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The Law of Vibration

Taken from the Spiritual Wisdom Newsletter

The Law of vibration states “that which can be perceived is that which is within vibrational proximity.” Contained within this sentence is a world of wisdom.

Perception is an interfacing of vibration. We have already seen that physical substance is atomic, and atoms are vibrational in nature. The human senses are composed of atoms, and actually sample the universe, just like a digital recording device. For a more detailed and technical discussion of this concept, see Appendix A of The Vibrational Universe

How do you become aware of anything? By looking at it, or touching it, or hearing it, or using one of the human senses to distinguish it. But if you aren’t aware of something, it can hit you in the face, right? So isn’t it always advisable to be vigilant and on your guard?

The above statement sounds very good on the surface, but it is a violation of the Law of Vibration. In observing the actions of our government, for example, we can see that it operates on this flawed principle. The United States feels that it must have troops all over the world, in order to protect the country from unknown threats that may come from any quarter. However, this approach is doomed to failure, for it creates the vibrational orientation that, through the law of attraction, inevitably brings that which is unwanted to us. As Walt Kelly once said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Vigilance creates anxiety, and if continued long enough, fear. Fear is just anxiety about something that might go wrong in the future. Fear is a self–fulfilling prophecy!

You can only receive that which your attention is on. That’s because your activated vibrational signal draws to you people and situations that match it. Paradoxically, what you ignore cannot possibly hurt you!

This pearl of wisdom has been known in the East for millennia, and is called non–resistance, or surrender. It is based on the physics of vibrational interaction. However, the idea that ‘ignoring something cannot cause harm’ only works IF you are truly not focusing on the unwanted thing. What many people do in an uncomfortable situation is deny that it exists, but continue to worry over it. Because we live in a physical world where action is required to accomplish manifestation, it is thought that action is senior to being. But this is not so. Action depends completely and utterly on your state of being regarding it, because, obviously, what you think determines how you will act. Worrying about money, for example, will not bring you prosperity, no matter how frenzied is your action! Vibrationally speaking, it is your thoughts, your beliefs, and your position on the scale of vibration that determines what comes to you in life. Your actions are just by–products of your vibrational orientation!

If more of us understood the Law of Vibration, the earth would be a far better place to live in. Our government, for example, would abandon it’s futile “War on Terrorism” (itself a gigantic contradiction) and realize that fighting something only makes it bigger. Because many of us have been taught that cowardice is despicable, and that you have to fight to maintain your place in the world, too many have been led down the path toward the manifestation of undesirable things. A cursory look at the world today shows that the United States is in a far more precarious position in terms of its security, than it was twenty years ago. Because universal laws supersede man–made laws, it is easy to track how the U.S. got itself into this position, but that is beyond the scope of this newsletter. I will only say that if the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction were applied to politics, our society would be much more prosperous and happy.

Non–resistance doesn’t mean abandoning desire or encouraging cowardice. Non–resistance simply means understanding the Law of Vibration, and not fighting against that which is not wanted. A perfectly healthy person, for example, never thinks of illness, and is probably not even aware of illness. That is because he or she inevitably associates with others who are healthy. “Yes,” you say, “but that person is selfishly ignoring the suffering of others.” Well, that is true. But what is the alternative? The Law of vibration tells us that the more attention is given to A, the more the vibration of A is activated, and the more of A will occur in that person’s experience. Is this cruel? NO!!!! It is simply the universe telling us “Concentrate on well–being and you will get more well being.” A healthy, vital person is a living, breathing example to everyone that health is possible. A wealthy person is an example that wealth is manifestly possible! Such a person is able to organize relief for the hungry, and feed the starving. A poor person can only dream of helping others. If you want to effectively serve others, you must yourself become healthy and prosperous.

Therefore, It is your DUTY to become as healthy, as prosperous, and as happy as you can. It is your obligation to yourself and your fellow man to utterly ignore suffering and pain, and bring yourself up the vibrational ladder to prosperity and well–being. Then you can truly serve others. Then you can live the live you came to earth to live!

It is said that Jesus the Christ healed the sick by seeing only the perfection of the sufferer. Mahatma Gandhi brought an entire country to independence by the strength of his vision of well–being, and his refusal to respond negatively to hatred and opposition.

As we say in the United States, “Actions speak louder than words.” This bit of homespun wisdom is really saying “What you manifest is as a result of your vibrational stance,” for action is always dependent on your vibrational orientation. Therefore, for the next week I want you to try an experiment: turn your thoughts away from suffering, terrorism, illness, poverty, or ANYTHING that brings you down the scale of vibration. Learn the scale of emotion/vibration and practice placing your attention on the good stuff. Envision your life exactly the way you desire it, and keep your thoughts there. Turn off the news and put on some inspiring music; deflect all conversations about unwanted things to something more cheerful. Take walks and observe the beauty of nature, and admire her handiwork. Look at pretty flowers, smell their wonderful fragrance; feel the sun on your face and the breeze on your cheek. Pet your cat and play with your dog. Notice how others respond to you, and how you feel about yourself. At the end of the week, tell me how you feel.

The laws of the universe are based upon the principle of well–being. When you understand this, life becomes much more joyful, not only for you, but for those you touch.

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