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For several years now I have been producing underwater videos. I am enthralled and feel completely at peace whenever I am filming on the reef. I believe that I am on purpose when I am thus involved. My question is, 'What is the point, what is the mission, what is the purpose, what is the message, what is it that will be accomplished through these videos? Is there a higher purpose for them or is it simply enough to just personally enjoy the venture? What can be done to make them financially more viable so that even more can be produced?

Dear David --
We can feel the energy of peace and well-being in your message. The highest purpose for any activity is that feeling of joy. You may not be aware how lucky you are to have found something that brings you personal peace. There are so many on the planet under stress, who dislike their lives and their work.
We would say to you that that feeling of being on-purpose is the most important ingredient in manifestation. What is happening is that you have not yet precisely identified what you wish to do with these videos. We feel a great personal satisfaction with your work, but also a certain complacency.
You are in a perfect position to increase the sales of your videos. All you have to do is figure out a direction for them that brings to you a feeling of excitement and passion.
What is your purpose for making the videos? For personal satisfaction, or to share with others?
We feel that your primary purpose is for personal enjoyment. The next logical step, however, is the world! You are perfectly set up to increase your reach, because you are perfectly aligned to peace and well-being in your work. Ask yourself, How do I want my viewers to feel when they see my videos? Can I express to them that wonderful feeling of peace that I feel when I film on the reef?
The key for you is to translate that feeling of peace as you film, and project that to your viewers via your movies. We see you as wildly successful if you can do that -- in fact, Ken says that he would like to buy one!
Ken and The Guys




Emotions- what are their purpose, I read the Brandon Book about then, and it says that we should just relax into them, because there is a message at their core, and beneath then is the peace we seek.

Abraham say that they indicate the vibrational difference between our desire and belief- how do these correlate with each >other?

Is joy an emotion? How does it feel, is it really exuberant (like your dog when you've been out?)

Is it true that we can create whatever we want? How do we do it?

Hello Neil --
You have asked fantastic questions and we will be blabbing on until Ken gets tired of typing and trying to find words to express our ideas.
There is a difference between an emotion and a feeling. Emotions occur primarily within the physical body in its relationship with the incarnating spirit. The body's electro-chemical processes are influenced by the decisions a person makes in response to his or her environment. On earth, there are many things which are perceived to be threatening, because the body may experience hardship and pain.
We associate human emotions with the lower vibrations -- depression, apathy, grief, fear, anxiety, anger, hostility.
A true feeling or perception is always experienced positively. That is because the nature of the universe is fundamentally positive -- at least that is how we experience it! The earth is a beautiful planet with a wide variety of diverse and challenging environments, which were designed to be experienced joyfully. Yes -- there is joy in challenge! That's why you came to earth -- for the fun and for the challenge.
It is correct to say that the vibrational difference between desire and belief = emotion. That is because desire is always at the high end of the emotional/vibrational scale. Thoughts/beliefs are containers for emotion. If you have a desire that says, "I want a lot of money" but your belief is "I can't make money" then there is a vibrational gap between the two. That gap causes the emotion. If you didn't care about money and you had the belief "I can't make money," there would be no difficulty, do you see? That is why some teach the suppression of desire, reasoning that in an absence of desire there is also an absence of negative emotion. The only problem with that approach is that desire = life force. So while there is a downside to strong desire -- the unfulfillment of it -- there is a greater upside -- using your creative energies, in co-creation with the universe, to manifest them in the physical universe. we say that is the reason why all of you came here -- to try your hand at physical manifestation.
Joy is exuberance (good word). Joy isn't something you can explain -- you have to feel it!
To create (or manifest) in the physical is one of the challenges (and joys) of a human existence. Creative energy is in infinite supply. Manifestation begins with a clearly identified desire that makes you feel eager and excited. As long as you stay connected to that energy, you can manifest anything you desire, limited only by your belief in your ability to do so. The X factor is TIME. When a person believes that manifestation is not occurring quickly enough, negative emotion results. This tells you that ALL desires can be manifested, IF you keep yourself aligned to the goal, for the universe will mirror back to you in the physical, the template of thought you hold in your mind and heart.
:-) Ken and The Guys



I've always felt I don't belong as far back as I can remember and always never good enough. I was an overachiever hoping that would make me be loved. I remember thinking of suicide as a young child; the only thing stopping me was my love for one particular horse (Jack) that I ended up having for 24 years. The day he died I cursed God for not taking me too and have never fully recovered.

The only 'unconditional love' I ever felt was from my pets. Though disappointed by my human interactions, I would always hope the next time would different. I have thought of myself as a very spiritual person that had some purpose in my life. I have begged for the answers; answers I seem to not hear, get, or maybe understand.

My life has been health, emotional, and heartbreak issues. I have tried to look at it as there's something else I need to do to change myself and then maybe my life will improve. I'm searching for answers spiritually.

The people that come into my life proclaim I'm wonderful, loving, one of a kind. The men that come into my life say they love me like no other and have never felt the way they do since I cam into their life...then only turn their back just as soon. This pattern has repeated so many times that I have trust issues. I want to know what I do to scare them, I want to know what karma I am paying for if that it the case.

My life has been a series of trials and tribulations that I have tried to learn's just getting harder to get up after being knocked down time and time again.

I will go out of my way to be a kind person to others in my life...I realize though that I have needs also; it's just not working out.

What can 'the guys' tell me....I am truely desperate and begging for help and want this vicious cycle over once and for all, then maybe I can 'do' my purpose in this life. There's not much left of my heart to be broken another time.

Thank you.

Dear One --
Ken has just completed a meditation with animal medicine cards, just before he read your question. We will use these metaphors because they apply -- this was no coincidence.
Here we must use raccoon medicine. The raccoon is the generous protector. Unlike almost every other animal or human, when a troupe of raccoons are on a raid, they all rush to give the best bits to the leader, who stays behind to protect the group. This unselfish behavior can be a source of well-being and joy, creating harmony and bonding within the group, but when over done it can result in a denial of self.
We want to tell you how beautiful you are, but we know you have already heard this, and rejected it. "If I am so beautiful, then why have my relationships always failed?" you ask.
Here is the answer: because you do not allow yourself to BE.
We see you as a bud that does not open. The spring is cold; and summer, when it comes, brings icy winds. It appears that conditions are never quite right for the flower to blossom, and the bud knows that if it misses the summer, fall comes once again with the inevitability of winter. This is how we perceive your current state of being as you write this.
We will not shower you with useless platitudes and generalities. You have heard them all before.
What we will tell you is that you are powerful, and have never allowed yourself to fully be who you are.
Your work is to begin to release, right now, whatever limiting thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself. We will tell you how to do this.
First imagine a beautiful, crystal clear pool of water covered with leaves. Within this pool swims a small fish. Underneath those leaves is pure, clean, fresh water that has its source in an underground spring. It has been so long since the pool and the fish sensed daylight, however, that it thinks that darkness is the norm. The fish is used to the darkness and finds what light it can. Occasionally, however, the wind blows the leaves away for a moment and a ray of sunlight strikes the surface of the pond. One day the fish sees this ray of light and swims to the surface. Eagerly, it clears away the leaves in a small circle and basks in the light. Then, it grows wings and flies away.
You see, the fish didn't have to remove all of the leaves. It just needed a momentary ray of sunlight, to remind itself of what it really was. It discovered that it wasn't really a fish after all, but a shape-shifter. You are a shape-shifter. A shape-shifter that does not believe it IS.
We tell you that you have no karma. What has occurred is a series of decisions that you have made about yourself in this lifetime. Do not look for the source of these blockages -- they will come up as you re-create yourself, for that is what you must do. We tell you that no one can do this for you. You need not look for answers outside of yourself. It is time to confront what you have made of yourself.
People who first see you, see the brilliant light; they see you, and when that happens, you shut down. It is your light that you fear, not the darkness.
Suggested meditation:
Water -- calm water is the key to your meditations. The water is tranquil, composed, serene, yet it contains great power. The water is also receptive.
Imagine water -- what is the first thing that comes to your mind? We feel a turbulent ocean. Take that turbulence and create peace, calm, and serenity. Calm the waters. Imagine the light of Father Sky falling softly upon the water, energizing it in a way that brings you peaceful energy. When and if disturbing thoughts appear, be like the leaf that bends under the dewdrop. Let it go.
We feel that this will take some time. Be diligent and patient. This will be a powerful meditation for you and it will be difficult sometimes to reach a good place after every session. But we see a successful conclusion to this process if you make the decision to do it.
Please be easy on yourself, dear one. You set very high standards for yourself: acknowledge wins and ignore losses.
We could go on but we think you have what you need.
Ken and The Guys

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