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The Dialogues

Part I

Excepts from the first half of the book "Dialogues Conversations with my Higher Self"

 Time  and Dimension

 More on Time

 More on Time, Part II


 Consciousness and the Nature of the Universe

 The 'Earth Plane'

The Law of Attraction vs the laws of Matter

 Earth -- the Armpit of the Universe?




 Current Affairs

 Higher Self and Illness

 Altering Matter and Energy

 Accessing a 'stream of thought'

 Polar Shift'

 The Nature of Reality (continued)

 Universal Consciousness and Focused Consciousness

 Feeling Blue

 The Working of Universal Laws

 The Nature of Consciousness

 The Value and Purpose of Contrast

 The Human Body


 Manifestation of Desire

 What Causes Manifestation

 The Creation of Consciousness? Or, The Ultimate Answer

 Incarnation and Death

 More on Memory

 Earth History Part II

 The Leading Edge of Thought

 The Design of Bodies

 The Benefit of Contrast



 The One Consciousness

 A Mischievous Dialogue

 Metaphysical Conclusions, so far, from the Dialogue


The Dialogues Part II Table of Contents


More on Knowing

The Universal Perspective

The Value of Disconnection (?)

How We  Disconnect (and Re-Connect) to Source

Earth -- A Broader Perspective


How Can a Good Person Attract Something Bad?

Is The Universe Real or a Holograph?



Biology and Consciousness

The NOW Moment, Mind Reading, and the Akashic Records

Dark Matter

Mass Consciousness

Meet The Guys,  Part I

A Serious Question Turns Into A Very Big Joke

Alternate Realities

Meet The Guys,  Part II

Meet The Guys,  Part III

Perception in the Non Physical Realm

What is the Higher Self of a Native–State Being?

Animals and Their Purpose For Being

A Conversation With the Being who was the Chipmunk

Trapped Beings

What is Life Like in the Spirit World?


How Can Solid Objects Be Composed of Thought?  The Necessity for Harmony

Crop Circles

Birth Defects

(Session 1)



Q: I am fascinated with the idea that time is not a concrete thing like our 3 spatial dimensions, and that if a being had a level of consciousness high enough, linear time would disappear for that being and all things in existence could be perceived at once.

If  there is a separate time dimension, then couldn’t everything that has ever existed be coexisting right now?

I guess I’m asking you if there are parallel universes.


A: Your communication is a little fuzzy. We will respond by saying that you may be seeing a potential which then becomes your reality in every conscious moment. You are simply grabbing a potential and making it ‘real’ to you. The potential contains the energy from which consciousness molds its reality.

The matter and energy of the body of your grandfather, for example, and all of the things that have ever existed, has simply changed its form. You know this as the law of conservation of energy. Energy is simply recycled, that is all.


Q: Huh? Explain what you meant by that, and tell me what happened to the earth that my grandfather lived in? Did it just melt back into the potential?


A: You may   perceive time in smaller or larger increments depending upon your sensory perception, but this  perception is always a function of consciousness itself. For example,  a very small organism with a short life span (relative to humans) might ‘sample’ much more quickly than a tree, which can live hundreds of years. This is sensory perception of time. You say ‘time is dragging’ or, ‘I can’t believe it’s 3 o’clock already.’ That is consciousness itself re-interpreting time. So time may be experienced differently depending upon the organism which is experiencing, and the consciousness associated with it.

The things that existed in your grandfather’s time have been re–arranged to conform to the new thought that exists in your time. There is new thought because there are newly incarnated beings upon your earth, who come with different intentions. This new thought is responsible for changing the environment in which you live, so there are new structures, new understandings, and so when you  walk upon your world in the present time, you observe different things and are surrounded by a different thought stream than your grandfather. All of these observable changes are the result of the changing thought of the consciousness inhabiting your world.


Q: OK on what you said about time, but the manifesting from the potential thing I don’t get.

You’re saying that we create everything we observe? That all 6 billion of us create a different world from the potential?


A: You don’t so much create as mold, invite, and change an already existing potential energy which is, for all practical purposes,  infinite.


Q: Yes, but there are such complex processes that keep the earth in balance. Who sees to the proper operation of  the geology, the atmosphere and weather, the magnetic field, all of the  vast and complex processes that keep  life on earth cocooned so precisely and within such defined parameters? It doesn’t seem likely that 6 billion humans who can’t even stop fighting, arguing and killing each other, and who aren’t aware most of them what they had for breakfast three days ago, can accomplish that.


A: That is correct, humans cannot do this. These processes were set up before you got here.


Q: By whom?


A: What you refer to in your essays as universal consciousness.  The planet itself is also conscious. Just as a human may affect the body’s systems through thought, so too can the earth affect its own systems.


Q: So we exist in a very complex matrix which has been provided for us and which creates the ‘default earth’ which we then, on an individual basis, modify with our own thoughts and actions?


A: Sort of. The matrix of creation exists, and  the interaction between all of you modify the common space you live in, and each of you modify that to suit your needs. The Law of Attraction (see Appendix A) manages all of the asking and answers according to the vibration, or frequency, of your request.

And realize that humans are not the only consciousness on the planet. Humans are sort of like viruses in the body of a very complex earth with many, many life forms, many of which you cannot perceive, or do not consider to be life forms at all.


Q: Viruses?


A: Viruses in the sense that a virus can mutate, change itself and affect its environment.


Q: That still doesn’t answer my original about time. I want to know if there is an independent time dimension that contains all of the moments of existence there ever was, which would enable us to go back or forward in time and relive them.


A: The question of time is a question of potential unmanifested, and potential manifested. At each point in space/time there are different potentials manifested, among an infinity of possibilities.

Physical humans can only interface with the manifested potentials within the ‘window’ that their sensory equipment allows. Your eyes and ears, for example, only receive a very limited amount of in formation.


Q: So humans, and science, can only observe a very small portion of what has been/is?


A: Yes, although you do a marvelous job of extrapolating  from your observations. We are amazed at some of the things you come up with.


Q: Like what?


A: Like your idea of parallel universes branching off from every individual decision. A parallel universe is a potential that has been/may be manifested. Your idea above, basically, except that this idea considers ALL potentials as having manifested!


Q: So all potentials do not manifest?


A: What manifests is what is experienced! What is not experienced remains a potential. For example, you apply for a new job and do not get it. What is the manifestation, and what is the potential? The potential was for you to get the job, or not to get it. What manifested was that you did not get it. So you continue to live your life in your present job. You cannot say that what manifested was both that you got the job, and that you did not! What manifests is what is experienced! If your experience is not getting the job, that is the reality for you. The idea of parallel universes says that you got the job and didn’t get the job, and the universe where you got the job is just as real to you as the universe that you are experiencing, and you are in both of them, consciously self aware in 2 separate universes. But you are you, not someone else! You are an aspect of universal consciousness that exists right now, and you are aware of yourself experiencing where you are right now. You cannot be experiencing in a universe where you experienced something, and also in one where you did not! Otherwise, you would not be you, because what is real to you is what you experience, do you see? The universe in which you got the job was just a potential that did not manifest, and so was not experienced.

The idea of parallel universes is a fascinating one, and, in fact, is very close to the truth (see later sessions), but we want to get the idea across to you that a manifestation is just a conscious being experiencing something, feeling something, perceiving something, and a potential is something that had a possibility of being experienced, but wasn’t.


Q: OK, that clears things up a little, anyway. Now for my next question!

Are there more than 3 spatial dimensions?  Or does the all–that–is just contain a vast amount of energy that is not detectable to our human senses and the instruments of science??


A: Define more clearly what you mean.


Q: Height, width and breadth are 3 dimensions. A 4th spatial dimension involves a 90 degree rotation out of the third dimension into a ‘hyper’ dimension, just like a 3rd dimension requires a 90 degree rotation out of the plane of the paper. So a 3 dimensional cube could be viewed as an infinite number of stacked 2 dimensional planes (because the 2 dimensional planes have no thickness), and a ‘hyper’ cube would be an infinite number of ‘stacked’ 3 dimensional cubes. If higher spatial dimensions exist, they could contain an infinite number of 3 dimensional universes. Some scientists say that in order to account for the total mass of the universe, energy has to be stored in ‘higher dimensions’ that we cannot perceive from our 3 dimensional perspective.

A: You cannot talk about dimension without talking about perception. A ‘higher dimension’ is just another way of saying: ‘I am perceiving differently.’

We access in your mind a man named Abbott in your 19th century who wrote a book called ‘Flatland’ about  2 dimensional beings. What he was saying is that these beings perceived according to a certain set of agreed upon rules. Their sensory equipment was tuned to experience on what you call ‘2 dimensions.’ Then he explained how a 3 dimensional sphere would appear to one of these ‘2 dimensional’ beings. What he was saying is that the ‘3 dimensional’ being could perceive in a broader way, whereas the ‘2 dimensional’ being was focused more narrowly. This is precisely what happens when consciousness focuses into a biological body on your planet (or any planet). Now  you may call this broader perspective  another ‘dimension’ if you want to, and try to nail it down to a certain set of mathematical rules, if it makes you feel better, but it doesn’t matter what you call it, it is just a different way of perceiving.

What we really want to get across to you, is that IF YOU CAN PERCEIVE IT, IT IS REAL. That should take care of a lot of other questions on the subject of dimension.

Placing a label on something  and attempting to quantify it and explain it to death and pigeonhole it, is a very amusing trait humans have. Then when you think you have it all explained, you write equations to determine its perceptual relationship to all of you forevermore and then you continually create it that way, so that it becomes more and more real to all of you. Then you become the slave of it, because since it is being observed over and over, it must be true; but it is true because you create it as true in every instant, which gets back to what we said before.


Q: So there really is no 4th spatial dimension?


A: There can be, if you can perceive differently. You can call it whatever you like.


Q: OK, then how do you change your perception to perceive a 4th dimensional object?


A: That is up to you. Anything is possible, if you desire the experience and allow it to happen. There aren’t very many of you who are willing to do that, and those that do, either think they are crazy, or others label them as crazy or nuts, because they are perceiving so very differently from the rest of you.

You see, it is all up to you. That is the message we really want to get across to you. There is an infinite potential which can be manifested in infinite ways, it all depends upon your imagination and your desire and vision.


Q: OK enough for tonight. more tomorrow.



  Imagine a square. Move the square up into the 3rd dimension and you get a cube. The cube contains an infinite number of 2 dimensional squares, because the squares have no thickness. Move the cube in the ‘4th dimension’ and you get a hypercube, or 4 dimensional cube! Of course we really can’t diagram the hypercube accurately,  but the idea is that you an fit an infinite number of 3 dimensional cubes inside a 4 dimensional cube.


______________________ (Session 2)

More on Time

Q: Let me get back once more to the idea of time, and time travel. Let’s say a being has a lifetime in 1233 where he was known as ‘Joe,’ and another lifetime in 2002 where he is known as ‘Pete’. Both of them are equally real, and both must exist. It seems that in order to reconcile the two physical existences then parallel universes must exist.

If, as some say, time is just an illusion and everything is happening NOW, then both ‘Joe’ and ‘Pete’ must have an independent existence. They must both be living out their lives at the same time!


A:. While it is true that all things happen NOW, it is not true that everything that has ever existed occurs simultaneously! Let us put it this way: In 1233 thought was organized in a certain way concerning your planet and all that was upon it and in it, and from that thought, the potential was manifested into the environment you call ‘1233’ (in 1233 you had people living in huts and in 2002 you have people living in skyscrapers; it is all just a matter of how thought was organized).

But of course ‘1233’ was a continuously changing thing, as the thought of all consciousness evolved and changed, and thus changed the conditions of all that could be observed there and then. In 2002, the thoughts of consciousness are different, and so the face of your planet has changed to match this new thought.  But all that has really changed are the thoughts of the conscious entities which are associated with your planet, in all of their billions upon billions. As thought changes, conditions change. First there is thought, then comes action, you see.

The confusion on time is that the experience in ‘1233’ cannot be separated from the experience in ‘2002,’ it is just a changing of thought which results in different manifestations.

The important thing is thought, not the conditions that result from thought. Humans think that matter and energy are foremost in importance; humans are always saying: ‘prove it!,’ in other words, ‘show me an instantaneous change in matter and energy, or something already observable,  and I will believe in the validity of your idea,’ but it is consciousness which organizes thought, which determines what is manifested in the physical universe.


Q: Yes but the idea of time itself, and time travel, is that there is a 1233 separate from a 2002. What you seem to be saying is that there is no independent time dimension, but this is in disagreement with relativity and quantum mechanics, which rely on time as a 4th dimension to explain what we perceive in our universe.


A: Well, we are not trying to tell you what you should believe! We are attempting to answer your questions as best we can. What you have manifested upon your planet and in your societies are an exact match to the thoughts and beliefs in those societies! We assure you, the society of the Bushmen in Africa are much different than the society in the United States. And the society of the academic scientific community is much, much different from that of construction workers. You could certainly say, if you went to Africa and visited with our friends the Bushmen, that they lived in a different time, could you not? You might then say that there are different ‘time dimensions’ coexisting within and upon each other all over  your planet!

Time as you refer to it is just the decision to organize thought in a different way, which results in different observable conditions, that is what we want to say to you.

We also want to distinguish between something that was actually experienced, and something which was a potential, but never experienced. ‘1233’ was an experience for many aspects of universal consciousness, which we/they have the ability to remember, but as we said before, the matter and energy that composed their bodies and their houses and their tools and artwork, etc., have been recycled.

What has manifested has been experienced, and remembered, and it is known. Those who focused in 1233 experienced what they experienced, and  there would not be thought organized in such a particular way, ever again.  Do not make the mistake of believing that there are separate lumps of consciousness here, and separate lumps there. There is a stream of consciousness that you have been calling universal consciousness, which decides to BE in many different ways, and which focuses aspects, or extensions of itself into human bodies on earth. All is intimately connected!

All of universal consciousness has experienced through all who participated, that particular manifestation of reality (1233) has been thoroughly ingested and digested, as it were, and so it is not necessary to repeat it, ever again! We like variety, you see.

Humans might find it fascinating to think about traveling in time to some place that has already been experienced, but from your broader awareness you decided to experience now, in this energy, and you did not wish to rehash old experiences.


Q: But traveling in time is a wonderful new experience!! It is just a possible potential reality, isn’t it?


A: (smiles) Indeed it is! But you must remember that humans are not the only life forms that exist!  What about the birds and the rocks and the insects and the fish and the grains of sand, where are all of these life forms and things? In order to travel in time you must have thought organized exactly the way it was, in every instant that you experience this old time, and so must have the agreement of all to essentially recreate the same patterns of thought and vibration. We assure you, thought has evolved since 1233 on your planet, and it would not be possible to organize it in exactly the same way again.


Q: Yes, but I can imagine time travel and an independent time dimension, and if it can be imagined, it should be possible. That’s what I have read from other channelers, anyway! It should be possible to travel back to any time that exists in the potential of thought, if all is as you say.

I guess my question is, is there a universal record of all that has been experienced, so that it can be re-experienced?


A: Well there is the difficulty, from the human point of view. You see, we (all-that-is) don’t WANT to  re-experience! We want to grow, evolve, become more! We don’t want to go back to 1233 and relive that old stuff, and you, in your broader awareness, would really not like to do so either, we assure you! That is why you are experiencing now, right where you are. Enjoy yourself!!! You see, many humans think fondly about time travel with the idea that it would be nice to get away from their troubles. The idea is ‘oh, it would be so nice to go to 1233, I wouldn’t have to worry about money or that jerk I have for a boss, or my father-in-law, or all of my problems.’ But consider; when you are feeling wonderful, you would not like to be anywhere else than where you are right at the moment. Because it just feels so wonderful to be alive! It is that delicious feeling of loving life in the moment that is the reason for all experience.

We see you objecting that time travel can be undertaken from an orientation of excitement and adventure, and of course this is true, but we want to say to you that there is plenty of adventure to be had right where (and when) you are now.

The time travel  idea is fascinating, but is usually undertaken strictly from an intellectual standpoint. We tell you that the intellect can never be completely satisfied, for it’s purpose is to continually question.


Q: All right, lets drop that for now.  (More on this question in later sessions).

What is the value in focusing our awareness into physical bodies, anyway? It seems like there is so much grief and misery on our planet.


A: Well, when consciousness becomes very focused, as it does when you incarnate into a physical body, your awareness also becomes focused into a more intense (narrow?) perspective. You lose a broader awareness, but gain the amazing ability not only to rediscover and re–experience things you already know from your broader perspective, but you do so from an entirely different platform. The intensity of your feeling can be much more powerful.  You get to experience intense contrast, and find yourself, know yourself, experience yourself, relative to it; there is a poignancy in physical experiences that all who read this are well aware of!  When you are sad you can get SO sad, and when you feel elated, the feeling can be so powerful that the whole universe celebrates along with you!

From your broader perspective, focusing  your consciousness into human biology would be like agreeing to go white water canoeing for the first time with a bunch of pros, who take you out on a really fast, dangerous river with lots of rocks. Once you get in that boat you are committed, for better or for worse! Your consciousness is of necessity narrowed and focused to you, the boat, and the river. All else is excluded.

The experiences you have! The intense feelings! Its exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. That is the benefit of physical experience.

Of course the situation is a win-win. If you die against the rocks, you transition back to your place of eternal bliss in your broader awareness.


Q: OK that’s it for tonight.


(Session 4)


Q: If the universe exists as a potential energy from which conscious beings manifest, then what is matter and energy? What is matter and energy composed of?


A: Thought.

The universe has been designed by (what you refer to as) universal consciousness and over ‘time’ it has expanded and evolved through the thoughts of all conscious beings.

Every thought is energy and adds, ever so slightly, to the expansion of the universe, and to it’s gradual evolvement.

For example, your science says that the chair you sit on is composed of atoms and atoms are composed of smaller particles and those particles are composed of still smaller particles. Eventually you reach the level of thought.

A thought is the smallest energy packet there is, and it is a direct creation of consciousness.

Each thought can be considered to be a ‘vibration,’ or  combination of ‘vibrations.’ We use this word vibration because it is the closest word you have in your language to describe the essence of  aliveness. In your scientific model, atoms and the  particles that comprise them are constantly moving, oscillating within themselves, so the word ‘vibration’ is a good one. Thoughts are vibrational because they are alive, and they are alive because they are vibrational. A circular definition, but accurate.


Q: OK, but then what is consciousness? Is it energy?


A: Consciousness is that which creates thought and perceives what it has created. Consciousness creates vibrationally, and the universe of its creation is perceived or interpreted vibrationally. Vibration is intimate to perception; and all things physical, or perceivable, are vibrational in nature. Consciousness, like a radio tuned to a specific station, has the ability to focus vibrationally and perceive.


Q:  So then consciousness and thought are the same thing?


A: Essentially, yes. You are trying to differentiate and separate things that are not really separate, but which must be differentiated, otherwise you would not have a universe at all! You see the whole thing is reflexive, coming back in on itself. Existence is the creation of consciousness, and reflects the eternal and self–reflexive nature of consciousness. Existence is simply perception. Perception requires something to perceive, and that ‘thing’ is thought, in all of its unimaginably complex and beautiful patterns! The reason for consciousness, for self–awareness, is perception, for without something ‘other’ to look at, awareness is pointless.

There is an intimate connection between everything in existence and consciousness itself. Space is just the creation of consciousness via thought. An object is composed, ultimately, of ‘organized’ thought. Therefore, space is not empty. It is filled with the vibrations that consciousness has created. It is alive! Matter and energy are simply different combinations of thought into various templates, all designed by consciousness.

So you see, from your point of view our explanations are always circular We always wind up saying essentially the same thing, over and over, in different words and by taking different routes. For your understanding, the truth is a circle: begin and end are at the same point, yet there is no begin and end, really.


Q: Is the universe closed, open, or saddle-shaped?


A: It is whatever you are perceiving from your vibrational vantage point. You see, it all depends upon your point of view/level of consciousness. You may mold the potential any way you see fit. Have you ever noticed that when you increase your awareness you perceive differently? When you were a child, the street you lived on seemed like the whole world; everything that happened was contained within it. When you entered school the world seemed to expand  radically, and it took you a while to adjust. As you change your ideas about the universe you expand your awareness of it, and it changes to match your preferences.


Q: Are we merely observing the universe, or creating it?


A: Both. Remember that from your human viewpoint, your conception of the universe must be limited. That is because consciousness, when it becomes associated with physical bodies, perceives through the body’s limiting sensors. Therefore, you are only perceiving a miniscule portion of the universe.


Q: OK. What is this potential you keep talking about?


A: The potential is the virtual ‘soup’ of vibration, or potential energy, out of which anything you desire to experience may be called forth. It is –– we will say in terms you can understand –– the combined thought from consciousness since the beginning of the universe.


Q: It sounds like magic.


A: It IS magic! But humans limit themselves to a tiny fraction of their true potential. This is because of the habit you have of wanting to only consider valid that which has already manifested, that which is observable; also, your habit of wanting to label everything and get it figured out for all time. Humans are fond of proposing laws of nature (and human behavior) that must be fixed for all time. You call this ‘human nature.’ If someone changes his or her behavior patterns, you call that person ‘inconsistent,’ or ‘impulsive,’ but the ability to change your mind is a quintessential property of consciousness.

If only you could realize the true potential of human nature! You would all be astounded at what you are potentially capable of.

But of course this is understandable since you are all out here on the leading edge of experience. You are limited greatly by your human sensors. So you are able to perceive  only a tiny fraction of everything-that-is, as we have mentioned before. But we are here to remind you that you are far more than you have led yourselves to believe.


Q: Yes but what you are saying is that we are capable of anything. That’s ridiculous. We can’t instantly manifest out of this potential anything we would wish.  If that were true I’d have a couple billion dollars!


A: Not with your present state of consciousness.


Q: Are you saying its possible?


A: Anything is possible. But this question is far beyond the present state of consciousness of humans.


Q: OK, I get your drift.


(Session 5)


The "Earth Plane"

Q: So basically what you are saying is that there is no RIGHT answer.


A: That is correct! A right answer would be defined by many humans as something that has manifested, or that will be true forever. But it is possible to manifest anything from the potential. So everything has the potential to be right.


Q: OK, I am beginning to see now. When we say someone is wrong, what we are saying is that he or she has not yet manifested his idea.


A: Or, that he has not gotten broad agreement from other humans upon that idea.

As more and more beings agree on ‘A’, the more powerful is the drawing forth from the potential. The more who manifest ‘A’, the more it is agreed upon as valid. Anything at all can be manifested, and is being manifested, in worlds and dimensions totally beyond your understanding! The universe is so vast, so bold, so wonderful! (Here I felt a powerful sensation. I can only describe it is a fresh breeze –– an exciting feeling of creative power).


Q: So we can sum up by saying that life exists  in a vast ocean of infinite potential, and that we can experience anything we want.


A: That is a good way to describe it. As a final thought, we would like to say: do not limit yourself! Use your creative power to joyfully manifest your dreams.

And also we would like to say: the universe is a joyful place! It is a place of indescribable beauty. If it were not, there would be no point in experiencing it. Humans love to struggle, but we assure you, that is not a concept shared by many others throughout the all-that-is.

You are not here learning lessons. You came here to joyfully create and manifest!

We mentioned before that humans are on the leading edge of thought. By this we mean, you are on the furthest edge of what has been created from the potential. There is much contrast and diversity in your environment. You could say that your physical environment is a thought-amplifier. By this we mean that the incredible contrast produces intense desire within you, and these powerful desires are shooting off from you many times every day.

Your desire for something is always strongest when you don’t have it, for in the having of it, your desire has been satisfied! When a person living in a squalid apartment first sees a picture of his wonderful dream house, that is when his desire is at its height, do you see? Since thought has energy, and everything in the universe is ultimately composed of thought, you can see that humans are contributing powerfully to the expansion of the universe. Your problems and your difficulties place you in a position for powerful, powerful wanting. Six billion of you shooting off pulses of desire in every moment! That is a powerful thing. That is what we mean by a ‘thought amplifier.’ Every human is like a pulsar! You send off vibrational information to the rest of the universe, and the universe always responds in kind.

The contrast you deplore so much is the greatest impetus for your eventual having. No one is more desirous of peace than when he or she is living in a war zone; no one is more desirous of wealth than those who are living in poverty; no one is more desirous of health than the one who is very ill.

If you could only see the vortexes of energy which surround you at these times of powerful wanting! We see the potential for a change of circumstances at its very highest at these times; the only difficulty is that those who are living lives so different from what is wanted often do not allow the powerful response from the universe, and so those persons continue to create and manifest their lives from their currently observed reality.  Things can never change because nothing new is ever envisioned!


Q: Well now we’ve started another thread. I want to ask you whether this thought–amplifier called earth is here because there is something wrong with the universe and we are here to  fix it. What’s the point of having a place  like earth with so much pain and struggle in a universe which you claim is one of joy, unless there is something dire or urgent out there that needs handling?  I have heard it said that earth is the dumping ground for negative stuff from everywhere in the universe, because no one knows what to do with it.


A: We see you modified your thought from ‘I see so much pain and struggle’ to ‘there is so much pain and struggle.’ We know why you did this, and so do you: because when you begin to connect with the powerful energy of creation, you begin to resonate more and more with joy, and so in your life you begin to see more and more joy, more and more prosperity, and less and less struggle and pain. If the universe were a place of pain, this could never happen. The default condition everywhere in the universe, all dimensions of perception, is joy, beauty, and love. These feelings are woven into the very fabric of existence.

‘Negative energy’ does not exist. What feels negative is just resistance to the positive life force.

When you get into trouble it is always because of your attention to it. Thoughts of unworthiness or self denial are not in consort with the true nature of consciousness. Life force energy is pure and positive and comes with a feeling of well–being. The feeling of  ‘negative energy’ is just the inherent nature of your very being screaming to you that your thoughts and beliefs and ideas about yourself are inconsistent with your very nature.


Q: Yes, that’s  very good, but why do so many struggle? A famous writer asserts that a controlling group of entities manipulate the thought–space around earth from a higher dimension. It does seem that mass consciousness is composed of mostly negative ideas and limiting beliefs.


A: The answer to this is that you may manifest anything you would like from the potential, and the Law of Attraction will bring to you beings, energies, and conditions to match your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. The state of affairs on planet earth is always an exact match to the collective consciousness of the beings upon it.


Q: Yes, but if that consciousness were to be affected by others? By the insertion or ‘implantation’ of negative ideas in order to facilitate control and domination?


A: Again, only those thoughts, beliefs, energies and beings that have been invited can come to you. That is how the universe has been designed. The universe has been designed to allow all experiences, all thought, all feeling. This is a universe of free-will.


Q: So you are saying that IF there are hostile beings from other planets or dimensions,  we have invited them?


A: That’s right.


Q: But do these off-planet beings exist? Are there beings (whom we invited)  who are wreaking havoc with the potential around our planet?


A: Every being that is on, in or around the earth is here according to a ‘mix and match’ of vibrational intent. It is all in perfect balance, and in a constant change of flux. If the people of earth would like to change their collective experience, all that is necessary is to change thought, to choose differently. Its all so perfect! There is nothing broken on earth.


Q: What if I want to change my experience and the other 6 billion don’t?


A: Then your experience will change and theirs will not. Life is not a zero–sum game. You have touched on that in some of your essays. If you are abundant, does that mean another must be poor?  Of course not! There is an infinite sea of potential which can be accessed from anywhere in the universe. Your prosperity is dependent upon how much you ask for it, and how much you allow it. The predominant belief on earth for most is one of scarcity. Most do not ask for prosperity, thinking that it is not possible.

As we said to Esther, if you are healthy, do you deprive another of health? If you become ill, does the health you would have had transfer to someone else?

If you are intelligent, does that mean someone else must be stupid? Do you say, ‘I will be confused for a few weeks and allow others to be smart?’ It just doesn’t work that way! The universe is infinitely abundant in all things and in order to enjoy that abundance, all you must do is ask for it, and allow it to come to you.


Q: OK. So the  ‘earth is a prison and humans are the inmates and higher dimensional beings are the wardens’ is not true?


A: There are beings of all types and energies on in and around your planet. There is no jail and warden scenario, because all of you have free will and can ask and receive anything you want. If there are humans who are not enjoying their experience, all that is necessary is to ask for something different, and allow it to manifest.


Q: OK, I am really getting the idea. There is just free will.

Every time I say a negative, you turn it around and put a positive spin on it.


A: (Laughing) Well that is because the universe IS positive! Your negative ideas are just resistance to the natural, inherent,  benign state of the universe!


(Here the thought forms, energy, inspiration, whatever you want to call it, stopped, so I will end off for now).


(Session 9)

Earth, the 'Armpit of the Universe'

Q: It has been said that earth is the ‘armpit of the universe;’ that all of the negativity from everywhere in the universe has been deposited here. Any truth in that?


A: Of course not, as you well know. There is no ‘negative energy,’ only an absence of light. Resistance to the source energy of the universe results in a feeling of negativity, anger, depression, etc cetera, in other words, negative emotion. You cannot ‘bag up’ some ‘negative energy’ and cart it off, just like you cannot bag up darkness and throw it away. The darkness is just an absence of light. We know there are many who continue to insist upon a source of negative energy, and go through all sorts of rituals to try and get rid of it! That is OK, but it is unnecessary. Just do not resist the light and you will never have to worry about negativity.

The ‘armpit of the universe’ and ideas like it come about in order to explain resistance. When there is resistance to source energy, there are pockets of disease and lack of well–being. A source of evil or darkness or negativeness is then brought forth to explain these conditions, because no one in his or her right mind would wish that upon themselves. Let’s say the doctor has found a weakness in the heart. You now have two choices. You can attribute this condition to a disease asserting itself, willy-nilly, into the heart. If you do so, and continue to worry and place your attention upon the unwanted condition, you will contribute powerfully to the vibration of it. The alternative is to believe strongly in one’s inherent well–being regardless of the diagnosis and begin to create health in the heart; thinking thoughts of well–being and taking actions that support the creation of health rather than fighting against illness. In the second case, one’s orientation is in perfect agreement with source energy; which is to  say, complete well being and health; in the  first case, one’s resistance to the natural state of health causes continued blockage of life force to the affected areas, and more illness results.

The belief in the inevitability of a negative result is a self–fulfilling prophecy.  Both positive and negative conditions result from the choices that are made by conscious beings in every moment. In every moment the potential exists to completely change from a negative to a positive stream of thought, and therefore, to manifest the wanted condition. The default condition is always one of well being, not discomfort.

Q: OK.


(Session 10)


Q: Let’s look at the glass sitting on my desk. Does the glass have an independent existence, so that anyone in any dimension could perceive it as a glass, or is it just something we can see from our own physical human perspective?

Is there a gradient of energy that gets denser and denser until the object manifests? By that I mean, if objects are vibrational in nature, then there may be an inherent ‘fuzziness,’ or zone of chaos, at the borders of the object, somewhat like magnifying a sharply defined letter on a piece of paper and discovering that it is not so sharply defined after all. Or is the glass only just what we see, a clearly defined object that precisely occupies the space it’s in?


A: Well, you have asked many questions again.  The glass that you ‘see’ in front of you is based upon your interpretation of an energy stream. This energy stream has been summoned by you out of the potential and you interpret it in a precisely defined way, so that if any of you turn your eyes toward this collection of energy, you see a ‘glass.’

The glass has an independent existence only if you mean that every human who turns eyes toward it sees a glass.

The vibrational fuzziness you speak of is again dependent on the sensors of the perceiver.  When you magnify a fractal there are self–similar patterns that repeat themselves no matter how far you take the process. However, do you claim that the 10x magnification is the true reality? Or the 100x magnification? Or the billionth magnification? Reality is determined by perception and perception is a vibrational interpretation.


Q: So what we perceive around us is just an interpretation of a ... what? Deeper reality?


A: An energy soup of vibrational content, containing a potentially infinite number of vibrations.


Q: Is this ‘energy soup’ virtual, or does it have mass?


A: All virtual means is that you cannot perceive it!  You say, ‘the potential must be virtual, because I am not aware of all of the thought, all of the vibrational energy of everything in the universe.’ Or ‘this thing I know has mass, and therefore reality, because I can perceive it, feel it, touch it.’

What is ‘real’ depends upon the consciousness and the vibrational sensors of the perceiver. You see, you cannot say that something exists for everyone, or does not exist! It is all a matter of interpretation, and conscious intent. You may draw anything out of the potential you would like and perceive it in any way you would like. Of course, being in human form there are limitations to what you are going to be able to perceive. Therefore, you invent terms like virtual and real to describe things that you cannot perceive and things you can perceive.

The glass that sits before you looks like a glass when you turn your eyes toward it, but to another consciousness whose sensors are tuned to a different vibratory frequencies the stream of energy that forms the glass may be something entirely different.

We are telling you what is ‘real’ to us from our vantage point, which is much different from yours.


Q: You have said before that on earth we are on the ‘leading edge’ of thought. What does that mean?


A: By this we mean that you perceive in a way that is more focused than anywhere else in the entire Reality. Your perception is narrowed to a place where there are only a very few patterns (bandwidth of vibrations) of the Reality  perceivable to your senses.You have the ability to open up to source energy, of course, and feel as wonderful as any other conscious being at any level; even more so, because of how intensely you experience here. Earth is on the leading edge of thought because here there is less awareness of all-that-is. New avenues of thought are considered, because all of you are so uniquely individual and consciously separated from each other.


Q: OK, but there are lots of other intelligent, physical life forms out there in the universe. There is nothing special about earth as opposed to any other planet, is there?


A: On Earth there are certain physical laws and behavior patterns that have been brought forth out of the potential as a result of the species mass consciousness. For the past several thousands of years, after the destruction of the last major great civilization upon your planet, there has been a greater feeling of separation and conflict among the human species which has led to the development of a civilization based upon the concepts of scarcity and lack.  The reasons for this are too complicated to go into right now. The earth environment has gradually evolved following the intentions of all species that have lived here (the consciousness of the dinosaur species, for example has moved on). As we said before, consciousness has the ability to modify matter and energy and even the physical laws in a local area of space/time.  Other planets or sectors of the universe have different cultures and abilities, depending upon the individual and group consciousness of the physical beings there. Let us say that there is more diversity and contrast upon your little world than upon any other we know.



 Editor’s Note: The human eye perceives electromagnetic radiation (light) in the tiny bandwidth between the wavelengths of 400 and 700 nanometers, corresponding to a frequency range between 4 x 10^14 and 7.5 x 10^14 cycles per second. The human ear responds to vibrations between 20 and 20,000 cycles per second.


(Session 11)

Current Affairs in the U.S. (at the time of this writing, June 2002) and it's relation to Nazi Germany


Q: OK, let’s say, hypothetically, that the U.S. is a police state and the war on terrorism is just a blind to buttress that police state. Say the WTC towers were blown up from the bottom and the planes crashing into them were secondary events (seismic readings and an analysis of the metal and rubble from 9–11 support this, as well as lots of other evidence). Say the U.S. military is really just the arm of a global elite who control all energy sources on the planet and who suppress new technology that threatens fossil fuel consumption. Say the Office of Homeland Security is really the equivalent of the KGB.  Say the news outlets (mass media) are planting stories and offering propaganda to keep people in the dark. Say plans are in the works to microchip every U.S. citizen, and say the anthrax scare and ‘bioterrorism defense’ are actually forerunners of a massive bio attack on the American people by ‘black’ forces within the govt., etc. etc. I could go on and on. Lets just say, hypothetically, that all of these forces have reality.

Now let’s say I, in my positive la–la–land, envision myself in a world of freedom surrounded by  wealth and abundance, prosperity and happiness; in short, a world which is the opposite of the scenario I painted above, and which seems more and more to be the agreement of the majority of people in this country.

My question is, how can my world coexist with that other world?

I know what your answer is going to be, that it is possible for the universe to respond to each individual and for each one to have what is wanted. But if the masses of the people can be manipulated by the propaganda of mass media and act accordingly, then how can I get precisely what I want in the midst of all of that?


A: Well, you have painted quite a dark picture!


Q: Yes, but what I have said is manifesting. It’s beyond dispute, as far as I’m concerned.


A: Well, here goes, you know what is coming! As long as you allow these things into your vibration, then they have a chance of manifesting for you. It is just that simple.


Q: OK I know that, you know I know that, but you also know that the situation I have described above is pretty accurate. You don’t  disagree with that, do you?


A: We see that there are so many on your planet creating different scenarios, in complete accordance with free will. There are some who are more disconnected than others. There is no battle of good and evil, however, as you seem to suggest.


Q: Yes, but what we observe now in the U.S. is eerily parallel to Nazi Germany in the decade before Hitler came to power.


A: Your point being?


Q: My point is obvious. An entire population of German citizens did nothing to stop Hitler. They simply acquiesced in his rise to power and look at what happened.


A: What can you do to ‘stop’ this scenario from coming about? Can you go out with guns and resist the ‘oppressors?’ You know what happens then: what you resist persists. If you want to guarantee more energy to those whom you call the ‘global elite,’ or the ‘authorities,’ keep on thinking and acting in this manner!

You see, the only way you can guarantee what you want for yourself is to keep your vibration purely on what it is you want. When you finally understand that you will be free. What appears in your life experience is solely and only a function of your thoughts and beliefs. Otherwise, others could create in your experience and that simply cannot happen. Others creating in your experience is a violation of universal law. The universe is set up so that each and every one may receive what is wanted no matter what the others are doing.


Q: OK, but since we live in the physical universe, in order to receive something, other humans must interact and be a part of the process. Objects don’t just materialize out of thin air. In order for there to be food in the stores, for example, humans must plant the seeds and other humans must work hard to grow the food and harvest it and other humans must transport it and other humans must build stores and other humans must place the food in the stores, etc., you get what I mean. All of this doesn’t just happen!!! So if the masses of humans along with the ‘global elite’ manage to manifest their vision of a ‘black’ society, and I am, by virtue of my being in a physical body and therefore necessarily interfacing with the common reality, how am I supposed to manifest my vision of my reality when it conflicts with the mass reality?


A: You have asked a good question, but we respond to you by identifying those vibrations and feelings within you that are focusing on the unwanted reality you have described to us. Those feelings, thoughts and beliefs are what will tie you to the ‘mass reality,’ as you call it! That, and only that, would be the reason you found yourself in a reality not to your liking.


Q: Wow. You guys are sure stubborn! You continue to insist on ‘you create your own reality’ even when it flies in the face of reason.


A: Well, the reason, as you call it, which describes the inevitability of the blackness you are afraid of is what the universe will respond to in your vibration. We assure you that there are many more like you in the world than you have any idea of. There are millions upon millions who do not believe in this blackness, and the ones who do believe are simply disconnected. Their disconnection does not give them power; your attention to them grants them power! The natural condition for any being is connection to source energy. Source energy is positive, abundant and joyful. So those ‘black’ people, as you call them, are bucking a very strong current, the current of the energy of the universe! There is no source of evil! That is what we have been saying to you for years. Life is a win–win situation. People receive what they are focused upon. Your thoughts and beliefs precisely establish the content of your vibration, to which all things in the universe respond. Those who choose to focus in a disconnected way will live lives of disconnection. Those who are focused in a positive way will live lives in a positive condition, connected to the flow of universal energy. The parameters of your existence may change if others change; but it will still be a positive existence IF you keep your focus on what you want! It is simply up to you what you choose; the universe has the capacity to respond. You may live exactly as you choose to live. That’s the wonderful thing about this universe –– the desires of everyone may be satisfied.

When you truly understand this you will never again worry about what others are doing. You are the molder, the inviter, of your own experience..


Q: Wow. OK, I am getting a positive, utterly confident flow of energy from you again. So it doesn’t matter how much garbage is out there, we are truly free to live exactly the way we choose, even if  99% of humankind choose to live totally opposite? You see, that’s the part I still don’t get. If 5.999 billion decide to live and agree on a ‘black’ or ‘dark’ existence, cut off from source energy, how can I live the life I have told you about, a life where I am free to go anywhere and be prosperous and abundant? The nature of physical existence forces me to interface with all of the others.


A: Your scenario is an imbalanced one! For every desire for abundance and connection there is a matching desire. The universe is in balance, and has always been in balance. That is why it is so well–ordered and why it has continued to exist in a stable form.

Everywhere in the universe there is matching of desire. For those who wish chaos and disconnection there is matching desire, and persons who want to play that way. And for you, there is matching desire for connection. We want to say to you that you cannot lose, you are always and will always receive a precise vibrational match to your desires no matter whether you are a physically focused consciousness in a body, or whether you are completely in ‘non–physical.’ Whatever you choose as your place of vibration (thought, belief, and feeling) you will have a matching experience. That is just the way it is! If you choose abundance and prosperity you can experience it, in whatever form you envision.


Q: Even if the earth is ripped apart by control freaks and power–hungry idiots? What if these morons start WWIII and drop hydrogen bombs everywhere? I don’t care where you are on the planet’s surface or how much abundance and prosperity you are claiming, that radiation is going to kill you.


A: Yes, and so it might. Then you will transition back to source energy!


Q: Yes, and all of your bullcrap about experiencing prosperity and abundance in the physical format is so much horse manure!


A: You will only experience WWIII if it is somewhere within your vibration! We assure you that you would never experience WWIII if you chose otherwise! Do you see? Because you have focused on WWIII you are creating the possibility of it and the potential of it for  yourself, and activating the vibration of that possibility  for others to pick up on. You become a broadcasting tower for your worst fears, and enable them! And so does every human who focuses there. All humans are creating their own experience, both individually and collectively. If you do not wish to experience WWIII, you will not experience it, as long as your vibration is pure. If it is not, if you admit the possibility of it, then there is a chance to experience it. That is true for every one of your fellow creators.

As we have said over and over, you are the molder of your own experiences! You are in charge, you are the writer and director of your own life.

Our message is 100% empowering because that is the way the universe is set up. You are focused consciousness, an aspect or extension of universal consciousness, which created and designed the universe.

We want you to know that the set–up for all life experience is a win–win. There is no lose; unless, of course, you want to experience that way.

You see, God is not somewhere up there in the sky with a blackboard marking down whether you are doing good or bad. There is no ‘superior force’ that has it all down, who knows everything and who can tell you just what is the best thing to think, feel, or do. We, as collective consciousness, are writing our script as we go along. The whole ‘play’ is set up so that you can experience anything you would like. If you happen to get so disconnected that you ‘die’ (there is no death) then you simply unfocus from the body and  transition back to your broader awareness.


Q: OK I get it. I keep saying that, then I keep asking the same negative questions, and you keep responding with the same answers. I don’t know why I keep going back into that negative stuff, just a habit of mine, I guess!

So, we are creating our life experience and nothing can happen to us unless we have chosen to resonate with it.


A: Yes! Be easy about all of this. Lighten up! Life is not supposed to be ‘serious,’ at least that was not what you intended before you came here. As you lighten up and relax into your connection you will find (as you have found) that life becomes simpler and more joyful and more exciting!


Q: Whew! Thank you.


Session (12)


Q: Your energy and your replies are uniformly positive. You refuse utterly to have anything to do with a disconnected or negative thought. I keep waiting for you to explain why things are so bad and you always say, in so many words, that the inherent nature of the universe is positive and joyful.  This seems a little biased and one–sided to me.


A: (Laughs) Of course! We never go where you like to go, into disconnection. We are, as humans like to say, ‘there for you.’ We are always here in our vibration of joy and well–being, for in that way we can hold the higher vibrations for you to access. The universe is positive and benign (smiles); there is nowhere in the universe a source of negativity. You may choose to believe and feel as negative as you please but we will never go there with you!


Q: OK, so you don’t go there because that is not the nature of reality.


A: Well, reality is whatever you create for yourself! But we choose not to create for ourselves a place of bad feeling. We always choose love, beauty, excitement, joy, anything that feels good, because feeling good is the inherent, natural state for any entity.


Q: I’m starting to get it. It is possible to create for ourselves a life of joy, or of pain. It’s up to us.


A: Yes! It is easy to create a life of joy and a lot of hard work to create a life of misery. That is because pain and misery is a resistance to the natural flow of life force energy (do you feel it? yes!) and in order to create pain and misery continuously, you must continually resist. In other words, you create the vibration (feeling) of pain and misery in every moment, in opposition to the natural flow of benign source energy. We understand why you do this! There are so many things in the world that you would not in a million years wish to experience; and so, in an attempt to ensure that none of it comes into your experience, you begin to fight against it. The ‘War on Poverty,’  the ‘War on Drugs,’ and the ‘War on Terrorism’ are just a few examples of the attempt to change something by resisting it; but what always happens is that the more you resist something not wanted, the more attention you give to it, and the more it comes into your experience; this is the Law of Attraction at work.

To feel wonderful, all you have to do is receive! Just open up, allow, and receive bliss! In order to experience pain and misery you must at every moment set up a vibration in opposition to that which is not wanted, cutting off the flow of life force energy. And it is a lot of work! Just think about it for a moment. For every bad feeling  you place a resistant vibration towards some life experience. If you have 10 things you worry about, you are consciously creating at least 10 vibrations in opposition to something in your life. That is the only way bad feelings are ever created! You are doing it –– there is no outside evil force imposing itself into your experience. This is sometimes hard to accept because no one wants to hear that he or she is fully empowered and has decided to feel rotten anyway. Each blessed one knows he or she would never want that!

Why do you do this? Because you believe you have to! Because you believe that in order to feel good it is first necessary to struggle and suffer. If it is too easy, you say it is not worthwhile! While it certainly does feel wonderful when your battle is over and you can relax again, but it is not necessary to experience pain in order to achieve joy. The two are opposite vibrations!

The more you focus on things that make you feel bad, the worse you will feel. The more you focus on things that make you feel good, the better and better you will feel. It is really simple! You are always in control of your vibration and your life experience. If you ponder this for a while and actually start to apply it in your life, you will find out how empowering it is. You will become more and more the person you know, deep down inside, that you really want to be.


Q: But why would anyone want to do that (resist the positive)?


A: (Laughing). Ask yourself! You have been pretty good at it, haven’t you? You called yourself a noted authority upon the subject! It is only very recently that you have been able to let go of your resistance and experience more joyfully.

It is hard to feel bad, it is easy to feel good. That’s all you have to remember.

It takes action in opposition to the inherent nature of the universe to feel bad, all that is necessary to feel good, is to let it in!


Q: OK, it takes me a while but I’m getting it. There is never any need to feel bad about anything.


A: Worrying about something activates that in your vibration; the universe, by the law of  ‘like attracts like’ immediately begins responding, so if you want more of what you are worrying about to manifest, keep on worrying!

What you pay attention to will eventually come to you. That is just a basic law of the universe.


Q: OK. thanks!




 (Session 13)

Higher Self   Illness

Q: You have spoken about the physical and the non–physical  –– that part of Self that is not focused in the body, but which has a broader awareness. The problem for physical beings is that we are so immersed in the physical that it isn’t immediately obvious what the ‘Higher Self’ is, and  how to tap into it.  Does the ‘Higher Self’ have the same personality as we do? Or are we a completely independent physical expression?


A: The ‘higher self’  IS you –– it is just the you that is not recognizable when you are not fully conscious. How can you tell when you are fully conscious? By how you feel! When you feel wonderful, you are experiencing more of yourself. The better you feel, the more conscious of YOU you are!

Compare a beam of sunlight to the light surrounding it –– it is the same light! The water that has evaporated from the ocean and now resides in the clouds, and will eventually touch the ocean again – it is all the same thing.


Q: OK, that answer was pretty useless! I want to know what the difference is between me, now, that I am aware of, and this so-called ‘higher self’ or ‘non-physical’ aspect of me that is somehow connected purely to source energy.


A: There is no difference. Whenever you condemn, criticize, or otherwise resist life experience you cut off the flow of life force energy, and your awareness and feeling of this ‘other’ part of you.

It is possible for a physical human to become completely aware of the Higher Self, but it requires a complete releasing of resistant thought. That is what the human known as the Buddha accomplished.

We assure you, the only difference between experiencing in physical and in non–physical is that in physical you hold onto vibrations that are incompatible and in disharmony with the awareness of the fullness of Self. (Did you get that? That was very good!)

Then you feel the rotten vibrations (that you are creating and holding within yourself in every moment) and you say: ‘Oh, isn’t life tough’! And we say, ‘boy, it sure is!’

Just look at all the work you are doing, creating and holding on to vibrations that you do not like! You place some over here in your energy field, some over there, some in front of your solar plexus, some around different areas of the body, blocking off the flow of life force energy to that part, then you say ‘Oh! I am sick! How did that happen! It must have been that cold going around’ and we say, there is no source of cold virus going around. You are simply placing in your energy field, and holding onto vibrations that have frequencies much different than the frequencies you feel when you feel good.


Q: Hmmm, there is no source of cold, eh? I can guarantee you that if someone injected you with the ebola virus, you’d die pretty quickly. And I’ll bet there are injections you can get that will cause the body to demonstrate the symptoms of cold. If there is no flu virus, for example, then why do so many people get it?


A: Well, ask yourself, how come you have not gotten sick in five years? There is flu and cold all around you, why have you not caught anything?


Q: OK, but that doesn’t change the fact that there IS a source of flu and cold virus out there; it just means I am not a vibrational match to them anymore. You seem to be saying there is no actual physical cause for any disease, and I think that is just ridiculous.


A: Does it matter, really, whether there is a source of disease if you have the choice whether to experience it or not? Here is our answer: There is no SOURCE of disease, the disease is a symptom of the blocking off of life force energy. When you get the ‘flu’ you do not receive germs or viruses into the body, you go into agreement with the VERY powerful thought stream in mass consciousness of the flu. There is an incredibly complex and powerful template of thought associated with this illness:  when the ‘flu virus’ hits, there is widespread agreement that certain manifestations will result, and those manifestations are well documented and very alive in the stream of thought connected with  ‘flu.’


Q: You are saying that ‘flu’ is simply the result of going with a thought stream? Are you joking?


A: We are not joking! This thought stream (especially the one connected with ‘flu’) is more powerful than you can imagine. Consciousness, as you point out in your essays, created the universe and can modify what is in it. When the ‘flu’ goes around everyone seems to get it, and then when flu season is over, the incidence of it goes down dramatically.


Q: Yes, but I remember the time I got the flu in the middle of summer. How could my body become infected unless there was a source of it floating around somewhere?


A: This ‘flu’ you received was a disconnect from source energy. If you recall what was in your experience at that time, you will remember there were many self–critical thoughts, among them, an unworthy feeling connected with money and work. The ‘flu’ was the dominant thought stream in your consciousness regarding illness at the time, and so the ‘flu’ manifested that way in the cells of your body because it was a match to how you were feeling and thinking at the time. You will recall that your symptoms were mild and did not last long, because the activated vibration was not so powerful.


Q: Well I don’t remember that, I’ll take your word on it. But I don’t accept that there is no such thing as a virus. They magnify them in microscopes and when they are injected into lab animals, all sorts of horrible effects occur.


A: We are not saying that that there is no such thing as the cellular mass which manifests and is called ‘virus.’ But the manifestation of that virus is brought about solely by the consciousness directing the cellular mass of the virus, and the thought stream of all of those exposed to the virus. The harmful effects caused by the virus are a perfect match to the thought stream of the virus and to the thoughts of those who are vibrationally resonating to the virus.

Look at what happens in those cases. First, the predominant vibration within the consciousness of the experimenter is concerned with  disease or illness. Then the lab animal volunteers to be a part of the experiment, in a co–creative fashion. All concerned are agreeing that there is going to be sickness present in the lab animal. This knowing is very powerful because it has been offered over and over again so many times that there is complete certainty that something bad will result. Tissue from an ‘infected’ animal or from a culture is injected with results corresponding to the co–creation of all concerned.


Q: So you’re saying that if the harmful virus was injected into the animal with the intention of all concerned that beneficial results would occur, that nothing bad would happen?


A: You are forgetting that the cells of the virus are also conscious. If the cells of the injected material were to change consciousness form one of ‘I am a killer’ to one of ‘I am a healer’ and if the experimenter and animal were both in agreement with that, then yes, different results would be obtained.


Q: OK, this is getting too weird for me. I am feeling uncomfortable with this. How is the consciousness of the virus going to change? The virus IS what it is, you have said, because of its consciousness, which determines its cellular structure and its function when it enters the body.


A: Now you are beginning to see. The virus is manifested because of the thought stream of all concerned, do you see? When the thought stream is changed, then the cellular structure changes.

The virus mutates into something unharmful because the thought stream changes from one of sickness and disease to one of well–being. This is simply a manifestation of the effect of consciousness on matter and energy, which you like so much to point out in your essays.  There have been many documented cases in your medical profession of tumors and illness simply transforming and full health restored to the patient. That is how it happens. You see, that is how disease manifests in the body and that is how release–from–disease occurs and that is how health occurs: it’s all about the allowance or dis-allowance of life force energy, and vibrational matching.


Q: Holy moly. I sort of see it. I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to ‘spin’ all attempts at logical reasoning into something positive, every time.


A: (Laughs) Well, as always happens in these conversations, we just point out the inherently positive nature of the universe, consciousness, and life!

In your essays you are on the right track, but we do not think you really believe in everything you say. We think you still have some underlying thought and belief that pull you away from your own well–being.


Q: OK, we/I got off the subject, I’m glad you brought me back around to it. We were talking about the ‘higher self’ and how physical beings can connect with it.


A: The best way to do this is think happy thoughts, reach for good feelings and  focus upon what is wanted. Remember, you are creating and holding all unwanted vibrations within your field of consciousness. These block you off from feeling the pure positive energy of your full self. You do not have to DO anything to feel the energy of your higher self, it is there all of the time.


Q: Wow. I guess I am satisfied for now, but I am going to read over this because it just seems to good to be true, or something... I don’t know...


A: We love you! We are done for now.


(Wow, that’s it I guess. I got a big surge of love energy and then like the Cheshire Cat, whose smile lingered on after it disappeared, I still feel a fuzzy good feeling within my entire being...)


(Session 17)

   The Nature of Reality

Q: Did the universe have a beginning? That is the same question as asking, is there time? If the universe didn’t have a beginning, how was it manifested?


A: You are asking the wrong question! Rather ask, have you always been aware? If so, then you can say you have always existed. If you have always existed, then there is no beginning or end to anything, for you have always been conscious.


Q: What? Let me clarify my question. I distinguish between awareness, or consciousness, which is a quality, not a quantity. Therefore, it does not exist, but is the creator of existence. So the matter and energy of the observable universe came into being from a Source which itself is not created, because it is not matter or energy. Source-of-all must be a pure, massless creative potential, otherwise it would have had to have been created, because it is impossible to get something from nothing. Source-of-all is the Uncreated Creator. So you are confusing awareness with existence, as far as I’m concerned.


A: There can be no awareness without existence. The two terms are indistinguishable, are merely semantic hair-splitting.


Q: I don’t get it. Is that supposed to be an answer?


A: What we mean is that to distinguish a quality or pure creative potential from something that exists (a quantity), you must be aware of doing so. If you are aware of doing so, you are altering the conditions of your existence, because you are altering your perception or awareness of it. If you are self aware, then you exist.

You have brought up a good point, about the Source-of-all. It matters not whether you say ‘the source-of-all, in order to be eternal, must be a pure quality, otherwise it would have had to be created and so therefore there must have been a time when it was not’ or to say ‘the source–of–all is eternal and it ‘created’ itself, and has  always been,’ because by choosing or deciding or distinguishing, one is altering one’s perception, and if one is altering ones perception, one is self aware, and if one is self aware, then one exists. Eternal means always in existence, and attempts to dig further into this question always leads to a circular argument.

We want to point out that altering the conditions or ‘things’ of existence is the definition of time, from your physical point of view. So time is dependent upon the decisions of consciousness.


Q: OK, I guess! I don’t understand what you said about time at all.


A: Time is the alteration of perception. If perception is altered, time is said to have ‘passed’ Every thought, every decision you make is an alteration of your consciousness, so with every thought you think, you  experience time. That is why many teachers recommend meditation, to stop the flow of thought and release self from the perception of time, in order to reach different states of consciousness. That is what being ‘in the zone’ is –– a concentration so powerful that it leads to a complete release and a sense of being ‘outside’ the flow of time.


Q: OK. So does reality have an independent existence, or is it simply a subjective product of consciousness?


A: Everything that can be imagined can be experienced because it can be perceived. If you have a dream, do you say you are not experiencing?


Q: Wait a minute! A dream is pretty flimsy compared with reality. There is no comparison to imagining something and actually experiencing it.


A: Yes, but the experiencing of your waking reality is simply assigned more importance! When you dream you say, ‘I can’t experience this as solidly as I can when I wake up.’

We assure you, this is just the product of your own belief system. Your experience here in ‘waking reality’ is more real to you because you assign it to be more real, you create it that way. Do you see?


Q: Jeez, I sort of do, but that means that nothing is really real is it? Is there an objective object when I look at a glass, or is it just an interpretation of my mind? That has been debated for millennia among philosophers.


A: Consciousness creates from what it can imagine and draw forth from the potential. There is a ‘real’ glass there if you agree to interpret the ‘vibrations of the glass’ as a glass.


Q: OK, so you are saying that there is no objective reality, because the energies can be interpreted differently.


A: (Sigh) If you are driving along in a car at 100 miles an hour and you run into a brick wall, do you wonder whether or not the experience is real? What difference does it make if there is ‘really’ a brick wall there, or you are just interpreting a bunch of energies? If you have a vivid dream, and you wake up shaking with fear or experiencing something wonderful, do you say ‘well it was all just a dream, therefore it is not real?’  An experience is just the way a conscious being decides to perceive, as we said before.

Say you are driving along on a 2 lane road at 70 miles an hour, and as you come up over a hill you see a car coming the other way in your lane. You swerve quickly out of the way and avoid the collision. Now you and your friend talk over the incident: you are scared out of your mind and your body is shaking all over, but your friend is excited. To him, it was a wonderful thing, because it allowed him, in that instant, to experience a profound and powerful connection with his source energy. Same event, but in ‘reality,’ two completely different events.

You see, questions along those lines can never have a truly satisfactory answer from a human point of view. You are always looking to lock it down, declare it as fixed forever, when life is simply the creation of something new in every moment! If we were to say, ‘yes there is an objective reality and this is the way it is’ then you would all start creating ‘reality’ that way, and it would manifest for you, and you would be limiting yourself to a certain way of experiencing.



Q: For a second there I really got it. I gotta admit, you are consistent in your point of view.


A: We would say, do not limit yourself!  That is our definitive answer to all questions about the nature of reality!

You may perceive in any way you choose. You are  the choreographer of your life, so to speak. You get to decide who is in your play! By trying to figure it all out, you just limit the ways in which you can perceive. Use your imagination!

We understand that on earth there is fear of change, fear of those who perceive differently or have radical ideas that differ from the accepted norm. So those who dare to think and act differently are often censored. But this censorship can have no effect upon you if you just go about living life the way you would like, and paying no attention to those who do not like what you are thinking or doing.


Q: OK, thanks again. I’m a broken record, it seems.  I am asking the same questions over and over again.


A: (smiles) That’s all right. We enjoy adventuring with you, you are never boring, we have to say that.


Q: Good! OK, that’s enough for now, I need to read over this to see if it makes any sense.


Q: OK, continuing. How exactly do we interpret the ‘energy (or vibration) of a glass’ as a glass? Is there some kind of holographic program in our brains, or a database of vibration such that when we turn our eyes toward the ‘energies that represent a glass,’ we perceive a glass?


A: Here we go again! (smiles). You sure are a stubborn fellow, aren’t you (smiles).

Here is how we can best explain it to you. As humans, you are consciousness focused into physical containers. This necessarily limits your awareness and perception to a certain vibrational range of frequencies. You see the frequencies of ‘visible light’ and do not perceive the rest. You hear sound waves in a limited range, but not others that the dog can hear. OK so far?


Q: Yeah, I got that.


A: The vibrational sensors of your human body are ‘tuned’ to accept certain vibrational frequencies and mold them perceptually in a certain way, such that when the ‘energy of a glass’ is perceived, you see the glass. The glass can be broken up into pieces, then those pieces melted down and an entirely different object is formed. So there are also the thoughts attached to the object, which can alter its thought template or its ‘etheric blueprint,’ which alters your perception of it. You see, just because you agree to limit yourself to a certain range of perception does not mean you cannot create, imagine and perceive differently! There are many on your planet who are called ‘crazy’ that have allowed their conscious perception  to ‘tune in’ a little differently, and so perceive differently. This is possible because a human being is not only flesh and blood, but also non–physical consciousness that can perceive in its own right and can affect the body’s vibrational sensors.

We are accessing in your mind the story of the guy meditating in his room. The wall suddenly disappeared  and he saw a large field with grass and trees, and a man walking. The story goes that the guy walking started for a second as he noticed the meditator, then the meditator jolted his thoughts ‘back to reality’ and the whole thing disappeared.  The man was not asleep, and he claimed that he was observing another level of reality. This is an example of what we are talking about. As humans, your bodies perceive the universal sea of vibration in a certain way. You filter those vibrations through your physical sensors and see a very solid reality that is precisely matched or tuned to your senses, somewhat like a fuzzy camera that focuses more and more precisely and finally shows the viewer a clear picture. But that is not to say that you cannot consciously alter those perceptions.

Your mass consciousness contributes also to the agreements between physical beings.

As we have been saying over and over, you are the creator of your own experience. You may experience anything you like!


Q: The same message as always. I just want to know the details of how it WORKS!


A: And there, my friend, is your hang up. It works a certain way because that is the way the universe has been designed. For example, if you could access a completely different range of vibration, you would no longer be in your physical body on earth.

Our message is, you came to earth to experience in a certain way. Relax and enjoy it! The earth experience is just a tiny fraction of the total experiences available to eternal consciousness in an infinite universe. Within the parameters of your physical experience, you may create your life in any way you desire. The earth is a beautiful planet. Enjoy it!

 The Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics, introduced by Neils Bohr in the late 1920’s, says that it is impossible to say anything about a particle before it is observed. Some have interpreted this to mean that the particle does not exist at all until it is observed. Einstein once asked Bohr whether the moon existed when no one is looking at it.


(Session 17)

Universal Consciousness and Physically Focused Consciousness

Q: You have said that a physical human being is a focused aspect or extension of a universal consciousness.  How does consciousness ‘focus’ into a human body? I assume you are talking about incarnation, or birth.


A: It is a conscious decision, but we see you are thinking that somehow your physically based consciousness is separate from consciousness in the non–physical state. There is no separation.


Q: OK, but why am I aware of being separate? Why do I not perceive the broader awareness of my greater self? Why can’t I see you?


A: What do you think you are doing during our conversations? Becoming aware of the fullness of yourself, and of us!! You are aware of being separate because you have decided to participate in a physical experience, and that is where your attention goes in every waking moment, that is all.

You have access to your broader awareness at all times, it is only your conscious decisions to block off that awareness that causes you to think that you are cut off from your broader self.


Q: OK, how does one incarnate or focus from broader awareness into a physical body? And how is that focusing ‘unique’ for each human?


A: The vibration that you assume as you incarnate is a function of your free will choice. As consciousness, you have the ability to vibrate anywhere you choose, as a result of the decisions you make about how you want to experience.


Q: Who takes care of deciding which frequencies or vibrational patterns go with each person?


A: Here you must realize that as extensions of universal consciousness, WE/YOU decide! You are an aspect of universal consciousness, a loved and valued personality focused in a specific way. There is no separation between you/we, really, even though we are all choosing to focus differently! A good example is a one–way mirror. We can, from our non–corporeal and broader awareness, perceive you and experience through you vibrationally,  but you naturally have a harder time seeing us.


Q: So there are no differences between beings? If there is only one consciousness, then we are pulling the wool over our collective eyes by pretending to be different.


A: (Laughs uproariously HO HO HO HO) We are all having a REALLY good belly–laugh!!!   Try telling that to a non-physical being!! We are all completely different and we REALLY REALLY LIKE IT!  (We hope you got that). You see, there is not an external force directing things to be a certain way. There is free choice, wonderful, expansive, joyful choice in everything that consciousness does!

Oh it is so wonderful  (feeling a really cool feeling of expansion and excitement here).


Q: Wow, I really did get that. So there are different personalities in non–physical as well as the physical.


A: Of course! You, right now,  are YOU associated with a body. You are you now, before you incarnated, and will be you after you ‘die.’

Our natural personality differences result in a unique basic personality for every incarnating human being. Even identical twins have different interests, sometimes, very divergent! Every being in the universe has a unique vibrational ID, so to speak.

The variety here is so amazing, and even more pronounced than on earth, where beings are encouraged to conform. Allow yourself to feel the energy as we send it to you, you will be amazed at how wonderful it is. Your language cannot express it (really feeling it).



Q: Wow that is awesome. I’m getting a feeling of what it’s like out there in non-physical. Jeez, why would anyone come here then! It’s so amazing where you are.


A: You came here for the adventure and to be in the most amazing creative workshop in all the universe. There is much value in creating while in physical bodies. It is an experience that most of you appreciate more when you are not there than when you are there.


Q: Yeah, it’s so amazing. I’m beginning to doubt this whole conversation is real!


A: Yes, we can feel you pushing against us.


Q: So you’re real, then?


A: We are beginning to feel insulted! (just kidding) How would you feel if you were talking with someone, and all of a sudden they left the room and told you that you did not really exist? You would probably think they were crazy (teasing).


Q: OK I get it!   A funny thing happens when I have these questions –– a lot of them get answered as I think them up, but I can only type so fast as to get about 1/3 of them on paper. Then when you answer I feel such a knowing and completeness that I can’t even remember what the questions were.


A: That is how communication occurs between beings –– thought packets of knowing.

One of the benefits of being in a body are the physical sensations combined with the knowing –– if each of you could stop resisting your broader awareness and live as you intended, there is such a delicious experience to be had in your physical bodies. Just the communication aspect –– imagine, communication not merely by language but by knowing combined with complete sensory information –– audio, touch, smell, sight, etc,  the full perceptions of the being experiencing the event –– it is beyond description. In previous civilizations on your earth, physical beings were able to communicate in this way.


Q: (I am feeling awesome right now – uplifted). Amazing. Can I feel like this all of the time?


A: If you like! You will notice there is complete allowing, no resistance within you. Complete allowing, combined with the intention for a certain experience, will bring those incredibly fulfilling feelings to you every time.


Q: I can feel it.  I am complete, thank you!


A:  (a fleeting thought...)

Now, don’t disconnect!  What you have tendency to do is allow your connection for the duration of our little chat, then close down!  You assume that the only time you can do this is when you are sitting at your computer. If you will do this allowing business in all of your waking moments, think how more wonderful your life will be!


Q: Yeah, I’ll do that!  (Feeling really great...)


(Session 20)

The Working of Universal Laws

Q: In asking these questions and receiving your answers, it appears that you are saying, essentially, that every individual creates  his/her own experiences, and that it isn’t possible for others to think, say or do anything that could affect anyone else. If this is true, then why do 99.99% of human beings believe exactly the opposite?


A: Well, in the first place, people influence each other all the time! What we are saying is that a conscious being must give his or her free will consent by aligning their thoughts toward any attempted influence by another. The  alignment of thought causes an invitation of the experience. Even if somebody puts a gun to your head and asks for your wallet, you still have a free will choice to comply or not. You are the director of your life! You might say ‘that is not a free will choice. That is forceful coercion,’ but we say it is not! In order for you and the robber to come together in such a way, it is necessary to align your energies toward the robber very strongly. We want to assert emphatically that there are no chance encounters of this kind! The law of ‘like attracts like’ matches you up with a robber only if your thoughts and feelings are aligned in that direction. Perhaps you are fearful of being robbed, or angry at thieves and criminals; there may be a million different reasons for your vibrational orientation toward one who wishes to forcefully take your money. No matter how forceful the influence, you invite the experiences of your life based on the content of your thoughts.

The vast majority of humanity believes that the actions of others can have detrimental affects upon them because that is the way parents teach children, and this teaching has been ongoing for millennia.


Q: Yeah, but why? How did it get started?


A: Do you have several thousand years?

It is irrelevant why or how, for that focuses our attention on the thought stream that has created and perpetuated the unwanted condition. In a nutshell, it can be described in the following sentence: ‘He did it to me so I have to do it to him.’ We do not need to tell you that this idea is backwards!

It is only necessary to know for yourself that the creation of your experience is dependent solely upon your choices. The universe has the ability to deliver to you without harming everyone else. The universe is filled with an abundance of energy that can be used to create any experience you would like. We have gone over this before. Humanity simply believes in a shortage of energy, a shortage of abundance, and this is reflected in the economics and politics of your planet.


Q: If, as you said before, a planet or solar system full of conscious beings can actually change the environment in that area of space/time, even to the extent of altering the physical laws of matter and energy, then the universe must be a patchwork of different vibrations, energies, and properties, so that actual travel in space between stars must be almost impossible. How do beings from different star systems communicate, trade, or have relations between each other?


A: Well, the situation is not so dire as all that! Yes there are variations in vibration between areas, so that a vibration of hostility, for example, cannot threaten a peaceful planetary system with awareness of Law of Attraction. There is agreement between sectors on the benefits of communication and travel, and  there is a thriving interstellar society out  there in the galaxy.


Q: So the basic laws of the universe apply to larger sectors as well as just to planetary environments.


A: Of course! We again want to point out something about universal laws. When we say that you are the creator of your experience, whether that applies to an individual or an entire sector of a galaxy, we don’t mean that a regulating force ensures  that the laws are enforced.

The laws are simply woven into the fabric of the universe; a natural and easy part of life experience. For example, a planet of what you would call scientists or researchers knowledgeable about the laws would never attract a hostile attack by a warrior culture, simply because the vibrations do not match. There are a lot of silly ideas in your ‘science fiction,’ and among the belief systems of planet earth about this. For instance, it is said by some that a missile defense system is necessary to protect from attack by hostile countries, or a peaceful society is naturally vulnerable (because of its weakness) to attack from stronger warrior cultures. We assure you, this CANNOT happen, and has never happened unless the peaceful culture begins to focus on its own vulnerability. On earth, every instance of a peaceful society conquered by an aggressive one was the result of broad agreement by everyone in that society of its vulnerability.

This should be reassuring to everyone!

For instance, the country called Switzerland was not  attacked in any of your 20th century global wars, even though it was right in the middle of the action. But the reason for its immunity was/is broad agreement by every Swiss citizen of the impossibility of being attacked, and there is no fear of it.

Some might say that it was never attacked because of the protection of stronger powers, or the presence of so many international banks and their affect on global commerce and politics. the banks settled in Switzerland, however, because of the vibration held by the people in that country.

That is how the laws work: there is a physical reason for any state of affairs in any location in space/time, but the consciousness of the beings in that area determines what manifests physically in that location.

It is not possible to ‘protect’ yourself from anything, because focus on the thing you are attempting to protect yourself from only makes you vulnerable to that thing!

Understanding of the laws makes creating and maintaining an enjoyable, smoothly running society or culture  a much simpler thing to bring about.


Q: Hey that’s great! I’ll say one thing, your message is very consistent. Others may disagree with it, but it is internally consistent, and it makes sense to me.

I like the idea of the laws of the universe simply being a natural part of existence, without enforcement.


A: Yes, it is all very nice. Only on earth do we have so many beings (proportionate to the population as a whole) who do not understand the fundamentals.


Q: OK, one last question: Is the universe out there generally peaceful, or full of hostilities?


A: There are isolated areas of disconnection in other sectors of your time/space reality, but nothing like you see on earth. There is, however, magnificent contrast and diversity of viewpoint, it is just that many more understand the natural and easy working of the basic laws, so they do not push so much against what is not wanted. This makes for an easier and smoother existence!


Q: Thanks!


(Session 21)

The Nature of Consciousness

Q: I want to once more discuss the nature and composition of consciousness itself.

If consciousness is energy, like thought, even if it is very refined, then it can be scrambled and so our very awareness may be snuffed out. That would suck for me, I can tell you.  I can imagine someone inventing a ‘personality scrambler’ that could alter your fundamental nature and turn you into a psycho or something.

I also wondered if there is a geometry to physically focused consciousness? Perhaps this geometry determines the nature of individual personalities?


A: Your  statement reflects an ignorance of the basic laws of the universe. Remember, only that which is focused upon can ever be manifested. Therefore, if one wishes to be ‘scrambled’ as you say, only a strong desire or intention could bring that about.


Q: So it is possible to alter the very nature of consciousness itself!


A: Of course! You do that all of the time, every day, with every thought you think!


Q: Oh, I see.  Jeez, it’s not such  big deal. Consciousness is self-reflexive by its very nature.


A: It IS a big deal!!!! (Wonderful feeling of expansiveness here).

You see, as we keep saying, you are always in control. No one can change or alter your consciousness, by the very ‘laws’ of consciousness and the universe itself. Only you can do that.


Q: Wow. That answers a very big question. Now, for the next one: if consciousness is energy, what kind of energy is it? How is the energy arranged (what is the geometry?)


A: As we said before, the energy of consciousness is thought itself.


Q: Yes, but how does that energy get created? Who created the energy with which to form consciousness? How was consciousness itself created?


A: We love your insatiable curiosity and your eagerness to get it all figured out. Let’s put it this way: Consciousness is a knowing. Have you ever  known something so deeply that there was just no question of the truth of it? There is complete certainty and confidence.

That is what consciousness is. Consciousness is an utter knowing of itself. That is the best way we can express it in your words.


Q: I see that this is a question that is bound to have an unsatisfactory answer for me as a human being!!


A: Unsatisfactory, only by the way you look at it!! Is it unsatisfactory to say that consciousness is a confident, wonderful, joyful, powerful, awesome, beautiful understanding of the incredible nature of itself? How can that be unsatisfactory?  (an unbelievable feeling here –– I now have an inkling of what it means to experience with no resistance to source energy)


Q:  I mean, unsatisfactory in the sense that I want to know how its done!!


A: Right –– your old idea of ‘I want to get it all taped down, all known so that it can be defined this way forever and ever  and so turn out the lights and all go home’ sort of idea! We guarantee you that THAT idea, from your broader perspective, is most unsatisfactory! From your broader perspective, you want more and more diversity, more and more expansiveness, more and more new things.


Q: OK, I think we actually got somewhere. One last thing, is there a geometry of physically focused consciousness? In other words, if each physical consciousness is distinct, then it must have a unique pattern of vibration.


A: That is very good. We agree that the energy patterns of each being are different and unique. How that is different can be studied, but first one will have to admit the existence of ‘non–physical’ energy and be able to perceive it. And we assure you that when you are able to reach that level of consciousness, you will no longer care to ‘study it’ from some detached viewpoint, because the perception in fullness of each individual focused consciousness is so beautiful, so wonderful, so incredible that you are immediately immersed in experiencing it! Imagine a rainbow of colors so bright, intense and varied, that it just takes your breath away. Imagine sensations that you do not have in human form being available to you, and experiencing these sensations in a powerful and breathtaking manner!

While looking at or experiencing consciousness itself, it is impossible to describe the wonder of it! That is what happens when consciousness is ‘studied’ from a true understanding of it. One simply gets immersed in the wonder and pleasure of it, the feeling of it, and there is a total knowing, a total and utter understanding of beauty, love, anything awesome that you can possibly imagine, a feeling of exciting infinite possibility and the eager, excited and delicious desires to go out and experience it forever and ever!!!! And make more new things and experience them, and do more and more and more and more and more and more and more of that as it gets better and better and better and better and better in every instant!!!!!!

Are we getting through?

(Oh, yes)


Q: Wow. That’s it. I really got that question answered! Jeez, its all good isn’t it? I mean, it’s all perfect –– how can anyone even conceive of negativity?


A: (Laughing) Well just ask yourself! This morning you have already experienced many moments of disconnection, have you not, even though you are  powerfully desirous of never leaving your connection!


Q: Yes that’s true. But at least I have learned (from our last conversation) not to dwell on the moments when I screwed up. Now I am just bringing myself back to connection without pondering how or why I messed up.


A: That is very good, and when you can do this effortlessly then you will be manifesting so many desires you will have to have a warehouse to store them all!


Q:  Thank you. I am eager to read this over to see if it makes any sense.

(Note: this was the most powerful session so far. The sensations and feelings that were coming through were indescribably delicious. I was only able to feel a fraction of the energy, but even so it was just awesome. I can’t describe it in words, maybe you can feel some of it while reading)

____________ session postscript)

Q: How does the above relate to my concept of ‘pure awareness’? I say that pure awareness, or a static creative potential, can know everything because it is beyond space, time, and even existence. I say that consciousness is a quantity (something experience–able) and that the creative potential  creates the thoughts which create the energy of consciousness. In this way consciousness, or individual personalities, are a subset of a potentially infinite awareness of Oneness.


A: That is a level of complexity that will be understandable to humans, and we will not argue with it. We will just say however that it does not matter whether you call it pure awareness, or quality or quantity, or consciousness, that the essence of who you are is so vast, magnificent, and wonderful that when you are truly  aware of who you are, you would never even ask such questions or want to ‘figure it all out’ like you seem to want to do so strongly. Do you see what we are getting at a little bit? The intellect gets left behind when consciousness is experienced fully, in its native state.


Q: Yeah, I can feel it.


A: Good! That is very important. That feeling is the basis of everything that you are and is itself the ultimate understanding of your basic nature.


Q: So feeling is the most important, not understanding in an intellectual way?


A: You cannot separate the two, do you see?  With that feeling comes understanding, comes wonder, comes joy, comes delicious excitement, comes love, comes everything that is who and what you are and can experience! It is the intellect that leads  you to question and investigate  and leads you to new avenues of expression.

Q: Wow. I get it. OK that’s it thanks!


A: You’re welcome. That was our funnest session so far.

Q: Mine too!


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