alone, is an inherent desire of all beings.

No system of government can possibly guarantee complete freedom of action for all, because any government must arbitrarily limit freedom of choice and action so that all may live without stepping on each other's toes too much. Actually, we have come a long way on planet earth. We think of government modernly as majority rule, and thats a big step forward from Ill grab power any way I can and rule as I see fit. In modern democracies, the masses do at least have a political voice.

Politics and Universal Law

Human beings have looked to governments to solve societal problems like unequal income distribution, civil rights, and injustice. But these difficulties are individual difficulties. When many people all have the same problem, it is thought to be a group problem. But we know from our earlier discussions that the universe responds to each one of us on a personal basis.

Those who understand universal principles recognize that governmental decisions need not have an adverse influence upon individual citizens. We recognize that the decisions of others do not determine our experiences. We understand that each and every individual conscious being in this universe is TOTALLY AND UTTERLY FREE, and is a vital component in the subtle, but powerful interaction of universal laws.

Your life experience is a function of far senior forces, that of the Law of Free Will, the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction. These inherent, quintessential properties are woven into the very fabric of this universe.

Universal law is far senior to that of the law of man, because universal law operates continuously and infallibly, unlike human laws, which often seem to punish the victim just as often as the victimizer!

The operation of universal law has been calculated by the designers of the universe itself.

These statements make no sense unless one recognizes that consciousness is the animating and creative principle of the universe. To a materialist, these essays and the ideas they contain are delusional. But then, a materialist believes that consciousness is biologically based, which is the ultimate delusion. Such a person must fear death very much, for it means the snuffing out forever of his or her identity. That indeed is something too horrible to contemplate! Those of us who understand our spiritual nature get the last laugh, however. We know that even the most hardened skeptic will finally realize his or her spiritual nature upon transition out of the body. That is something to rejoice in the eventual reuniting of all physically incarnated beings and the recognition of our shared divinity.

All right, then, who designed the universe? Or, a better question is, who designed and continues to expand the universe? The answer is, US. Thought is energy and with every thought we think, every desire we have, we shoot forth new energy into the universe, helping it to expand and become more. Imagine every being on every planet in every solar system and galaxy, throughout the universe, contributing to the expansion of thought. It is a very exciting idea!

With every choice we make, we get to decide who and what we match up with.

A citizenry always gets the government that is a perfect vibrational match to the national consciousness. A nation of people who resonate to freedom cannot and will not have a dictatorial government. Political organizations and societies are not immune to the operation of the Law of Attraction. Neither can governmental edicts negate the operation of the Law of Attraction. If your government suspends the constitution and declares martial law, you may find policemen on every street corner. You can either rage, or wave. Freedom depends on your state of mind, not the decisions of some paranoid political leader. In any political environment, it is possible to remain positive and so attract positive things.

Many people consider it their duty to 'stay informed,' but ask yourself "Of what am I being informed?" Ask yourself whether the latest disaster is relevant to your life, and whether you can do anything about it. If you carefully examine the information being fed to you in the news, you may discover its true value. It is irrelevant whether you agree or disagree with the madness presented on the news. It is your focus upon it that activates it within your vibration. Therefore, if you are a person who becomes emotionally involved with the news, you may want to rethink your participation.

One a person truly understands universal principles (which can only occur by applying them in daily life and noting the results) he or she cannot ever be fooled again. No one can ever convince such an empowered person that danger exists anywhere that must be fought or protected against. Once one understands that what is resisted always persists, no one can ever persuade you of the necessity of fighting war, or fighting poverty, or fighting pollution, or fighting anything; for those who hope to continue such things must count on your active cooperation in the continuance of them, or your resistance to them, which amounts to the same thing. Remember that resistance to "X" or participation in "X" both focus your attention on "X"! This is the brilliant equation of all master manipulators.

By the way, heres what I call the First Law of Politics: Politics is a subset of economics. In other words, if you really want to discover political truth, find out where the moneys going.


Yes, you might say, that is all fine and theoretical, but what about a person who is born into a war zone? Or in the midst of terrible poverty? What chance does that person have to make a joyful life? That is where political action may redress wrongs.

This is a very important objection, and it is the bedrock argument used by those who promote the politics of redressing injustice. The idea is that there is always injustice in society, because some are born wealthy and the majority are born poor.

In order to answer this very crucial point, we have to look a little deeper into the story. We have to go further back along the process and ask, 'How does a being incarnate into a body on earth? Why does a being come to earth if he or she knows a life of misery will probably follow? Why would a conscious being be so stupid as to deliberately choose injustice as a starting point to life?'

Politics and Consciousness

What is a conscious being anyway? A conscious being, incarnated on earth, associated with a physical body, is a focused aspect of universal consciousness. Incarnation is always a conscious choice: your conscious choice. Nobody makes you come into a body. You cant use physical force on a spirit! So nobody gets to claim victim status. I didnt choose to be here, I was born here. Not my fault. Uhuh. That argument only makes sense to those who believe that consciousness comes from mud. Weve already seen the absurdity of that idea in other essays so we wont go into it again. Suffice it to say that you made a conscious choice to be born. You came in knowing who your parents were, and the socioeconomic environment. Yeah, you were born as a physically helpless infant. But you knew yourself as a fully empowered being.

In our model of consciousness and the vibrational universe, a being always incarnates joyfully into a body, and always from free choice. Why? Because (1) consciousness exists independent of physical bodies (2) consciousness in nativestate (pre and post incarnation) is naturally pure, positive life force energy and (3) the incarnation process involves a selfreflexive focusing of consciousness. Because of the nature of The Human Energy Field (my conception of the incarnation process), it is impossible for another being to manipulate your field of consciousness. The focusing process is a self created choice.

Why Come to Earth If It's So Great Up There?

If everything is so wonderful in the non-physical plane, why would some one want to be born into the middle of a war zone? Or in the midst of terrible poverty? Or come to earth at all?

Because of the intensity of the experience (why do people ski 100 mph down dangerous mountains?). Because when in the broader non-physical state, there is always a feeling of joy, and maybe it gets boring after a while. Because earth is a leading edge experience. Because it's different. Because it's pushing the envelope. Because it's where the action is. Because in the vast infinity of the universe it is yet another way to experience, and know yourself. Because when youre done you can go back and tell your friends, "I had a lifetime on earth." And mainly because in your broader awareness you KNOW there is no such thing as death; because the very idea of 'death' as human beings perceive it on earth is laughable. The idea that death is a snuffing out of consciousness forever is known as a hilarious joke throughout the entire universe. It is a cosmic joke of the grandest proportions. How human beings on earth ever convinced themselves that an eternal, nonphysical consciousness could ever die is probably the most preposterous and flabbergasting concept that has ever been conceived of. Not only that, but the majority of humans ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT!!!!!!

Relax. Youre not mud. Youre not meat. You are an eternal spirit and you cant die. The death process is changing of focus from an intensely focused point of consciousness in a human body to a grander, broader awareness of your true self.

The Beauty of Earth

Not convinced yet? It might seem completely irrational to leave the joyful nonphysical plane and deliberately choose to come to such a hellhole as earth. But the earth is not a hellhole. It is beautiful. Despite mankinds efforts, there is still an incredible variety of life and ecosystems on this planet. Life is cocooned upon this planet in perfect balance. All systems, geological, atmospheric, and biological, keep conditions perfectly balanced within the very limited parameters necessary to sustain life here. Yet we rarely open our eyes to see the beauty of this place. Earth is a beautiful planet, one of the wonders of the universe, and you couldn't wait to get here. You wanted to experience it all.

Different Intentions for Being Here

Beings who choose to experience differently may not consider themselves less well off. Those who are born into a poor village on the other side of the world may look in horror at the society we are born into in the United States, with its violence, competition, and soulless technology. It's always different on the other side of the fence! Attitudes are different in other societies and cultures, and who are we to say that anyone is living a life that is 'less than' the one we are living? Most people in this society are overworked, underpaid, stressed, and worrying a lot of the time. What sort of life is that?

It is not possible to decide for another how his or her lives should go. We cannot know the reason another decided to come to earth. We must grant them the same status as we would ourselves: that of an independent being who is making the most joyful life possible..

And who knows, maybe some of us came here to be miserable. Just for the experience of it! It sure seems that way sometimes doesn't it?

The ultimate answer to political questions of fairness, injustice, unequal income distribution, etc. must be based on universal principles. Individual events are not dependent upon what law Congress passes, who declares war on whom, what new social program is in the works, or who gets elected to the local city council. While it is true that there are 300 million people in the United States, and the political situation is directly related to the national vibration, your personal experiences do not have to reflect the national consciousness. You are fully empowered by the laws of the universe to create a positive reality for yourself.

Your political preferences are only important in the sense that what you believe, you will eventually invite into your experience. Life is more about the operation of universal law, not human law!

I'm not attempting to discourage involvement in politics! Politics is a great game, a wonderful way to meet dedicated and committed people who are trying to make the world a better place. I'm just saying that as a general citizen, don't worry so much about what goes on in politics. Sometimes the craziness gets too much and people begin to stress and worry that bad things will happen to them. But it's that very worry which will attract the unwanted thing, and make its manifestation more probable nationally, Whatever you pay attention to you get more of. That's just the way it works, and if you don't believe it, try consciously placing your attention on something specific for a week or two and see what happens!

The more you worry and stress, the more worry and stress you'll have. The more you are at ease about life and certain of your own inherent well being, the more you will experience well being in your life. That's why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The Law of Attraction isnt rocket science. It's simple, but profound.

The Basic Idea of Politics

Politics is fundamentally based on the idea of group action. In that sense it is one step removed from the engine of power, for the vibration of any group is composed of individuals. A high level programming language like Visual Basic, for example, is utterly dependent upon the underlying assembly code that it generates. The 1s and 0s of the assembly code actually contain the instructions that make the hardware and software of the computer work. In other words, the individual is always the engine of power in any society, because individuals directly interface with the universal field of consciousness that powers existence. Its only when individuals can be persuaded to give up their power to others that dictatorship and tyranny result. If you read the constitution of the United States and the Federalist Papers ( a compendium of the intellectual history of constitutional development) it is clear that the founding fathers wanted to create a system that gave as much power as possible to individuals. They understood that when likeminded people band together, their influence could potentially be very powerful, and warned us against the dangers of "factions," or political parties.

Vibrational entrainment is much more important than physical force. Without a vibrational culture firmly established, it is not possible for ideas to grow. One cannot establish tyranny in a vibrational environment of freedom! That is why the science of propaganda is so important to those who wish to influence the mass consciousness. As Erich Fromm points out in his seminal book, Escape from Freedom, the desire for conformism is strong within human beings. Fromm says that individuals fear to have divergent opinions, for it means standing alone, and losing the succor that comes with joining the crowd. In this way, individuals give up their freedom to the strongest national voice.

Ignorance is Bliss

When discussing politics or current events (what are current events anyway? Stuff that other people write about), the common idea is that if you are ignorant of current events, you are some kind of moron, or a sort of air-head that hasn't a clue about the important things in life, and that in this state of ignorance you are likely to be blind-sided by the latest terrorist, criminal, or government edict. But this is backwards. Only by NOT activating the thoughts, feelings and vibrations corresponding to the criminalism, terrorism, or government edict, will you be safe from it! It is safe to say that

Current events are all about what-has-already-manifested. Most people would consider that if something has happened, then it is true, and that if something is true, then it is important, but this too is backwards. An event (like a war or an earthquake or the Fed raising interest rates) might be interesting, but it cannot influence your life until you get on the vibrational bandwagon.

Truth is what comes forth from the thoughts and feelings of a conscious being, for that is what is always being manifested, in every instant. Truth is consciousness, not the creations or manifestations of consciousness! So if you really want to change something, pay little attention to what exists. Place your attention solely upon what you want to create, keep it there, act upon it, allow it to come into your experience, and watch the world change around you.

Become ignorant only of what you do not want. Ignorance is truly bliss, IF you are ignorant of that which you don't want.


The universe has been arranged so that it responds to each person individually. When a lot of people are thinking the same way, then a similar reality manifests for each one. But the reality of individuals is not tied to the reality of the group in any way! In order for an individual to change their circumstances, it is only necessary for the individual to change his or her vibrational orientation. Most people don't do this, because they do not believe it is possible, or worthwhile. And so people continue to be, do, and have similar experiences and society never changes. Individuals, in other words, unwittingly throw away their power and go into agreement with the 'group think.'

The reason for this can be explained by vibrational entrainment. Here is an explanation from my book, 'The Vibrational Universe:' "Entrainment is defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that both vibrate in harmony. It can also be defined as a synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles. For example, when two pulsing heart muscle cells are brought close together each begins to pulse synchronously. The discovery of entrainment is linked to the Dutch scientist, Christian Huygens. While working on the design of the pendulum clock, Huygens discovered that when two clocks were placed on a wall near each other and their pendulums swung at different rates, they would eventually wind up swinging at the same rate. This occurs because of their mutual influence on one another."

Just as pendulum clocks may vibrationally entrain one another, so too can the thoughts of the group entrain individual thoughts. This does not mean, however, that individuals MUST subjugate their opinions to the group. Entrainment just means there is an INFLUENCE to do so. It is always your choice to go along with the crowd or to step into your own personal power. It always feels better to be true to self than to run with the herd!

An example of going beyond the group reality is the classic American story of the 'poor boy that made good'. The guy that simply focused on what he wanted and refused to give up on his dream. This sort of success story is inevitable, if one simply focuses on what is wanted long enough to get a manifestation. The secret is that you don't have to work hard. I should have whispered that, because if too many people got the idea how easy it is to achieve their goals, how powerful is their inherent nature to utilize the power of universal principles, then society would change rapidly from one of hard work and struggle to one of prosperity and joy for all, and that would upset the apple cart of those who like things the way they are.

Your Philosophy Promotes Injustice!

I have had someone say to me: This philosophy of yours just promotes injustice, because it says, don't help anyone else. Just let everyone starve and get killed and raped, as long as you look out for yourself.

It is difficult to explain to someone who has no idea of his or her eternal, divine and powerful creative nature, and who has no understanding of universal law, that to simply focus on good things will bring good things. People consider you to be nutty, probably because the bad stuff gets splashed all over the media every day. But ask yourself, if it was really that bad then in your own life you should encounter murders, rapes, and horrible things every day. But I'm willing to bet, dear reader, that you do not so experience. That's because the universe is a well ordered place that is filled to the brim with well being. The default condition of the universe is well being. That is why the news media has to search the globe every day for horrible things. Yesterday I heard of a bus crash in India, and a bomb attack somewhere in Asia. It's the horrible things that are unusual. We have often heard that good news is not reported, because it is not interesting enough. That is precisely true. Good news is not interesting, because it is happening everywhere, to almost everyone, every single day.

Besides, the laws of the universe guarantee that each being will only experience situations which are an exact match to his or her vibrational orientation. Even the most desperate of situations may be altered in a positive direction by a change in consciousness. This may seem silly, cold and stupid to some, but you can prove it to yourself.

The universe is filled with well being, and all conscious beings everywhere want to get some of it. The desire for more and more well being is a natural, divine impulse, not a degraded one. On earth we have twisted and warped this idea because of our feeling of unworthiness. We have created economies of scarcity that are a perfect reflection of our own ideas about ourselves. Those who are prosperous are in the flow of universal energy, for universal energy is all about joy, abundance, and wanting things to be even better!

Summing Up

So what can we conclude from this discussion about politics?

Firstly, that politics is not the all important thing it is made out to be. Like good salesmen, politicians have sold us on the idea of their importance, and the essentialness of the things they do. As long as we buy into it, align our energies to it, then their every pronouncement and law will be of the utmost importance to each one of us, for we will be resonating precisely to their vibration. But if we can recognize the power of our own creative potential, the craziness of politics fades into insignificance, just like a bad stage play that one leaves before the first curtain.

Secondly, we are all totally free. We don't need a constitution to guarantee our freedom, for a piece of paper cannot do that. Only the conscious, free will decisions of each human being is a guarantor of his or her true freedom. If you are afraid of something, the universe does not care whether you are liberal or conservative, you will eventually get it.

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