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The Default Condition of the Universe

In my life I always got a mixed bag of things I wanted and things I didn't want. When times were bad, I often felt that life sucked and that's just the way it was.

Mostly my experiences gave me the idea that if there was any such thing as universal law, it was at best indifferent to me, and at times downright hostile. In the world I lived in, it didn't seem to make a lot of difference what I felt or did.

Lifes theme, for me, was 'it doesn't matter what I think. I'm not the center of the universe. Nobody is asking my opinion about the way things are. I'll just make the best of it.'

But it turns out that I was wrong. I discovered through trial and error that the default condition of the universe is:

You always get exactly what you think and believe.

I didn't, my entire life, get that because my experiences didn't mesh, I thought at the time, with what I thought I wanted. But now that I go back over my life I can see that I received exactly what I believed I would get. I was trying to make the best of a life I didn't know I had any control over.

My belief that I had no control over my life meant that I didn't have any; not because the universe was against me, but because I was putting out that signal and so the universe responded with a precise match to that signal. It's a matter of simple physics, which you can demonstrate to yourself with an oscilloscope and two frequency generators. Just match up the frequencies in-phase and see what happens. You get the same waveform with a higher amplitude. What can be shown in the lab is a demonstration of the operation of the frequency-matching property of this universe.

Everything I was thinking and feeling got mirrored back to me, in the form of my experiences, the people I met and the situations I found myself in.

I suppose most people naturally understand the simple fact that they are in control of their own lives without having to perform any experiments. But for me it was a revelation when I first really understood it.

I finally get that the universe is set up to give you everything you want. It just, idiotically almost, mirrors back to you the exact content of your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about anything.

At first this was difficult to accept. Really difficult, because I realized I was my own worst enemy. I realized I had been stopping myself my entire life.

All I had to do to get what I wanted was to get a clear vision of it, and hold to that vision, never mind what anyone else said about how 'realistic' or 'unrealistic' it was.

That was one of my big hang-ups. If everyone else I know has tried and failed, I said, what makes me think I can succeed? There are just certain rules of life and you can't buck that current, I thought. If you try you will just be miserable. So why bother? Just make the best of it, that was my motto.

I now realize that the manifestations others receive, come to them in response to the signals they send out to the universe. The universe is busy matching up all of the signals people give, and so everything stays in balance. People who like the same things get together. Jobs, friends, lovers, all come to you in response to how you think and feel about them. Matter itself is formed on this principle: it comes together because the particles that compose it are, you might say, 'like-minded.'

More precisely stated, the default condition of the universe is to give you exactly what you are FOCUSED upon.

That is a tricky sort of twist that took me a long time to understand.

I don't get what I want, I get what I'm paying attention to.

You can't get this until you consciously step back from your life a little, and begin to live mindfully. Otherwise, you are a slave to your beliefs; you never question them and your life stays the same. Like the phone that is constantly ringing, you feel compelled to answer it even though you have an answering machine. Soon the phone, instead of being a convenience to make your life easier, begins to run your life! In the same way, you constantly "answer" your uninspected beliefs.

For example, I say I want lots of money, but I noticed most of the time I talked about not having it. Bitched quite a bit about it, in fact. Never could understand WHY I didn't have more of it. I was just as deserving as the other guy, why did he have more than me?

It was only when one day I decided to write down all of my thoughts and feelings about money and prosperity, without b.s.ing myself, that it hit me like a ton of bricks. Almost every thought and feeling I had about money was one of lack, and in fact, there was a precise correspondence between all of my thoughts and beliefs about money, and my situation in 'real life' regarding money.

I couldn't fool myself anymore, or blame ther universe or the "other guy." I t was right there in black and white.

In other words, I was getting exactly what I believed.

Since then I have been applying the principle of 'like attracts like' from a positive perspective, in other words, focusing on all of those things I really want, and not giving any thought or attention to those things I dislike, and I am seeing things manifest in my life I never thought possible. It's almost like magic, even though it is simple physics.

The trick is to realize that it's what you are focusing on that the universe responds to, not what you want. If what you are focusing upon and what you want are the same, your signal is pure and you receive exactly as you intended.

If what you are wanting and what you are focusing upon are different, you get what you are giving the predominance of your attention to.

That's why it seemed that I wasn't in control.

Nobody ever explained this simple, idiotic fact to me and as I went through life I began to believe more and more that the universe was a place of scarcity where only a few could have it all, and that I just wasn't one of those lucky people. I believed that the universe was set up to allow me only so much and that it was futile to reach for more.

The more I believed this, the more I received into my experience exactly that. I was caught in an endless energy 'loop', similar to a hamster on a treadmill. But it was a treadmill of my own making.

Now that some scientists have estimated there is enough energy in a cubic centimeter of space to run all of the industries on earth for a few million years, I no longer believe in that scarcity idea. Quantum physics has shown that far from being empty, the so-called vacuum of space is a background flux of virtual particles winking in and out of existence. There is potential for unlimited energy, if we can figure out how to tap into it. We are a long way from that, but the idea is enough to give us some hope. Far from being a universe of scarcity, it is apparently a place where everyone can, at least theoretically, have an unlimited energy supply. Earth is, then, a planet existing within a sea of unlimited energy; not a closed system, but an open one, where energy can theoretically be tapped and diverted for the benefit of all; similar to using the power of a flowing river to run electrical generators, or using the power of the wind to turn the blade of a windmill, or using solar panels to trap the energy of the sun.

I have found through experience that the law of 'like attracts like' works both ways. For most of my life I found that it worked to deny me the things I wanted, now I am finding that it is working to give me the things I want, and I don't think all of the laws of the universe suddenly changed just to benefit me.

All I did was to change my focus.

I didn't hardly have to DO anything! It was more like a paradigm shift within myself.

The amazing thing about the law of 'like attracts like', is that you don't have to be a saint to get it to work.

Think of all of the jerks who are rich. I think of Bill Gates. All it takes is focus on what you want, and holding yourself there. One thing I gotta say for Gates, that guy knows how to focus on what he wants.

Try it and see if it works for you. Remember that it's what you focus on that's the key. The more you gripe, the more what you are griping about is going to come into your experience, because that's where your attention is. Take it from me, I'm an expert at that.

The more you focus on what you want, the more good stuff will come into your life. I've noticed that I'm a happier person when I get what I want; I'm more generous, more compassionate, more likable.

And I've noticed that life is a lot more fun as well!

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