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We - and you - asked.

And it was given. Immediately. What if everything else in life was this easy! Here are tightly focused special subjects on just about any important topic you can think of.

What do the "guys " say about...
Money, Sex, Outrageous Positivity, Healing, Celebrating Self, Honouring Others, Recieving Our Desires...
What about... Original Innocence, Creativity, Drugs and Alcohol, Inner Guidance.....
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The complete transcript of #1Money, #2Sex and #18Creativity are also included here!
  1. Money. How to attract it, and the best use of it.
  2. The perfect sexual experience
  3. Relationships- the perfect experience
  4. Resistance- how to let it go
  5. Emotions, understanding them as indicators, and how best to deal with them.
  6. Outrageous positivity in uncertain times
  7. Happiness and feeling good
  8. Inner guidance
  9. Knowing who we really are
  10. What to do when in a difficult situation
  11. Healing.
  12. Unity in diversity.
  13. . Body, mind and spirit, how they work
  14. Celebrating self, valuing others.
  15. Original innocence
  16. Outrageous personal breakthroughs.
  17. Bye Bye Fear
  18. Creativity
  19. The Higher Self –– What is it and how do you connect with it?
  20. Confidence
  21. Mastery, what is it, do we HAVE to achieve it?
  22. ...
42. How are spirits created?
1) All right guys –– let us hear what you have to say about money –– how to attract it and the best use of it.

From our perspective, we see reality as you might see it in a very vivid dream. By that we mean, we see pure energy and the interaction of energy. What you perceive as a solid human body, we see as a beautiful sphere of light composed of intertwining energy filaments in complex patterns and shapes, surrounding a denser fabric of templated energy that is the body.

We see money the same way. Imagine that you are out in space, with a birds–eye view of your planet. Now imagine each person, each life form, as we have described. Imagine that flowing forth from these beautiful spheres were energy patterns that reflect your thoughts and emotions. Imagine these energy flows either connecting, or bouncing off each other, depending upon their composition. In other words, when you place a key into a lock, there must be a matching pattern in order to open the door. It is the same way with energy flows. Money is simply a representation of matching energy. In other words, when a musician makes a music CD, that music has a certain vibrational pattern. We see that much of your popular music has essentially the same inherent vibrational pattern. So what makes one CD sell, and another bomb? The answer is simply that a popular CD is one that resonates to the vibration of a great number of people. Music is itself vibrational, and is the closest physical representation to how we perceive in native state –– because music can evoke a wide range of feeling and emotion. Light is also vibrational. A music video combines both sight and sound into a package of vibration. That is how we communicate –– via packets of vibration.

So what is money? It is just the representation of matching vibrations. The CD of a popular artist simply resonates vibrationally with a great number of people. The money exchanged is just the physical representation that says ”here is a token that represents my alignment with you.”

Your next question might be, “how do you do that?” Well, there is no way to make a formula or a recipe for that. There is, however, one very important concept that you must understand: in order to get someone else to resonate to you, you must first find something that resonates within you. In other words, you must find a connection to your own creative energy, which is the same as saying, you must have a desire and be able to express it. A desire is simply life force. Life force, chi, prana, Source, whatever you want to call it, is essentially what you ARE. As human beings you see yourself as mere physical lumps and you forget that you are in fact powerful native state beings temporarily associated with a physical body. When you connect to a desire you in effect connect to something that is ubiquitous. When you express that desire in your own unique way, you connect to that core or kernel of life force that is present in everyone! We see this so clearly because we see energy. Success is then measured by how genuinely you connect to a desire and express that desire! Money is the physical representation of how you express your own personal connection to Source.

Our advice to all those who want to have money is to find something within you that is longing to come out, and then express it. Do not listen to what others say, do not be swayed by the social or moral imperatives of your society; for these will often stifle your desire before you can even express it. Those who make rap music are criticized severely by almost everyone, yet they sell to a wide audience. Those who make such videos care not for the opinions of others. Within them is a strong desire, and the expression of that desire finds a ready audience.

Therefore if you want money, find a way to express yourself. But remember that money itself is just a representation of vibrational matching. Most people get fixated on the representation and forget about the real thing!

The letters R–O–S–E are not a rose! A rose is so much more than mere symbols! The rose is beautifully colored, it is fragrant, it exists within the sweet smelling earth, and when you stand in the garden with the sun on your face and the fresh breeze rustling your hair, you open up to the grandness of life, and the magnificence of who you are, do you see? Oh, if only you could see how magnificent you were! If only you could see yourselves as we see you! There would be no more war, illness, or poverty. Sigh! But then, of course, there would not be the challenge of earth! And that is why you came here –– for the challenge and the excitement.

We hope we have answered your question about money. Successful people always have a strong desire and the willingness to express that desire. Without desire there can be no manifestation, or money. Ken is devising a course based upon these principles, called The Basics of Manifestation. We see that he is not sure whether there is value in such a course, because it is really not possible to provide a formula or a recipe for success that will work for everyone. He is not sure whether there is complete integrity in such a course. But we say there is value in it, and it will be successful to the degree that our friend can express the concepts and devise the exercises to get people to find their desires and express them.

As always, we want to tell you that all endings are happy endings. Each one of you is a divine, eternal consciousness here on earth for an exhilarating, but temporary, physical experience. We encourage you to express yourselves in your own unique way, for each of you is a precious expression of the divine. Each one of you is valued beyond measure. Remember that when you express yourself, you express an aspect of Source, and of us.

2) The perfect sexual experience

You ask us about sex!!! (laughing) You are the experts on that!! Actually, physical sex is an expression of a much deeper and exhilarating native state experience. Ho!!! So you didn’t think we had sex, eh? Well you are certainly wrong about that!

In the duality of physical form, sex is the coming together of the male and the female (usually!) Sex makes sure that there are enough physical containers to continue the species through time. The physical act of sex mimics the act of two non–physical beings coming together.

The perfect sexual experience is a combination of the physical sex act with a spiritual merging of energy. Sex without love can be satisfying, but there must be spiritual affinity present before sex can graduate from the mere coming together of two bodies. When two people have awesome sex, there is always a co–mingling of energy. In our last discussion, we talked about the sphere of vibrational energy that exists around and within the human body. This energy cannot be measured (as of yet) but it exists. It is who you are! When we have the equivalent of sex, there is a merging of consciousness. If you could observe with our eyes, you would see two gorgeous, exquisitely beautiful balls of energy co–mingling. Imagine that each ball of energy contains an almost infinite number of tiny but brilliant colored filaments in complex and dynamically changing patterns. Each ball is alive and changing its energy signature from moment to moment. Now imagine that you could FEEL every one of those filaments, so when they change, you experience a change in feeling! Dear Ones, you couldn’t possibly express the possible number of combinations. There just aren’t enough zeros! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it!

What women consider foreplay is just the desire for something that transcends the physical. Men, pay attention! The sexual experience is enhanced tenfold when both partners are aware of their personal spiritual component. Indeed, orgasm itself opens up the chakras, or energy vortexes, within the body to accept life force energy. A physical orgasm is the physical equivalent of the merging of consciousness. When both partners climax at the same time, there is often an intimate merging of the energy fields. This is a wonderful experience and is beneficial to both physical and spiritual health. We will not go into the politics of sex upon your planet, for that is an entirely different subject. Suffice it to say that sex has been purposefully designed to be a joyful experience.

Each of you is unique. Your personal vibrational signature is an infinitely complex pattern of sensory brilliance. Consciousness, itself being a quality not a quantity, creates these beautiful spheres of subtle energy –– for want of a better term –– within the medium of thought substance somewhat like a pebble that strikes a clear pond creates ripples.

You might ask, if sex is so wonderful where you are, then why incarnate in the physical at all? Well, we have the same answer that we always have, because there is really only one answer: you wanted the challenge. A physical expression, as you know, can be painful, depressing, and horrible, but it can also be exhilarating, intensely passionate, and wonderful. Although we experience with far greater sensory input, we cannot match the sheer level of intensity of a physical experience. Of course, one does not often experience life in this way, which is why one of your writers said that most people lead lives of quiet desperation. Desperate for what you might ask? For the expression of their own, unique desires and preferences. On earth you are taught to stay within the acceptable parameters of what your political and religious leaders have declared as correct. We want to tell you that successful people, without exception, pay little attention to the opinions of others, because they have found a burning desire within them that must come out! The recognition and expression of that desire is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. It is the true reason you came to earth. Each one of you came here with certain preferences inherited from your native state personality. Your task –– which will result in your greatest joy, is to find those preferences and express them.

So what is the perfect sexual experience? A merging of both the spiritual and the physical. Those who believe the lie that a human being is merely a physical body and will die when the body dies will always lead lives that are less than what was intended. And their sexual experiences will always be poor imitations of the real thing. All of you are immortal, divine, and beautiful. If you could see yourselves as we see you, you would never harm each other ever again. You would always experience prosperity and health. But then, of course, there would be not the challenge you crave.

Ken is getting tired so we will wind things up. As always, we say that all endings are happy endings. There is nothing to fear from a physical experience, for when you die, you return to native state. And that will be an experience you will enjoy very, very much, we promise you.

3) Relationships –– the perfect experience

A relationship is just what the word says – a relation. What is a relation? It is a way two things or two people orient themselves toward each other. In the physical world, these relations are expressed geometrically and mathematically. Human relations are much more complex, because human beings are constantly changing their minds! The importance of thought is very obvious in our relationships –– for we see and perceive immediately a change in the sensory input from another. Human relationships are actually much more complex –– because of the separation and the limiting sensory input of the physical body. In other words, it is possible for a human being to think one thing and say or do another! The element of duplicity then is a factor in all human relationships. It is possible to hide ones thoughts and true feelings from another. This makes for a very complex and intricate game! It is one of the reasons you were so eager to experience a physical lifetime. We must admit that we are fascinated by human relationships and by the idea of hiding one’s true feelings. We do not understand it, but we see the complex games that people play with each other!

What then is a perfect relationship? …

4) Resistance –– how to let it go

Now this is a fine subject! Human beings are the champions of resistance! We know of no other species that blocks, ignores, and twists well–being as you do. “Life is hard, then you die!” seems to be the motto for most of humanity.

Before we talk about resistance, let’s define what resistance is. From our perspective, we see a human being as essentially a sphere of energy, as we described before. The body has energy vortexes and meridians. Without these meridians to nourish and supply the cells with life force energy, the body would die. In fact that is exactly what happens when the spirit leaves the body: the connection to chi or prana, or whatever you want to name it, is broken and the material substance of the body decays, just as a neglected old car will rust and fall apart.

The contrasting experiences of a physical life do not inherently create resistance; it is your interpretation of these events that sets up a “story” around the event...

So how do you release resistance? …

5) Emotions, understanding them as indicators, and how best to deal with them.

Delver here. First lets define what an emotion is. An emotion is the body’s physical electro–chemical response to a pattern of thought of the spirit in association with it. The body has energy meridians and vortexes where life force enters and nourishes the cells. This energy flow has major and minor meridians, but all are composed of invisible, almost infinitely fine filaments of light. From our vantage point the physical body is itself composed of subtle energy.

If you have ever seen one of those old telephone switchboards where cords are being plugged in all over the place, or the back plane of one of your ancient computers, you may understand that when the wiring gets crosswise, blockages and distortions result that hinders functionality. A better analogy might be the puppeteer. When the puppeteer tangles his strings, the body goes haywire! When self–limiting thought patterns are imposed over the body’s normally smooth–flowing energy meridians, uncomfortable emotions, stress and even illness can result. The origin of negative, or uncomfortable emotion is the misalignment of the body’s energy blueprint, which is then reflected in the physical structure. So–called “miracle cures” or regressions of diseased cells occur when there is a sudden and complete re–alignment of thought toward health and a complete allowance of health.

Therefore emotions are real–time indicators of how much resistance you have…

How does one deal with negative emotions?

6) Being outrageously positive in uncertain times

Being outrageously positive is who we are! It is a subject near and dear to our hearts –– oh wait a minute, we don’t have a heart (laughs) More accurately, we should say that being outrageously positive is something that comes naturally for us, because it is part of the fundamental vibration of our being, and we recommend it to you. And it is the most dominant part of your vibration as well. Now that may not seem true when you feel rotten, and when you observe the actions of others as they act in ways contrary to their own nature. However, it is also true that when you resonate to that powerful harmonic of love and well being that exists inside every one of you, you begin to shed the lower emotions that hold you back. We want to say this very loud and clear: EVERY HUMAN BEING ON EARTH IS BASICALLY AND FUNDAMENTALLY GOOD, despite all evidence to the contrary!

There are those who try to convince you that human nature is barbaric and savage, but that is a self–fulfilling prophecy, do you see that? It is a belief, and because action follows thought, it then becomes a guiding a directing force for your actions, and your societies begin to reflect this false belief. Actually, all beliefs are true, and that is the power of a belief: you become that which you believe! …

Now we get to the heart of our message to you. Consider the outrageous comedian who talks in vulgar terms of sex and politics, but does so in a joking way. Such a person brings attention immediately to himself or herself (Ken says, Roseanne Barr, Bill Maher, Lewis Black, George Carlin, etc). That is because outrageousness is a different and easily recognizable vibration that …

7) Happiness and feeling good

Happiness and feeling good are the most natural instincts of all life everywhere. Happiness and feeling good are aspects of the quintessential vibration that creates and sustains life, and the physical universe. This vibration has been called the OM, and what the OM is, is pure love and well being. It is what you will experience as you transition from the physical body and back to Native State.

How can we present the idea of happiness and feeling good in words?

8) Inner Guidance

Oh, this is one of our favorite subjects!

What is inner guidance? Inner guidance is just the connection of you with you! Again, we see the physical body and the sphere of consciousness as one. Of course an incarnated being sees the physical body and the material world as completely real and solid, while the subtle and vibrational filaments of life force energy that surround you are invisible. And that separation is by design, as we have said before. The human experience is a very fascinating and complicated game by which an immortal being fools himself or herself into an experience of complete vulnerability. It is so real that a human being becomes convinced that he or she could die!

You are a far greater being than you can possibly imagine. Surrounding you, in the ethers, is a subtle but powerful energy that composes and surrounds all things. This sea of vibration is the creation of consciousness…

How do you find inner guidance? …

9) Knowing Who We Really Are

This is an interesting subject, because although it has been interwoven into all of our talks, this topic gives us the opportunity to speak specifically about consciousness and the relationship of consciousness to the physical world of human beings.

To discover who you really are from a physical standpoint, you must look at the beauty of your world. As Ken looks out his window at the winter landscape, he sees a beautiful blue sky, with the sun shining down upon the snow and ice–covered tree branches. Icicles hang from the gutter and drip from the evergreens. The sunlight glints off the trees in a thousand points of light, and illuminates the top of a tree in a silver–white burst of brilliance.

Ken says, “It’s beautiful, but what if the electricity were cut off? We would then be shivering and desperately cold. That icy beauty would then be a threat to our survival.” Ken, you see, has been studying the activities of a certain faction upon your planet that he calls the “one–worlders,” and it is frightening him. But we tell him, and you, that who you are is the beauty and not the ugliness, the higher emotions and not the lower emotions, the happiness and not the sadness. Duality is built–in to the structure of the physical world as a matter of necessity, but the ghastly and appalling bits exist only to remind you of your true nature! When you look at a disgusting pile of garbage, you immediately disassociate yourself with it. The negative exists to constantly remind you of who you are, and to move toward it.

That movement is effortless, for it only requires a reorientation of thought…

Your self–awareness is an extension of a much broader awareness. You are a much bigger and vaster being than you can possibly imagine! Here is an analogy that might make this clearer…

All life forms upon your planet are spiritual in nature, even those who have chosen to turn away from the Light and embrace the darkness….Do not fight or struggle against the negative! We tell you that all forms of gross resistance to the coming denouement upon the planet earth have been accounted for…

10) What to do when in a difficult situation

This is a good question, because there may many different ways you can get into trouble, but there is always one underlying reason for the trouble: your own thoughts and beliefs about the situation! Therefore, when you get into trouble, the first thing to recognize is that it’s not the other guy’s fault.

Imagine that the mix of your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes creates a sort of magnet around you that has a tendency to attract things just like it to you. A belief is just a long–standing or activated pattern of thought. An attitude is your own emotional response to the thought patterns you create within yourself. Therefore, your attitudes actually entrain, vibrationally, your own thoughts to them! This is somewhat like the wizard duel between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort in a movie Ken saw the other day...

What are the steps in handling a difficult situation? …

11) Healing

In order to heal, you first have to be sick, or uncomfortable in some way. We tell you unequivocally that all sickness arises from thoughts and feelings of inappropriateness! This idea has many ramifications, because sickness has a physical and a mental/spiritual component. We tell you that the spiritual mental/component is always senior and comes first, because when ideas change and consciousness is raised to a higher vibration, new and better ways of doing things are discovered.

We tell you that the primary reason for the increase in average life spans over the centuries is the desire for increased knowledge in almost every area of life. This has translated into the desire to live longer and enjoy life more, resulting in a higher level of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Where there is increased desire for life there is always a concomitant rise in awareness and a subsequent improvement in the physical conditions of life. Consequently, humanity has been able to eradicate and control numerous infectious diseases and improve agricultural technology. Physical activity is always motivated by thought, and the quality of thought always proceeds from a stronger connection to Source…

What is the primary catalyst for a rise in consciousness? …

12) Unity in diversity

We very much look forward to these Special Subjects. We are always surprised and pleased when Ken looks at the next topic. For us unity in diversity simply means that diversity proceeds forth from Oneness. A simple arithmetic progression begins with one, and goes onward from there into more diversity. Actually, the numbering system begins with zero, which is a representation of Spirit, or the Creative Principle, which provides the creative energy that powers and maintains the All That Is.

On earth, diversity is often considered pejoratively. That is because diversity brings new ideas and ways of doing things. Essentially, it brings in new patterns of thought and new vibrations that sometimes clash with the accepted way of doing things. Because you are all encased in biological vessels, artificially separated from one another, diversity may bring a feeling of uncomfortable–ness and be regarded as inappropriate.

We tell you that diversity is a survival characteristic...

From our perspective, we would reverse the title of this Special Subject and say, “Diversity within unity”…

13) Body, mind and spirit and how they work.

Spirit is consciousness, or self–awareness. It is eternal, immortal. Mind is a collection of subtle impressions made upon the sphere of consciousness in it’s interaction with the physical universe, and within the body’s electro–chemical reaction to physical events. Actually, these two are one and the same, but the physical container has been designed to deliberately filter and limit perception to narrow ranges. It does this through the electro–chemical response of the nervous system, and brain function, accepting vibrational input through receptors in the various sense organs. There is a whole lot going on, invisibly, within the sphere of consciousness that the human senses, by design, cannot be aware of! You will discover this when you terminate your association with the body.

Destroying brain tissue can destroy memory. This has led some to theorize that a memory is strictly an electro–chemical phenomenon, and although that is completely true from a strictly physical viewpoint, it does not describe the whole picture...

We have said before that we appear to each other as beautiful and complex configurations of Light. These configurations are a result of the considerations/thoughts of a non–physical spirit interacting with this subtle energy medium. These Lightships, as some have called them, are not who we are, just as the physical body is not who you are…

14) Celebrating self, valuing others.

We are amazed at how these questions flow, and their synchronicity. This topic, for example, is almost like an equation, for it is really impossible to value others unless one value’s ones self! If you think about that for a minute it begins to make sense. Have you ever been “helped” by someone who wasn’t really into it? That’s not really help at all. The desire to help others actually proceeds forth from a celebration of self. The best help is given by those whose cups runneth over. What is the common denominator of help? A sharing. Those who feel joy within themselves are eager to share their skills or knowledge or empathy, with another.

Celebration is probably a good word to describe life in Native State, which is the natural condition of consciousness…

Native State beings are not sexed, of course, only bodies are sexed. That does not mean that we do not engage in sex, we just don’t call it that! It is a little different for us because there are not the two physical forms…

15) Original Innocence

Oh if you could only feel what we feel when we see these words!

Do you know what original innocence means? It means feeling like a brand new puppy as he plays around with a stick. It means the feeling a little kitten has when she runs around the room, jumping on and off the furniture and chasing a rolled up piece of paper. It means the joy a child feels when she first steps outside and feels the soft grass under her feet, smells the sweet smell of the earth and feels the sun on her face and a soft breeze caress her cheek. It means light heartedness, joy, and the sensation that everything is perfect and magnificent and wonderful!

Did you get a little bit of that? We hope so, because that is who you are!..

16) Outrageous personal breakthroughs

Outrageousness and breakthrough are two words that, on earth, go hand–in–hand. That is because a breakthrough is something that you allow yourself to BE. And outrageousness is something that you allow yourself to DO. Therefore, outrageous personal breakthroughs occur when you decide to be yourself and then act upon that state of being. Outrageous personal breakthroughs occur when you release your fear of criticism and allow your unique personal perspective to blossom forth into the world.

Why is being yourself so hard?…

17) Bye Bye Fear

In order to release fear you first have to know what fear is. Fear is simply an anxiety about possible future experiences. Fear normally arises when you do not believe you have any control over the content of your experiences. On earth, you are taught that life is probabilistic. Quantum physics tells you that it is impossible to predict the behavior of matter and energy, and if you live long enough you discover that it is impossible to predict the actions of your fellow human beings. Not even we can do that! That is because all life has free will. It will amaze you to know that matter and energy also has free will of a sort! When you are finally able to perceive clearly at the subatomic level, you will discover this. It will then be possible to much more easily manipulate matter and energy.

The grave mistake human beings make is to then translate the unpredictability of matter and energy, and the unpredictable actions of others, into their personal lives...

The million dollar question is, of course, “How do you eliminate fear?”…

18) Creativity

Creativity occurs when you allow yourself to BE.

That is much too simplistic for Ken, so we will expand upon that a bit.

The universe was created through the interaction of a non-physical consciousness with itself. When the unmanifest became manifest, through the vehicle of thought, an other-ness existed apart from the creator of the thought. This otherness you may call a quanta, or basic building block of the universe. All matter and energy – which is itself vibrational, meaning that each quanta has a fundamental resonance -- is built from these quanta. Therefore the universe is filled with – for want of a better word – a quintessential ‘energy’ that contains an infinity of sub-harmonics. What you perceive with your physical senses are the sub-harmonics of a pure vibration that fills the universe and composes all things. You might consider this vibration a sort of carrier wave that allows an infinity of information to ‘piggy back’ or become subsumed within it.

A human being is a temporary association of a focused, non-physical consciousness with a collection of limited vibrational interpreters called the human body. Creativity occurs when a human being allows himself or herself to accept the subtle but powerful energy of this universal medium. In other words, when the spiritual component of a human being interfaces with the life force energy in the ethers, excitement and ideas begin to flow. Every one of you can remember a time when you connected strongly with such a desire. You could hardly contain yourself in your excitement and eagerness! Creativity, in the incarnated state, begins with an interfacing with the universal medium. This is what we do in Native State. Our creativity, like yours, then proceeds to translate thought and manifest that thought into the specific environment we happen to find ourselves in. Ken wrote a book called “Beyond the Beginning,” some of which, although he wasn’t aware of it at the time, was suggested to him by us. In that book there is a description of a universe of light which the inhabitants can directly manipulate through the power of thought. These beings have bodies and sensory apparatus that are made of the same light substance. On your planet the situation is the same. Your bodies are composed of the same materials that are found in your environment. The electro-chemical reactions within your biology are dependent upon trace quantities of the metals and minerals that exist on the earth’s surface.

On earth creativity requires first a desire, which brings forth ideas that must then be translated into physical representations. Creativity is as natural to consciousness as breathing. Where human beings trip themselves up is through a set of self-limiting beliefs that prevent BEING from its natural translation to ACTION and then MANIFESTATION. Imagine a circuit with the battery as BEING. The wires run to a light bulb that, when lit, represents physical manifestation. When too many resistors are placed on the wires, electrical current cannot flow to the light bulb. We tell you that those resistors are placed there by you! That’s right, only you can prevent forest fires, er, manifestation! We made a little joke, you see. Creative power is inherent within the universe, for it is the force that powers the entire universe. When you tell yourself that it’s impossible, or unrealistic, or that you aren’t good enough, or that Dad or sister or your friends, or some authority figure might disagree with you, you place resistance within your creative circuitry. Eventually you get used to this feeling of resistance, and you begin to blame your lack of success on outside influences. When that happens, you are lost. You are lost because you have effectively placed a damper over your power source. Like a race car with a governor that only allows it to go at a tenth of it’s designed velocity, you simply cannot ‘get up to speed.’

Creativity goes to the very essence of who you are. Creativity is synonymous with life force, and that is who you are. It is an inherent, fundamental, quintessential quality or property of all life everywhere! Humanity has done a wonderful job of arranging things so that creativity is considered something to be avoided. Your species is very clever! Instead of celebrating new ideas you become fearful of them. “Don’t rock the boat,” you say, “or you might get in trouble.” The current conditions upon your planet are the direct result of the majority of humanity deciding that there is really nothing much to do about their lot in life. There are those who have done a grand job of presenting themselves as invincible, so that many of you feel fear when contemplating ideas and activities that are ‘outside the box.’ The potential creativity of the human race, is paradoxically, undergoing an explosion. Environmental pollution, climate change, political unrest, and perceived economic and political injustice have naturally generated desires for positive change. We tell you that the consciousness of humanity is poised on the brink of an evolutionary leap. This is occurring quietly, but very noticeably. Those who you would call the ‘power structure’ are well aware of this development. Thus does the status quo sow the seeds of an evolution away from it. These cycles are a natural property of the duality of physical existence, and nowhere do they occur more violently and volatilely than on your planet.

Creativity is, then, born from a desire that stems from its opposite. This process is necessary in order to achieve balance. All things desire to come together, and yet all things desire to create and stand out from the crowd. Sometimes the pendulum swings one way, and sometimes the other. At the present time, we see a global merging of consciousness that has resulted, like a cat shaking its fur, in the removal of a few fleas. What will happen next we do not know, for we cannot predict the future. But the potential exists for a much more benign and productive re-creation of human societies. Whether this occurs or not, and how quickly, depends upon the creativity of individuals. Are you willing to follow your passion? Like a basketball player, do you settle for the easy jump shot, or are you willing to risk all and drive to the basket (thank you Ken)? The quality of the manifestations you receive in your personal life, and the collective manifestation on the national and planetary level, depend upon how creative you allow yourselves to be!

Do not worry, you cannot harm yourselves by too much creativity! If every human being allowed themselves to express his or her inner desires, abundance and prosperity would be the result. Cleaner, more powerful and cheaper sources of energy would be discovered. There would literally be a Renaissance in the arts, in science, and in politics and economics. Then, after a time, as has happened before, the pendulum would likely swing the other way, creating more constrained and hierarchical social structures. In the past, your societies have come to an end as the result of natural cataclysms. Do you realize that the consciousness of humanity has an effect on your weather and on the rhythms of your planetary geology? It does. We tell you that the present turbulence in your weather patterns is in large part a reflection of the turbulence within your consciousness. Never before have there been so many upon the surface at the same time. Truly, the dénouement to this cycle will be a far-reaching one. But in which direction will you go? Towards greater polarity, or greater harmony? It is entirely up to you. There are no evil forces imprisoning you. The human race has attracted precisely those players that are a mirror to your beliefs and your consciousness. We watch with eagerness as each of you react differently to the change in vibration within the species consciousness.

Creativity is an alignment with nature, with the forces that power and maintain the universe. Therefore creativity is always a force for positive change. Celebrate and encourage new ideas and watch how the face of your planet is transformed in ways that you could not have even dreamed!

19) The Higher Self –– What is it and how to connect with it.

(Note: This was an unusual Special Subject. It took several months to write, mainly because I couldn’t, in my human-ness, fully connect with the concepts. I went over and over it, each time getting clearer and clearer. There is undoubtedly a lot of stuff I still haven’t gotten, but the information is really fascinating, I think).

The Higher Self, from our vantage point, is inseparable from the body. We see you as a gorgeous ball of light, and within that ball of light are incredibly complex geometries. For purposes of illustration, imagine a double sphere, one inside the other. The first contains the templates for the body and the body itself, the second, a much broader sphere that merges with the universal medium, which we access directly. You call that second sphere and the perception therefrom, the Higher Self. When a person terminates his or her association with the body, the second sphere is immediately accessible. Sometimes in near-death experiences, a person will be able to access the second sphere directly, and then connect very strongly to the multi-dimensional world that all Native State beings have access to…

The “outer sphere” contains the “spiritual sensors,” which you will rapidly discover when you terminate your association with the physical body. These sensors (the Higher Self) are largely obscured (by design) through the sensory input of the first sphere…

How do you connect with your Higher Self? …

20) Confidence

Confidence is intimately associated with action, and experience.

Confidence results from the successful manipulation of material substance to a defined goal and an intended result. Therefore, it is not possible to become confident by mere dreaming. Confidence requires ACTION...

21) Mastery, what is it, do we have to achieve it?

Ken finds the ordering of these questions fascinating, for they seem to blend smoothly one to the other. We have organized our talks this way.

We have talked about mastery in the previous session, called confidence. The craftsman with consummate skill is master of his or her craft. The master is able to create a work of art or a masterpiece from the bare stone or wood. The master of business knows how to organize and inspire people to accomplish the task. The master of martial arts has honed mind and body and made them mere extensions of his will. The spiritual master has unquestioned certainty of his or her spiritual nature; knows without a shadow of a doubt that a physical experience is a consciously chosen, but temporary interlude of a vast, magnificent, immortal personality. It is not necessary to know one’s past lives or be able to commune with non-physical personalities in order to be a spiritual master…

The spiritual master has compassion through strength...

22) Drugs and alcohol? OK sometimes or never ok?

A drug, just like anything else, has a specific vibration. There is no difference between a substance that is classified as a drug, and a food substance. Some drugs are used to heal, others are made illegal by human societies because they create certain responses within the body’s electro–chemical systems.

There is a so an aura connected with drugs. In other words, the thought streams connected with a particular substance, like alcohol for instance, actually enhance the effect of the drug, because of the vibrational expectation associated with it. That expectation creates a vibrational matching that amplifies the drug’s effect...

23) Raising our vibration to achieve more joy, success and abundance.

We would like to say that raising one’s vibration is never necessary, for the essence that is you is already there! In fact, each of you is beyond space and time, a creator of such high magnitude that it would astonish you to fully know it. What you must do is learn to accept and receive that which you desire.

We see you like firecrackers in a 4th of July celebration, throwing off many intentions and desires. But when you outflow, you are not inflowing. In other words, in the physical universe it is not possible for a stream of water to flow one way and at the same time flow in the opposite direction. So many of you are asking, asking, asking, but most of you do not spend time receiving!… so how do you do that?…

42) How are spirits created?

Oh, here is something we are very excited about!

Ken asks us: “If consciousness is non–physical, then how can there be separate, unique personalities? Zero divided by zero is undefined!”

We will let you in on a really big secret: but it is so simple that you might not see how powerful it is, so we will explain in detail. We have talked about this around the edges a little in our previous conversations, but if you have made it this far, you are ready to hear this…

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