Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than meets the eye?

What if... just what if... it was possible to communicate with non-physical intelligence?
If you could ask a question, what would you ask?

My name is Neil, I am a radio presenter in England, by trade...and I have had an interest in spiritual matters for a while. Then, while surfing the net, I found Ken MacLean, a wonderful spiritual author.

I downloaded his book,
 Dialogues -- Conversations with my Higher Self, and my first thought was that "No human being could write this"

- or at least no human that I knew.

So I got in touch, and suggested that we work on a project together. Since I am a radio presenter I thought, let's create an interview.


So we did. And you can hear it for free.

Then we thought you may have a burning personal question, so we started answering those for you. Go to  questions@interviewwithspirit.com if you have one.YOur answer is free of charge until August 1, 2007

Then we thought that it would be a good idea to

come up with a set of "Special Subjects" --

subjects that affect all of us like money, relationships, sex.....

And make a Best Of Collection.

What would spirit's perspective be on






inner guidance?

happiness and feeling good?

being outrageously positive in uncertain times?

So we asked. And it was given. Big Time.

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 52 pages PDF Format

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 Interview With Spirit
 Special Subjects 1 -8

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P.S.  If you don't agree that these transcriptions are worth the money you paid for them, I will cheerfully refund your money.

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To Inspire, not coerce.

In Joy, not seriousness

In Love, not fear.

Playing to your strengths never your weakness.

Creating self confidence, not neediness.

Interview With Spirit

There is more to life than meets the eye


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