Site Description


The Big Picture website was designed and built by Kenneth MacLean. The markup is written in Bootstrap 3 and is designed to be mobile friendly. I use PHP includes to quickly change the markup across the entire website and, of course, CSS to quickly change styling throughout the site. This results in a standards compliant website with quick loading pages, and the ability to change anything on the site with liiterally one click. This site was designed to get users around it easily and efficiently; it was not designed to win any styling awards!
If you would like me to analyze or code your website, contact me at kmaclean_at_kjmaclean_dot_com. I will work on either a flat fee or a per-hour basis.
If you would like to include an article of mine on your blog, e-zine, magazine, etc. please contact me at kmaclean_at_kjmaclean_dot_com_.