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To Help or Not

If every being on the planet experiences an exact match to their thoughts and beliefs in every area of their lives then, as my wise wife has pointed out, there is a problem. Such a system only works if people are aware of the basic laws of the universe. It is necessary, then, to educate and inform others, otherwise the Law of Attraction simply becomes an excuse to hold people down, an excuse to buttress the status quo, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction guarantee, however, that even a caveman in Outer Mongolia could change his life in any way he chooses. Lets say our secluded fellow, for some reason, acquired a burning interest in universal principles. Some trader or herdsman would wander along who was an exact vibrational match to the caveman's desire, they would get to talking, and hed be on his way. or perhaps he'd find his way into the village and talk to the local wiseman.

The universe has the property that like attracts like, and all thoughts, ideas, and desires must find an exact match. That is the origin of synchronicity, or coincidence. It seems outrageous, but those living in dire straits do so because their desire for change is not strong enough to override their powerful attention on the current reality. If help is not being attracted, then it is not truly wanted.

Many people have a misunderstanding about the Law of Attraction. It is thought by some that a few fleeting thoughts about abundance should be enough to overcome a strong vibration of lack. This is not so. In a vibrational universe, the stronger vibration wins out over the less powerful one. It is always possible to tell your true vibrational mix by looking at your life. Your socio-economic status, the character of your relationships, the state of your health, to name a few, are all an exact reflection of the content of your thoughts and beliefs. Because the power of thought and belief is not recognized on our planet, children are not taught to be mindful. As a result, many of us grow up with bad habits of thought. When it comes time for change, therefore, an established and habitual vibrational pattern is often very difficult to transcend. The conscious formation of a pattern or thought and belief (a weltanschauung, or worldview) is the responsibility of every conscious being. However, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration respond individually to each and every one of us. Universal principles are our obedient servants, and they will serve us whether we are aware of them or not! Therefore, a true and strong desire for something, regardless of current conditions, will eventually lead to a successful outcome. That is the challenge of earth, and we all signed up for it!

Those who desire to help others should be aware of the operation of universal laws. Let's say a great philanthropist with a lot of money decides she will educate the entire masses of planet earth into greater awareness. She spends a few billion dollars advertising on TV, radio, and newspapers; she hires people who travel to remote villages everywhere in the world, spreading the philosophy that everyone is capable of living lives of great abundance and peace. What will happen? Only those who are a vibrational match to this philosophy will resonate with it. It could be on TV and radio every day, but if someone does not resonate to the message, it will not sink in! That is why it is futile, and unnecessary, to help a person who is not asking for your help. You are not a vibrational match to their desire. If you were, then your help would have been requested, or at least accepted.

Have you ever been accosted by someone who just had to convince you of some idea or belief of theirs? Didn't you find it irritating? I know I do! And why is that, do you suppose? Because you know what you want. Deep down inside, you know you don't need to be "saved" or convinced by anyone else to a certain point of view or way of living. And guess what? If it is true for you, then it is true for everyone else as well. Even the drunk on the street corner knows it, and lives his life accordingly.

It is not possible to know the life purpose of another, or how they are thinking or feeling, even though it is sometimes painful to see how another is 'ruining his life.' Just as we would like to think others respect our life process, so we too must respect those of our fellow human beings. And so it is not necessary to change another. The desire to help often comes from the idea that someone needs to change "for the better." That is a judgment of them, and can never be successful. Only help that is requested, and given from an open heart, can be of value.

Every human being is sovereign in his or her own experience. Each incarnated being on earth is an aspect of universal consciousness, immortal, enjoying a physical experience. It is not for any one of us to decide for another how he or she should live! That would be arrogant in the extreme, in my view.

An assertion that it is obligatory to help others living in unacceptable conditions sometimes stems from an idea that such persons are less fortunate. It comes from an idea that they are "less than" we are. Is a herdsman in Mali less fortunate because he does not have a microwave or a computer? I have a feeling that this gentleman could care less about such toys. It is not possible to know every thought, feeling and desire of our fellow beings, and therefore we cannot say accurately what is their purpose for being on earth. As I'm sure you have experienced, sticking your nose uninvited into someone else's life can cause trouble for both of you, regardless of how heartfelt are your intentions.

The only way to know whether your help is truly needed, is if it is requested.

A request does not have to be verbal, of course. The lady struggling with a heavy package, and in obvious distress, could use a little help going up the stairs. However, the Law of Attraction tells us that unless vibrational asking and giving are congruent, any help given will not be successful.

Fairness abounds. All is in perfect balance. All are receiving precisely what they are focusing upon. And if a person desires change, then the Law of Attraction will see to it that each will receive exactly according to their desire.

Some might say that this is heartless. After all, why shouldn't everyone get to experience abundance, not just a few? Well, abundance is in the eyes of the beholder. Our herdsman with a dozen good cattle may feel far more abundant than an apartment dweller with all of his amenities, especially if he has trouble making the rent every month!

Allow others to live in the way they have chosen, and lo and behold, they will do the same for you. When busybody cousin Kate finally understands that her nosiness is not appreciated, she becomes a lot more likeable. The family actually looks forward to seeing her on holidays, and Kates life becomes much more agreeable. When a busybody government finally understands that its people want freedom, not more rules and regulations, it will be much more trusted and liked.

Look upon your fellow beings as magnificent, powerful creators, just as you are, orchestrating their experiences according to their desires. Is this not a better way to view the world? To know that as bad as conditions are from your point of view, each person is just as powerful and magnificent as you are? This is an empowering view of people, and it just happens to be the truth. And it lets you off the hook. Now you do not have to feel guilty for others and how they live. You do not have to shoulder the burdens of the world, for they are not yours to solve. You can simply look upon others in joy, no matter how they are living. And when you feel joy, you spread it around to others, in every moment of your life.

Now that's what I call real help!

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