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Being Different

Have you ever heard the expression: “he is on a different planet than the rest of us” or, “she's living in her own little dream world.” I turned on the news the other day and listened for about a minute, and realized that it had absolutely nothing to do with my life. Apparently there are all sorts of worries about the economy, and war, and terrorist attacks, but I now see only the good stuff. So I guess someone could say that I was divorced from reality. (Funny thing is, I feel so much better, now that I am no longer a news junkie. I notice that 99% of the stuff that is on the news is negative, but when I look around at life, I see 99% positive. Something is a little skewed, I'd say).

Through the subtle energy transfer of vibration, your thoughts and beliefs about life place you in vibrational proximity to those of like mind. This process is sometimes obvious, as you find yourself in a stadium watching a baseball game, and sometimes not so obvious, as you wind up at a job interview with someone who seems predisposed not to like you.

If you are continually worried about terrorism for example, you will probably attract something negative into your life sooner or later. Maybe not a terrorist, but something you don't like. The Law of Vibration guarantees that if you are worried about something, you are activating that feeling within you. When that vibration is activated, you begin to resonate more and more to it, like a tuning fork that is continually struck. Then you begin to find yourself in physical proximity, then more strongly, to persons and situations which are a match to the vibration which you have activated. The content of the experiences you have will never be identical, but they will all be self–similar, because the carrier wave of your vibrational signal is the same.

People eventually become so used to hearing the same note that it isn't even noticeable anymore. Even though they are continually striking the tuning fork with the vibration of 'worry about the economy' or 'fear of disease', it just becomes a habit. People get resigned to doing the darndest things! The point is that the Universal Operating System (my name for the set of five universal principles) guarantees that EVERYONE lives in their own little world. Essentially, we create our own vibrational islands of personal experience.

Inga's family is into sports, camping, games, and having fun, and so was Inga until a few months ago, when she took a look at her life and didn't like what she saw anymore. Inga quit her job in a sports consulting firm and began taking meditation classes. She now works in a new age bookstore, for far less money, and her family and old friends are confused about where she's at. There is now a vibrational separation vibration between Inga and her family. She is on a different wavelength, literally, and so much of what Inga thinks, says and does is no longer real to them. If Inga continues on this vibrational path, there will be more and more physical separation between them. This is not good or bad, it is just the way the Universal Operating System works. The law of 'like attracts like' guarantees that Inga will meet up now with people of similar interests. She may lose some of her old friends, because their vibrations now clash with hers, like playing a melody note with a natural 7th and a chord with a flat 7th.

The idea that people can be on different planets and live next to each other is nothing new. I remember when I was a kid, I never even saw my neighbor who lived 2 doors down from me, even though we lived in that house for 8 years! I'll bet many others have experienced similarly.

The point is, what passes for the common reality in a family or group is usually just what most of the family or group agrees on. What passes for the common reality in a nation is what the majority of the people agree on, which usually means, what is on the news every day. But these realities have no more validity than the reality of any individual. It is just that more people have bought into them. The geniuses, the successful business people, those who prosper in any field are always those who decide to do something and then continue along their path, no matter what anyone else says. So many of us, when we see the maverick, will be quick to criticize. This is natural, since the vibration the maverick is offering is different from the agreed upon vibration.

What many do is pull back. Inga might say to her family and friends: “Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I am going a little too far with that meditation stuff. I'll behave myself from now on.” Inga might quit her job at the bookstore and justify it by telling herself that it was just a whim. She might even get her old job back. She may now feel more comfortable when dealing with family and friends, but if Inga is truly dissatisfied with her life and continues to frequent the same places and deal with the same people, she will become increasingly irritable. The vibrations just aren't meshing anymore! (Of course Inga doesn't have to lose anyone in her life. By simply doing her thing she will stay cheerful, and by being cheerful, will draw out cheerfulness in others. That's the great thing about feeling good – there is absolutely no downside).

Being different just means having your internal vibration set at a different bandwidth than the people you are hanging around with. You can either stay with the old crowd and be miserable, or march to the beat of your own drummer. If you do decide to change, be assured that the laws of the universe will work for you. You will find yourself, inevitably, meeting up with new people and situations to match your new set of preferences! And if you stay happy, the process of changing your life will be effortless. You will gradually meet up with people more in tune with you and gradually the others will fade away, with no upset or resentment at all.

Someone once told me that when you really begin to travel your own unique path through life, you feel alone. Well, this is not always true! You may feel alone if you have suddenly changed your world view and are now completely out of tune with family, friends and work environment, or if you refuse to give up on your old life and the old crew. When you begin to find out who you really are, and discover that unique set of basic desires that you came to earth to fulfill, it feels great! In other words, there is no downside to advancement. There is a crazy idea on earth that in order to get any place you have to work hard, or struggle, or suffer, but this is just another one of those distorted concepts about the Universal Operating System that are floating about in the mass consciousness. If you simply go with whatever feels best to you, you will be inevitably led down the most joyous path. It will feel wonderful. People say there are risks in this approach, that it would be nice to feel wonderful all the time, but that it is impossible, pie–in–the–sky dreaming. “You have to meet your responsibilities,” they will say. “You got to pay the bills.” This distorted concept promotes the idea that doing stuff that feels good will lead to financial ruin, but being a drone will at least bring the necessities of life.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There is no risk whatsoever in following your inner voice of inspiration. There is great risk in feeling lousy, however, because feeling lousy leads to stress, bad health, and more lousy life experiences.

Feeling good leads to good things in your experience, including money. The reason you can't make money doing things that feel good is precisely because you do not believe money can be made doing the things you love to do. This is a rigorous definition, and is in full agreement with the laws of the universe. The economy, the latest world political crisis, government policy, all of these things are irrelevant to your own prosperity and well being. Of course, if you believe that you have to import the ideas and experiences of others into your personal worldview, then you will begin to experience in that way. But politicians and the news media have got it all bollixed. They have convinced us that their actions are vitally important to us all. And those actions ARE vitally important IF we believe that they are. Even though all of us are connected, we still experience in our own instance of the universal program called “Earth.”

No one can create in your experience. You are a sovereign, powerful creator, orchestrating life from the platform of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

Don't give up on your dreams because they happen to be different from the crowd. Blazing your own trail may sometimes result in a clash of vibration, which won't feel so good. This does not mean your goals are impossible, or wrong, it is just the Law of Vibration telling you that you are now not resonating to the old ways anymore. That's a good thing, because it means you have truly shifted. It isn't all in your head, you are making it real enough in your vibration for others to respond to. The laws of the universe guarantee that there are plenty of people out there who you can connect up with in your new life. It may take a little time, but if you stick with it, the people and resources you need must come to you.

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