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The Interview With Spirit Show, 2007 - 2014

Interview With Spirit is a podcast with inspiring and enlightening weekly messages. Just click on the button above and you will be able to listen to all of the archived radio shows on Blog Talk Radio. All of the transcripts from the show are now available.

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Interview With Spirit asks questions that delve deeply into the fundamental questions of life, the nature of Spirit, and its relationship to the material world. On the show, we look at current events from a spiritual perspective, and talk about the rising consciousness on planet earth and how it will affect our society.
Interview With Spirit is also a personal service that can give you clarity in your personal life, from the broader perspective of Ken's personal guidance, whom he calls The Guys.
Because consciousness is non-physical, it has the ability to effortlessly combine or superpose. The Guys are a group consciousness, a collection of what Ken calls Native State personalities, aspects of a broader, universal consciousness.
Every human being on earth is an aspect of a higher consciousness. As physical beings, we label this higher consciousness the Higher Self. It turns out that every person on earth has the ability to access this inner wisdom, which is divinely connected to the One consciousness.
All wisdom from Spirit manifests as inspiration, and comes in all at once in what might be called "thought packets," just like information on a network. However, spiritual messages do not only contain data, but are carried on the universal carrier wave of positive energy.
Every advancement in science, the arts, and the humanities has come forth from inspired individuals. Ken has been able to identify the source of this inspiration, and consciously open to it.
The spiritual wisdom in the Interview with Spirit show is a continuation of the dialogue begun in Dialogues - Conversations with My Higher Self, which was Ken's first attempt at consulting his guides. The book answers questions such as
  • Time and Consciousness
  • The Law of Attraction and the Laws of Matter
  • Memory
  • Earth -- The Armpit of the Universe?
  • The operation of universal laws
  • Sex
  • Animals and their purpose for being
  • The Higher Self and Illness
  • How Ken connected with his personal guidance
  • Relationships
and dozens more.
Dialogues -- Conversations with my Higher Self contains over 80 interviews with The Guys, and their inspiring answers.
The Interview With Spirit show podcasts continue the spiritual conversation that combines spiritual understanding as it relates to current events and the evolving situation on planet earth.

Private Readings

If you would like a private reading, please Click Here. Ken and The Guys will read your question and give you an answer which may surprise you, but will certainly inspire you! All personal readings are your private, personal property and we will never divulge anything about them to anyone.
Ken also does Numerology readings, which can help you to understand your life path, the abilities that come with your Akashic record (your history of incarnations on the planet), and your inner motivations that come from the Higher Self.

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