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In any discussion of trauma, we have to distinguish between psychological trauma and physical trauma, as from an automobile accident. However, physical trauma is still held in place by mental "charge," distorted thought energy that is imprinted within the holographic structure of the Human Energy Field. A car accident will obviously cause cellular damage, but also mental anguish. This is well understood. The Human Energy Field stores imprints of every thought, emotion, and perception from every experience in the life. "Negative" emotions obscure and distort the healthy templates for growth and maintainence of the body. The reduction of trauma naturally restores mental, emotional, and physical equilibrium, for the default state for a living organism is health.

Psychological trauma is very negative emotion which affects a person in the present moment. The origin of the trauma is generally regarded to have happened in the past. So the emphasis is on cleaning up the past, in order to eliminate the effects of unwanted negative emotion in the present. But the trauma doesn't exist in the past. It exists in the present. Otherwise it wouldn't be bothering the person now!

There is confusion about time. We say that the past is different from the present and the present is different from the future. But in the discussion of psychological trauma, there is no past or future. It is inaccurate to say that a "past event" affects a person in the present, for that event is being kept alive by your attention to it. So if there is anything affecting you in the present, it is affecting you now, and so exists now. This is a subtle distinction, but an important one, for it leads to a slightly different orientation toward the treatment of trauma.

The degree or intensity of trauma resulting from an experience depends upon how strong was the client's resistance to the event at the time it occurred. Events don't just 'happen.' The window doesn't break all by itself -- one of the kids playing in the street hits the ball through the window. The Law of Free Will and the Law of 'like attracts like' tells us that any uncomfortable experience is invited by the client; all events occur as a result of matching vibration. The cause of the trauma is the client's vibrational orientation. The source of the trauma are the memories of the experience. This trauma is not, however, the result of an outside force which imposed itself into the client's experience. It does not have an independent existence separate from the client. The continued negative vibration coming from the traumatic incident is actually a continuous creation of the client. The client resists the experience, in the present, keeping the uncomfortable vibrations active. If this were not so, the vibrational trauma would have long ago died away.

Of course, physical pain is a constant reminder of an unpleasant event, such as a car accident, or a mugging. But trauma often continues after the physical pain has disappeared, especially in cases of sexual abuse. This phenomenon is called PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a continually created thing. The cause of the trauma -- the clients vibrational orientation -- results in harmful memories. These memories, however, are ALWAYS resolvable by the client, because the client may manipulate and erase any memory. In The Mind, we discuss the origin of a memory and distinguish it from an imprint. An imprint is a true impression of an event, without negative emotion. A memory contains some degree of resistance; therefore, it is an imprint + negative emotion. A memory is always reducible to an imprint. All memories have their characteristic vibrational signature, and are activated when attention is placed on them. We make an analogy to a tuning fork that is touched against something, and begins to hum at its characteristic tone. Without that vibrational activation, the tuning fork does not make a sound. Memories become active when attention is placed on them. This can happen in life by the myriad events that occur in any given day.

The client's continued attention to the circumstances of the traumatic event guarantees that the memory of it becomes vibrationally active. The reactivation of the painful memories brings the client to push against it more, thus further activating the negative vibration within the trauma. It's a self-reflexive, reinforcing phenomenon. These memories have negative vibration within them, but the negative energy is the client's own energy, placed there by his fear or terror of the experience. Of course the assailant's energy (if there was one) is there also, but it is, again, an exact vibrational match to the client's own energy. Otherwise the incident could not have occurred. In our vibrational model of the universe, all experience occurs by vibrational matching!

The important points here are: 1) The traumatic experience was created by the client, and the memories of it are an exact energetic match to the client's own vibration. All emotional trauma is therefore resolvable by the client. 2) Traumatic memories do not exist "in the past" but are energetically active right now, in the present, by the client's attention to them. This tells us that the practitioner cannot resolve trauma for the client. The practitioner must facilitate for the client, help him to resolve the trauma for himself. If the practitioner can conceive of the trauma as existing and accessible right now, and not hidden in some subconscious mental or emotional compartment, the practitioner has a much better chance of guiding the client through the painful events.

The vibrational matching property of the universe, which we call the Law of Attraction, means that life is, almost idiotically, a self-fulfilling prophecy. The non-local nature of the universal medium of thought/consciousness brings to you people and situations which exactly match your vibrational frequency. People don't understand this concept, because people don't usually connect their fear or anxiety about something to the actual event. Mostly when something negative happens to a person, that person is not even aware he or she has been attracting such a situation or condition for a very long time. The thought patterns that attracted the condition are of such long-standing that these become 'subconscious.' A 'subconscious' thought pattern or emotion, however, is a continuously created thought pattern of long-standing, which becomes so familiar that is no longer identifiable within your overall vibration. It is not 'unconscious.' You are creating the vibration, and it is still being answered by the universe!

To the client, however, the trauma appears to be a monster, outside of his or her control. As a practitioner, however, you understand that the client is always empowered to resolve his or her trauma. The resolution of all trauma results when a well-trained and knowledgeable practitioner empowers the client! The source of the trauma lies within the client and can only be resolved by the client. The methodology applied is not as important as the understanding by the practitioner of the client's power.

Difficulties arise when the client regards trauma as somehow existing in the past. This sets up a two-pole system of energy. The client views him or herself as in the present, looking at something negative that exists at a time and place separate from himself. Now there is energy flowing from the client to the 'source of negativity', activating the negative emotion contained within the memory. Resistance to something causes a separation from it. It is this separation which causes an energy flow from the person to the thing resisted. As more energy is flowed to the thing resisted, it gets bigger and bigger. Now the resisted thing seems to have a life of its own, and indeed it does, because it is being continuously activated. When the client understands that the trauma is essentially self-created, and that he or she has the power to resolve it, miracles can occur.

This discussion is based on my own experiences in the reduction of traumatic incidents. I am suggesting a subtle orientation of viewpoint for both practitioner and client which, I believe, can lead to improved results, no matter what therapeutic method is utilized.

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