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Who are The Guys?

The Guys are the inspirational energy that I receive when I consciously open to receive information. Over the years this energy has changed and evolved, but there are three personalities that remain constant. I call these personalities Dragon, Delver, and Sweet. Dragon is playful and boisterous, Sweet is serene and loving, and Delver loves to probe deeply into the nature of life and existence. These beings have personalities, just like you and me. The main difference is that they are completely confident of themselves, and always resonate with well being, love, and joy.



Today we want to talk about love, and the love we feel for you, and for all life on earth, and for all that is. Love is the fundamental, resonant vibration of consciousness, and of the All–That–Is. Love is like the gentle ripples that flow outward from a blue, crystal clear pond, touching everything. Love is quiet, serene, but enormously powerful. Love is not loud and ostentatious, nor is it ego–driven. Stop what you are doing right now, sit still and relax. Allow love to seep into your bones, your cells, and into your being. Love is who you are. It resonates powerfully within everything and every one. Feel the power of love within you, the confidence and strength of it. Don't you feel a sense of well–being?

We liken love to the electricity that flows through the wiring of your house. It runs your appliances, your computers, your radios and TV's, your home theater systems. The flow of electric current is the vibration that powers everything. Its frequency and strength is adjusted perfectly to everything you plug into it. Love is the same way. There is no situation in which love is not appropriate, did you know that? An angry person will literally dissolve in the presence of love, for anger is a sub–harmonic of love. All vibrations in the All–That–Is proceed from love, it is the OM, the Alpha and the Omega.

You are powerless to the degree that you cannot feel love.

You are as insecure as you are unable to feel the vibration of love coursing through you.

Love is actually not a vibration, did you know that? Love is the SOURCE of all vibration in the universe, and causes all things to resonate to it. Love is outside of time, and space. Love is the creative potential that manifests itself in the physical. It is the source of inspiration, of the creation of the entire universe. How can this be? Because love wants to share itself, to spread itself far and wide. Love is the feeling of your cup running over. This is/was the motivation for that which desires to manifest itself. And so you see, dear ones, that the universe must constantly expand, for love constantly desires to give of itself, which leads to perpetual increase.

Have you ever felt like this? When you feel so wonderful that you just have to jump up and tell the world how much you love it? How much you want to give of yourself to it?

All things proceed from this impulse. In your physical containers, encapsulated within space and time, you want to know how it all began, don't you? Well, the answer is that it didn't! And it will never end! Something eternal is not limited! Love, being eternal and infinite, needed to express itself in an infinite variety of ways. And so, the All–That–Is was created, and continues to grow.

Love is unconditional, because it is infinite.

When you truly connect with another person, you feel love.

To love, everything is acceptable –– even the most heinous, cruel and barbaric act. Does this sound crazy?

It is only crazy if you consider yourself to be limited! Of course, you are not limited. Your physical body is a temporary vehicle of perception, and your earth experience, no matter how poignant, an amusement park ride.The person you hate is connected to you in the most intimate fashion, because hatred is an expression of love. When Ken first met his wife, he was repelled. But that hate turned into a powerful expression of intimacy that has lasted and grown for 30 years.

No matter how many deluded philosophies you invent to convince yourselves of your inadequacies, you cannot get away from love. That is because all endings are happy endings! When you die, you will discover this once more, and laugh about your fears. You will see clearly into every horrible experience you have ever had, and understand that the basis for all action is love. That is something to look forward to. But our message this week is to put a little more love in your life right now! It's not hard, really it's not! To feel love all you have to do is BE who you ARE.

So take a few minutes out of every day for love. The more you consciously orient yourself to this feeling, the more you will blossom.


You Are Magnificent

Oh goody, we get to do another weekly message!

We would like to say this week that not only are you magnificent and divine beings, but that it is possible to see yourselves that way as well.

Does that sound impossible?

We understand that sometimes earth living can be a day–to–day grind, and that there may be so much stress in your life that the idea is inconceivable.

But what if there were a simple way to step back a little from the person you see as yourself, and see the magnificent being of light that you are?

First, we want you to imagine the most spectacular light show you have ever seen. This could be a fireworks display, or the aurora borealis, or a magnificent sunset. Do you have something like that in your mind?

All right, now we want you to flesh that out a little bit. Imagine that there are billions of colors that you have not yet seen with your human eyes, bright, brilliant colors in a spectrum that is far broader than the little prisms of light you see when you take a lens or a crystal and expose it to the sun. In your prism, you can see the basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. On your monitor displays, you are presented with options to display 32 million or so, but actually there are billions of recognizable colors outside the range of human perception.

Now take that light display in your mind and brighten it up. Imagine that light show or that sunset is a dim representation of a much more magnificent image, sparkling and glowing and vibrant with life. Now imagine that each of these colors has a sound or a musical note associated with it, and that the entire display expresses a feeling or an emotion. Now imagine that the display is constantly changing, and that each time it changes, different patterns of color, sound, and sensation come forth.That, dear ones, is what you look like to us!

Every thought you have changes the magnificent light display. Every thought also is brought forth as a little vibration, which adds itself to the symphony of vibration that is already in existence. All life everywhere is constantly creating the universe! Your scientists are correct when they say that the universe is expanding –– the All That Is is constantly growing more beautiful, more complex, more fun!

Every time you experience a physical lifetime, you create more colors add another pattern to the beautiful tapestry that is you. You are, indeed, a work of art!

Our message to you this week is to step back from your daily life for a few minutes every day. Step back from the news, your problems and difficulties by simply closing your eyes and imagining something beautiful. Sit there and imagine what that image feels like. Try to feel the feelings and sensations connected with each color, and what each one sounds like. In this way, you may get a tiny glimpse into the magnificence that is you. Even if you cannot do this, imagining or remembering anything pleasant will do! You see, it is important to take some time every day for yourself. Re–creating or imagining pleasure moments feeds your soul. You would not think of going without food or drink during the day, would you? Well, your spirit needs sustenance as well, and it is so easy to do!

Dear ones, we always say that all endings are happy endings. No matter how your life is going, or where you think you might end up, you always return to Source and experience once again the utter magnificence of who you are –– there are no exceptions. You see, life is a win–win!



Have you ever felt troubled? Sad or depressed?

These emotions are incredibly poignant, we know, and sometimes unbearable. But did you know that these emotions are self created, and temporary? Even in the depths of despair, you may still re–discover the connection to who you really are.

They occur, each and every one, because of your resistance to life. When you transition out of your body, you will instantly re–gain your true perspective and you will stop creating them. Imagine a fish out of water, being returned to it. The fish automatically begins extracting oxygen through it’s gills. When you terminate your association with the physical container, you immediately interface directly with the Source of life force energy, without the intermediary, or “middle man” of the body.

We have said before that one of the purposes of the physical container is to allow you to experience negative emotion. Does this sound irrational?

We assure you it is not!

A physical lifetime on earth is exciting! But it is temporary, just like a scary amusement park ride. At first you are eager and excited to go on the gigantic roller coaster, and at the end, you say “Whew! I’m glad that is over!”

When you get home, you tell your friends all about the frightening bits, and how fantastic it all was, even though, during the experience, you were scared out of your mind! And of course, you add little embellishments here and there. A week later, you are eager to go back on that ride.

This is exactly how it is when you come Home. Every one of your negative emotions vanishes, and you only see the beauty and the excitement in your earthly experiences, no matter how horrible they were when you lived through them. And many of you can’t wait to come back.

We tell you this because it sometimes seems as if the road of pain and struggle is endless. Under these conditions, hopelessness, despair and depression sets in. But it is not. The physical experience is temporary, and there is ALWAYS a happy ending!

The idea that ‘when you die, you’re dead’ also contributes to a feeling that struggle is never ending. Fortunately, these memes are becoming less and less dominant as the population of earth re–discovers its spiritual nature.

This process is occurring at an ever increasing rate, but at the present time, is “under the radar.” Your societies are undergoing massive transformation, but it is visible at present only at the grass roots level. Your major political and economic institutions are also undergoing massive change, which is manifesting itself in polarization within them. Those who do not demonstrate integrity are finding it more and more difficult to act in the old ways of obfuscation and duplicity. The light of truth is shining on these established structures, and the cockroaches, as it were, are finding it harder to hide as the rocks are being lifted from them!

We want to tell you that everything on your planet is proceeding magnificently. There are those who say that the earth is dying; that she is being stressed by the pollution and the environmental damage of mankind. Of course humanity is having an effect upon the planet, but the earth has been designed expressly for you, did you know that?

The consciousness of mankind, no matter how insane it may seem to those who are physically incarnated, is in harmony with Gaia. The earth is strong, dynamic, and flexible beyond your ability to understand. All species on the earth, and Gaia Itself, are in perfect balance. Your planet has the ability to adjust to wide swings of the pendulum.

Remember that the surface of the earth is only a very small portion of the planet’s consciousness. Beneath the surface are processes of which you are unaware. The planetary grids, the magnetic field, the atmosphere, the geological processes and the interior of the planet are a coordinated whole. Humankind has not yet learned the full extent of earth’s systems and capabilities.

Our message this week is one of hope!

No matter how bad things get, they will get better.

The physical experience is a win–win situation, both for individual humans, and the earth Itself.

We love and adore all of you!


The Purpose of Life

Oh, we feel inspired to give you a message of love and joy!

What is the purpose of life?

The answer to this question would come under the heading of Truth with a capital T! But what if we told you that the answer was “To Have FUN!!!”

Would you believe us? Or think us a bunch silly–billy’s?

Consider the story of the grasshopper and the ant. The grasshopper sings, plays and has fun all summer, while the ant works hard. When winter comes, the silly grasshopper begs for food at the ant’s house. The ant, according to the story, kicks him to the curb, as Ken would say, and admonishes him by saying, “If you had planned ahead and worked hard, as I did, you wouldn’t be starving.”

But we say, that grasshopper would find food elsewhere. He would survive quite nicely thank you, unless he began to believe in the philosophy of the ant! The ant, you see, in this fable anyway, believes that there is only so much to go around. He has probably convinced his fellow ants, and all other species, that scarcity is the inherent condition for existence and that hard work is the only way to survive. And that is how life evolves, for the power of thought and belief to shape action and manifestation is paramount.

Our grasshopper, if he truly believed in prosperity, may find a wealthy household looking for a story teller or an artist to help the family while away the long winter months.

You see, dear ones, you always work faster and better and more efficiently when you do something you love. And there is always, even on earth, a niche for those who create in areas that are not considered socially acceptable. The story of advancement in art, science, engineering and marketing is the story of those who dared to think outside the box! Nobody wants the same old–same old! And the vibration of fun makes it possible to begin the journey outside the box.

You see, it is impossible not to make something worthwhile when you are having fun. On earth, fun is associated with frivolity and work is associated with practicality and the essentials of life. But what if you could combine fun and work? We assure you that the most magnificent creators are those who do that very thing.

Fun, you see, is the essence of life because it is a connection with who you are. Fun is the allowance of life force energy through your human energy field and through every cell of the body. It is literally true that without fun, there is no life!

Oh, if you could but see the magnificence of the All–That–Is through our eyes! You simply would not believe how glorious it is! Anything you can possibly imagine has and is being created. Did you know that we get many of our ideas from you? And that what you call inspiration is a connection to us? Even though it appears that you are closeted within your biological containers, you are at all times interfacing with the universal medium of thought. You and we are just a thought away!

Now, imagine a playground in which there are environments to play in that match anything you could dream of. This is the All–That–Is –– a magnificent and infinitely vast collection of places to experience in. Ken simply does not have the words to describe what it is like. But we will say that a Native State being has access to any of these environments that you can vibrationally focus upon. The earth is, in microcosm, a physical reflection of the All–That–Is. All physical environments are interpreted realities –– meaning that the physical container in which you reside determines the frequencies that you perceive and the reality that you experience. This is how a non–physical consciousness can experience in an infinite number of ways.

There is not one true reality or one truth! There are many truth’s –– all of them created by an eternal, divine, creative principle that feels love and joy in every moment!

The universe is an expression of this divine and magnificent creator. The Creative Principle is non–physical, so that means that everything you observe on earth is also an expression of the divine creator. In fact, everything you observe IS the creative principle –– we are all, essentially, an aspect of the One, and we are all in this together! We are all one big happy family.

Because consciousness inherently has free will, it is possible to experience in any manner you choose. You may experience pain, illness and suffering, or you may choose to experience more joyfully.

There is no big mystery to experiencing joy. That is because pain is an aspect of joy, not the other way around. Sadness is a harmonic of happiness, poverty is a harmonic of abundance. All things negative are an aspect of something positive and magnificent. When you are in pain you are not vibrationally so far apart from joy, did you know that? That is because pain is the antithesis of joy –– but is very close to it, conceptually.

Imagine a circle in which joy is at the top of the circle. As you resist life, you feel more and more pain. Finally, when the pain becomes almost unbearable, you arrive back at the starting point: joy!

That is what occurs at death –– a complete release from suffering and the resumption of a state of being so exquisite that you will not believe it when it happens. And the good news is that the harder you resist death, the more exquisite will be your release from death! So you see, life is a win–win. Hardship is always temporary. Pain is always impermanent. The only constant of life is well being. That is why we say that the universe is magnificent, and that you are magnificent.

If you could see yourselves through our eyes for even a millisecond, you would abandon all limited conceptions of self–worth. You would throw away your chains and embrace your fellow bothers and sisters, and your planet would literally transform itself into a paradise: a heaven on earth. Of course, if that happened, the earth would not be quite so magnificent! You see, to us, magnificence lies in the variety and diversity of experience. That is why the earth is so glorious, for in one tiny little planetary bubble, there are so many environments, ecosystems, and species that it is truly a work of art. Even within the magnificence of the All–That–Is, your planet is a shining blue jewel –– a place known throughout the universe for its magnificent beauty and terrifying contrast. The earth is a magnificent playground and when you transition, even those of you who have experienced the most excruciatingly painful lifetimes will look upon your experiences as beautiful.


Because it is not possible to feel pain in native state. Because your resistance evaporates when you return Home, and only the beauty remains. All of you are impossibly gorgeous, glorious beings of Light, and, in the first femtosecond after death when you perceive yourselves as you truly are, you will gaze upon yourselves in awe and wonderment, just as we do.

We want you to sit in meditation after this show is over, and consider yourselves from the perspective of a magnificent, Native State being of Light.

Perhaps you will gain a glimpse into the beauty and gloriousness of who you really are. That is all it will take to forever alter your conception of self!


The Spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of who you are. By that we mean that you allow yourselves to celebrate. Did you know that celebration is the closest feeling you can have, spiritually, to that which we experience in native state?

Celebration is love, combined with eagerness, exhilaration, and a feeling of joyous gratitude for who you are and the magnificence of the All–That–Is, which all of us have created.

Our message to you this week, so close to Christmas time, is to find something to celebrate!

Let us look at the word celebrate. Celebration means to mark a joyous occasion or event with festivity or ceremony. Oh, if you could only understand that every moment of your lives is cause to celebrate! Here you are, incarnated upon one of the most challenging and remarkable places in the entire universe! Did you know that we celebrate your lives, in every moment? Even when you feel sad, or depressed, or hopeless, or in despair. Every one of you has a spiritual “crew,” did you know that? These are loved ones in native state who have known you forever, and who celebrate the current expression of your greater self that is now experiencing on earth. We see you as you would an intrepid explorer upon a great adventure, striking out in the wilderness and blazing new trails.

Each and every one of you, on earth, is taking experience and understanding where it has never been before. On earth, all of your experiences are magnified by the intensity of your emotions and the intense focusing of consciousness required to experience through the senses of the human body. Because your spiritual sensors are necessarily atrophied while in the body, you naturally forget sometimes how truly magnificent you are.

That which you call the Higher Self is you, did you know that? All of you is available in every moment. By that we mean, it is possible to feel the greatest joy, love, and appreciation for yourself, by simply opening up to your greater self. You can do this through celebration.

This week, we want you to celebrate yourself! We want you to envision yourself as a vast, magnificent, gorgeous being of sound and light. Imagine the most beautiful music, and the most exquisite, colorful light, configured into the most beautiful shapes and tapestries. Imagine feeling a sense of complete confidence, power, and so much love that you just want to shout it to the rooftops! You will then have a slight glimpse into who you really are.

Meditation: (Sit in a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for 15 minutes or so).

You are walking along in your favorite vacation spot. This could be a forest, a beach, a city street, anywhere that you feel the most light–hearted and carefree. Up ahead you see brilliant colors and hear beautiful music that seems to draw you toward it. As you get closer, you feel the most perfect sense of harmony. The cells of your body, and every one of your thoughts and emotions seem to resonate with sublime perfection to a feeling that everything is just right.

As you approach, you see a magnificent figure standing 30 feet away. This is a being so beautiful that it takes your breath away. It is surrounded by rays of gorgeous light that sparkle and glint, and every time they do, you hear music that resonates within your soul. You walk toward this being with the most wonderful feeling of excitement and anticipation. You just know some thing fantastic is about to happen! You stand before this being, awed, and when you look into that beautiful face, you realize that it is your own face!

This is your Higher Self, and this magnificent being has a message for you. Close your eyes, release all resistance, and listen…what do you feel? This message will not come as words in your head, but as a feeling. Within that feeling may be images and concepts, but they will be in a form that you will understand intuitively. Just sit quietly, and bask in the feeling. You will feel the most wonderful sense of inspiration and admiration for who you are. You may feel so good that you want to jump up out of your chair and tell someone about it, or call someone and tell them you love them. If you are like Ken, you will feel the urge to write something inspirational! Whatever it is, go with it. This is the Christmas gift from You, to You!

Merry Christmas, and remember that you are loved more than words can possibly express.

Love, Ken and the guys


Who or What is God?

We have had requests for weekly message topics from listeners to the Interview with Spirit show. One of the topics that comes up a lot is: Who or what is God? For some, the word God generates fear.

When you perceive from our perspective, the glory of God is evident everywhere. We cannot imagine anything more magnificent than the creations of God. (Here I received images of dozens of environments to play in; from nature scenes to nebulae out in deep space, to dolphins jumping in and out of the water, and many more that I cannot translate. These images were accompanied by the most wonderful feeling of excitement and playfulness.) When you truly connect to God, the idea that God could be dangerous, or that God should be feared, is simply incomprehensible!

Who or what is God?

The short answer is that God is you. God is consciousness; a wonderful, non–physical awareness that fills the universe, and at all times feels joyful. A human being is an aspect or extension of this non–physical consciousness (in the Special Subjects (#42) we have explained how a non–physical consciousness can become individually self–aware). Even when we feel bad, it is simply not comparable to the depths of negative emotion that you experience within your physical bodies. Why? Because in order to feel bad there must be self–denial. In Native State, we are all interfacing directly with God, or what you have called call chi, or prana, or life force energy, and this feels wonderful. It is simply not possible for us to doubt ourselves! Ken has experienced this through our messages. He remarks that we always seem 100% confident, without even the tiniest sideband of doubt. The only doubt Ken ever experiences when dealing with us, comes from within himself!

As we have said many times, the physical body was designed to allow you to experience positive and negative emotion. Does that sound strange? We assure you it is not! Think about this for a minute! Why would an immortal spirit design an environment that allows it to experience pain and misery? The answer is, because it is so different from the way a spirit naturally experiences! You see, we have gone to great lengths to ‘stretch the envelope’, you might say. We have had to be very clever indeed to design an environment that is literally 180 degrees the opposite of how we inherently feel and experience! And do you know what? We are inordinately proud of ourselves! The physical universe is an interpreted environment that has been deliberately designed for “shock value.” All of you are adventurers! You so much wanted to get on this roller–coaster ride called earth. And now you are on it. You are strapped in! Your job is to enjoy the ride!

“God” is simply a term that describes anthropomorphized consciousness. After the end of the last earth cycle, in which human civilization was destroyed, the consciousness of mankind had within it some very destructive and powerfully activated memes, or patterns of thought. As humanity began to reappear on the earth, the consciousness of mankind was of course affected by these destructive memes. Although cooperation is the most natural instinct for life, on earth, the memes of conflict, competition and scarcity became most dominantly activated. As a result, so much knowledge was lost within the species consciousness.

Primitive people did not understand the powerful forces that brought about climactic, geological, and astronomical changes. These forces seemed cold and indifferent, and they naturally sought to humanize them, to make them friendlier. In this way, the idea of gods who were separate from individual human beings was born. It was only a matter of time before the gods became united into one, all–powerful God. And, of course, certain people saw advantages to claiming “divine rights” to lord it over everyone else!

The fear of God stems directly from the artificial separation of consciousness, in the guise of an anthropomorphized God, from individual human beings. This amazing (to us) state of affairs is, essentially, a denial of self and the denial of your fundamental nature. The next time you feel good, notice how much you feel in harmony with everything around you. This feeling is the fundamental connection of your consciousness with the consciousness of all life, of all things. It is what we in Native State experience in every moment, and what some of you call the “now.” The universe is composed of and filled with the awareness of Spirit. The true definition of God is the experience of well-being and joy.

Dear ones, God is a celebration! Every cell, every atom is experiencing well–being. Even the feeling of negative emotion is divinely inspired, for it is an expression of consciousness. Your physical reality is, we assure you, an interpreted reality. We tell you that discomfort is always temporary. Fear, anxiety, depression and hatred are phantoms and evaporate in the presence of well–being. Well–being is the quintessential property of Spirit. It is, inherently, who you are. Well–being is your birthright!

What causes the fear of God to be amplified is the concept of God’s judgment. God is all–powerful, and human beings are required to faithfully obey God’s instructions. Centuries of tradition make them inviolable. Violation of these strictures causes a person to feel that he or she has committed an indiscretion. In this way, a human being is made to feel less–than. These inflexible codes of conduct proscribe thought and action, and cause one to feel guilt and shame. In this way, you are persuaded to deny self. All aberration, all negative emotion, stems from self–denial, did you know that? Only through self-denial can you occlude or obfuscate the connection to, and knowledge of, your divine heritage, and cause the life force energy that flows into every cell of your body and being to become blocked or distorted.

All beings have free will, so of course, a belief in a wrathful God is merely a choice; a choice that can be altered at any time. We tell you that more and more humans are waking up to their spiritual nature, and discovering for themselves the meaning of God. The world is undergoing, energetically, a massive change in consciousness. This is occurring on an individual level, and underneath the “radar” of the mass media. Like an expanding gas, the pressure is building for a shift in consciousness as the old order hangs on to an outdated and self–defeating paradigm of thought.

Oh, it must be exciting to be human at this time! We look with astonishment at how fast the vibrational landscape is changing! We see the year 2008 as a year when many things that are now hidden, will leak out into the public awareness. Those of you engaged in spiritual work will find your endeavors a little easier, as the species consciousness of humanity shifts and the need for spiritual knowledge increases. There is also a great potential for the cracks in the existing political and economic structure to widen, causing upheavals in a system that has lost integrity and needs a new direction. In this new year of 2008, therefore, do you stay balanced and focused and create your life in a positive direction. In this way, you sublimate the vibrations of the fear–mongers who operate in the lower vibrations. Their activities must stick out like a sore thumb, and become more and more obvious as destructive and irrational! It may seem as though chaos reigns, when in fact order and integrity is being restored. Therefore do not panic, for there is no need. Humanity is approaching the end of a planetary vibrational cycle, and is, as you read this, at the threshold of a new one.

Which way will it go? The potential for a positive denouement for humanity, and all of the species with which you interact and affect, is now stronger than ever! As more and more of humanity resonates to well being, the greater is the possibility for your planet to become the paradise it was designed to be.



The listeners on the IWS show have requested healing messages on a variety of topics. This week’s healing message is on relationships.

Oh, relationships are the foundation of joy!

You see, the universe itself was created from the idea of a relationship. “Oh, wouldn’t it be grand to share how I feel?” When this thought occurred, a particle was created different from the thinker. And thus was communication. Communication is the essence of all relationships, and the quality of communication determines the quality of any relationship.

The etheric substance that connects all things and composes all things is thought, and thought resonates to the fundamental vibration of the universe, what you refer to as the OM. When you reach for someone, that connection is love, did you realize that? The essence of communication, therefore, is love! Love is what creates and sustains all relationships. Relationships are about the quality of communication. When you allow your affinity for another to become attenuated in any way, you interfere with the essence of a relationship.

All communication begins on a very high vibrational level, because the genesis of communication is within the spirit, and the essence of spirit is love. Thought generates electro–chemical responses within the body, which determine where a person is on the scale of vibration/emotion. So a relationship begins within you! The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.

A relationship begins with vibrational attraction. Because attraction operates on the principle of ‘like attracts like,’ you become attracted to someone who resonates to the things you do. Take Ken and his wife Jenny. They have been happily married for 30 years, but have divergent tastes in many areas. In fact, Ken and Jenny usually never do anything together outside the house. Even so, there is between them a very deep vibrational attraction. There exists a clear communication line between them that each works on keeping clean and unsullied. We tell you that when communication is unblocked (clear), love emerges. This applies to any relationship you will ever have.

Here is how it works: when communication is clean and clear, understanding is present. And when understanding exists, affinity is the natural result, for understanding embraces the spiritual connection within you and between you. And the quintessential aspect of spirit is affinity!

Think of a communication as a wire connecting two people. When the wire is straight and unbroken, electricity can flow smoothly. Surrounding that wire is a field of energy. That energy field is the love of spirit. Ken has one of his little cats on his lap right now. As he looks into the eyes of his pet, he feels a wash of love inside him, and an answering response from Sergei. Love literally fills the space between them! That is what happens in a relationship when communication is pure, and nothing is hidden.

Now imagine, dear ones, if all of your relationships with your fellow human beings could be the same as that between you and your beloved pets! We want to tell you unequivocally that the foundation, or the baseline, of all relationships between beings is love and understanding!

“Yes,” you say, “but my pet loves me even if I’m crabby! “

Well, we tell you that the human responses of anger, irritation, hostility, contempt or any other lower emotion are learned responses. You all enter the body as pure spirit, looking forward to a wonderful adventure on earth. Within you is a deep and unshakable feeling of love that never goes away, no matter how miserable your life experience is. This feeling comes forth from the essence of who you are, which is a divine, powerful and immortal non–physical personality.

In fact, we say again that you could not experience the depths of negative emotion if love was not the primary vibration. You see, hatred comes from love, and so does depression, anxiety, irritation, sadness and fear. Why is that? Because love represents total freedom, complete understanding and unconditional affinity. Love ALLOWS you to experience anything, no matter how horrible, because love knows that all things originate from it and come back to it. When Jesus the Christ said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” He meant that love created the universe and that a human life is temporary. Like the moisture that rises from the sea into the clouds and condenses back to the sea again as precipitation, a spirit enters the body and then releases its connection, returning always back to love. “I am the Alpha and the Omega” may seem like an arrogant and egotistical statement, but we assure you it is not! The love of God is an all–powerful, all–loving feeling of bliss and happiness, an expansive feeling that encompasses the entire universe! Oh, if you could only feel what we feel right now! You would never doubt yourself again. The world would open to you and life would be pure joy! (Ken sighs)

Now, a relationship is essentially a way to explore the nuances of communication between two beings. Relationships are a dipole: when there are two stable points occupying a position in space, there is a relationship. That relationship establishes a line of communication. The quality of that communication is determined by the free will choices of the participants. But the basis for that relationship is always love. We see that human beings often explore relationships on the negative end of the emotional scale, but this is not necessary. A great relationship is always based on clear communication, which leads to understanding and affinity. You have the choice to put anything on your lines of communication with other people.

This week, we ask you to be mindful of what you think and say to others, not because we want you to be “nice,” but because in so doing you will learn a lot about who you are. Remember that your relationships with others are a direct reflection of what is inside of you. The law of ‘like attracts like’ firmly establishes that!

Exercise: Choose a day and consciously become aware of your emotional state and your attitude toward every person you speak to or interact with. You don’t have to spend a lot of time at this, because if you are honest with yourself you will know very well what you are feeling. Try to feel the quality of the communication between you and the person you interact with. Try to “feel” the space between you. When you do this, you may become aware, much more clearly, what the OTHER person is feeling! When both people on a communication line are aware of what the other is feeling, something wonderful can happen: complete understanding! This is how we do it in Native State, and you can do it too.

If you have an unsatisfying relationship with another, you do not have to continue in the currently activated vibration. By simply becoming aware of the communication line you have with another, you can repair the line at your end, somewhat like the service man who fixes the electrical connection between the power company and your house. When the juice begins to flow, the lights shine brightly!


Stand or sit comfortably where there are people present. This could be in a coffee shop, a mall, or outside in a park. Close your eyes. Let your spiritual sensors roam outward and imagine a communication line to everyone who passes by. Make that connection glow. Do this until you experience a feeling of love. Now open your eyes and radiate love around you, and watch what happens. Like Sergei the cat, you will find yourself with a sweet smile on your face of joy and contentment. You may find that others may stop and want to talk. You don’t have to look anyone in the eye. Just sit there, radiate love, and see how you feel, and how others react. This is step one of the Harmony Project and we assure you that if you can allow the feeling of love (which is who you are, after all!) it will feel really, really good!


The "End Times"

In these times, which some have called the End Times, the vibrational momentum on your planet is increasing. Your have already entered a period of chaos, where the energy of thought, driven by the choices you are making, has detached itself from the current dominant “attractor” and is headed off in a new direction. The exciting news is; no one (least of all us) have any idea where you are headed!

From our vantage point, we see an incredibly intricate, dynamic, and beautiful tapestry of light that human beings are creating with their thoughts and preferences. These patterns are creating billions of swirling vortices of energy; they combine for a while and release in millions of different geometries, all of it exquisitely beautiful to us. There will come a time, in the near future, when these patterns will coalesce broadly and a new, more stable era in human consciousness will be born. The dynamic and volatile nature of this consciousness shift is directly related to the growth of human population, just as a crowded parking lot will generate more movement and a greater chance of accidents. An expanding population means more ideas and more options.

The time frame for this can be anywhere within a couple of years, to several decades. It all depends where and when the patterns reach what has been called a tipping point. The tipping point, we would say, is the new dominant vibrational pattern, or attractor, which the choices of humanity will create. The new attractor will invite thought, belief, and therefore action, to it.

You have no idea of the power of your thoughts and your choices. Each of you is a powerful vortex of energy. Each of you is surrounded by a field of subtle energy that influences each other, the species consciousness, and the geological and climactic processes which proceed forth from the energy field of Gaia herself. Each of you contribute your powerful note to the “everybody knows.”

We use this term to describe the accepted mode or pattern of belief. For thousands of years, for example, one of the maxims of humanity’s dominant belief system was that the woman is subordinate to the man. This idea went unquestioned in most human societies until a century ago. Now that idea is increasingly seen as outdated.

How does an idea that has been accepted for so long become transcended?

When a new alignment of thought occurs. This happens only in periods of change. Change occurs when the rapidly moving vortices of energy, in their bumping up against each other, become perturbed. In other words, change is inevitable when the population grows large enough. A new alignment of thought brings about new physical structures based upon the actions taken from that new alignment. We tell you that your planet, right now, is in the midst of a hurricane of movement: the perturbations resulting from internet and mobile technology (which generate new ideas and rapidly spread them throughout the globe) are affecting even the most isolated cultures and peoples. Like a hurricane that picks up momentum as it slides along the waters, the consciousness of humanity is whirling about. What appears to be conflicting forces –– the forces of darkness and the forces of light, as some call them –– are energies attempting to come into balance. Both “sides” are resisting the attractor of the other. On the one hand, the “old” attractor contains the vibrations of hierarchy, domination, scarcity, competition and conflict, while the “new” attractor contains the ideas of peace, cooperation, mutual respect and abundance for all. Of course, this description is simplistic in the extreme, for there are actually billions of attractors; it is just that the majority of energy has been coalescing around these.

The “dark” forces are resisting the new attractor, but those who desire harmony are also resisting the attractor of the old paradigm. In this way, each attractor comes closer to the other, seeking necessary balance.

We tell you that, in the words of one of your science fiction characters, “resistance is futile.” In your personal lives and in your organizations, fighting what is not wanted will stick you like glue to the unwanted thing. That is because in this transitional period of volatility and heightened energy, your choices have more oomph! Creating positive outcomes requires a focus on the positive outcome, NOT the overcoming of the perceived obstacle.

Here is a mental thought experiment: You are traveling along the road and you find a big tree branch has fallen over the surface, blocking movement. What do you do? What’s the first thing that occurs to you?

If your first thought was “turn back,” you have given up on your dream.

If your first thought was ”get out of the car and move the obstacle,” you are probably someone who likes a good fight!

If your first thought was, “fly over it,” you are probably someone who likes to create new realities.

We never said you were traveling in an automobile!

For those who wish more balanced human societies, the solution is always to visualize and create a NEW, more positive reality, rather than attempting to eliminate perceived obstacles to the goal. The latter is the solution of the “old” order and will stick you right back in it.


1) Make a list of the unwanted situations in your life.

2) Write down what you are doing about them (if anything)

3) Determine whether your solution is about removing obstacles, or creating a more positive reality. Example of the former: “If my stupid bother–in–law would stop asking me for money, I might be in better financial shape.”

Where are you on the scale of emotion / vibration regarding this situation?

If the former, try thinking out of the box. Figure out a way to create a positive result from a higher vibration. This is the only way to ensure an outcome that is not at the same vibration as the problem!

1 / 22/ 08

Time and The NOW moment

What would we like to say this week?

Ken has just read a profound spiritual experience written by a person who found their connection to the NOW, and to Spirit. Ken wants to know why so many people are DISconnected, and why don’t more people have spiritual awakenings?

We tell you that when resistance is lowered you allow the creative energy of the universe to permeate your consciousness and your physical body with ease. When this happens, a profound sense of spiritual contentment and realization of your magnificence and the oneness of all things is possible. The NOW is just another way of saying “connection to Source.”

The NOW is a feeling.

It is a feeling of timelessness.

Why timelessness?

Because time is associated with resistance!

Have you ever noticed that when you feel really, really good, the feeling of the passage of time disappears? That is because all resistance disappears as well! The more you notice the passage of time, the greater is your vibrational distance from the now.

The key to releasing from the flow of time is, almost paradoxically, focus. A state of bliss may be achieved through meditation when there is complete release of focus; and, during physical activity (like Tai Chi, martial arts, or any sport) when there is intense focus. Intense focus places your mind exclusively upon the goal. When complete alignment of thought with the goal is achieved, a release point is reached. For example,

when an athlete gets “in the zone” he or she simply experiences complete, profound focus and a detachment from all resistance to the physical activity. This allows him or her to play effortlessly at the maximum skill level. That is what happens when you focus on a desired outcome without worry or anxiety.

The NOW is a timeless state in which you are open to the universe. Inspiring ideas flood into your consciousness and you feel eager and excited. Anything and everything seems possible! You transcend the senses of the physical container and connect directly through your personal vortex to the subtle substrate of consciousness that composes the universe and everything in it. You achieve a quantum leap in awareness.

Consider a circle, with a point at the top (A). That point is both total focus and complete release!

Here is how it works: When you enter the body, that aspect of you focuses very powerfully around and within the physical container, yet you retain full awareness of the Higher Self and Spirit. Contradictorily, you are both completely focused and completely released: that is the power of the non–physical, non–dualistic Spirit to BE two things simultaneously –– something impossible within the polarizing constraints of the physical. (The dualistic nature of the physical creates time, and a separation of self from the NOW. One of the joys of the physical experience is the re–discovery of that timeless state! When it happens, you feel a sense of awe and a rush of source energy that knocks your socks off and can completely change your life. This profound experience that is born from extreme contrast is something we cannot experience, for we know ourselves in every moment).

As you travel round the circle, there is more and more focus (often on unwanted things!) within the physical framework. When the immersion within the physical is at it’s highest and the life is over, you complete the circle at point A again, and experience the complete release known as death.

That is why some people will reach “rock bottom’ and have an epiphany. Their focus is so strong on one thing (even if it is undesirable) for so long that they travel completely round the circle and hit the total release point again. You see, dear ones, you always have a choice. As we have said before, even when you reach a state of hopelessness, you are very close to a profound and powerful spiritual awakening, for total release and complete focus are contained at the same point.

Dear ones, there is nothing mysterious about the now, or connection to source. We tell you that an acceptance of who you are will lead directly to greater connection, and your own personal spiritual awakening. Does this sound simplistic? We assure you it is not.

Let us repeat: COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE OF SELF LEADS TO THE NOW, and a profound feeling of happiness and bliss. If you were simply to accept every event in your life as the perfect experience in that moment, you would achieve this connection. That is because, as we tell you again and again –– because it is the most profound truth in the universe –– you are magnificent beings of light and know yourselves as love and well being. That is true even now, within your physical containers. Do you realize that you look the same to us within your bodies as you do without? All of you are huge, magnificent clusters of Light, and when you are in a room with other humans, your energy fields are constantly interacting. You are constantly communicating with each other on a profound spiritual level! All of your thoughts, dreams, hopes and prayers also attach to the species grid, which is a planetary grid of thought of the human race (all species have one). And so you are always communicating subtly with every other human on the planet.

The question that humans will ask is, “well, how do we do this? How do we reach the now? How do we fully accept ourselves?”

Dear Ones, there is no how. When you ask “how” or “why”, this takes you immediately out of the now! These spiritual experiences occur spontaneously, when you are not thinking of your life. There is always a strong or even desperate desire for change, for when there is strong asking there is also a strong answering response from the universe.

Spiritual awakenings can occur at any time, because you are NEVER alone. You are surrounded at all times by the powerful force of love and Source; you exist at all times in your physical incarnation at the tip of a vortex that connects at the top to your Higher Self, and the All–That–Is, and at the bottom to your physical body. You are always just a thought away from complete release and bliss!


Scan over your life and remember one of the rough spots. This could be a bad relationship, a failed business, an embarrassment, anything. More than likely you have a host of negative thoughts around that experience, but we want you to look at it NOW, with new eyes.

Examine the incident from many angles, as if you were a movie director moving the cameras. Look at the event and the players (including yourself) from above, then from the front, back, and both sides. See the event as a series of moving energies, not as a collection of thoughts or beliefs or attitudes ABOUT the event. Understand that whatever happened, it was the perfect experience FOR YOU at the time. Don’t analyze it or justify it. Accept it.

If you can do this, your consideration of the experience will change and the negative thoughts around it will blow off. We assure you that if you could do this for any “negative” experience, you would lower your resistance to life and begin to feel a greater sense of who you are!

Weekly Message 1/ 29/ 08


We notice that Ken is resonating to earth changes and the changes in vibration within humanity, and how that affects people in their personal lives. So we will continue on that theme because we can’t get anything else through!

The impetus for the changes on your planet are occurring almost exclusively within the consciousness of humanity. As we have said before, humanity’s species consciousness is the most powerful. Your choices create vibrations that affect other species, and the earth herself. Therefore the earth changes are, at this point in time, powered by the choices of humanity. The present planetary situation is the result of the current vibrational state of your consciousness.

The earth is strong; a powerful, magnificent being of light. All is well. The plants produce their seeds, the larvae produces the insect, the embryo turns into the animal, the children are born, just as it has always been and always will be. The earth is in balance. The crisis –– there is not really a crisis, but we call it that, for many resonate to this vibration –– is entirely within the consciousness of mankind. Surrounding you is an infinity of well–being!

Is it any wonder that almost all channelers have the same message? It is the message of love, the message of joy and well–being, for this is the fundamental vibration of the universe and everything in it.

You have no idea how powerful are your thoughts (that is by design), and how they affect other species, and that portion of the earth –– the surface –– which you inhabit. What occurs on the surface of the earth is but a tiny fraction of the whole.

Our message this week is that you have choices.

You always have choices, to look toward the Light, or away from it. When you look toward the positive, you resonate to the overwhelming flow of well being that surrounds and permeates every cell, every atom, of the earth, and of your physical bodies. The so–called darkness is truly pitiful. From our vantage point, we see a clearly designed mask within the species grid that deflects attention away from the fundamental truth of spirit, and towards an agenda that takes your power away. This agenda is easily recognized: it always evokes emotions that are below the positive line on the scale of emotion / vibration. It is really very easy to tell whether something is good or bad: what emotion does it evoke within you? We tell you that this system of judgment and assessment is infallible. True discernment is not the weighing of facts, but the pinpointing of emotion and feeling, for feeling is a direct evaluation of vibration. Where you vibrate determines the kinds of thoughts and beliefs you create, and thus your manifestations!

We tell you again that all is well. Humankind right now is feeling its way away from the old attractor and toward the light. As this process occurs, old thought forms rise to the surface and are released. They seem to be crowding about sometimes, do they not? The question is, how much time should you spend regarding your discarded beliefs? Our advice is to acknowledge them, and pay no more attention to them. We would celebrate them, just as you would celebrate the cleansing of pus from an infected wound –– even though it may hurt a little!

What do you, personally, choose? Would you rather feel good, or pay attention to the truth of those things that are no longer serving you?

We tell you that the vibrational changes within the consciousness of humanity affects everyone; no one is immune. Many are feeling uncomfortable emotionally as the shifting energy patterns interact with your personal energy field, just as a wind shift affects the sailing ships that float upon it. The solution is not to focus on those uncomfortable emotions, for they are being driven out by the Light of the higher vibrations. Focus upon the Light, and the darkness will release from within you. Always focus on the Light!

Now is the time, dear ones, to look within and find your inner desire, your soul purpose. The shifting of energy is leading directly and inevitably to the discovery of self within all of you. There is always a choice to take the helping hand of love or to turn away. Those who turn away are finding it more and more uncomfortable to be human at all.

Those who ”go with the flow” will find it easier and easier to break through the barrier of self–imposed and limiting thought. We tell you that the quickest way to discover these barriers of belief and dissolve them is to consciously align your thoughts and consciously create your life in a positive direction. Vibrationally speaking, conscious intent drives the process, just as the electricity moving through the heating coil in your stovetop provides the energy to boil the water. Self limiting beliefs and thoughts come to the surface naturally when you direct your energy toward the light. However, when you consciously search for these thought forms, you activate them. This is law, for in a vibrational universe, that which you place your attention on becomes activated, and you therefore begin to resonate to it. The solution is always to look toward the light, for that not only connects you to the OM, the energy of Source, but also bubbles those unwanted thoughts to the surface so that they may be released, just as the molecules of water steam up and are released into the atmosphere.

How does this happen?

The darkness naturally seeks the light, for even in its confusion, it recognizes its genesis, its origin. Darkness repels, light attracts, and so light seeks light, and darkness also seeks light. That is why criminals are forever fighting amongst themselves! So you see, the situation is a win–win!

On earth at the present time, the dominant resonance is more and more toward the Light, which is why you see so much of the dark residue coming to the fore. Again we tell you that these old thought forms (and the activities based upon them) are being released, just as Ken releases impurities in his body during one of his electronic foot baths!

Paradoxically, it appears that, as Ken says, “everything is going to hell in a hand basket,” when just the opposite is true. For without the positive focus provided by those who resonate joyously to the Light, the darkness itself could not be healed. Yes, the darkness is crying for help! Those who have turned away from the Light act more and more desperately in their seeking, for they are lost. Such persons behave in more and more bizarre and irrational ways, like a drowning man thrashing about in the water, frantically seeking the surface, and life giving air.

Do not despair at current events! If necessary, turn off your television receivers, and take a walk in nature. Meditate. Find quiet time for yourself, relax and find peace, love, and joy. THAT is the true reality, and the lower emotions are a turning away from who you are.

Now, when the vibration of humanity is raising, it is more important than ever to keep your focus positive.

Find a desire! Find the time to express it! Think about your desire, expand upon it, tell it to your friends, create your life in the direction that you want it to go, and in so doing, raise your personal vibration and spread light throughout the world!

Weekly message 2 / 05 / 08

“Grinding it out”

Ken asks us to give him something for those who are asking for ways to navigate more comfortably through the daily grind of life on earth.

The first thing we would like to say is that your life feels more like a “grind” because of the vibrational increase of energy and the consequent compression of time. This is a natural result of the choices you are making, which we will explain in more detail.

Events are moving so quickly that you feel more and more pressure to complete your daily tasks. What is time after all but a feeling? Even though your clocks run at a constant rate all over the planet, for some time goes by quickly and for others it drags. Time exists as a property of motion, dear ones. Something is here, then it is there, which leads to the concept of before and after. Time is an inherent attribute of any universe. In your physical bodies you are naturally immersed in time.

Imagine sitting in a still room. There is no motion, no action. Time will seem to pass very, very slowly! Now imagine yourself on a football field. People are running about madly, and you are right in the middle! Now you feel anxious, because there is simply too much motion.

In the past, life was slower and people felt more relaxed. Today, energy is flowing faster and faster, as when water enters a vortex formed by a drain. This energy is invisible to your human senses, yet is has a profound background effect on your consciousness. It is the energy of thought, brought about by your own asking, and the consequent awakening of consciousness within the whole of humanity.

Is there a way to slow life down to a more comfortable level? Yes, there is! Like the ship on the water, when the wind blows too quickly, you must let down the sails to avoid being capsized. In this way, you may step out of the madly rushing flow of life. How do you let your sails down?

First we want to say that because time is moving faster and faster, when you set a direction you become pushed along that path more quickly. In other words, it is like stepping into a very fast moving current. When the current is slow, you walk quietly and comfortably, but when the current is fast, you feel a stronger pull. On earth at the present time, there are so many rockets of desire for improvement and abundance that collectively, humanity is pushing the blender setting to high! Manifestation of your thoughts is coming sooner and quicker than ever before. That is why events in your societies appear to be polarizing: both good and bad decisions are supported, and are each being carried more strongly toward manifestation. Vibrationally speaking, your thoughts are being amplified!

This means that when you choose a path, you find yourself further along in a shorter period of time than you may have wanted. If you have chosen a path that does not serve you, you will know it very quickly! Before, you were able to amble along for quite a while until you encountered a deadfall, or a storm. But now, the “buffer” of time is decreasing, which means that your margin for error is getting shorter and shorter. Because of the rapidly moving flow of energy, you are now required to make choices more quickly than ever before, which, of course, further increases the flow of energy as more and more thoughts stir up the mix (when you are surrounded by charging football players, you had better move fast)! It is no longer possible to sit calmly on the fence and watch events go by. All are being forced to choose the direction of their lives You have, en mass, asked for abundance and improvement in conditions. The universe is responding! Your choices, both good and bad, are manifesting more quickly. This is what you have asked for, and it is being given!

What we have said above can be summarized by saying that contrast is increasing, which is causing you to more clearly and precisely define that which is wanted. When confronted with unwanted things, you very quickly make up your mind to choose again, do you not? If you do not –– as you have undoubtedly noticed –– your life becomes more uncomfortable. This is how it should be! We have said before that humanity is leaving the old attractor of follow–the–leader, conflict, competition, domination and victimization and is finding a new vibrational plateau. It is glorious! You are in a transition period, searching for higher ground, and life sometimes feels chaotic. But we assure you that this feeling of chaos exists only when you have not made up your mind to discover and follow your soul purpose. We tell you there is nothing wrong with you. Each one of you is feeling more powerfully, is more sensitive to the changes in thought brought about by the yearning of billions of people for positive change. Each of you is becoming more intuitive! You are able to feel more strongly the thoughts and intent of others. The key to understanding events on earth at the present time is this: That which has been hidden is being brought forth.

This is a positive development, dear ones. The energy fields of each human being are being cleansed. Vibrationally speaking, that which is no longer resonating to the beauty and light of Spirit is coming up for inspection, to be acknowledged and released! The dark spots within your sphere of consciousness, those pockets of resistance that encapsulate old beliefs are, like painful sores, being exposed and healed by the increasing light. The light of spirit is now penetrating that old attic of your beliefs, with all of its dusty boxes and cobwebs.

So how do you let down your sails?

The first thing you must do is step out of the current of your life. The second thing you must do is choose again. Sit on the shore, relax, and take a look at what you have chosen, for it is your choices that have created the life path you are on. If you are traveling a path that feels uncomfortable, realize that your thoughts are to some extent not aligned to your desires. We assure you that no matter how fast the energy flows, when you are in the middle of the stream you are carried along quickly, but easily, to the goal. The balloonist, in a strong wind, notices only calm, because his balloon travels at the very same speed as the rapidly moving air. When you choose a path that is true to yourself, you feel better and have success.

Find a desire. We tell you that over and over again, because it is so fundamental to your happiness. What is a desire? It is something that lights you up. It is something to feel eager and excited about! It is something aligned with your personal soul purpose. It is an expression of YOU.

The most important questions you should be asking yourself are: What makes me feel good? Am I thinking about, talking about, and acting upon that which makes me feel good? We are not talking about artificial stimulants for the body, like alcohol and drugs. These are pitiful substitutes for the light of spirit and the creative energy of the universe. We are talking about thoughts and activities that align YOU with YOU. You to You is an energy flow, did you realize that? It is the flow of energy from self to self. It is the most important flow, for it is self–reflexive –– meaning that whatever you think affects the condition of your human energy field, and your emotions. (for more information, see “The Vibrational Universe”). What you do on the reflexive flow determines your vibrational signal to the universe, and what the universe matches you up with!

Dear Ones, you are immersed in a magnificent tapestry of light, a tapestry of your own creation! That light is changing rapidly now. All of you are magnificent beings of light, perceiving through the limiting filters of your human bodies, which hides your glory from you. But you have been given an infallible guide: your emotions. The scale of emotion / vibration will tell you whether you are resisting, or accepting, whether you are going with the flow, or against it, whether you have chosen the right path, or not. To determine your position at any time, simply ask yourself this question: does it feel right to me? If the answer is no, then choose again! If the answer is yes, then go for it!!!

Weekly Message 2 / 12 / 08

The Tip of the Iceberg

Well Dear Ones, Ken is very excited about developments going on “behind the scenes,” but we do not wish to talk about these events right now. All we will say is that a denouement of sorts is occurring within human societies, which has manifested as turmoil within global finance (Ken calls it a crisis) that is the inevitable result of an increase in awareness and a rooting out of hidden agenda’s.

What is occurring right now is a coming together of humanity on a planetary scale! This is exciting news and there may be an unsettling period before the blockages and resistance are aligned to a new era of openness, integrity, and mutual respect among nations and peoples. This is already occurring rapidly at the grassroots level as people from all nations get on–line and use the new communications devices that are becoming more and more available. The earth at this time is finding a new balance at a higher vibration! Is not that exciting! Many of you signed up to be on the planet precisely for these unfolding events. You knew that as the population increased, the potential for a quantum leap in consciousness was possible. And it is occurring as we speak, brought about by individuals reaching for a greater sense of self, and re–discovering their spiritual nature.

As we always say, you have no idea of the power of your thought. From our perspective, we see the energy shifting just as a frozen river might thaw out as the rays of the sun begin to warm the water. That which was frozen in place, or hidden beneath the ice, is now being loosened. The waters are beginning to flow in their natural direction, and in the process, obstructions within the water, and rocks stuck to the bottom, are becoming exposed. Oh dear ones, this is so exciting! To think that you, the human Masters, have changed the script and written in a new direction! That is what is happening right now, and we hope you are as excited to be living through and creating the new path as we are to watch it unfold!

But now we will change the subject, for there is something we wish to share with you this week. Ken is eager to find out as well, as he has no idea! This week, we want to tell you a story. This is a story of a little boy named Michael. Michael is 8 years old, and he has been born into a time of increasing and unsettled energy. Within his being, he feels a strong soul purpose however; which is to see through to completion, the path which those of earlier generations have begun. Michael understands, somehow, that he is like a lighthouse, broadcasting his love and his energy into the ethers for others to pick up on, and increasing the planetary vibration.

You might never know this from Michael’s behavior, however! Michael is often angry and rebellious, or, at other times, sullen. His parents deplore his inability to concentrate on his schoolwork, and get along with family members, or others in his class. But Michael knows that he is right, and will not be dissuaded! (This is why his parents despair at his “bad attitude”). Michael knows that despite his acting out, he is truly part of the solution, not part of the problem!

How can Michael be a lighthouse, you ask, a force for positive change, while manifesting emotional states that are in the negative range?

The answer is that these emotions are the tip of the iceberg. Michael, like many of you (and Ken) sometimes, and more often than you would like, find yourselves wondering why you cannot control your emotions and your feelings. You wonder why your lives are not going in the intended direction.

Well, we want to tell you that they are!

Those of you who call yourselves healers, light–workers, or spiritual workers, are, through your focused intent for greater love, harmony, and prosperity, creating the conditions which cause you to feel emotional, and give your lives a seemingly unintended direction!

You see, dear ones, 95% of what is occurring energetically is below the surface.

We have told you over and over that the power of thought and intent is greater than you can possibly imagine. Most of the effects of your thoughts and intent are nor visible to you –– you only see a roiling and bubbling on the surface of the water, but not the cleansing that goes on beneath!

The emotional and vibrational level of humanity is increasing, did you know that? From victimization and an almost apathetic acceptance of events –– which has, throughout history, led to the follow–the–leader mentality –– human beings have made conscious choices for improvement. More and more individuals have decided to be their own counselor, and discover the powerful energy of source that results in a connection to inner self. Here is the source, the engine, which is driving the current earth changes!

This can feel scary sometimes, for who is there to give you direction? Who is there to lead, and blaze the trail for you? Is it not more comfortable to let others show the way forward? Well, we tell you that in the higher vibrations, individuals act from a sense of sovereignty and self–empowerment that will lead to strong, prosperous and open societies where the talent and abilities of everyone are respected and encouraged! Is this not something to look forward to? Of course it is, and YOU, dear reader, are the ones on the leading edge!

The increase in vibration is leading to an overall rising on the scale of emotion to anger, which is where humanity is at the present time. And of course, we all know what anger is like! Lot’s of things being smashed, lots of undirected energy, and a sense that things are spinning out of control! We want to tell you, however, that things are actually spinning INTO control!

Our little friend Michael understands this on a soul level. Even when he is angry, he knows a feeling of satisfaction within him; the same satisfaction that a master craftsman has when he builds a new set of cabinets. The expected delivery of wood may not show up; he may discover that he has not the right tool to work the wood, or he might be feeling very tired that day. But he KNOWS that he has the skill to overcome these seeming obstacles and create a beautiful, finished product. Even though his thoughts might vary from the beautiful cabinets he is creating, and he may “act out,” fundamentally his focus and intent is on the goal. His dramatizations are the inspection and releasing of old energy patterns. In the past, these dramatizations were frustrated appeals for change that were blocked, for there was not enough oomph behind them to make a difference. But that has all changed now!

Michael knows, as you know, that even though he feels uncomfortable, he is situated at just the right time and place. Oh dear ones, now is the time to grab hold of your dreams and make them a reality! There is so much asking around the world for a return to spiritual principles of harmony, abundance, peace and cooperation within the species consciousness of humanity!

For millennia, these impulses have been blocked by events that occurred during the last planetary cycle. But now, at the denouement of this latest cycle, you are transcending these old, powerful, established thought forms and are dissolving them in the Light of the higher vibrations! These impulses grow stronger every day and may cause you to feel that you have lost your anchor, and do not know where to go. We tell you to point your ship in the direction of joy, happiness, and love.

More and more of you are asking “Why am I here?” “What is my soul purpose?” “What should I be doing with my life?” “How can I make my life better?”

These questions bubble to the surface of your consciousness as old beliefs are inspected, and cause turmoil within your energy field. As the energy of humanity becomes higher in frequency, your individual energy also is affected because, of course, you interface with the thoughts of your fellow men and women, other species, and the earth herself. You are all in this together! This is a symbiotic process as your asking creates the higher frequencies which then disturb and bring to the surface, the hidden resistances and beliefs and agendas within the species consciousness.

Do not condemn those who are acting in ways that appear to be heinous and criminal! These dear ones have volunteered to be the bad ones, the “evil forces” to which the darkness attaches, the ones who stick out like sore thumbs and act as examples of what is wrong and what needs to be changed!

Have patience with your children as well, dear ones, as they hold the energy for the change to a higher consciousness.

We tell you again to find your desire. Find that which inspires and motivates you to action that causes you the most joy! Those who dare to take that risk –– and it is no risk at all, dear ones, as you well know –– will find themselves aligning with the new energy of prosperity and cooperation, the all–powerful creative energy of the universe!

Find your desire and express yourself –– that inner self that is connected intimately to God, to the divine, to spirit, to the all-powerful vibration that is love! Love is who you are, and all thought, all action is an expression of love, as we told you on the latest Interview With Spirit radio show.

The polarization of thought and action is a natural result of the transcendence of the old paradigm. Soon these two opposites will come together in a new synthesis at a higher level of vibration. You, the earth Masters, are creating the conditions for heaven on earth!

Weekly message 2 / 26 / 08

Living in The Heart

The subject for the show this week is living in the Heart. What does that mean?

We see the heart center of the body as one of the primary focal points for the reception of life force energy. The body is not a solid, separate entity from your consciousness and your energy field, although you live in that illusion. We say illusion not because we mean that you are deluded –– for the entire purpose of the body is to focus, intensify and solidify experience and perception –– but because, vibrationally speaking, there is no separation whatsoever from the energy that composes the body and what you call your energy field, or your “aura.” The body is a focused collection of this energy. Just as an herbal concoction, or an aroma oil, is a concentrated distillation, so too is the body a focusing of life force energy.

You are a receiver for life force; your entire body has been designed to focus and circulate this energy throughout the body! Just as we interface directly with life force energy, so do you. It is just that, encased in your biological containers, the flow of energy is obscured. You cannot SEE it, but you can FEEL it. This energy is love, joy, excitement, serenity –– there are many names for it. We prefer to call it life force, for it is the energy that composes your body and everything physical.

So you see, you cannot but live from the heart! We tell you that the angry one, the violent one, the fearful one, is receiving this blessed energy just as the joyful one! How you feel depends upon what you do with this energy! You have free will to resist or distort your energy field as you wish. You do this through your free will choices.

We are ALL living in the heart! All life, all universes, all consciousness, exists within an ocean of life force, you see. Now this answer is far too simple for you, we understand that. You want to know how you can release anger, do you not? You want to know how to “connect” with this powerful energy and feel wonderful all the time, do you not?

Well, we have the answer for you!

The answer is FUN!

No wait, that is too simple, and we have given it before. it is not profound enough! All right, we will try again!

The answer is ‘find a desire.” Well, that is a little more complicated, but still not good enough, is it? And it is not profound either, for we have said it over and over again. If it were as simple as that, you say, everyone would be happy and joyful! So that cannot be the answer.

All right, we will try again.

The answer is, read the sacred texts and discover how others found release into joy. Read books and take courses from those who have discovered their own personal path to heart–centered living.

Well, that’s no good either, is it? Because you have already done that, but it didn’t work!

All right, we will try one last time.

The answer is, FUN!

You all desire happiness, but you don’t engage in activities, or think thoughts that are fun. We assure you that if your main motivation in life were to have fun, your life would change completely. You would connect so powerfully with life force, with the creative energy of the universe, that inspiration would be your constant companion.

“But how do I have fun?” you ask. “How do I go to my crummy job and have fun?” “How am I supposed to have fun when the money runs out at the end of the month, and the bills are due?”

Dear Ones, this is a question you must ask yourself. It is the most important question you will ever ask, and the answer is the most important answer you will ever receive.

Right now, as you listen to us, ask yourself these questions:

“What is fun for me?”

“How can I make everything I do more fun?”

If your answer is, “I cannot,” or “that’s stupid,” then you are stuck, dear ones, for this universe is vibrational in nature. The computer programmers say, ‘garbage in, garbage out,” but the universe operates just the opposite: “garbage out, garbage in.” If you want an explanation of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration, look no further than that. All you have to do is change the word “garbage” to “fun” or anything you desire (or do not desire), and you have the simple but powerful mechanism of the universe. What goes out from you, comes back to you!

Now humans love to complicate their explanations. You talk about morphogenic fields, and dynamic, non–linear processes, and all the rest. But the simple and powerful fact is that you are surrounded by love and joy. If you could see the universe from our perspective, you would see, as we said last week, that you are all sitting thirsty in boats, in the middle of fresh water, and wondering where and how you can find a drink.

The truth is that there is no ONE answer, no one–size–fits–all process, no formula, that everyone can follow for success and happiness. That is because you designed the universe that way! You knew how boring it would be to snap your fingers and get the manifestation. The truth is, dear ones, that you came to earth to discover your own path to joy. If you learn one thing from us, learn this: you are, yourself, the answer to every question. You are the alpha and the omega. You are already a perfected being, seeking greater experience. You came to earth for the fun and the challenge of it.

You see, before you entered the body, you understood that fun and challenge are intimate. You cannot have one without the other, for challenge without fun is not challenge at all, but misery, hopelessness, and despair. When you allow the FUN to go out of anything, you have lost your way, and have lost yourself in the process. You have lost the purpose for being!

Challenge is excitement! Challenge is embracing fun to the accomplishment of a goal. Challenge is eagerly looking over that next hill for a new adventure! In a nutshell, dear ones, the purpose of the earth experience is to have fun!!

Can you be serious about something and have fun? Of course! Dear ones, seriousness, from our perspective, is simply the focusing of attention to a task. Somehow, humans have gotten this twisted around to mean that the focusing of attention –– concentration –– must preclude fun. Just the opposite is true! When you are eagerly engaged in an activity, you are the most tightly focused. Your concentration is at the utmost and is most effective when you are having fun. When you are not having fun, your mind begins to notice that which is not congruent with the goal, and disharmony seeps in. You become distracted. You begin to notice the phones ringing, the shouting voices, the uncompleted proposals. The steps that you have planned out for the accomplishment of the goal now seem like barriers, instead of fun challenges.

So the message this week is that living in the heart means FUN!

The English language has the perfect word for this, for the vibrational harmonics associated with the word FUN are a very close match to life force energy itself, and to who you are. Living in the heart means having fun. Being playful.

We assure you, dear ones, that every one of you is capable of re–connecting with this simple but powerful energy. We encourage you to fine ways to make even the dullest parts of your life more fun. The reason your life is dull is precisely because you have allowed the fun to go out of it! So what is The Answer? Discover WHY you are doing what you are doing. Underneath “the bills” and “the job” and “the grind” and “more money” is a desire –– your desire. As we say almost every week, your job is to discover that desire –– the desire that leads to your passion.

Go forth and have FUN!!!

Weekly Message 3 / 4/ 08

The Bridge to Spirit

Dear Ones, the bridge to Spirit can be summed up in one word: well–being.

What is well being? It is that feeling that ‘everything is RIGHT with the world.’ This feeling of rightness is the closest vibration to the background vibration we all feel in Native State. It is the vibration that penetrates and composes all things. The universe is vibrational in nature. All things are unique, which means that they are distinct and may be perceived as individual entities. This occurs because of the vibrational interface between the perceiver and that which is perceived. We do not wish to get involved in a technical discussion, so we will just say that when a being changes his or her attitude about anything, that thing is experienced differently! That is why a depressed person can look at the things in his house, at his place of work, at her relationships, and see misery, while another person may experience those very same things with joy.

Innately, the material world IS well–being. Underlying the existence of all things is a fundamental vibration of livingness. Living–ness, itself, is a feeling of harmony, of excitement, of well–being. That feeling of rightness exists because that which exists is happy to exist! Dear Ones, what is the alternative? Do you think that the universe was created in misery? Oh, we get a big laugh out of that idea! But it is prevalent in some of your belief systems.

That feeling of rightness comes about because anything that exists says to itself, “Here I am!” And that is the most wonderful feeling. It is a celebration! To know that you exist and are part of an infinitely beautiful universe, that is a magnificent thing indeed! This feeling is the OM, the fundamental vibration of the universe and everything in it.

Now how would it be, dear ones, if your existence was based upon the idea of wrong–ness? Why, that feeling could not lead to the creation of anything! What happens when you feel depressed? You feel like dissolving, like giving up, like not associating with anything. You feel like snuffing out your very existence! But of course, a universe is based upon aggregation and conglomeration. It is based upon reaching–out. This feeling of reaching out creates movement.

Your scientists tell you that the nucleus of your atoms are composed of quarks, and the atoms themselves of protons neutrons and electrons, and your molecules of atoms, and your chemical compounds of molecules, on and on up the chain to more and more complexity. All of this requires cooperation and harmony! So you see dear ones that the universe itself must be based upon well–being. Existence itself is fundamentally positive, not negative! What you describe as negative is merely a harmonic of the positive. An uncomfortable feeling is a distorting or a blocking of the energy of life.

How do you bridge to spirit?

By finding that in your life which gives you the greatest feeling of well–being.

Right now we want you to make a list. Write down or mentally jot down the things in your life: your relationships, your work, your family, your home, your hobbies and interests. Which of these gives you the greatest feeling of well–being?

Now make another list. On this list place the time that you spend on each aspect of your life.

Now compare the lists. How much time do you spend on that which gives you the greatest feeling of well–being?

In this way you can gauge the quality and the quantity of your personal bridge to Spirit, and the quality of your life. You may also gauge the logic in your life! For its it not logical, dear ones ,to concentrate upon those things that give you pleasure, and avoid that which makes you uncomfortable?

Oh Dear Ones, if you would only listen to your feelings! Your feelings are a direct guide to what you should be doing in life, to the direction of your life path. Because you cannot see your templates of thought and how they interact with others, you are in a sense ‘blind’ to your creative process, and what is best for you. For us, it is obvious because we perceive with all of our native spiritual sensors. For you, immersed in your biological containers, the five senses of the human body are not necessarily congruent with well–being! That is to say, sight, smell, audio, touch and taste enable you to perceive your physical world, and their purpose is to enable you to experience and perceive in an entirely different way! It is part of the challenge of earth, dear ones, that all of you eagerly signed up for. It is part of the great game you are playing: hiding your magnificence from yourselves, and seeing how well you can do. However, you knew before you came in to the physical that you had an infallible blueprint for success: your feelings. The way you feel about anything is that which aligns, or takes you away from, well–being, and your Source.

Your scientific and material culture teaches you to be “objective,” to carefully weigh both sides of an argument before making your decision, but we tell you that this methodology is self–defeating. Only by consulting your feelings can you correctly determine the proper course of action for you. Here we are speaking of spiritual logic, not earthly logic! Objective decision making strengthens the ego, and takes you away from your connection to Spirit. By this we do not say that the scientific method is inappropriate. Because you cannot perceive to the quintessential core of matter, you regard matter and energy as cold and lifeless, as a sort of dead building block of the physical. You could not be more misguided! nN researching your physical laws and the behavior of matter and energy, you have confused logic with objectivity! Logic and well–being go hand–in–hand, dear ones. You have limited yourself to the discovery of those physical laws that are congruent with your vibrational interpretation of the world, which is to say, which are congruent with your beliefs. If and when your scientists ever open up to the full spectrum of thought and vibration possible from the physical viewport, you will discover nature’s secrets. Yes dear ones, your world will change so rapidly. You will discover the cooperative and harmonious interactions of matter and energy as opposed to their polarity, and this will lead to the discovery of elegant ways to manipulate matter, and the discovery of energy within the very fabric of space and time. But we digress.

Finding your personal bridge to Spirit, then, lies simply in the two lists you made earlier. What percentage of your time do you spend doing the things that lead to your well–being? If it is a high percentage, then your life is joyful, and if it is not, then your life is much sadder than it needs to be. The feeling of well being is simply a connection to the quintessential feeling of who you are. As we say all the time, you have free reign to choose those thoughts and activities that take you away from your personal bridge to spirit. You may explore the muddy dead–end trails, the waterless deserts, the rocky, cold mountain–tops. And indeed this is part of the physical experience! It is the reason you wanted to play this glorious game! But remember that no matter how lost you get, look upward toward the horizon and see that shining bridge of light. That bridge, dear ones, never entirely disappears, no matter how rotten you feel. That is because it is a magic bridge! No matter how far you stray from your true path, it is always visible. It is always there, beckoning you towards it. For some it may only be a bright star in the distance. But you always recognize that star, for it has your energy upon it and within it. That brilliant light transcends space and time, and is always there for you.

Follow it! No matter how lost you feel, you have a built–in GPS system that will guide you to your greatest potential. That is what we do, dear ones, we simply guide you to the recognition of your personal bridge. We try to get you to place your feet on that bridge, for that is something only you can do. We try to reflect just a little of your own magnificence back to you, by holding up a mirror to yourself.

For those of you who wish the ability to channel, it is only necessary to increase the amount of well– being in your life. The better you feel, the closer you come vibrationally to us!

So the bridge to spirit is not a methodology, it is not a physical object, it is not a dogma or a sacred text. Your personal bridge to spirit is your personal feeling of well being.

Weekly Message 3 / 18/ 08

Forgiveness and upset

Our message to you this week is about upset, and forgiveness. We take this message directly from Ken’s life.

This week, Ken was upset with Neil, because he has decided to leave the Interview with Spirit program.

Ken felt betrayal and loss, before he found his balance once again.

The question is, How do you regain your balance and overcome emotional pain? How does forgiveness help you to do that, if at all?

Forgiveness begins the process of re–connecting with love. It requires a decision to release the emotional pain you are in, and that can be a very big decision, for a strong vibration entrains similar thoughts to it. When you are upset you feel surrounded by emotional pain, do you not? That is literally true! When two people have a relationship, an energetic connection is established. Imagine filaments of subtle energy reaching out from the chakras, or energy centers, of each person and into the other. When one person severs that connection, the other feels something missing. This is the origin of the feeling of loss or abandonment.

Now we want you to understand that that connection is never broken!

Although the other withdraws their energy from you, you are still connected to them! Neil may put up blockages or barriers to Ken that he can feel, but Neil can never alloy Ken’s affinity for Neil, for it is up to Ken to break his connection to Neil, do you see? The actions of the other are an invitation to break a spiritual connection, but only you can decide to do that from your end!

The power of love, the fundamental and most powerful vibration in the universe, includes and embraces all other vibrations. Deciding to remain in affinity is the definition of strength. Refusing to permit a diminution of your affinity for anyone or anything is the definition of power, and personal integrity. And forgiveness is the first step on the path to regaining your equilibrium. Forgiveness is that first but very important step to regaining your personal power.

We say first step, because in forgiveness there is still upset with another, but when you forgive, you are 90% of the way toward love. Forgiveness overcomes the inertia of your vibrational upset, and makes it so that you can move forward. The decision to forgive is the hardest one! It is literally the most painful decision, because you are immersed in emotional pain! But like a crack in the door, forgiveness lets in that first ray of light to penetrate the darkness.

We tell Ken that his upset had nothing to do with Neil, and everything to do with his own decisions, beliefs, and the consequent personal vibration that he resonates to.

Ken did not want to hear this at first. “That is absurd,” Ken said. “If your boss insults you, or your partner hurts your feelings, or someone acts in a way that betrays trust, that is on them, not on you.”

That is precisely the point. All of you have free will! You cannot determine the actions of another, but you CAN determine how you react to another. It all depends upon whether you decide to withdraw your own feeling of affinity. We tell you that you cannot have a relationship, even a casual one, without the presence of affinity. And affinity means that both of you resonate to similar things.

You always make a conscious decision to withdraw your affinity from another. You may not recognize it, because a thought occurs in no–time. Thought is spiritual energy, and the decision to withdraw your affinity from another can happen so fast that you dismiss it.. We tell you that your subconscious mind does not dictate your actions. When you become mindful enough, you begin to understand that you are truly sovereign. You begin to reach that place of stillness that is your powerful, creative source.

Dear ones, all interaction, all relationships, are a dance of vibration! Your thoughts, beliefs and feelings determine the pattern of energy that surrounds you, and how others perceive you, and react to you. When you become upset with another, you strengthen the unwanted vibration that caused the upset in the first place!

To forgive is to pardon another for inappropriate actions toward ones self; but as we have said before in previous messages, there are no inappropriate actions! This is something human beings find very difficult to accept, for it is easy to point to pain and suffering. This pointing, however, strengthens the vibration of suffering. It is a circular vibrational reinforcement, and is precisely what occurred for Ken, and what has been occurring on your planet for thousands of years.

There are ALWAYS good reasons to become upset; we do not deny that. If Joe gets out of bed feeling surly one morning, he may come to work with a chip on his shoulder and insult his employees. If you are one of Joe’s employees, there are two ways to approach him: the most obvious one is to accept his invitation and match his apparent vibration. “Well get out of my face, Joe! Who do you think you are? Just because you are my boss doesn’t mean you can gratuitously insult me!”

The other is to recognize that Joe has gotten off on the wrong foot, and smile. “Hello, Joe, I can see you’re a little grumpy this morning. Anything happen last night?” Soon the boss is telling you about the upset he had with his wife, he blows off some steam, and leaves. Here is what we call the matching of TRUE vibration. What is true vibration? It is the underlying, foundational feeling of love and recognition of a fellow spirit playing the Game of Earth. When you identify this fundamental vibration, it subsumes the lower, apparent vibration, and the lower emotion dissolves. Love is the healing vibration. It is so powerful because it is who you are, and reminds the other of their intimate connection with you.

All of you are spiritual comrades. The warriors in battle, or those who play sports, or compete in business, soon bond together strongly and form a team, a “band of brothers” (or sisters). This feeling is called camaraderie. Camaraderie comes from shared experience, and is a recognition, on the deepest possible level, of your shared divine spiritual origins.

All of you on earth are spiritual warriors, playing a challenging and magnificent game. Oh, if you could only see yourselves as we see you! Imagine a spiritual mirror in front of you, with your own person angel guide holding it. Isn’t it beautiful? We hope you can see or feel a little bit of your own magnificence and power. This is your true, spiritual vibration, and it resonates within every cell, every atom of everything in the universe.

How often do you resonate to the apparent vibration, and not the true one, in your relationships? (pause)

Last week we talked about your pets, and how easy it is to feel love for them. Remember that the angry one, the upset one, has temporarily turned away from love and from himself or herself. He or she is presenting you with an image or a mask that covers the true self, and is asking you to resonate to that image, just as our friend Joe did. He or she is saying, ”will you play this game of upset with me? Perhaps we can find adventure in this drama together.”

There is nothing wrong with playing this game, of course, and many do. But you know better than we, that love and joy feels better than anger and upset. Anger and upset only feel appropriate when you have already been resonating to them for a long enough time.

Forgiveness begins the process of releasing your own upset. In other words, forgiveness is much more about you than it is about the other. In order to forgive, you must first recognize your own fundamental vibration of love, which is your true self, and let it in. That feeling is then recognized by the one on the other end of the communication line. Forgiveness, in other words, begins to dissolve the upset with the other.

Forgiveness is a powerful subject, because it begins the process of a return to love, and your own personal integrity. When you decide to forgive, you have already decided to step back into your zone of power. This zone of power is peaceful, but strong, whereas the lower emotions are turbulent.

Dear ones, if there is anyone in your life with whom you are upset, begin now to forgive. Remember that forgiveness is most beneficial to you! So do it for yourself, and feel better!

Weekly Message 4 / 3 / 08


Our message to you this week is about joy, and positive emotion. Joy is a feeling of lightness and expansiveness, as are all positive emotions. But these feelings come in many flavors, and this is what we want to talk to you about this week.

Joy is when your loved one opens the door and announces, “I’m Home!”

Joy is when you laugh at a funny joke.

Joy is when you look at the setting sun and it fills you with a feeling of beauty and awe for the world.

Joy is your first bite of birthday cake.

Joy is a brilliant passage in your favorite piece of music

Dear Ones, all of these things remind you, of YOU. Joy is a celebration of YOU and who you are! Ultimately, when you feel good, you feel yourself in your true and divine state of being.

What is joy for you, dear ones?

Joy is only one of the many millions –– or shall we say trillions –– or maybe infinity –– of positive feelings.

Ken says –– “well, when I feel good I feel good–– there aren’t a lot of different feelings that go along with that.” We tell Ken that he is wrong –– ha ha!

We tell you that the bandwidth at the top of the scale is miles wide compared to that at the bottom of the scale!

Does it surprise you that there are practically an infinite number of positive emotions? Well, there are! You don’t feel or recognize them because you classify them under one broad category called “feeling good,” or “well–being.” But we assure you that if you were to take the time to identify each positive emotion you experience, you would find yourself discerning between them more and more. Then, like the landscape that appears flat from a distance, your perception will open up into far greater detail and your emotional range will expand upward.

Your Eskimo’s, for example, have dozens of different names for snow, because they experience a world of cold and ice. And natively, we tell you that you have spiritual sensors that can pick up on the incredibly broad spectrum of vibration at the top of the scale, even while you experience in the physical.

The universe is one of well–being, as we tell you over and over. This is the true message of spirit. Like the Eskimo’s with snow, it is possible to identify a practically infinite number of positive feelings. Think about it! If you felt good all the time, in only one way, it might get boring! But if you can imagine that each thought has it’s own signature, it’s own feeling, then you can imagine what it is like to experience natively. You might say that we exist in a beautiful light and sound show, although this description severely limits the actual experience. But remember that your world is also one of light and sound! You have the ability to experience the positive and the negative in your physical incarnations, but in our message this week, we want you to practice discerning the emotions at the top of the scale of vibration.

The scale of vibration/emotion that Ken has in his book, The Vibrational Universe, has apathy and depression at the bottom, then grief, fear, callousness, anger and hatred, then antagonism, boredom, conservatism, interest, enthusiasm, exhilaration ad serenity.

In your books and in your literature, human beings have described in great detail the nuances of suffering, struggle, illness and challenge. But no one spends much time cataloging the positive emotions!

If you do, you will begin to understand how many of them there are.

Let’s list a few:

1) the feeling you have when you are on a perfect vacation.

2) The feeling after making love

3) The feeling of having a great idea

4) The feeling after listening to an inspirational speaker

5) The feeling after giving a successful presentation in front of a large group.

6) The feeling of giving a gift to someone who appreciates what you have given.

7) The feeling of receiving a gift that you really, really like.

8) The feeling you have when you look into the eyes of your pet.

9) The feeling of your first kiss

10) The feeling when seeing something you’d really like to have.

11) The feeling when on a hike in new country, of wanting to look over that next rise

12) The feeling of the sun as it gently warms your skin and the feeling of a war, spring breeze on your face..

13) The feeling you get when you spade the garden and smell the fresh earth.

14) The feeling of waking up in the morning knowing you have an exciting day planned.

15) The feeling when you have solved a difficult problem, and you see the elegant solution in front of you, and you know you did it!

There are infinitely many more, and each of them is a discrete, positive vibration, which translates to a distinct feeling.

Now we ask you, how often during your day do you discriminate between the variety of positive emotions? How many of you are even aware that you are feeling positively? How many of you dismiss that positive feeling by saying, “it can’t last.” That’s how Ken does it. There is the idea that a positive feeling is like a balloon: it gets blown up, and expands, and then explodes and dissolves into nothingness. We want you to get the idea that the positive feeling is the norm, and what feels most natural to you, and that the negative feeling is the exception!

“How can that be,” you ask, “when I feel blah most of the time and only occasionally feel great?”

That is the million dollar question, dear ones.

A negative feeling occurs when you block the well–being that is natural. If there is one message from Spirit that is consistent, it is this one, for it is the fundamental truth of consciousness, and of existence.

For your homework this week, dear ones, we want you to make a list of 30 distinct positive feelings that you have personally experienced.

We want you to learn to recognize these feelings in the moment when they happen, and dwell upon them. We want you to learn to discern the difference between positive emotions, just as you do negative ones. In this way you will focus more and more of your attention on the positive, and less on the negative. And the more time you spend on these good feelings, the more the universe will bring you the good things in life! If you do this consciously, you will find your thoughts turning, almost magically, toward what you want.

Weekly Message 4 / 10/ 08

Conscious Evolution

My friend Dr. Maurice Turmel wanted to know what the guys have to say on the subject of conscious evolution. So here it is!

What is conscious evolution?

Conscious evolution is mindful living. It is living in the moment.

When you live in the moment, your senses are heightened; you perceive more accurately, and you are more aware of yourself and your relationship to the world around you.

Living mindfully, or consciously, means that you are integrating your energy centers; and there is then a balance between heart and mind. These two facets of your physical existence are the earthly correspondents to your Native State condition of perfect energy balance.

Oh dear ones if you could only see yourselves as we see you! All of you are beautiful beings of Light, magnificent beyond description. You are eternal and immortal. When you turn away from yourselves, from your Source, you feel bad. This is your indication that you are facing in the wrong direction! The beauty of the earth experience is that you may feel as much misery, depression, anxiety and pain as you would like, but you never really harm yourselves. The lower emotions are just another way to experience.

Now we ask, what is “your Source?” Source is the life force energy that composes every cell of your being, and all matter and energy, in the universe. Did you know that natively, you are not this energy? As a spirit, you have no mass, no energy, no moving parts. You are a Creative Potential, a static, which is the SOURCE of all things observable. You are surrounded by a beautiful and intricate sphere of Light, but you are not this Light. The Light is the creation of your thoughts, your decisions, and how you have decided to BE. So when we say “your Source,” we mean that which is YOU, but which is beyond anything physical. You see, it is impossible to describe that which does not exist! Jesus the Christ said it this way: “I am the alpha and the omega,” meaning, “I recognize myself as the powerful and immortal Creative Principle.” This is almost impossible for you to understand while you are experiencing on earth. It is what your Masters have been telling you for millennia –– you ARE the Source, you are God, you are magnificent, but you are not the things you create, even though you identify with them, and can experience within them!

The physical universe itself is a result of the desire to experience.

What is the purpose for your physical incarnation? Are you here to save the planet? To overcome the forces of evil?

Well, some of you are! But the fundamental reason you are here is for EXPERIENCE.

All Experience is evolution, for experience is the assumption of BEING, and the exploration of that beingness. The musician, the politician, the criminal, the victim, the successful business person, the homeless hobo are all ways of BEING and EXPERIENCING. All experience flows from being; therefore all evolution proceeds from being, which is just a choice or a preference, and a consequence of the Law of Free Will. The universe allows you to experience anything you choose! You have complete freedom to BE anything you would like. And we say that without any limitation, for you are not your physical body. You, as a non–physical Native State personality, get to choose precisely where and when you incarnate.

All experience is a glorious expression of self, and of the Whole. This means that no matter what you do, you are growing. Even those who kill or destroy are evolving. They experience the opposing side of your world of duality. So be easy, dear ones. The universe is so vast and so awesome that you simply cannot conceive of it. All is well.

Polarity or duality is a necessary component of the physical universe. In order for energy to flow, there must be a potential, a gap. There must be imbalance! The positive pole of the battery has a dearth of electrons and the negative pole has a surplus. The electrons at the negative pole seek balance with their friends at the positive pole, and energy flows. When the system finds equilibrium, the battery is perfectly balanced, but it will no longer generate electricity. So you see, polarity is vital to the operation of the universe. Communication itself is an energy flow between two or more separated terminals! Therefore, separation is a quintessential property of evolution! Ponder that for a while!

So many of you want to instantly manifest your desires, but think about what life would be like if everyone agreed with you? What would life be like if you could snap your fingers and have anything you wanted?

We assure you that within a few months you would be bored out of your mind. Not only that, but you would manifest many unwanted things, for how many of you really can control your thoughts?

Our message to you is to enjoy your experience, and our advice is to not disparage the experiences of others, otherwise, you begin to resonate to them. The “dark actors playing games” provide the contrasting polarity that makes your earthly lives challenging, and interesting.

“Well, that is crazy!” you say. “Is torture, murder, death and war exciting?”

We will have much more to say on that subject in future messages, but for now, let us tell you a story. A school was having trouble with playground fights, and bickering amongst the students. So the teachers organized a game. In this game, there was no violence or competition allowed. The object of the game was to allow all participants to win, and to promote harmony and cooperation. All of the students stood in a circle, and a large beach ball was tossed gently from one to the other. At first everyone had a good time, but soon one of the more aggressive students hit another student in the head, and pandemonium resulted!

Harmony and cooperation are natural. But excitement and competition are also, for the primary motivation of Spirit is for GROWTH and GREATER EXPERIENCE, which often leads to GREATER CHALLENGE.

You are all here voluntarily. You were all excited and eager to come. This is another of the common denominators of all true messages from Spirit. No one shoved you into your body and forced you to experience here. You are not working up some mythical karmic ladder. No, you are here because you fervently desired it. You are all adventurers, and you wanted a challenge! Not for you the wimpy game of ball throwing! Not for you the slow, gentle ride on the train. You wanted the Bonecrusher roller coaster, and you got it!

Your experiences allow you to grow and expand. All experiences are worthwhile. There is so much to say that we do not have time for, but the wisest among you are always the ones with the most experience.

So understand, dear ones, that you are growing and evolving no matter how your life looks. Conscious evolution is just the mindful assumption of BEING. First being, then doing –– for thoughts direct action –– and then manifestation.

Weekly Message 4 / 17/ 08


Laughter is the personal recognition of your soul.

When you laugh, you step into your non–physical persona, with the understanding that you are an immortal playing a mortal game. You don’t really know that you are doing this. That which makes you laugh –– a joke, a person, a situation –– is outside of you. You say, ”I’m laughing because that guy is so funny,” or, “I’m laughing because you looked so confused.” When something is incongruous, it is often funny –– the contrast between the accepted norm, and the thing you laugh at, is what makes it seem funny. This disparity reminds you that you are experiencing the ultimate contrast –– you, as an immortal, non–physical being, pretending in your physical body that you are temporary and can be harmed, or affected in any way by another, or by circumstances. That is the greatest joke of all! So you see, all jokes piggyback on what we call this ultimate cosmic joke.

Now you know why laughter is so therapeutic: it reminds you, even if only for a brief instant, of who you are. The more you laugh, the more you by–pass resistance. In fact, laughter is often a releasing of resistance –– and afterwards you feel as fresh and clean as the breeze after the thunderstorm.

Dear ones, you are magnificent beings of light. if you could perceive yourselves as we see you, you would see a magnificent, ever changing sphere of light and sound. Imagine the most beautiful sunset, the most gorgeous work of art. Now multiply that by a trillion, and that is you! But ––and here is the important thing –– you are surrounded by Light, but you are not that light. The Light is the creation of your thoughts, your decisions, and how you have decided to BE. You are a static, a Creative Potential. You have no mass, no energy, no moving parts. You do not exist as you think of existence, yet you are the creator of existence! And we assure you that this knowledge, this truth, feels as comfortable as warm blankets on a cold night.

Jesus the Christ said, “I am the alpha and the Omega.” Meaning that the Creative Principle has the ability to create, and experience that which it has created. It is upon this principle that the universe itself was born.

Laughter is not mean, cruel, or antagonistic. The so–called laughter one experiences in the lower emotions is an inversion, a lower harmonic, of true laughter. The sneer, the covertly hostile taunt, the cynical barb and the laughter which accompanies such is actually the recognition of a loss of self. Such laughter is ostensibly directed at another, but is actually the acknowledgment within oneself of an unwanted state of being.

You see, dear ones, you are perfect. You consider that your creations are imperfect if they do not measure up to some standard. But you are not what you create. You identify with your creations, naturally, because you made them, but it is a mistake to criticize yourself in relation to them. The most successful people are those who do not see errors. Happy people create something and then learn from the perceived insufficiencies. Happy people do not spend a lot of time beating themselves up during their personal creative process. Thought evolves, and you do not become an expert overnight! It takes experience!

Here is where laughter can be very helpful.

The first attempt at a drawing may look like a child’s scribble. If you can look at the contrast between what you have and that perfected picture in your mind, you can laugh. Remember that the contrast you experience in physical life always reminds you of the quintessential cosmic contrast we talked about before. Your experiences are like holding up a mirror to see your own brilliance. The greater the contrast, the stronger is the memory of true self. That is why so many reach rock bottom and then have a spiritual awakening.

When you awaken, you laugh. You feel light and carefree, because a spirit is not physical! A spirit is unburdened, and we assure you that this feels wonderful.

A spirit IS NOT. In other words, the creative potential does not exist in the sense that an object exists –– it is a quality, not a quantity. Here we have the distinction between that which is non–physical and that which is physical. A quality is a characteristic, or a property, of spirit –– like “She is kind,” or “he is lively.” One cannot write an equation to describe these things, because a quality is massless and unquantifiable–– it IS NOT. A quantity is something that exists –– it has mass and definition. It IS. “There are 4 apples.”

Laughter is a quality, and a quality is a state of being, and a state of being is something assumed by a spiritual entity.

Quality creates quantity.

When you get into difficulty, you reverse this, and allow circumstances to control how you feel about yourself. But this, of course, is silly! How can something that is non–physical and immortal be harmed? It cannot!

So our message this week is to find things to laugh about! Laughter is very, very powerful, for in laughter you discover who you really are.

Make a list of the kinds of things that amuse you, even if these things are considered inappropriate by society, and even if you don’t feel that you should laugh about them. For in the contrast there is a precious jewel –– the jewel of true self, or Higher Self.

You see, contrast is set up to jump–start your awareness of self. That is why the physical experience is always a win–win –– because no matter how far down you get, you ultimately come back to the fundamental quality of self as immortal and divine.

Laughter is the recognition of your divinity. A joyful laugh is the recognition of love and connection with self and others. Dear Ones, it is irrelevant WHAT you laugh about! You do not need a reason to laugh, for laughter is spontaneous, in the moment. When you laugh, for a split instant, you find yourself outside of time, assuming the pure quality of spirit. So laugh loud and often, and re–discover the joy of being yourself and your personal connection to the universe.

Weekly Message 4 / 24/ 08


The theme for this weeks show is music!

We are very excited about this topic, for you experience music as the closest physical equivalent to the vibrational universe in which we live. If every note and harmonic within the music had a feeling and a color, you would begin to experience what we experience.

Music can transport you to heights of feeling that reach to the level of your native spiritual sensors. In other words, music communicates on a profoundly spiritual level, and can help to connect you with your Higher Self. That is because the sound waves that compose music have subtle harmonics that reach far up the scale of vibration. Music creates a carrier wave that carries the intention for beauty and inspiration of the composer and the musicians. It is a sort of launching pad for subtle, spiritual harmonics that connect with your soul in the most glorious and intimate way. Music itself IS a desire to uplift and inspire, to connect with yourself on a profoundly spiritual level. Music by–passes your ego, your mental circuitry, and the mind itself, and provides a direct link to the higher harmonics of your human energy field.

Have you ever heard a piece of music and simply lost yourself in its beauty? Have you ever felt an awesome sense of love and expansion, a feeling of one–ness with all life everywhere? This is what music can do. This is the vibrational power of music.

Now combine that with the ability to PLAY music, and you can see the power of a musician to not only transport himself or herself, but others as well.

Music, when it is good, is wonderful, and when it is bad, it is horrible! Imagine two complex wavefronts meeting each other. When there is harmonious interaction, there is pleasure, and when there is interference, there is pain. That is why music very often generates an intense response, and such strongly held opinions.

What is your favorite piece of music?

We have no opinions on the matter, for we can see that “good” music is just that which is harmonious with your own vibration. Therefore, we do not, for example, see heavy metal as inferior to classical music. What we see is how well the two vibrations interact with the listener! Beauty is the harmonious interaction of vibration.

The interaction of vibration generates feeling. What is important is not the musical genre, but whether you feel good. Heavy metal music is powerful and explosive, while Mozart’s Jupiter symphony is much more subtle and complex. Nevertheless, one is not “better” than the other, EXCEPT in a personal context. Dear Ones, the secret to tolerance and love is the understanding that ALL experience, ALL perception, is subjective and personal. There is no purely objective observer, especially within the physical context, for all of you perceive from a unique position in space and time.

When human beings finally understand that the quality or characteristics of anything is relative to something else, things will go along much more smoothly on planet earth. You need diversity! You need the contrasting vibration in order to perceive and interact with the thing you like! As the painter once said, “you need dark in order to show light.” A bright canvas only looks bright when there are dark colors surrounding it. If all vibrations were equal, you would see a perfectly white canvas with nothing upon it! And that, we assure you, would be profoundly boring.

Your physical perception is just an interfacing of vibration, as we have pointed out before. The vibrating atoms in your physical sensors interpret the vibrations from the physical structures which reach your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin. So all physical perception is relative, and is intimately personal!

Einstein pointed out that observation is always relative to a frame of reference, and he was perfectly correct. All of you are surrounded by a vibrational field of energy. You might imagine yourselves as a conductor of your own personal symphony. Every thought, every choice, every emotion contributes a note. If you could see yourselves as we see you, this analogy would make perfect sense, for you vibrate in awesome and magnificent colors and sounds!

If you have ever seen the mp3 players and the visual effects they generate from sound, you have a small idea of how this works. Your thoughts and intentions generate vibrations, to which the universe responds and matches. This causes an energetic interaction on a subtle and a physical level, affecting your vibrational sphere, and also the electrochemical responses of your body. You control how you feel in every moment, dear ones, because you have the ability to change the way you think and feel. You also have the ability to heal yourself when you become ill. Illness and disease is a vibrational imbalance between your spiritual self and your physical self, brought about by your reactions to your physical world. The use of sound in healing is well established, but when your scientists fully understand the vibrational nature of the human body and its various organs, the field of vibrational healing will produce literally miraculous results.

If you are feeling down, a great way to get back “up” is to play music! We feel that a musician has no very good excuse at all to feel bad! (laughing) We are very pleased with ourselves, for we have made a little joke, you see.

Is it not interesting that when your mood changes, the music you resonate to changes also? This is a practical demonstration of the vibrational nature of emotions. If you ask yourself, “why do I even want to listen to music?” you will discover that you are feeling a certain way, or want to feel a certain way, and you desire to amplify that feeling. Music, in other words, is the perfect vibrational matcher. Music has the ability to quickly raise or lower emotional tone, because it by–passes thought itself and reaches into the soul.

Music is immensely powerful, but it is subtle. It is powerful BECAUSE it is subtle! That is because Spirit itself is non–physical, and therefore of the ultimate subtlety. Physical coercion is not only primitive, but an inefficient and ineffective way to change behavior, and will always backfire. Propaganda is a much more effective way to change another’s opinion, because it is much more subtle, but propaganda fails because the hidden intent is eventually discovered and rejected. But there are no hidden agendas in music! Music is vibrationally open and transparent –– you can hear and feel its intent.

Those who truly wish to change another’s opinions would be well advised to go easy. The establishment of anything lasting begins with the vibrations of inclusion, love, and tolerance. The success of every political and economic empire is dependent upon how well the political or economic unit can match vibrations with the populace. Coercion attempts to push the vibration of the masses down the scale towards fear and apathy, to match that of the power seekers. This methodology is of course self defeating, for a fearful population is an unproductive one. Eventually the economic structure collapses, as in communism, or the political unit dissolves in a resistive action motivated by the higher vibrations of freedom.

Music is dangerous to power seekers. In Nazi Germany, jazz music was banned, for its syncopated beat resonated with the rhythms of the human body, and moved people up the emotional scale.

Oh how silly that is, dear ones! As if one could outlaw a frequency!!

Well, we have been blabbing on long enough, and Ken wants us to keep these messages short and sweet (metaphorically sticking their tongues out). So we will conclude by saying that music is the ultimate physical platform for the expression of higher emotions. Musicians and artists: you have the ability to change the world if you learn how to combine beautiful music appropriately with light. You can create the most astonishing and profound effects, far beyond what is presently possible on earth to communicate ideas, and inspire others. We look forward to the day when communication in this way is commonplace. When that day comes, war, conflict, and illness will largely vanish on your planet. You are not that far away!

For the rest of you, get out your mp3’s and your CD’s and listen to some wonderful music!

Weekly Message 5 / 2/ 08 The meaning of NOW

Weekly Message 5 / 16/08

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Weekly Message 5 / 29 / 08


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