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The Coming Planetary Alignment

From the Spiritual Wisdom newsletter, August 2007

Thought is vibrational. It is the basic quanta that composes all physical objects, and the universe itself. Your thoughts and intentions interact with everyone elses, creating a dynamically changing vibrational signature for the human species. Human beings are the most dynamic creators on the planet meaning that human beings can and do change their vibrational signatures. Other life forms have a more or less set or fixed species consciousness, but human beings are earths Xfactor. Over the past several centuries, the human race has changed faster than at any other point in recorded history. The face of our planet has altered drastically in that time.

Other species animals, plants, and insects have evolved in response to changing environmental factors. These life forms live in harmony with nature.

The evolution of human thought over the past three centuries is rapidly approaching a tipping point.[1] There is so much information and it is increasing so fast, that the human species consciousness can be considered as a chaotic system. Human consciousness is now poised on the brink of a chaotic mutation driven by an increasing energetic complex of changing thought forms that have the potential to coalesce around any of the memes within the set of human beliefs. These beliefs act like attractors in a nonlinear system. The question is, around which theme will the new consciousness form? This is a question that I have asked in my movie, The Unity of Spirit and Matter. The predominant themes seem to be, on one side, competition, conflict, and war, and on the other, harmony, cooperation, and mutual respect. But there are thousands of ways the system could evolve. The point is, every individual contributes to the species consciousness, and can affect it. Individuals are not the victims of historical or universal forces!

Astrologers and intuitives talk about the influx of new energies, as a result of planetary and other energetic alignments. However, the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction tell us that these changing energy patterns are in response to the changing choices of humanity. The human race has forgotten how powerful our thoughts are collectively, and how our thought creates a vibrational imprint that affects the planet as a whole.

I have personally experienced how thought can affect the weather. Ill tell that story in another newsletter.

Because the earth is a living organism and all things are composed of thought, human consciousness can and does effect not only weather patterns but also geological and other environmental forces, and even the consciousness of other species. The human race is like a powerful dynamo, providing the spark for evolutionary changes on our planet. Unfortunately, many of us are operating with blinders on. We have been taught that individuals have no power, when in fact we have great power.

Once an alignment begins to take place, it will happen very quickly. When a system tips, it catches on rapidly. Like the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, one day the Wall was there, and the next, it wasnt. The alignment of human consciousness could take place at any time during the next several years. The human population of earth is still growing rapidly, and will continue to do so for the near future. In order to script the future in the way you would like, begin to script your own life and your own beliefs and attitudes, for the coming denouement.

Is it possible to write the future?

It is when enough people agree on the screenplay.

Therefore, it is very important to begin to find your desire and your passion right now! Dont wait until tomorrow to life the life you love.

Many people think that higher forces beyond their control are shaping their personal future and the future of mankind and of the planet. I want to point out that this is a belief, and beliefs are a selffulfilling prophecies. Beliefs determine action and manifestation, which is the physical representation of thought. Of course higher forces exist but their scope and direction are brought to you by the Law of Attraction. That is to say, the vibrational signature of each and every human being determines the manifestation of universal forces that affect each one of us. It is not too late to change the future it is never too late! In fact, we are alive at the perfect time, at the tipping point.

What kind of life do you want? Look at your life on all of lifes domains when answering this question (See diagram below).

What is your vision for the future of the planet?

These are very pertinent questions for all who are interested in the prosperous and harmonious continuation of life on earth. Remember this: If you do not consider these questions consciously, the future will be created by default!

The earths systems, including weather and geology, interface within a field of consciousness in which all life, and everything in the universe, exists.

Every individual and every species collectively contribute to the shape and structure of life on earth. There are no events outside the scope of the law of vibration and the law of attraction! These universal principles are built in to the fabric of the universe itself. Our political and climate is shaped by you by the thousands and millions who each contribute their vibration to the planetary whole. The beauty of the vibrational universe is that it allows individuals to interface personally with these forces and create their own personal reality. The system is set up to allow separate realities on all of lifes domains.

The geometric representation of this system is a vortex, or a funnel.


At the point of the funnel is the individual. The little sun represents an individual conscious personality a spiritual being associated with a physical body which is an aspect of the universal field of consciousness. As the funnel expands there is an expansion of life and of awareness: the family, the group, the nation, and the species consciousness. Above that is the earth and everything in it, and the universe itself. And of course, the genesis for all of it is Spirit, the Creative Principle, the One the Alpha and the Omega that from which all things emanate.

It is easy to think that because we are at the bottom of the funnel, that we have no power. But it is just the opposite. Individuals are at the bottom of the funnel because that is where the greatest power is! Of course universal forces affect individuals, but individuals determine the shape and destiny of those forces. And, most important, the funnel itself is formed from the intention of an individual conscious personality. Each of us has our own personal vortex of life force energy!

The question is, what will you do with it?

Each of us is empowered to not only create our personal reality, but to collectively change the manifested planetary reality.

Sometimes we lose sight of this simple but powerful fact in daytoday living: each and every one of us is, literally, a controller or choreographer of life force energy, and thus, of universal forces. The power of any group comes from the decisions and choices of individuals.

Individuals have power! So begin, right now, to make choices about your ideal life. The future, both individually and collectively, depends upon it. The process is invisible from our physical orientation, because the human senses do not perceive at this subtle, but enormously powerful level, just as we do not perceive the radio waves that are tuned by the stereo receiver. But they can be heard through the speakers!


[1] Tipping Point the idea that small changes will have little or no effect on a system until a critical mass is reached. Then a further small change tips the system and a large effect is observed.

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