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Applying spirituality in a practical, common sense manner to daily life for success and happiness. To help you to discover that personal kernel of spiritual wisdom that exists within.
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In this series of essays we explore the relationship of spirit (consciousness) to the material world.

We try to answer the questions

"Who am I?"

"How did the universe come into being?"

We proceed from the understanding that matter cannot create matter. Therefore, a creative principle must be involved when discussing the origin of the physical universe.

Cosmologists postulate a "Big Bang," or an undefined and infinitesimal quantum fluctuation from which the universe came forth. These explanations come very close to the idea of a virtual creative or animating principle that is itself not measurable, yet which is responsible for the creation of matter and energy.

I believe that science, cosmology and philosophy are all converging on a true understanding of consciousness. I believe that the next several decades will see a marrying of these disciplines and a cooperative effort to investigate the human spirit. When that happens there will be a renaissance of understanding upon our planet, which will in turn be reflected in our human societies. This new understanding can only have a positive effect on the planetary environment.

It will be an exciting time to be alive!

Article List:

Is the Origin of Consciousness Spiritual or Biological?

The Creation of a Universe (Thoughts on creation, consciousness, and existence)

Thoughts on Time

The Human Energy Field

The Human Energy Field (and other speculative concepts)

In this essay we revive the idea of the Aether

Motion, Vibration, and the Aether

Essays on consciousness

The Ego

The Mind

Free Will

The Intellect and True Understanding

The Subconscious Mind

Visualizing Health

The Dialogues - A Conversation With My Higher Self Excerpts from the book of the same name. The dialogues contain questions and answers to things like: time, the nature of consciousness, the purpose of life, the Ultimate Answer, and much more!

Dialogues -- a la Neale Donald Walsh (Excerpts)

The powerful message of a flower.

What Is A Rose?

Life and Spirituality

The Cycle of Life

The Still Point

Imprints, Karma, and the Still Point

The Coming Planetary Alignment

The Tipping Point