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The Tipping Point

Taken from the Spiritual Wisdom Newsletter and the Interview With Spirit show, Oct 2007

The sheer number of human beings on the planet at this time provides an engine of consciousness growth. That is because the volume of thought increases and amplifies. When the human population was a few thousands, the impact of human thought upon the planets natural cycles was minimal. But that has been changing rapidly.

Imagine that a grid of energy surrounds the planet, one for each species. This subtle energy is composed of thought, and it guides the formation of all of the earths structures and ecosystems, including the earths magnetic field. All physical structures are dependent upon thought templates. These templates are precursors, just as a blueprint for a house is the precursor to a house. When the architect hands you a blueprint for a house, you know it will be built because technicians and builders and materials exist that can come together to form the house.

And so too for the direction of humanitys future on earth.

Each species has a grid and each species grid affects the others. The real action goes on behind the scenes as it were, as the dynamically changing grids modify their corresponding physical counterparts.

You have no idea how powerful your thought is.

Thought affects climate and weather, do you know that? When there is more anxiety, fear and hatred, this energy finds its way into the grid and eventually manifests itself in changing weather patterns. Of course this takes a while to happen, so there is a buffer of time before changes manifest. Nevertheless, humanity is writing its own script and to a large extent, the manifestations that appear in your planets ecosystems. The earth herself has her own rhythms and cycles, but these cycles can be affected by a dominant species like humanity. The species consciousness of humanity affects all of the other species grids, because human beings have the widest range or bandwidth of thought, and your grid is the most volatile. It is also the most powerful. That means that the animal, plant, and insect kingdoms follow your lead.

For example, the magnetic field of the earth results from the consciousness awareness of the living planet and the species that exist upon it. You are all cocooned within this field and your bodies respond to it.

Evolving templates of subtle energy exist within the species grids that determine how things grow. An avocado seed grows into an avocado, not a tomato. Why? Because that seed is surrounded by a precursor thought template that provides the blueprint for the formation of the plant. Nothing physical can form without a blueprint, just as a house cannot be built without a blueprint or a cake without a recipe. Because consciousness is involved in the process, however, and because consciousness can choose, and change its preferences (yes, even plants have consciousness) no two plants, insects, animals, or human beings are ever alike. Thought exists below even the quantum level, so changes in the species grids can affect biology on the micro and macro levels.

As the population of the human race continues to grow, eventually there will be reached what Malcolm Gladwell calls a tipping point. This tipping point will occur when the species template for humanity becomes distinct enough and powerful enough to affect a chaotic change. By this is meant that the template becomes so complex and so dynamic that it creates the possibility for a quantum leap a redefinition of initial conditions that can create an entirely new blueprint for your societies. Of course, it is entirely possible that the human race will continue on as before in the follow the leader mentality where hierarchical societies are the norm. There is a battle going on right now on your planet some have called it the battle between good and evil but the primary arena of this battle is being fought not in the streets but in the minds and hearts and consciousness of humanity.

There are those who live in fear and insecurity who are attempting to direct the thought of humanity along the same old lines. There are those who advocate population control. These individuals are not so much concerned with the depletion of resources as they are with the direction of the species blueprint. In which direction will you go?

Those who favor hierarchical societies (with themselves at the top, of course!) want to send you down a certain path. As the population grows, the greater the possibility for a quantum leap in consciousness a tipping point which will formulate the new memes around which political and economic action will evolve. It is to your very great interest to allow growth of your populations until this tipping point is reached because when that point is reached, change will become effortless. Until the species grid becomes primed, or electrically activated through the energy of thought change is extremely difficult, as anyone understands who has been involved in politics. That is why those of you who desire a new way of thinking and being for your species are having difficulty breaking through the currently established patterns of thought that have been so firmly established (some call this pattern of thought and belief tradition). We want to encourage you never to abandon your dreams of prosperity, clean and abundant energy, compassion and tolerance. For this template is in your potential future. It exists as a more and more distinct possibility, if only you will continue to create it!

You still have a few years yet before the tipping point is reached. At that point, the predominant and most powerful memes will become the foundation for the new paradigm. It is at these times that great changes can be made on a planetary scale and only at these points. Such planetary cycles occur regularly on earth. This time, however, because of the very great increase in population, there exists the possibility of a truly magnificent turnaround in the species consciousness of humanity.

Do you wonder why species are disappearing at such a rapid rate? These species grids are evolving rapidly in response to the growing power of the human species grid. The power increase in the species grid of humanity spills over into the entire system, charging it and changing it. After the denouement, powered by humanitys evolving consciousness, these species may reappear in altered form, new species will introduce themselves, and some species may not return.

This is the most exciting time to be on earth. The planet is approaching the close of a planetary cycle of consciousness and evolvement. Remember that the script has not been written and that you are writing it literally, each one of you is determining not only your own personal future, but the future of humanity and of the planet itself. At these supercharged tipping points, the direction of your evolvement is most sensitive to a change in thought. The moment you have all been waiting for is rapidly approaching. Keep your thoughts aligned to that which is your divine nature, and watch as the planet evolves suddenly in a new direction.

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