Is it possible to communicate with non-physical intelligence?


All spiritually aware people understand that consciousness is non-physical in origin. Therefore, non-physical intelligence exists!

The question is, if you could communicate with that intelligence, what would you ask? What kind of answers would you get?

Special Subjects Volume 2, #9 - #21

Channeling is not something mysterious!

Channeling is simply opening to inspiration.

Every writer, every artist, every human being on earth has been inspired at one time or another. Channeling is simply doing it consciously!

A truly channeled message is always uplifting and inspiring, because consciousness, in its Native State, is that way!

If you know how to meditate, you can learn to channel. Now all you need is a burning question and a strong desire to get it answered from the highest possible source.

Interview With Spirit, Volume Two consists of fascinating, unbelievable, and inspiring answers to questions about life, posed by Neil Long, Ken's partner.

Find out what Ken and The Guys have to say about...

Knowing who we really are Outrageous personal breakthroughs
What to do in a difficult situation Bye Bye Fear
Healing Creativity
Unity in diversity The Higher Self
Body Mind and Spirit and how they work Confidence
Celebrating Self, Valuing others Mastery
Original Innocence Questions and Answers from readers

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 Interview With Spirit
Volume Two
 Special Subjects 9 - 21

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To Inspire, not coerce.

In Joy, not seriousness

In Love, not fear.

Playing to your strengths never your weakness.

Creating self confidence, not neediness.

Interview With Spirit

There is more to life than meets the eye


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