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This Perfect Universe

I have slowly been coming to the shocking realization that we live in a perfect universe. By this is meant that the universe is in balance, and the Law of Attraction manages vibrational interaction such that all coincident events are appropriate.

If this is true, then there is no injustice. It means the universe does not discriminate against anyone. It means that the contrast we see around us is perfect, divinely perfect.

It means that although we see our fellow human beings starving, suffering, and dying all over the world, each must be resonating precisely to what he or she is receiving. This conclusion is shocking to me, as one only has to take a look around this world to see apparent examples of injustice and unfairness everywhere. But from the standpoint of universal law, our struggles and those of our fellow human beings are simply the result of the choices we have made.

This sort of argument is often made by hard-hearted people with little of the milk of human kindness flowing through their veins, and I have often found it repugnant. Especially these days, when so-called religious people preach about morality, but only demonstrate corruption and hypocrisy in their own lives. When corrupt politicians vote for legislation that emasculates our Constitution, our Bill of rights, and our fundamental freedoms. Nevertheless, I can see the truth of it. There are two ways to look at this unpleasant truth: with contempt and indifference, or with compassion and understanding.

The fundamental, bedrock truth is that every human being on this planet is a spirit temporarily inhabiting a human body. Each of us is a powerful creator, always connected to Source energy. From this viewpoint it is possible to see behind the pain and the misery to the beautiful consciousness within.

I struggled for a long time with the idea that the universe is perfect before it made sense to me. I hated to hear new-agers and teachers say Everything is in perfect balance. I would scream at them, If the world is so perfect, take a look around!

But after observing people for a while, I realized that every individual IS experiencing a world of balance. I began to ask myself How can I and a murderer, or an embezzler, live on the same crazy planet, yet experience so differently? It slowly began to dawn on me that the universe was responding to all of my ideas and beliefs about life, in a very personal way.

For example, one of my teachers lived in a so-called 'run-down' area of town, yet her life was one of constant joy. I lived in a beautiful house in the country and was miserable most of the time. I began to realize that the world must be in balance only for those who are balanced!

There are no accidents

In a vibrational universe, there are no accidents. 'That's absurd," you say. "Tell me that in a city like New York with 10 million people randomly moving about, that there is no accidental contact." That's precisely what I'm saying. It's a logical conclusion of the vibrational model of the universe. If perception itself can occur only as a result of matching frequencies, then the above conclusion is inescapable. In a vibrational universe with consciousness paramount, individual conscious personalities are always sovereign as regards their own experience. Each of us exists, literally, on our own vibrational island. The people you see around you, even those you pass by in your car on the way to work, are vibrationally related. This isn't such an astonishing statement. The people I see at 9AM on Main street going into the city are probably not early risers. Those guys have already been at their desks for an hour. The stockbroker who loves theater and classical music will probably never meet up with a biker who enjoys heavy metal, even if these two fellows live in the same city. When we look at the world vibrationally, it is possible to see life as a gigantic physics lab, where coincident events are rationally and logically managed by the very nature of vibrational interaction. When white light (which contains the frequency of blue) is bounced off a blue piece of paper, for example, only the frequencies that match the color blue are reflected. The blue paper, in other words, finds the blue in the white light and reacts with it. And so it is in life. Misery matches up with misery, and joy with joy.

The system is designed so that the worse it gets, the more we have to look at how we want to change. This sets up a new vibrational orientation that can lead to a different set of circumstances. My brotherinlaw lived in poverty in communist Yugoslavia back in the late 1960s. His life was so oppressive that one day he simply left his home and walked, alone, 20 miles to the Italian border, claiming asylum. He did not speak a word of Italian, he had no money, no job, no family, no nothing. He did the same when he came to the United States. Well good for him, you might say. But hes the exception to the rule. Sometimes you get so stuck in your life that its almost impossible to see a way out. But there is always a way out. It does require, however, breaking out of vibrational prison. Even though it feels like youre trapped, the trap is always of your own making. You always have the power to initiate you own jailbreak! As Esther Hicks points out, the contrasting situation leads to a new desire, and steels your resolve. I'm NEVER going to do that again is something we often hear from people who have extricated themselves from a tight spot. Such decisions can be life changing, because the contrasting experience forces you to find your balance at a higher level.

If the environment was uniformly beautiful and pleasing, if people behaved just as they ought, wed get bored out our minds. Imagine going through a week in which every person you met said yes to your every whim. The first day would be loads of fun, the second day would probably be enjoyable as well, but after a while, youd just want to shake those wimps and tell them to get a little backbone!

Many who observe the current reality believe that a world of harmony and peace is vital to the very survival of our planet, for they see things like pollution, poverty and war and feel it must inevitably affect them and everyone else in the world. If it happened to them, it can happen to me, is what is often heard. We are told the world is in terrible shape, on the brink of disaster.

But this viewpoint ignores universal law. Those who believe the world is in sad shape are experiencing just that, thus fortifying their belief that it is so. But consider: the vast number of complex systems which exist to support life on earth function smoothly, never failing. There is an overwhelming abundance of well-being on this planet, otherwise life could not exist. Take a walk outside, smell the fresh air, look at the trees, the clouds, the flowers and the grass, listen to the birds, see your fellow humans at work and at play, and observe that all is well. If you do not perceive well-being when you go out for your walk, but instead see many negative things, consider changing your vibration to one of well-being and watch how your life changes for the better!

Well-being and misery

The retort to this assertion is that one ignores reality by assuming a state of well-being for ones self, and ignoring the misery of others, and it is also cruel and selfish.

But consider: in order to create a world of well-being, it is necessary to vibrate at a state of well-being! Well-being cannot be created from a viewpoint that assumes the world is in imminent danger. The strange fact of vibrational matching means that as you raise your tone, you see less and less misery. You feel less and less miserable, and you are drawn only to wellbeing. Once you reach a certain level, it is possible to help purely from a position of love and joy. Christ was such a one. It is said that in his presence, the sick were healed. The advantage of resonating only to wellbeing is that you not only become a magnet for wellbeing, but you also set an example for others to emulate. And when you undertake a project like feeding the hungry or curing the sick, you launch your endeavor on a positive creative note ("Let's ensure that every human being on earth is well-fed!"), instead of a negative one ("Let's Find and Fight the causes of Poverty!") . Thus you are far more effective.

(Find and Fight the Causes of Poverty, which is a real slogan by the way, is utterly sensless from a vibrational point of view, for it's primary focus is on POVERTY. Google this and you will get millions of websites. Apparently, there are LOTS of confused people out there, well-intentioned people, who haven't got a clue.)

Is it better to cure the sick, or teach people not to resonate to sickness in the first place? I dont have the answer to that one. Christ tried it, and got hung on a cross. All I know is that suffering sucks. Wellbeing is infinitely preferable. So whatever you do, dont let anyone talk you out of feeling as good as you can, as much as you can.

Lets expand on this notion of the desire for harmony. Desiring harmony is asking for less contrast. It is asking for similarity of thought. If perfect harmony existed on our planet, then similarity of thought and action would prevail. Is it even possible to live in a physical universe of duality and experience perfect harmony? I dont think it is. And I dont think that those who are incarnated here expected to experience perfection. I think many of us came here to mix it up a little. A casual glance around our planet seems to confirm this.

Im not saying it would be better to have everyone go out and kill each other (but if it happened, we simply return wholly to our divine, non-physical consciousness). What I am saying is that we need to allow the sovereignty and divinity of each One on the planet. We must allow each One to create as he or she wishes, knowing that the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction will sort it all out. Nothing ever happens by mistake! The Law of Attraction sees to it that each and every event, situation and person in your life is an exact match to your vibration at the time you receive the experience. It is perfect, never-failing. It is woven into the very fabric of this universe. So there can be no unfairness, or injustice, as cruel as it might sound. There is only a balance provided by vibrational matching that is supported by the underlying physics of the universe.

This Perfect Universe and Health

How does this idea relate to a health crisis? I am 54 years old now, and experiencing some detrimental effects of mercury poisoning from dental amalgam fillings. My belief was that dental amalgam was safe. My dentist probably believed it too. So how did I wind up with adverse reactions if we both thought it was safe? Well, the simple fact is that mercury is highly toxic. When I was a kid my father told me not to eat so much sugar because it would wreck my teeth. Well, I ate a lot of sugar anyway, and continued to do so for over 50 years, necessitating a lot of dental work involving amalgam. My father also told me to relax and lighten up, but I never did that either. I was a tooth grinder for 47 years, and was constantly grinding down my fillings and replacing them with more amalgam. If my vibration had been one of complete focus on health, I would have avoided the sweets, relaxed more, and felt a lot better. Besides, dentistry is one of those possible experiences you sign up for when you come to earth for a physical lifetime. Once a vibration has found its way into the physical body, it may take some time to release. I spent 53 years messing up my body with refined sugar, so I have to allow a little time for recovery, especially with a substance so diabolical as mercury. The good news is that my focus on health has led me to consume healthier substances than sugar, and has led me to detoxifying products and procedures.

No matter how you slice it, youre in control of your own experiences. If you find yourself in a bad place, the first step is always to change your thoughts about it. Focus on anything will eventually bring it to you, whether its health, sickness, poverty, abundance, war or peace. The duality of the physical universe finds its human expression in the experiences we have. Whether those experiences are pleasant or unpleasant is up to us. Conscious, mindful attention to what youre thinking, saying and doing, coupled with a positive attitude, will always result in good outcomes.

The idea that simply by changing thought, one can change one's experience is the hardest idea for people to understand. A thought seems so insubstantial! Action is what most people prefer. Action is what human beings understand, because there seems to be a direct physical connection between action and results. Cause and effect. But the physical action is always secondary. When A Corporation and B Corporation, competitors selling the same product, send out promotional flyers, B Corp gets a big increase in sales, but A Corp sees little improvement. The physical action was identical, but the results were markedly different. The obvious reason is that the ad department at B Corp had a better message. But that message is simply a bunch of ideas.

Only by actually applying the idea of 'like attracts like' to your life can you understand how truly powerful it is. These essays are about universal laws which are woven into the physics of this universe. By changing your thoughts and feelings about a small area of life to begin with, and then moving on to things bigger and more important, you can prove to yourself that this is a universe based upon attraction, and upon thought. The message in these essays has been known, spoken and written for millennia. It is not new. I didnt make this stuff up, because Im not that smart. It just goes so much against the grain of our Western society that we have forgotten it!

As non-physical beings, we are pure, divine energy in perfect balance and harmony. Then why would anyone want to incarnate into this place of often terrible contrast? Because its exciting, and we all know that its temporary. We came to earth not to make it a place where everyone thinks and feels the same way! We didn't come here to exist in perfect bliss, we came for the diversity of experience! We already have bliss in our non-physical state. That is not to say that disease and death and pain and suffering is the optimum condition for life on this planet. But there is nothing wrong with it! In an earlier essay we talked about Joe Doakes and Cecil Aldershot. No matter how much Cecil pushes against the Joes of the world, he cant make them go away. In order for Cecil to be happy, he must give his attention to peace and harmony and ignore the Joes. In other words, turn the other cheek. Thats the profound wisdom of Christ, and I respectfully suggest that our political leaders, most of whom claim to be Christians, get on board.

It is not possible to create in the experience of another. No matter how many wish for a world of complete harmony, each being on this planet has the choice to create what he or she wishes, and each One will do so, and is doing so. And indeed complete harmony amongst beings is not necessary for you or anyone else to live in joy and abundance. This is guaranteed by universal law. It would be the height of arrogance for anyone to create for another, from a judgment that he or she is not choosing properly.

Certainly there is nothing wrong with wanting to create a world of harmony and peace! In fact, nowadays it seems like a darned good idea. But for many this desire comes from a feeling that there is something terribly wrong. From this vibration, however, we just get more of the same.

Imagine a world where each and every person in it is experiencing precisely according to their vibrational focus, and you have an accurate picture of the situation on planet earth. Remember that the Law of Attraction responds the strongest to the most strongly activated vibration. If your focus does not match your desires, as in "Fighting Poverty," you cannot experience what you want.

Feeling guilty is pointless. When you are afraid to uncover your light because others are struggling, you abandon your responsibility to them, and to yourself. Setting an example is much more rewarding than going along with the crowd. Therefore, do not hide your light! When you are truly yourself, you shine forth the inner light of Spirit. All consciousness on this planet comes from the same Source. Physical beings are points of awareness within a universal consciousness. All is well!

The universe is perfect just the way it is. It is always, has always been, and will always be, perfectly balanced, because vibrational matching is the fundamental universal principle.

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