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Visualizing Health

Is it possible to use the power of thought to positively influence the body? In this short essay we will try to combine the synergy of spirit, mind and body to positively influence health. First I will state a couple of definitions:

  1. The human body is surrounded by an (at present) undetectable field of subtle energy, or human energy field. A human being is a threepart entity: spirit or consciousness, mind, and physical body. Human consciousness and the human mind can be considered to be interchangeable, for in our conception, the mind is itself a function or attribute of consciousness. Consciousness may be regarded as a pure creative potential, or a virtual, nonphysical energy that has the characteristic of selfawareness, with the ability to negatively or positively influence the body's cellular structure. The cells of the body, in our conception, are conscious on some level, being composed and surrounded by the subtle energy of life force (chi, prana, etc.). Therefore the human being is a synergistic whole composed of three intimately interrelated parts. Within the human energy field are virtual templates that program the bodys organs and systems for optimum health. The human body is in the middle of this field of subtle energy, the densest portion.
  2. The human body is an extension of the human energy field.
  3. The human body is therefore an extension of human consciousness.

The effect of consciousness on the human body has never seriously been studied, because it is believed that consciousness originates within matter. So what's the point? When you're sick, you better go get some drugs or surgery.

However, hopeless medical conditions, such as cancer, have been known to spontaneously go into remission, and even vanish. The socalled miracle cure is dismissed, however, because it doesnt fit into the western medical paradigm.

In Perfect Health, Deepak Chopra tells us that "There exists in every person a place that is free from disease, that never feels pain, that cannot age or die.. When you go to this place, limitations which we all accept cease to exist. They are not even entertained as a possibility. This is the place called perfect health. (1) Chopra goes on to say that although we experience our bodies as solid, they are in fact more like a fire that is being continually consumed and renewed. Chopra says that the body gets a new stomach lining every five days, for example. The cells in the skin replace themselves every five weeks, so in effect, we get a new skin almost every month. I wonder what skin care manufacturers would say to that! In fact, according to research, 98% of the atoms in our bodies are replaced every year. According to Chopra Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine, tells us that perfect health depends on contacting our own spiritual awareness, bringing our energies into balance, and then extending that balance to the body.

Chopra is describing a system that is, despite his western medical training, antithetic to it. He is expressing ideas that are much more congruent with the idea of consciousness as the virtual, nonphysical, and creative principle. He is saying, in effect, that awareness of yourself as a spirit will bring you in contact with the lifegiving energy of your own consciousness. This life force energy also has healing properties, and is the basis behind vibrational healing (like Reiki).

In the vibrational universe model, we postulate certain templates of energy within the human energy field that program the cellular structure for perfect health. This programming, however, can be overridden at any time by the choices of a conscious being. Focus on sickness, disease, or other selflimiting choices can disrupt the meridians of life force energy that nourish each and every cell. Each cell is conscious, and asks for perfect health. The body is designed to age, but there is no reason that health cannot be present at every stage of life.

We hear horror stories of death from every quarter. My aunt hung on for years in a diseased body. My friends mother lived for over 10 years in pain, constantly shuttling back and forth between home and hospital. If the body is designed for perfect health, then why is there so much physical illness in our society?

Because that's what we focus on. As a society, our attention is directed far more intensely toward sickness than health. We even call food that is good for us health food! What are we eating the rest of the time then? Watch TV for a couple of hours and count the number of advertisements devoted to illness and the mitigation of some disease or unwanted condition, and advertisements that promote health. When I did this I did not see ONE commercial devoted to health.

Religion tells us that man was designed in Gods image. Would God design the human body for weakness or strength? For illness or health? In a universe of free will, it is always possible to choose illness, but why would you want to? Examine your life mindfully and write down the percentage of time you spend thinking about positive things and the time you spend complaining or thinking negatively. If your life (or your health) is not where youd want it to be, my bet is that you spend the vast majority of your time on the negative end of the scale of emotion/vibration. This scale plots the amount of life force (healing) energy you allow into your human energy field and into your body. When you spend the majority of your time in the lower ranges, you are, at the same time, subtly influencing your own health. It takes a LOT of negative focus to acquire a longterm illness, or an unwanted condition, because the body WANTS to be healthy. Every cell is asking for health! Thats how miracle cures can occur. When all resistance to health is removed, the body is allowed to respond, and it can bounce back quickly.

My chiropractor tells a story of an old woman who became bent over with disease. By the time she died her back was so crooked she couldnt even raise her head. When her body was placed into the casket, however, it didnt fit. The body had straightened out!

If you are ill, see your doctor. But at the same time, understand that you may have a very profound effect upon your own health. Realize that the body is designed for health, not sickness! That is why many people benefit from yoga or meditation, or even exercise. During these periods worry and anxiety is lessened and you find a place of calm and peace. You allow life force energy to flow, unrestricted and unblocked, back to the cells to promote health.

You may conduct your own personal experiments, by visualizing yourself as healthy. I will describe these below. These experiments are, of course, no substitute for medical attention if you are sick. Personally, Im open to help from every quarter and I use herbal extracts to strengthen and maintain my body. When I became ill with mercury poisoning from dental fillings, I immediately had them removed (this procedure MUST be performed by a dentist who is trained in a rigorous protocol, however. Go to the website of Dr. Hal Huggins for details and referral dentists). So don't be a dork and ignore an acute physical condition. Get the help you need, but don't, by any means, neglect to use the power of thought to make yourself feel better.

Visualizing Health

Working consciously with visualization can have a positive effect on physical structure. The degree to which it can help you is directly proportional to your belief in it. Weve talked a lot previously about the power of belief, so we wont go further into it here, other than to say that a positive belief releases a powerful stream of creative/healing life force energy into your mind/body system. A belief that such a thing is idiotic will, of course, block the flow.

If the human body is really an extension of the human energy field, as we postulated above, then positive visualization may help you. Heres how it works:

Sit comfortably in a chair with feet flat on the floor and spine as straight as possible (Or lie on the floor with a pillow under your head). The idea is to remain conscious during this process, and not fall asleep. If you know how to meditate, quiet your mind. If not, take a few deep breaths (without hyperventilating) and get yourself as calm as possible. Visualize your body as surrounded by a cocoon of life force energy. Visualize every organ of the body with a corresponding template of life force energy in this cocoon, which is programmed for perfect health of that organ. Imagine a flow of healing life force energy from your human energy field into the body at the appropriate place. Feel the wellbeing entering the body. Continue this as long as you can with a feeling of wellbeing. At any time you begin to feel uncomfortable, stop!

Even if you can only get the feeling for 1 second, you have accomplished something. The idea is not only to visualize the healing energy, but also to actually feel it. When you can feel the energy, you know youre doing it right.

This process, if continued on a daily basis, can be a very powerful positive force in maintaining (or even regaining) physical health.

As I said above, visualization is no substitute for medical attention if you are really sick. But it can be a very powerful adjunct to it.

One more thing: You dont have to be ill to benefit from this procedure. In fact, I like to do this every morning for a couple of minutes after I shower and before I get going. It gets me off on the good foot!

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(1) Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra, p.7